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T-Mobile calls out AT&T on Facebook #4GWARS

In today’s episode of #4GWARS, T-Mobile and AT&T are having a Facebook fight. Yesterday, AT&T claimed their HSPA+ network was capable of the same speeds as T-Mobile and covered a larger area. T-Mobile responded to AT&T’s claims by issuing a challenge to match their data speeds. Full details after the jump.

Today, AT&T stuck to the same message with a post to their Facebook page:

“Hey Fans! You may have seen T-Mobile smack talking our network (seriously TMo?) and calling their HSPA+ network “4G” in order to claim they have the largest “4G” network. Not so fast…we have 180 million folks on HSPA+ already…40 million more than they do. They also claim 200 million by year’s end, but we’ll have it to 250 million this month. So their network isn’t any bigger or faster. Just calling ‘em as we see ‘em.”

T-Mobile must have been watching their feed because they were quick to respond:

“Hey AT&T – It is easy for us to be proud when we have the 4G network to back it up. We challenge you to show us any data speeds on an AT&T iPhone that can top the speed on T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these amazing speed test screenshots from our T-Mobile fans:

When the carriers fight, customers win. Who do you think has the best argument?

[Thank you Andy for the tip!]

Source: Facebook

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  • http://Website Andy

    yay my tip made it :)

    • Joel

      Hm… no…this doesnt feel right…Tmo has something else up its sleeve…I know it..

      *cough* nexus two *cough*

      is anyone else eagerly awaiting more word on this??

      Because when/if that phone will be one helluva contender.

      OH GOD SOMEONE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS PHONE BEFORE I PEE MY PANTS (out of anticipation and excitement….not cuz i have bladder probs or anything….>__>)

  • http://Website martin

    wow. i guess tmo feels like at&t is weak. if they are loosing the iphone exclusive i guess tmo think they can shit all over them.

    if at&t doesn’t shiv someone fast, they’re gonna be somebody’s bitch real fast.

    • http://Website R.S.

      Honestly, without the iPhone, I think AT&T would have disappeared by now. Other than iPhone users, does anyone actually have service through them? lol

      I’m being honest when I say that the only people who I know that have service through AT&T have it because they need (want) to have an iPhone.

      • http://Website Alakar

        AT&T disappeared by now? Dumb comment.

        I’m no fan of AT&T, but even dropping all the iPhone customers out, they are still the second largest provider in the US.

        AT&T Total Subs = 92.8 million
        AT&T iPhone Subs = 17 Million

        Sprint and T-Mobile would kill to have those numbers.

      • iSunday

        I really hope that this doesn’t continue to be the trend. If people “like” everything that is anti AT&T (and let’s be honest, most reasons are iPhone related), the Android community will gain the same “fanboy”-esque attitude that we hate about the iPhone users.

        The bottom line — each carrier has reasons that they are better, and that they are worse, than other carriers. I’m an AT&T user, but not by choice. The area that I live in is only 3G covered by AT&T.

        When the iPhone came out, it pushed the envelope in terms of what a mobile device could do. It’s unfortunate that Apple became enamored with the idea of maintaining status quo. Now, Android is pushing the envelope because developers LOVE open source. With 3.0, hopefully we will see open source hit a new level since it should alleviate some of the headaches associated with waiting for new builds to incorporate Sense/TW/Blur/etc.

        But, seriously… hitting + or – because of the connotation that “AT&T” is used — that’s just childish.

        /end rant

  • Zach Adams


  • http://Website Alex

    I believe this:
    sums it up

    • Justin ‘Cool3stNERD’ Robinson

      HAHAHAH!!! XD

  • Justin ‘Cool3stNERD’ Robinson

    WOW!!!! AT&T is Maaaaaaaaaad. . . :)

  • Rockerito


  • http://Website mike

    AT&T only has 14.4 mbs and they make it seem like this month is a long time away from tmobiles end of year goal its only a month off

  • http://Website jose

    Its about time someone steps up to damn at&t besides Verizon of course. ..

