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T-Mobile Nexus S pre-order spotted on Best Buy’s site

The “Nexus Two” was supposed to be released today at Best Buy, but a last minute hardware issue delayed the launch and news about the secret phone has been slim this week. We have asked around trying to get more details on what type of issues testers were experiencing with the phone and the latest I heard was Samsung was working on “clearing a few operator issues”.

We still don’t ┬áhave an estimated release date, but my friend Quentyn from Phandroid spotted a pre-order listing for the “Nexus S” on Best Buy’s website. The device is described as “pure Google” and includes a broken image with the description “for T-Mobile”. The Nexus S name has been tossed around by testers and we already reported that T-Mobile was on-board for this phone so it appears someone flipped the switch a little early on Best Buy’s site.

Taking a closer look at T-Mobile, our other friends from TmoNews have discovered a big holiday event that was supposed to occur on November 20th. We don’t know what product launch the event was for, but stores were receiving special packages which included reservation cards for people waiting in line. T-Mobile employees are reporting the Nov. 20th event was cancelled, but some are also indicating that their stores are beefing up staff for Nov. 24th.

Whatever happens, yes the Samsung Nexus phone is still real and we are hoping for an announcement any time now. Every day that Samsung delays the launch, they risk losing a sale since more and more customers are waiting for the dual-core phones that are expected to be revealed on January 5th at CES.

Are you still waiting to purchase the Nexus S? How long can you hold out before you decide to move on to the next superphone coming out?

Update: The Best Buy page is now gone, but it was captured in a screen grab below.

Best Buy

Screen grab from

Via: Phandroid

Source: Best Buy

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  • http://Website first

    my first first :D

    • http://Website first

      come on now. Don’t vote my first first down to oblivion.

      • Clark Wimberly

        Why would we not?

        • http://Website person

          to be nice people?

          • http://Website first

            Exactly :D haha dahm it its gone now.

          • http://Website person

            Are you serious? What kind of jerks are you to your readers? I don’t particularly like people who say “first” either, but that’s not excuse to be a dick about it. Over at droid-life, which I’m loving more and more every day, kellex is totally cool about the first thing and some ppl even encourage it. I’m really disappointed in how unsupportive you are of your readers.

            For the past few months you guys have gotten more and more stuck up, insisting that you guys know everything with little to no evidence. You always try to one-up the other blogs out there, instead of being nice members of the community. Earlier today, even, when engadget released the photos of the nexus s, you just had to add how you were “the first blog to write about it”. And then you post an article later with an almost empty claim about how you think the photos were photoshopped. Completely unprofessional. I already know i’ll be downranked into oblivion if anyone even sees this post, but i’ll repost it on the other article.

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            Thanks for backing me up but I was joking around with the first first thing. I could care less if people down ranked it. I’ve seen it so many times I thought why not. I’ll have a laugh about it.

  • http://Website first

    haha I can’t wait for gingerbread. I’ve been checking for the last two weeks for some hints clues to whats instore in the new build. I got a Nexus One and its going to amazing when i flash it as soon as an awesome blog posts the link to it. Finally at last I can rub this in my Android Betraying Iphone 4 Loving roommate. (He bought a Hero against my advise and it sucked after the 2.1 upgrade)

  • http://Website Paul

    Is Samsung is the manufacture I so hope Google has INSISTED that the phone has a LED notification light & led flash.

    A camera hardware button would also be useful.

  • http://Website Scott G

    You know, i’ve been critical of a rebranded Galaxy S for a nexus phone before, but… the more i digest it, the more i really dont care. I have a N1, with all its faults and crappy touchscreen because its untouched by a carrier. I can tether without paying $15 extra a month, i get updates first, etc. I MAY jump on a phone that will be outclassed in 2 months just for those benefits. We shall see

    • Snafu77

      Yeah man I want a Google Phone for the updates and purity but I also want dual processor goodness. I don’t really care for mods since they are too buggy to be worthwhile so its buggy dual core modded next year or Nexus S with possible hardware issues and already obsolete hardware.

  • LordK

    Nexus + Samsung = iNexus with plastic = crap.

    • http://Website asch5775

      4-inch s-amoled+1.2ghz hummingbrid+pure google software=dream phone!

      • http://Website Wakaka

        dreamphone + plastic = plastic dreamphone

        • Snafu77

          Plastic DreamPhone > 2.1/2.2 Metallic Phone waiting until next summer for Gingerbread

          • http://Website Wakaka

            Does that mean it is fine for a phone to be ugly as long it got some good hardware? How hard is it to make a phone without using those cheap plastic? All Samsung needs to do is plastic dreamphone – plastic + aluminium/design = dreamphone!

