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T-Mobile brings 4G speeds to 8 new metro areas

America’s Largest 4G network just grew a little bigger. Today T-Mobile announced that 8 new metro areas now had 4G HSPA+ speeds including Detroit, Mich.; Grand Junction, Colo.; Harlingen, Texas; Lafayette and South Bend, Ind.; Montgomery, Ala.; Roanoke-Lynchburg, Va. and Youngstown, Ohio.

This now brings the total number of T-Mobile 4G locations to more than 80 metropolitan areas and another 20 are coming by the end of the year when they expect to reach 200 million people.

T-Mobile also reminded its customers that it will continue to update its network and plans to offer faster speeds of 42 Mbps in 2011. Some carriers in other countries like Bell Mobility are just rolling out HSPA+ 42 Mbps and they are advertising real-world download speeds of 7-14 Mbps which tops what Verizon is claiming their 4G LTE does.

Is T-Mobile 4G coming to your area soon? Check the official coverage map to find out.

Show Press Release

T-Mobile Network Expansion: T-Mobile today announced the expansion of its 4G mobile broadband network to eight additional metro areas including Detroit, Mich.; Grand Junction, Colo.; Harlingen, Texas; Lafayette and South Bend, Ind.; Montgomery, Ala.; Roanoke-Lynchburg, Va. and Youngstown, Ohio.

With typical download speeds that are on par with or faster than competing 4G technologies, T-Mobile customers with the latest 4G devices in more than 80 metropolitan areas around the country can now enjoy blazing fast Web browsing, uninterrupted video streaming and quicker downloads at no additional cost.

Continuing the aggressive expansion of the company’s 4G network,  T-Mobile is on pace to expand its HSPA+ footprint to reach 200 million people by the end of this year — with plans to move to faster speeds (42Mbps) in 2011.

For more information on T-Mobile’s network, please visit

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website iringbells100

    Detroit Mi oh yea speed kills! Now bring the NeXuS 2S

    • http://Website Aiman

      What kind of speeds are you getting?? I’m from Metro Detroit, but I’m in College at MSU right now so I can’t test the speeds.
      Can’t wait to test it when I’m home for Thanksgiving!

  • orginn

    With tmo you get faster speeds with no premium charge, tmo ftw!!!! Here in Augusta GA, im hitting 5mbps on avg, but upload needs some work

    • orginn

      On the vibrant

  • http://Website droidwolf

    Screw speed expand coverage! I just want to be able to make calls from my house.

    • http://Website Futureboy

      +1 to that!

      I think T-Mobile should take some of that fat advertising money they’re dumping into promoting their “4G” network and use it to expand their coverage areas. I’m in the suburbs of Chicago and 30% of the places I go I get Edge while my girlfriend on Verizon always has 3G. If you can’t get solid 3G in the third largest city in the US, maybe it’s time to put that “for sale” sign in the front window.

  • http://Website zxn1

    I have TMobile because I wanted a G1, but it wasn’t a very good choice given my location. I’ve been stuck with GPRS 90% of the time with EDGE occasionally in some areas. It is frustrating…

    • http://Website Wade

      Still waiting for them to roll out 3G here too. Love how the focus is all about 4G now, when I’m still stuck on Edge.

  • McLovin

    I recently got my G-2. My HPSA experience is not what I had hoped it would be. I see the “H” symbol on my phone a lot but that doesn’t mean I’ll get great speeds. If I’m lucky when I check the speed I get fairly good results (5 Mb down/up at most) but most of the time I get very very bad results. (50 kbps), It seems that the range is very short. The 2 places I needed it the most, my work and home, will display the H symbol but quickly switch to E when I try to do anything. I hardly ever see the G symbol anymore.

    • McLovin

      When I say the “G” symbol, I meant to say “3G” symbol.

  • http://Website Ramon

    What the hell? Did t-mobile increase their backhaul in times square? Check out my upload speeds on my vibrant..

  • iringbells100

    to aimen i get 4 to 5 on my n1 the gf just got the myt4g so im gonna mess around with that later

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    T-Mo, you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig! Besides Detroit – have you ever heard of these towns??? Huh, me neither!

  • http://Website jay

    I live in Utah county and my nexus one is still getting hsdpa only topping at 1mb down is hspa+ only in salt lake county? I don’t think so even though that’s what customer service told me because when I’m in salt lake I’m still getting hsdpa

  • http://Website Chris

    Still waiting for 4G in a remote village called Washington, DC.

  • http://Website DaveC

    How does Harlingen get it before Corpus? Sheeesh.

  • SDscorch

    i’m in san diego – saw no “change” today

    tested bandwidth several times throughout the day, throughout the county – i live in NCounty – today i traveled down I-5 into mission valley, through kensington, back up the 15 passing by escondido then finishing up in vista — ran the FCC test as well as Root Mobile’s scanner…….. only saw those 4M speeds a couple times

    mostly its hanging around 1M though

    no great shakes

    equipment: TMo HTC G2

  • http://Website Bobert

    Moved from socal to ATL. TMO coverage blows ass and they say I am 1/2 mile from the tower.
    We are up on a hill so maybe that is why my coverage blows.
    Many have already stated the obvious about how tblow needs to increase their coverage.