  • http://Website Mark

    I was at a Wireless Toyz store today looking for a phone for my son. While browsing through the selection, the store attendant pointed me to the Evo 4G. I said “I’m good, I’m here for T-Mo cuz of their fast network”. He proceeded to tell me that T-Mobile is going out of business. Naturally, I was very surprised because it was contrary to all the success their Android phones have received to date. I was like “Huh? Why?” and he said they are getting sued by Sprint because they don’t have 4G while they claim to have one. I almost let out a huge burst of laughter and after a few seconds of trying to stifle it, I managed to tell him that he was wrong. “NO American carrier has TRUE 4G yet. It’s more of a marketing aficionado. However, T-Mo DOES have one of the fastest networks around. In fact, they are faster than Sprint AND AT&T.”

    However, being the “know it all” he apparently is he kept arguing with me that Sprint IS faster and blah…blah. I simply said my goodbyes and walked out. What a twit.

    • http://Website Jesse Cruz

      it’s funny when these guys think we don’t know anything (which probably most people walking in these dont).

      I wen’t into a radioshack the other day and some guy was trying to get me to switch to sprint. he was like “with sprint, you get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, unlimited internet, unlimited gps, unlimited email etc etc blah blah”

      I was just thinking.. GPS is free, and unlimited internet includes email..

      I was like, “i’m good, i already have all that on tmobile”

      • http://Website Mark

        “Unlimited GPS”? Are you kidding me?

        • http://Website Jason

          No, it’s true with an unlimited data plan.

          Also, I was with AT&Bleh with an iPhone and I’ll never go back. Loves me some T-Mobile and my Nexus One.

    • http://Website Dan

      Well the best choice would be a g2 cause mytouch 4g has annoying mytouch sense ui

      • http://Website Alexander

        The sense UI/espresso is the entire reason I didn’t want that phone. I would get a g2 but a) I don’t need/want a physical keyboard after using swype for like 6 months. b) I already know 5 people with a g2 and I really hate jumping on the bandwagon no matter how good the phone is. c) I have a Nexus One and it’s off contract, I love it so very much.

    • sanchezkk

      Yeah, what he said! LOL. Go TMO!

  • Bleeding Magenta

    I. Love. #4GWARS.

    Get ‘em, T-Mo! This battle is great. Apples to apples. No flaunting features one has the other doesn’t (T-Mo would win there, as well, in my opinion.)

    We have HSPA+. You have HSPA+. We have smartphones with speed test apps. You have smartphones with speed test apps.


  • http://Website bryan

    the iphone can’t take advantage of att’s hspa+ network right? So the mytouch 4g vs iphone wouldn’t be a fair comparision of network speeed. Not a fan of att just sayin

    • http://Website anakin78z

      Yea, I thought it was weird that they called out the iPhone directly… maybe they’re trying to stick to the commercial.
      Does AT&T have any HSPA+ capable phones?

      • Gomez

        I also think its not to go against another android phone. Anyway we would still win.

        • http://Website ryan

          If AT&T shows off another phone (other than Iphone) that can match the speeds of the HSPA+, it has the potential to lessen the perceived value of Iphone. T-Mo has put At&T in a tough spot, fact is Iphone can’t beat MT4G in a network speed test (I not certain about this but I don’t even think Iphone can benefit from HSPA+ like a handful of T-Mo devices can HD2, MT3G, Vibrant).

          Not a fan of calling HSPA+ 4G but I don’t like WiMax being called 4G either or 1st Gen LTE.

      • http://Website heeros1

        funny thing is, an at&t rep told me about 2 weeks ago that the iPhone is the only phone they have that will be able to take advantage of their upcoming data network update

        also, there’s no point in talking about 14.4 Mbps plus speeds on the network, if there is not a single phone out that I’ve found that supports HSDPA beyond 14.4 Mbps. No one phone can take advantage of the entire 21 Mbps the base stations support

    • http://Website David

      The appropriate analogy here is that AT&T is bringing a knife to a gun fight. If AT&T had even one HSPA+ capable phone, T-Mobile could compare it to the MT4G. But since AT&T only has 7.2 capable devices, I don’t think T-Mobile should feel bad about the iPhone/MT4G comparison.