    • http://Website Usman

      If this is meant to be the new developer phone, as it appears so… I’m sure Google will have made sure to control many aspects of the design and production of the handset just like they did with HTC and the Nexus One. HTC didn’t design it on their own… Google had serious input. It’s more like they hired HTC to build it to their specs. If Google does that with Samsung, then I’m not worried.

      • http://Website Usman

        Curious as to why my comment is being downgraded… is there something offensive about expecting that Google stepped in to make sure this phone is solid? Or are people just misunderstanding my comment?

        Let me be plain… I think that if this IS a progression of the N1, Google will make sure it’s sweet.

        • Snafu77

          I see you +2 so not sure what you were before that. Only problem I see with what you’re saying is that this phone seems to be a semi-overhauled Vibrant and not a new original especially for Google design and spec device. Yeah its cool there is an upgrade option for us N1 users but I will remain skeptical until it drops. If I end up getting one it will likely be because I don’t want to wait a year for a better really pure device and don’t want to mod a better device. I don’t think this phone will be better than a Mytouch 4g.

  • http://Website Nabeel

    on the best buy screenshot it says available ONLY at best buy this holiday season so whatever t mobile is gearing up for has to be something different

    • http://Website Scott G

      Thats usually there when they are the only place… outside of the carrier… that are selling it.

  • http://Website sri

    I’hve been waiting for quite sometime now. I was about to go for G2 but the removal of thetering option initally hold me off and later it was this news about nexus S. I would always prefer a pure google exp. over the dual-core processors. I would also prefer buying it from developer website rather than best buy, only reason being faster updates of newer OS versions. I know dual-cores are faster but at the same time many things will come into question – like the batter life, the skins put by manufacturers like motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony etc which slows down the phone to some extent if not to a large extent and at the same time keeps away from new version of OS for ever.

  • http://Website Steve

    I just hope this phone is close enough to the Galaxy S that when the XDA guys get their hands on the code they can port it all over, so I can have Gingerbread stock on my Galaxy S. That would be amazing…

  • Hoziayn

    This is just yet more intrigue me… start save your money and wait until the “beast” will appear in stores.

  • Gone

    Yeah I agree with @Nabeel the t-mobile event is something totally different.

  • http://Website jakers

    Phil @ is saying “Samsung Elite”, which has previously been an established name for various feature phones – more recently, for their low-end TouchWhiz stuff.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I heard there are two versions of this phone – one with stock Android 2.3 and one with TouchWiz. The Elite might be the TouchWiz version, but a “Nexus” phone is still coming soon.

      • Snafu77

        Is it really just going to be a Nexus Galaxy or is the hardware going to be any better at all? If the specs are stagnant I’m gonna have a hard time justifying getting it.


    MY GOD THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. My G1 is failing more and more everyday…..

  • http://Website Mark

    Just switched from the Vibrant to the myt4g and I am loving every thing about it. I had the N1 and gave it up for the Galaxy S, big mistake. Having the myt4g now reminds me why HTC is the best handset maker in the world.

  • http://Website Nathan

    no offense to T-mobile, but I do wish that this phone would be onboard with multiple carriers. At least Verizon or AT&T. You would think that considering how sales went last time that they would hopefully try to broaden their horizon a little! Also I’m especially excited to ditch my old Iphone 3G (which is now senile and decrepit) and switch to something that is much more open to being rooted! :D

  • http://Website 2C

    As a Nexus One user on T-Mobile I can’t wait for this phone especially after playing with a Tab earlier today.

  • http://Website Raveesh

    @Taylor: What are the chances now of getting this phone this month? I simply have to have one in hand by 1st Dec, and would kill to get this one. But, if there’s no info about it’s launch by around 25th Nov, I’m going to have to go with something else.

    Also, another suggestion from you and others. Should I go for the MyTouch 4G in case this isn’t available soon enough? I feel that’ll offer the closest Nexus 2/S experience as the Nexus 2/S itself, once the Gingerbread ROM for it is available

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think we will see this phone by Thanksgiving.

      • http://Website jonathan from los angeles

        I agree, i expect we will see this phone Thanksgiving week.

        i can’t wait. i just hope the specs are true and that their is also a flash for the camera, LED notification light, and HSPA+ capability

  • P W

    If I get the HTC Desire HD tomorrow (my provider postponed the release date of this phone already 5 times), I’ll go get it. If they don’t, i’ll keep waiting for the Nexus S. If Samsung experiences a hardware issue, i have no problem with that, it’s good they’re willing to fix it before the actual release. But they should make it clear and tell us, if there is such a phone, and if so, what the hardware specs are and some pics of the phone. Because then, I could judge whether it’s worth the waiting and decide whether to buy the Desire HD or not!

  • http://Website John

    Nexus S pictures leaked on engadget! FFC and LED flash!

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    After seeing the leaked form factor I was hoping it would look a little different from the Galaxy S line.