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T-Mobile G2 receives WiFi calling and tethering starting tomorrow

The T-Mobile G2 will receive its first OTA update which will add some highly anticipated features that were missing at launch. Starting November 3rd and going through November 8th, T-Mobile will roll out an over the air update which includes WiFi Calling, tethering, and “other updates”.

The WiFi calling does pretty much exactly what it says. When G2 users are connected to a WiFi hotspot, they can make voice calls and send text messages. There is no hand-off to a cellular network like UMA, so calls will be dropped if the user leaves the WiFi hotspot.

Tethering will allow users to share their internet connection with up to 5 other WiFi devices. T-Mobile will debut their new $14.99 tethering add-on plan tomorrow, or you can always tether for free over a wired connection using an app like PDAnet.

If you own a G2, what do you hope gets fixed in the “other updates” part of the OTA that starts tomorrow?

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website adsf

    Hey Taylor, please post some more Nexus2/S news, even if its just rumors. You write it so well, its really a fun read

    • http://Website Jeff

      I’m sure you want actual rumors, not stuff he made up himself.

  • http://Website Andy

    With the new “tethering” plan the N1 should remain unaffected?

  • M3rc Nate

    As a G2 owner the T-mobile blogs have blown up about the notification LED light issues, and HTC saying there will be a OTA update to fix the issue. Im betting this is that OTA update. So im happy. I dont think the OTA update can make me believe more in the longevity of my keyboard hinge..but besides that, i’ll take w/e the update offers. :)

  • http://Website Adam

    It’s only small but hopefully they fix the bug that stops Goggles from updating.

  • http://Website JoshL

    Biggest: LED Notification light to be fixed!!! Wouldn’t mind a fix for Goggles either. Also, better signal (radio update). Those are my three complaints about the phone.

  • thunsaker

    I hope the light sensor gets fixed so that my keyboard doesn’t randomly light up and then dim, and then light up again with no apparent change on my part.

    +1 to the Google Goggles comment.

  • M3rc Nate

    Wow didnt know i wasnt the only one with the google goggles issue! Mine is installed (bloatware) from factory but when i try to update it, it fails every time. Is that the issue you guys have too?

    Btw the light sensor issue, didnt know it was a issue but i have experienced it, except i knew what was causing it…everytime my hand blocked the light to the sensor, it turned off the lighting of the keyboard and *Home* *Menu* *Back* *Search* buttons. Annoying but didnt consider it something wrong.

    • http://Website Adam

      Yep all G2 owners have the Goggles problem.

  • http://Website Daniel

    is there anyone else having trouble with youtubes update. Phone freezes when in landscape mode?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah, there is a bug if you are watching YouTube HQ in landscape and then hit the back button it will kill your phone.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Does this affect the Nexus One? I bought mine unsubsidized. No one has been able to answer this…

  • http://Website reggie

    I have been using wireless tethering on my hd2 for free now they charge on my g2 sucks.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Just temp-root and Wifi-Tether man! Works like a charm

  • Courtney

    How about fixing a real “known issue” along with all of this?

    The G2 is known to reboot itself when it’s in low or no t-mobile service. This means when I’m roaming on At&T while I visit my parents my phone constantly reboots to the point where I can’t even use it.

    I woke up one night to a really, really, hot phone because it was charging, rebooted, and stuck on the G2 screen.. That’s probably a little dangerous.

    • http://Website Matt W

      +1 to this. This is probably the most prevalent issue that G2 users don’t even realize. It’s super annoying if you leave T-mo coverage at all. The phone is unusable unless you switch data roaming off. Which still makes it pretty unusable since I have no access to email, etc. FIX IT, PLEASE!!

    • http://Website bobbrew

      I thought it was only me. t-mobile did not mention other people were experiencing same rebooting problem. Thats my life. Living on of the edge. I require a phone that will go there with me. I have to use g1s when I travel?

  • Best Android Apps

    Awesome, this is such a great phone. Glad to see the G2 is an excellent 2.0 version of the G1.

  • http://Website has anyone

    Has anyone gotten the OTA update yet? I haven’t :(

  • http://Website Trace

    Just got my OTA update… There was a nice notice about WIFI calling, but no mention about tethering. When I enabled WIFI calling, the phone was sure to tell me that calls made on WIFI would still count against my minutes on my calling plan. Really?!?!?!

  • http://Website Lindsay

    I’m sticking to my rooted G1 since I can do wifi tethering without the charge

    • paul

      i can share a hotspot right now w my g2 and not pay that $30 crap

  • Heady

    I can’t wait to get my OTA. I hope the shutting off randomly will be fixed. I’m also pumped about the wifi calling because I live in the country. I love this phone. Come on OTA!

  • Darkpassenger

    This this awesome . I have been waiting for a phone program to tether my G2 and now i have almost 4g mobile internet on mt laptop. Great find and great program was really easy to set up.

  • http://Website Daisy

    please fix the led notification!!!!

  • nathan118

    So a buddy got this phone, and he was asking about tethering. I was telling him t-mobile took it out. Well, he goes in, finds wireless and networks, turns on hotspot, and it worked!

    So how exactly is t-mobile “charging” for tethering? If you even use it once, they charge you? Do you have to pay $15 to unlock it? I don’t get that…because it appeared to be fully unlocked on his phone.

  • http://Website yakov

    Question: is it true that Android phones are not capable of simultaneous tethering and calling? I was told that if someone calls me on a tethered phone, the internet connection gets disconnected. Is it true?

    • http://Website Ryan

      I own a HTC MyTouch 4G and to answer your question, and hopefully others, about WiFi-sharing T-Mobile will notify you like all carriers if the service you are using on your device will exceed what is covered in your data package. I use the the tethering over WiFi, Bluetooth, and cable with each one having its own advantages. For Bluetooth and cable I use PDA-Net, though if I want my phone to work as a connection for my laptop and still make and receive calls simultaneously then the WiFi Hotspot option is the only way to go. I have had the phone since mid December with no unpleasant surprises on my bill.

      I presume that T-Mobile is asking for the extra fifteen dollars only if you are not under an Unlimited Data Plan. They just changed the structure of their data plans to reflect the direction other carriers are going in offering tiered data options. I use about 7 GB of data every month on my connection and so I am very glad to be locked in at my rate and most likely will not be upgrading my plan or contract anytime soon. Make sure that any data plan you get reflects your usage needs and read the fine print, meaning that it should stipulate no overages and that its unlimited.

      Hope this helps, also if you are in the market for a new smart phone you should probably wait for a couple months for the devices from CES2011 to trickle down to the market. Also there are a lot of cool options for 4G phones and tablets set for a third or fourth quarter release this year.

  • http://Website dragjunks

    Are people being automatically charged at all for using the Wifi Tethering option on the G2? I’ve been using this on & off at work, but haven’t seen any explicit charge on my bill yet. Wondering if it’s free indefinitely, or is there a hidden charge. Thanks in advance.

  • David Sessoms

    Not sure if anyone else has tried this but I put a tiny piece of black electrical tape over the left top corner of the phone where the sensor is and not more problems with lights going out..Better on that off I guess?