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T-Mobile is faster than AT&T #4Gwars #iCarly4G

We took a break from reporting on the #4Gwars, but T-Mobile and their competitors are still tossing bombs at each other. Our friend iCarly4G is back with a new T-Mobile ad that pokes fun at AT&T’s network. The 30-second spot shows the myTouch 4G with a tricked-out motorcycle while the iPhone is stuck with a toy bike. Carly goes on to say that T-Mobile’s lightning-fast 4G network is faster than AT&T and it allows you to video chat without using WiFi. Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

Via: TmoNews

Source: YouTube

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  • orginn

    Lol funny, tmo ftw

  • http://Website Dev1359

    I’d let Carly mytouch me

    • Angie Strickland

      I’m seriously sad that this comment has been voted so high that it’s on the home page. Beautiful women are fine and dandy, but come on guys!

      • http://Website Josh

        Does it help if I say I’d let you MyTouch me, as well?

        • Angie Strickland

          I appreciate the sentiment, but sorry! I’m just gonna quit, though, because maybe it makes her day if she were to come here and read about the 52 dudes who voted her up.

      • http://Website Todd

        There are definitely a lot of juveniles reading this blog to vote that comment up. And then to vote your comments down.

        GROW UP, children.

  • Jason

    this is a risky move considering that tmo hspa network are really nothing to write home about. I am constantly getting only 3G speeds on my Mytouch

    • http://Website Thorpeland

      Im sure it depends where you live or how far out on the edge you are on their 4G network. For me, web pages are loading WAY faster than they did with my 3G phone on the Tmo network. And i have been able to hold a video chat with fairly good frame rates. Im really enjoying their HSPA+.

    • http://Website Artar

      I agree. I’m a huge T-Mobile fan, huge Android fan, but I’m not quite ready to applaud their network. It still needs some work in my area.

      INB4 you downrate this comment

  • http://Website mikey

    More Carly please.

  • http://Website B2L

    My 4g speeds on tmobile are actually faster than my wifi connection. I love having tmobile.

  • http://Website Dimitri

    I agree with B2L. I’m actually getting faster speed using my MyTouch4G as a wifi hotspot than my wifi at home. Youtube videos load and play no problem. With my wifi I have to pause the video, go do something and come back.

  • http://Website Scott G

    maybe they should take a break from the ads and address the removal of the even more plus plans?

    • http://Website Anonymous

      If they ever removed the Even More Plus plans, it would spell disaster for T-Mobile. I’m sure the EMP plans aren’t going anywhere for a while. I personally wouldn’t stay with T-Mobile if they removed the EMP plans, but I like T-Mobile myself, have ever since they were VoiceStream. Their big mistake was changing spokes people. They should have kept Jamie Lee Curtis & just added Catherine Zeta Jones, having both alternating in ads.

      As for the pics, I could totally see a toy deal going for them. LOL Action figures with real cycle action!!! Available at T-Mobile stores everywhere.

  • toothpaste

    It’s been a while since I checked (so correct me if I am wrong), but 4g as with all previous generations is a standard set by IEEE, not the carriers. Do we really have 4g networks in the US or is it just a marketing ploy by the carriers to out do each other for new potential customers?

    HSPA+ used by T-Mobile and AT&T is a 3g standard. Both clearly state they do NOT have any 4g capable phones (as per the articles on this site).

    That being said, network size is not always the clear winner. Efficient use of available bandwidth on the carrier side is what makes us enjoy our smart phones. AT&T may be bigger than T-Mobile, but the services and the quality of those services is the most important along with price off course that determines the top dog. AT&T did not cap the iPhone usage from the start, this caused degradation of their quality of service. Too much data going across their network, dropping calls of non-iPhone users. Blah, blah, blah….

    11 years of telecom with real world experience is what I base my opinion on.

    • http://Website UMA Fan

      Keep in mind, only second generation wimax and lte (something NO CARRIER has announced to roll out) are the only things considered true 4G.

      T-Mobile realized that their HSPA+ network was capable of speeds equivalent to that of Sprint’s WiMax and Verizon’s LTE tests. And since those are not true 4G technologies either, you think Verizon and At&t wouldn’t have marketed them as 4G once they rolled them out if T-Mobile did nothing?

