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T-Mobile removes no-contract, Even More Plus from the internets

Last  night I read on TmoNews that T-Mobile had removed their no-contract, Even More Plus plans from their website. I’m currently one of those customers on an Even More Plus plans (and it’s the main reason I’m a T-Mobile customer), so today we have been trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

David reports that T-Mobile says they are experiencing a glitch on their website, but the Even More Plus plans have been totally removed from the web including other online retailers like Amazon and Wirefly.

We reached out to T-Mobile to see if they could provide a comment, but they have yet to respond.

T-Mobile recently rolled out several new prepaid plans, so this might be where they push new customers who don’t want a contract.

T-Mobile's new prepaid plans.

T-Mobile’s new prepaid plans.

Prepaid calling plans from T-Mobile include:

  • $15 per month – Unlimited Text with 10c/min Talk
  • $30 per month – 1500 Talk & Text with 30 MB data
  • $50 per month – Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 MB data
  • $70 per month – Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB data

Some of these plans are nice, but they don’t match the savings I was getting on Even More Plus.

Hopefully T-Mobile will be able to clear this up soon. What are your thoughts on the possibility of losing your Even More Plus plan? Would you save money on one of the newer prepaid plans or consider going back to contracts?

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website BiGMERF

    I will be pissed if I lose mines!

    • MC

      (wonder if I could consistently use less than 100MB data…) I, too, am with T-Mobile primarily because I didn’t want to sign another two-year contract. I’m MORE than happy to pay $400-$500 for a handset to avoid being obligated to pay $80/month for 24 months ($1.920) + price of phone + termination fee should I have to beg off!
      I won’t be paying more with this plan as – and I still have the, “No Contract” advantage.
      Prior to, “Everything Plus,” I was a contractually-obligated T-Mobile customer – and I’ve tried ‘em all and I keep coming back!

      • http://Website Alexander

        I’m in exactly the same boat, especially being grandfathered into the unlimited data plans. For me though it really depends on how these prepaid plans are taxed , and if you can get phone insurance on them. Hopefully they don’t cancel my even more plus plan though, it’s the main reason I’ve stuck with T-Mobile.

  • http://Website leonardo

    What the hell way does t-mobile have to do this!!!!!

  • Clark Wimberly

    Right now the Even More Plus plans are the main reason I use T-Mobile. If they get rid of them, I might go with.

  • SliestDragon

    I like the plan that I’m on now. Hopefully they just stop new people from getting the Even More Plus plan and Grandfather the people that already have it….

    • http://Website Kimbo

      As long as we get grandfathered in I’m cool with it, but I think it’s a mistake on their part all the same.

  • Prince77

    They are eligible this because of the tablets. Watch they make some lame excuse that no one will understand. I’m glad I left Tmobile when I did because I wouldn’t want to here their reason.

    • Prince77

      I’m sorry, not eligible. That is suppose to be doing.

    • http://Website UMA Fan

      Look, just because you can’t comprehend a website glitch doesn’t mean T-Mobile is at fault… or owes you anything for that matter.

      It seems more like you’re insecure about your reasons for leaving, since you know deep down, T-Mobile is the better carrier especially with all the android device selections they have. You can currently get the BEST android selection out there.

      High end/front facing cam – CHECK (MyTouch 4G)

      High end/Keyboard – CHECK (G2)

      High end/Stock Android – CHECK (G2)

      High end/Media – CHECK (Samsung Vibrant)

      Mid-range/Keyboard – CHECK (MyTouch Slide)

      Not to mention, Wifi Calling which is just unbelievably awesome technology -get signal where no other cell phone does, when connected to wifi.

      Plus their 4G speeds are faster than Sprint’s WiMax, available in more places, and they take less battery life out of your phone because the manufacturer doesn’t have to stick another radio on there for you to access those high speeds. The Evo gets what? 3-4 hours tops even if you’re lucky enough to be in Clearwire’s Wimax network?

      Plus GSM beats out CDMA technology any day of the week. It’s what the majority of the world has moved on to. Only with GSM you can talk and use the internet at the same time… and it’s more reliable.

      • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

        Look, I’ve been with T-Mobile since back when it was VoiceStream. I’ve been a pretty happy customer over the years, but let’s cut out the fanboyism, okay?