  • The Phone Nerd

    It doesn’t matter how many pops you cover, its how many pieces of equipment you have to work with the network, and when this is the case, T-Mobile wins.

  • http://Website Elnene20

    Ok here we go ive had tmobile n sprint ok n guess wat I have sprint now n yes I do work at a cell phone store where I sell both carriers n I must say sprint is definitely on top tmobile has nuthing over sprint coming from me I have an evo now n would never trade it for a mytouch 4g?? Never by da way the mytouch 4g prolly wont see a firmware update or any good updates cus they suck n dey will do the same thing to all there phones prolly a year before mytouch 4g gets an update jus like they did all there phones lmao

    • http://Website B2L

      And now I completely understand why you think sprint is better. “Da” explained it to me.

    • http://Website Hans

      You DO know the MyTouch 4G is a high end phone unlike the previous versions, right? And it’s made by HTC as well. So your point is invalid. Plus, the MyTouch 4G’s processor/GPU is much better than the Evo’s.

      • http://Website Richard


        • http://Website chris

          Actually your wrong, first of all when gingerbread officially gets released it will go to nexus one and if the rumors are true the nexus two by Samsung, this is true cause these would be the only phones running stock android and Google’s very own baby. The nexus one will always be the first phone to get new software instead of the evo or incredible. Like I said these are Google’s very own.

          • http://Website Richard

            Actually the nexus one is a developers device yes they will recieve gingerbread first they should but right after the nexus one will be the evo…sprint stays on top of all updates better than any other carrier and Samsung is not even in the dance all there devices are runing 2.1 still that is ASHAME…T-MOBILE HAS A TERRIBLE TRACK RECORD FOR UPDATING THERE DEVICES…HANDS DOWN HTC EVO 4G ON SPRINT BEATS THE MYTOUCH 4G ON T-MOBILE AND DAY OF THE WEEK. THE EVO AND SPRINT IS ALREADY PROVEN T-MOBILE NEEDS TO PROVE TO THERE CUSTOMERS THEY WILL BE JUST AS GOOD AS SPRINT WHEN IT’S TIME TO UPDATE THERE DEVICES….BET YOU THEY FALL OFF LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE

          • http://Website junior19871

            soooo…. why are you screaming… does this mean you feel threatened by t-mobiles head on approach to call everyones bluff?!? possibly? (my death coworker told me all caps is like screaming) just saying…

          • http://Website Jason

            @richard – Actually, I have a Nexus One and I’m not a developer.

            Second, I always get the updates before other phone manufacturers and I’m on T-Mobile.

            Third, TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK.

        • TravLadin

          Are we talking about Phones or networks? Who cares about the EVO and updates… This is Android.. I dont do stock OS.. That stock ish stank!! We are talking about networks Sprint move over… AT&T Move over… T-mobiles here…

          • http://Website Anonymous

            hey you guys should stop fighting we are all android brothers you dont see apple fanboys arguing about if the ipad or ipod are better than the iphone or if the macbook is better than imac so you shoud just stop arguing about which android phone is better besides they are both running FroYo

        • http://Website Anonymous

          Sounds like someone had a Moto device (Backflip, Cliq, etc.) previously…

          I have to through this in there… when I got an unlocked Canadian Motorola Milestone (GSM version of the Droid), and put it on AT&T’s $30. unlimited data plan (when they were reasonable in data pricing), I was seeing fast speeds with their HSPA network. I had an app downloaded in 2-3 seconds. But, AT&T claims their HSPA network is the fastest around, and it is pretty fast, but…

          Now, T-Mobile has HSPA+ and it too is very quick also. However, I live in an area that only receives Edge (2G), and have been told “3G will be available by Halloween”, still nothing… “3G will be available by Thanksgiving”, perhaps… but I’ve also been told, “3G will be available by Christmas”… maybe. Whats next? “3G will be available by Valentines Day?” I hate paying $30. for Edge, and just getting 3G when the rest of the country moves for 4G isn’t sitting right either, but it is better than Edge.