      Simply put: Verizon and At&t’s LTE networks are not true 4G, just like Sprint’s WiMax. T-Mobile saw that once they rolled those networks out, they would have been falsely marketed as 4G. T-Mobile also saw that their HSPA+ performed at those speeds anyway and was available in more places for anyone to catch up to them anytime soon. So if T-Mobile’s getting those speeds anyway, why not call it 4G?

      People also like to throw out that At&t uses HSPA+ too and they don’t call it 4G. While this is true, At&t’s HSPA+ runs at a modulation of 14.4Mbps while T-Mobile HSPA+ runs at a modulation of 21Mbps. Plus, they have two devices that have max speeds of 14Mbps (G2, myTouch 4G) and At&t doesn’t have a single device that takes advantage of their 14.4Mbps HSPA+.

      T-Mobile apparently is set to boost that modulation up to 42Mbps next year.

      • http://Website UMA Fan

        I should clarify that what sets apart a 3G device from a 4G device is that the 3G devices cap out at speeds of 7.2Mbps (real world 3-5mbps) and 4G would be anything above that… currently 14.4Mbps on the G2 and myTouch 4G ( real world 8-10Mbps)

        • http://Website UMA Fan

          The only disadvantage is that there’s no way to know if you’re in a 3G or 4G area or not without doing a speed test since basically the 3G and 4G are the same network. On the G2 and myTouch 4G it just displays an ‘H’

    • http://Website MW

      @ toothpaste, got to keep up man, T-Mobile already stated that their network is not really 4G…Guess what, neither is Verizon’s LTE or Sprints WIMAX. If these guys are going to fool the
      American public and gain customer good will over it, then T-Mobile may as well join the bandwagon. Who is going to sign up for the HSPA+ network….I can’t even spell it:)

    • http://Website tlondon

      4G is the successor to 3G. Although there were and are pre 4G technologies such as WiMAX has been around since 2006, and 3G Long term evolution (LTE) which have been around since 2009, they’re branded as 4G. But current versions of these technologies do not fulfill the ITU-R requirements of data rates approximately up to 1 Gbits/s for 4G systems.

      Sprint offers a 3G/4G connection plan, currently available in select cities in the United States. It delivers rates up to 10 Mbit/s. Verizon Wireless plans to augment its CDMA2000-based EV-DO 3G network in the United States with LTE. AT&T, along with Verizon Wireless has chosen to migrate toward LTE from 2G/GSM and 3G/HSPA by 2011.

      In 2009, the technology proposals have been submitted to the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) as 4G candidates. All proposals are based on two technologies: LTE Advanced standardized by the 3GPP and 802.16m standardized by the IEEE (i.e. WiMAX)

      Present implementations of WiMAX and LTE are largely considered a stop gap solution that will offer a considerable boost while WiMAX 2 (based on the IEEE 802.16m spec) and LTE Advanced are finalized. Both technologies must meet guide line objectives traced by the ITU, but are still far from being implemented at this time. So yes it’s a marketing ploy, because most people don’t know any better, unless you’re an engineer working in the wireless industry, they’re allowed to say they have 4G even though none them actually can reach the requirements for 4G also called IMT Advanced as defined by the International Telecommunication Union such as peak data rates up to 1 Gbit/s.

      I’d actually just like to have Carly and the motorcycle, she ‘s hottie.

  • http://Website bemymonkey

    So how big is America’ biggest (T-Mobile’s) so-called “4G” network? 4×4 city blocks? :p

    Seriously, how’s the coverage? Are you SOL as soon as you leave a larger city? Or are you fine in the suburbs?

    • Jason

      tmo is consistently poor in the subs

      shoot i live in a pretty big market (miami, FL) i get off the turnpike and i drop off to edge

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      Honestly the 3G and 3G+ is pretty strong around the city and the outer skirts. However when i drove from Cincinnati Ohio to Pigeon Forge Tennessee i had “EDGE” most of the time.

    • http://Website Derek

      T-mobile only has 3G in the city. I thoroughly investigated this before I bought a Captivate, was leaning towards Vibrant until I did a lot of comparison shopping on the 3G coverage area. Everywhere I’d ever be T-mo’s coverage is only in the very heart of the city, meanwhile AT&T at least went out and covered the suburbs and beyond. So I stuck with AT&T.

      If you’re only a city dweller and will never leave the city center T-mo may be for you.

      • http://gmail Connor

        Thats what i’m talking about!!!

  • californiakidd1

    personally, i don’t even think she is that good looking. probably going to get marked down. But it’s what i think.

    • http://Website Todd

      Maybe if her mouth wasn’t quite so wide. And I think she’s a bit too skinny, as I said in an earlier post.

  • Scotter

    Kinda cool ad. IMHO would have been much more cool if:

    Woman actually rides the sport bike up in the beginning and gets off it.
    Heck, they could have had a stunt double do the actual riding and maybe throw in a dramatic slide-to-stop.

    • http://Website detox

      or if she was in a bikini

  • Angie Strickland

    Can we please pretend that this isn’t a male dominated blog and not mention people just because they are women? Next time a dude is a spokesman I’m gonna make a big deal out of it!

    • Zacqary Adam Green

      Well the iPhone guy is kinda cute.

    • http://gmail Connor

      What the company wants you to think is that T-moble is faster and better. it is not

    • http://Website Todd

      What a bunch of jerks to vote you down. Grow up, losers!

    • http://Website Eileen Eulich

      Bitter much?

      I’m sure we’ll all be thrilled when you comment on the next male spokesperson.

      On second thought, we won’t care, and we’ll go back to googling sexy, non-bitter women.


  • http://Website Jahrid

    3 questions: Why does everybody hate the iphone? why is everybody jumpin on Android balls? And why does everybody hate atnt? Da iphone 4 may not have the multitaskin u want but u can use it all u want without sacraficing battery life. No android phone can hold a charge for a whole with heavy data use. And atnt is the only company that can use data and voice simutaneously. I couldnt stand being on hold and not accessing the internet. Plus when android makes a phone that can play music, take a camera pic, access the internet, send a sms, and run apps at the same time, i will get an android, but until then iphone 4

    • toothpaste

      1. This is ANDROIDANDME.COM not an iphone new sites and forum, so we all made our choice hence we are here because we think it’s a better choice.

      2. I’m not sure how to answer this, but I am willing to take a shot in the dark. Why are people obsessed with iPhone? Why are you specifically an apple fanboy? Being the first to make any ground breaking device has it’s glory but also downfall. Others follow, avoiding all your mistakes while improving the product. That iphone 4 needs a case so the antenna works?

      It looks nice and pretty, so that the eye candy distracts you from the limitations of the hardware. It’s a toy with pretty looking icons, nothing more.

      3. AT&T is a horrible company, as far as wireless is concerned.

      • noriega713

        Damn you beat me to…

      • http://Website Grifff

        AT&T is horrible. The sales reps are willing to bend over backwards for you for the sale but heaven forbid you need customer service. This reminds me of a story. A prospect was interested in joining a beautiful country club, so the manager takes him on a tour of the facility. They get on the elevator and stop at the 1st floor. The door opens and it’s gorgeous….the equipment, the mirrors, and the weight room. Next the 2nd floor…WOW look at that beautiful pool and jacuzzi – everyone is having a great time….I’m definitely joining this gym. Next the 3rd floor is presented… just glorious. He joins the club and comes to workout. He hits the weight room on the 1st floor and it’s filthy and the equipment is broken – what there was of it. He goes to the 2nd floor – the jacuzzi water is green and the pool is empty with cracked concrete…..he is not happy to say the least. The 3rd floor was next and there was nothing there, just plain and bare – everything was gone. So he speaks to the manager and says where is the beautiful weight room? …the gorgeous pool and jacuzzi?…where is the… and the manager says “Oh that was for prospects. You’re a client now!” Badaboom! Unfortunately it’s like this for a lot of companies.

        • http://gmail Connor

          You don’t know what your talking about! AT&T is a trustworthy company that has done a lot for the country. The commercials you have seen are lies and AT&T can sue t-moble for all its got. so dont just belive what you see on TV

    • http://Website Richard


    • anakin78z

      “And atnt is the only company that can use data and voice simutaneously.”
      Hah, see, this is the problem right there. Our problem is that iPhone users tend to be ignorant (not all mind you, but generally). They tend to go with what they’re told, and will blissfully move along not knowing anything else. And just as AT&T isn’t the only network that can use data while on a call, a lot of the things an iPhone can do, Android could do first. The iPhone is a fine device, but it’s not for everyone. There are things you can do on Android that you simply can not do on iOS.