          Which brings me to deciding which phone to keep… Nexus One with $10. internet (with perm root) or MyTouch 4G with $30. internet (with no perm root currently available). I like my MT4G with soft root (screen shots, adfree, Titanium, quick reboots, etc.), but, I love my custom ROMs/Firmware on my Nexus One too.

          Bottom line, T-Mobile is releasing better Android’s with better features all the time, while AT&T only sits back & watches as their flagship phone jumps ship to Verizon.

          If only AT&T didnt cripple their Androids & didn’t gauge (ridiculous excessive costs on their plans) their customers, then AT&T wouldn’t be quite so bad.

          T-Mobile is cheaper than Verizon/AT&T, & Sprint (except for Virgin Mobile plans). And they work pretty hard for the most part.

    • sanchezkk


      This is for the dumb ass comment that you made on the 4th of November. I have sprint and I am definitely sprinting away from them and going for the faster network which to me is T-Mo. I feel that I am not the only one taking the high road. T-Mo finally has gotten their act together and is ruffling some feathers. I like that. I’m native New Yorker and I love a good rumble. Sprint, it’s funny that you call yourself that since you are not very good. One more thing if you are going to talk in any forum, use spell check (jajaja, nothing personal).

  • ayocuz

    I don’t think anyone here even has at&t. I have there crappy fastest speed available home service and wished I never switched from cavtel

  • http://Website Hector

    Lol at&t just needs to stop being jealous and go hide in a corner. They’re just mad because their 3g sucks and they’re losing the only thing that makes them stand out, the Iphone. I swear every time i do a speedtest of my friends Iphone 4 and my vibrant, I load pages on average 10 secs faster

  • http://Website Dave
  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Why is it that everyone here loves T-Mobile and hates Sprint and AT&T? (Just wondering…)

    • anakin78z

      I don’t think anyone hates Sprint, but Sprint is incorrectly calling their wimax 4g, so that’s an issue.

      AT&T gets hate because they gimp their Android phones, and because they are the sole carrier of the iPhone.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I don’t hate any carrier, only some of their decisions & their greedy ways.
      AT&T & Verizon both are expensive, but Verizon’s 3G network may justify their costs over AT&T, making them look greedy & silly.
      Sprint is the lowest if you include their Virgin Mobile plans ($25., $40, & $50.), but Sprint itself is also expensive, and adding a 4G fee for using FFC, and other similar features makes them look bad too.
      T-Mobile is pretty fair for the most part, and charges fair pricing. Unless your like me and only get 2G speeds at the 3G/4G price… but, still, T-Mobile makes up for that in other areas too.

      Most carriers make themselves look bad by their greedy ways! And a lot of consumers resent them for that.

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Every time I see #4GWARS I keep thinking the band Gwar is waging a Twitter campaign of some sort.

    • http://Website B2L

      I never noticed that until now, but i love Gwar (not the music, lol) just all of the alien semen and blood that they shot into my face.

  • http://Website giorgio77

    Ok guys I picked up my touch 4g and I love it my brother have the Evo and we did a speed test he’s Evo was faster. I steel like my new touch 4g

    • http://Website anakin78z

      Yep, that’s the problem with coverage… if you’re in good HSPA+ spot, you’re golden. I did a test locally and the MyTouch was no faster than the N1, even though it indicated HSPA+. Not all towers are equal, it seems ;-)

  • http://Website mike

    i had tmobile since 2005, love them. I fell into the Sprint EVO gimmick and wishing i could go back ever since. In Tempe/Phoenix AZ their 3G speeds are horrendous, and dont even get me started on their cell reception.

    The EVO is a nice phone though!