      • http://Website Moschops

        Don’t you know that the iPhone, ATNT [sic] is the one true god? Oh, wait a minute isn’t that two gods – okay we’ll just add Steve Jobs to the list and call it a “trinity”, should keep the matrix fans happy. There can be no other god(s), and to worship any other carrier is a cardinal sin punishable by early termination! You shall not entertain the thought of unapproved apps vetted for goodness by Steve, that’s a sin, and there’s no way you’ll see photos of your neighbors ass on your phone, NO WAY!

  • Noah Shanks

    Anyone else know how much she looks like the pink Power Ranger?

    …Check out the upcoming site,, for the latest in the cell phone industry!

  • http://Website ACR

    She looks like an elf with those ears. Sexy body though.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Looking at these pics, I could totally see a toy deal going for them. LOL Action figures with real cycle action!!! Available at T-Mobile stores everywhere.

  • http://Website Todd

    Am I the only person who thinks somebody needs to feed that girl? The dresses she was wearing in the first two commercials make her look like there’s almost nothing to her.

  • http://Website Moschops

    I consistently get several Mbps down and over 1Mbps up – record so far in downtown SF even inside a building was 7Mbps down and 2Mbps up – faster than my home DSL on most days (although mobile latency is still sucky). Compared to what I’d get with 3G HSDPA service – never more than 1Mbps down and 200K up – it definitely feels like a new “G”, but then you could just argue that was because T-Mobile never delivered anything that you could consider 3G, or just barely. Kind of like phone companies calling 256K download speeds “broadband” because they are more than dialup.

    The biggest problem to me is that now T-Mobile is “4G” (or maybe 3G-plus or 3G++ if you’re a programmer) is that their and everyone else’s bandwidth caps are still lagging way back at 3G values. What’s the point of video chat, video streaming and syncing larges amount of data to your phone if you will blow through your “unlimited” 2GB/month limit in a week or two? How no one has sued providers for calling limited data plans “unlimited” I’ll never know. At least T-Mobile doesn’t cut you off at that point but going down to 64KBps is a really severe and sudden penalty.

    Dear T-Mobile how about sliding scale of bandwidth cuts as you go over – say 50% bandwidth from 100 to 150% of quota, then to 25% up to 200% then down to 64K which is basically internet dial-tone for email and asynchronous activities only. And give users a chance to pay extra to avoid the bandwidth cuts – why not turn that into a revenue opportunity because I think most people who need > 4GB/month will be willing to pay extra.

    Or of course they could just make the caps more realistic in the first place – if you’re paying for this “4G” don’t you expect to be able to use it fully – give us 5GB/month at least which is what you give “web connect” devices, a strangely demarcated collection of pad and laptops. To me there’s no reason to treat my G2 phone any different from a Galaxy Tab pad, functionality wise they are almost identical except for a front facing camera – and the myTouch 4G has one of those too.

    Carriers will tell us that almost no one uses more than 2GB per month and hence their caps don’t really impact anyone but abusers. The reality is it hurts consumers by stifling innovation in the mobile app space. New apps and business models that could use more bandwidth and be a lucrative value-add wont evolve until we have “too much” bandwidth. Remember when the bee-knees in broadband was 6Mbps download and yet there was almost nothing you could do with all that bandwidth except Bit-Torrent files really fast? Now we have video streaming, remote media access and all kinds of commercial bandwidth intensive apps like NetFlix that can easily suck up that bandwidth, but they wouldn’t have appeared if broadband providers had universally imposed ridiculously low caps and never moved broadband beyond a couple of 2Mbps on the grounds that “no one needs that much bandwidth for email and web browsing”.

    The more interesting, innovative and useful apps there are for smart phones (and lets face it, most of the smart phones are no longer “phones” as a primary function, my G2 doesn’t even have phone buttons on the front) the more people will want to buy them and use them and eat up all your services and make you lots of money.

  • http://Website xzv

    fuck me carly

  • http://Website lee

    Does anyone find it interesting that the movie TRON is about to come out, and in the trailers for the movie they are dressed like Carly and ride motorcycles. I wonder if there is going to be a movie/T Mobile tie in?