    • http://Website watbetch

      TELL ME ABOUT IT! Sprint is garbage out there. Sprint modified the Evo’s 3G icon to reflect 3G when you drop down to 1X (and trust me, it happens often in PHX) so you never know when you lose EV-DO coverage. The only difference would be shown in a speedtest or if you put a 1X only PRL on the phone (I think). To contrast, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 3G was blazing fast and 3G was only lost literally a couple of times vs dozens of 1X drop downs from Sprint.

      T-Mobile’s 3G/4G/HSPA+ is awesome out there. You’re missing out!

  • http://Website Richard


    • http://Website Tee

      I’ll make it plain and simple. I have t-mobile services and have had it for almost 5 years, actually got it after dropping sprint. I got my young daughter sprint service, and everyday she says to me “mommy I hate this stupid phone and I hate sprint, can you switch me to t-mobile with you”. SPRINT SUCKS DUDE!! Everything, their phones, plans, and that poor sh$& they call 4g.

  • Brent Klauck

    I agree with the fact that when companies/carriers fight, consumers win, but I think that statement from AT&T just sounded childish. I’m not just saying this because I’m an Android fan(all OS’s have their advantages), but I wouldn’t want to give any of my money to a company who’s representatives acted like that.

    That said, all the carriers need to quit the BS. No one has real 4G yet.

  • http://Website THE YEAR 2010

    the mytouch phones are weak. Sprints EVO is way better!

    • http://Website junior19871

      its funny cause…. your dumb.

      • http://Website anakin78z

        Lol, bet you wish there were an edit button ;-)

        • http://Website junior1987

          lol yeah, too bad. you guys knew what i meant in the end.

      • http://Website @neidlinger

        your dumb _____ ? you need to fill in the blank…


        you meant “you’re dumb”……

        pot meet kettle.

  • http://Website Shanikwa Johnson

    Oh no they didn’t! I’m about to take my press on nails off and slap some sense into At&t.

    First off, having more customers doesn’t make you the largest network, it makes the the largest congested network. More customers on the same number of towers will slow a n*gga up.

    Lets find out the truth. Who has the most HSPA+ towers up, then factor in the number of subscribers, and get a ratio or percentage that will be more reflective of speed and performance.

    And finally, I LOVE YOU T-MO, but it ain’t write that you call yourself 4G when you ain’t gurl.
    I lost respect for you home gurl.

    Oh sheet my fried chicken is burning, Tyron is gonna be mad.

    • http://Website watbetch

      You’re not funny

    • http://Website junior19871

      hahahaha thats soooo Fudgen racist! but its funny cause i visualized Shanikwa hahaha

      ok ok… sorry, lol

  • http://Website Justind19

    I don’t like at&t nor do I like t-mobile. But why don’t t-mobile come down to mobile Alabama and do the data speed contest…..oh yeah t-mobile still don’t have 3g her yet. I really wish they would just shut up and put up some more towers……that’s why I switched to Sprint I got tired of having nice android phones and know 3g at least at&t has 3g here .

  • http://Website Tim

    I love the heads on approach. I’m surprised att is trying to argue this 4g crap though. I had tmobile for 5 years, loved them as a company, hated their crappy coverage in new england outside of cities. I was getting gprs when att had 3g. Get the bulk of your network on 3g, then you can talk to me about 4g

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    One one had i am really glad to see that T-Mobile has finally stepped up their aggressive advertising campaign. But yet on the other hand I’ve respected T-Mobile for not being a mud slinger. Anyone remember the whole Verzion v. ATT a few years back. We have faster speed, but we have a larger map. I think it was the “there’s a map for that” campaign. Any way T-Mobile, you’ve personally lost my respect. And i’ve been a loyal customer since 1998. You guys bought Voice Stream here in Cincinnati back then.

    Feels like 2 12yr old kids setting across from the lunch table screaming “yo’ mama” insults to me.

    Oh well…. New 5G caps with no grandfathered plans for us long time members. 15 dollar tether plans, with no grandfathered plans us long time members, and now you are mud slinging?

    GROW THE FLIP UP ! ! !

    Maybe the “TeenMobile” comments are right. Screaming like little 12 year olds kids….

    • http://Website junior19871

      oh i think you meant “On one hand”….

  • http://Website Nemolink

    I have android devices and I also have a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 4 (Yeah, I know… I am somewhat of a phone freak) and I can say that the iPhone 4 gets better speeds on the T-mobile network even though it is limited to only being able to use EDGE!! To me, that is saying a lot…

  • http://Website Nemolink

    I am saying that the T-mobile EDGE network on my part of the woods outperforms the supposedly AT&T 3G network using an iPhone on both networks.

  • TravLadin

    Are we talking about Phones or networks? Who cares about the EVO and updates… This is Android.. I dont do stock OS.. That stock ish stank!! We are talking about networks Sprint move over… AT&T Move over… T-mobiles here…

  • Christian B.

    Dude, AT&T sucks. Lol.
    Once the iPhone goes to other carriers, they’re going to dissapear.

  • http://Website joeskie

    at first i was a little bit skeptical so i started running just conventional 500 kb speedtests on the g2 and they were coming back ordinary, between 1 and 2 thousand kbps. then i tried to put some real data through i ran the 7 mb test from and i realized tmobiles network prety fuggin scary, that g2 pulled down 13000 kbps with an upload of 3000kbps, this was the first time i really felt like i was in the future.tmobiles network is like a high rpm turbo that engauges at 5000 rpm. man if there is any sprint customer on ANY 4g device of theirs that can show speeds like that ill shut up but 13000 kbps? cmon, not even verizon can compete with that right now.

  • http://Website I trust me

    T mobile has the right strategy going into this “4g war” I’m really starting to think their going to be on top after all is said and done. Their possibly getting the iphone, their sponsoring the miami heat, and now they got bragging rights on being the largest 4 g network.looks like a recipe for victory.

  • http://Website Manly Man

    lol t-mobile fan boys! btw at&t is ass!

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Well, look on the brighter side… at least once AT&T’s flagship phone (iPhone) jumps ship, AT&T’s network might just be less congested. lol Except for those poor individuals whom are locked into those pesky contracts.

    Give AT&T 2 more years, they will begin to see a sharp decrease in customer base. Any company that charges that much with no solid phone behind it, is bond to FAIL!
    Verizon may charge that much, but they have a solid line of Androids behind them as well as the iPhone soon. But their network is also solid.

    T-Mobile is the cheapest of the top 4 US carriers (minus Sprint’s Virgin Mobile), their network is beginning to show more and more promise & their phone lineup is also improving too. This is better for all US consumers, cheaper prices, improving coverage, & better phone offerings = Success!

  • http://Website nat

    Either way Tmobile will pick up the pieces for at&t slack … unlocked iPhones on Tmobile network anyone!?

  • http://Website Bulg

    Tmobile is just afraid of thee iPhone itself, and they’re getting on At&t cause of thee iPhone.. Why not get on Verizon?? If that’s the number 1 Carrier?? Tmobile will NEVER have a phone that can top the IPHONE.. not in a million years.. They are only trying to fool people into believing their lies and the sad part is many people fall for it.. I had tmobile twice and I regret it both times… Not even if tmobile had thee iPhone.. Having to go on a trip to another state and not being able to call home on my cell phone was no fun.. Tmobile needs to just go out of business cause it was garbage when I had it both times.. Lost my respect for th also..

  • http://Website MobileFan

    It’s funny how people get excited about news without valid reasons.
    Although AT&T is one of the most expensive companies out there (with Verizon), AT&T still has the best cell phone service out there. For several years in a row, AT&T still ranked the highest with smart phones between all carriers in the nation.
    What many people don’t realize is that AT&T has the financial power to maintain it’s spot as top cell phone provider in the nation. Also AT&T’s focus goes beyond cell phones as being one of the top providers in the nation for landline services like home phone, high speed internet, and TV programming.

    But back to cell phones, even with the advertised new higher speeds by Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T’s mobile broadband is still more reliable and wider spread than any other company out there. And although the iPhone has proved very beneficial for AT&T, the advantages of AT&T are way beyond a single device.