        GSM used to be a huge advantage, but since T-Mobile USA uses a goofy 3G band, it means my US phone is essentially as useless as a CDMA brick when I’m abroad. And vice-versa — there’s no point in bringing back an unlocked Desire Z (or what have you) when I visit Europe, because it won’t work properly in the US. The advantage to be had with GSM is, sadly, only if you’re on AT&T these days.

        And c’mon, T-Mobile’s Android selection is pathetic. The G2 is ALMOST a high-end device, but its lack of a front-facing camera is a pretty glaring omission considering all the other flagship phones have it. The myTouch series are overpriced featurephones. Rubbish kid-friendly UI and questionable build quality. The Vibrant is the weakest of the Galaxy S series — again, it’s ALMOST there, but lacking a few key features (um, hello, LED flash? Was there a shortage in Korea?) and — okay, personal preference, but AMOLED just plain sucks if you value sharpness and color accuracy. Don’t get me started on its flimsy plastic construction. Nothing they’ve got is desirable.

        What’s the point? T-Mobile completely lacks a real flagship device — something that actually gets people in to the stores and talking about the brand. Verizon obviously has the fantastically-marketed DROID series, Sprint has the EVO and Epic, AT&T has… well, they’ve got the iPhone, and T-Mobile has… cut-rate prices with phones to match. If T-Mobile doesn’t catch up soon, I’m out, and moving on to a CDMA carrier. Let’s face it: Better phones, and better coverage in the USA. Verizon set their sights for awesome coverage… T-Mobile set theirs for low prices. You get what you pay for.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          I got really fast 3G data speeds on my T-Mobile Nexus One when I took it to Germany. Not sure what you mean useless as a brick abroad.

        • http://Website n9ne

          You sound as douchy as you look in that picture.

          • http://Website n9ne

            p.s That was directed at Brian, not you Taylor.

          • http://Website Biggums

            Lol. I was thinking the same thing!

        • http://Website UMA Fan

          I hear ya with the fanboyism, so let me try to re-articulate myself:

          First of all International use: Yes, T-Mobile’s 3G band isn’t commonly used around the world. However Wi-Fi Calling makes up for it by leaps and bounds. Now, T-Mobile doesn’t market Wi-Fi Calling for this purpose mostly because I think it relies heavily on the end user and there’s a great chance they might mess it up. With the new Android WiFi Calling app, all you have to do is go into connection preferences, tap WiFi only, and bam your phone connects to T-Mobile USA and you can receive all your calls/texts without international roaming charges, because your phone thinks you’re in the US and you don’t have coverage. This, I think, is the greatest thing about T-Mobile no one’s ever heard of. Especially for international travelers. The G2, myTouch Slide, and Vibrant are all getting it according to Kineto Wireless (makers of wifi calling app). Now, this doesn’t help you if you’re trying to call people in the country you’re in outside the US but the ability for everyone in the US to reach your regular number as if you are still in the US is an invaluable one. I have parents who live in rural India… and I get a T-Mobile US signal when I visit them, it’s just amazing.

          In terms of Android devices they carry, I think your judgment on them is flawed. The Qualcomm chipsets used in both the G2 and the myTouch 4G are of the latest generation clocked at 800mhz and 1Ghz respectively. They are more power efficient and outperform the last generation of mobile 1Ghz Qualcomm processor found in: The nexus one, hd2, and even… the EVO 4G. Therefore (and this is proven in benchmark tests) the 800mhz processor of the G2 outperforms the older 1 Ghz processor found in the EVO. It also uses STOCK ANDROID!!! Again, I’m trying hard not to be a fanboy but what other carrier gives it’s customers a high end stock android offering to choose from? They could have shipped with sense found on the Desire Z, but they deliberately chose STOCK so they could update the device faster. It uses an SLCD screen… not as good as AMOLED in terms of Vibrancy but still, sharper colors than your typical lcd screen. The ONLY thing not present is the FFC. You mentioned Verizon’s DROID line… Do ANY of those devices feature a FFC? But they get a pass, right? This is kind of biased but the G2 is sexier than any of those devices anyway, all without Verizon’s bloatware and Bing customizations. Also, ffc aren’t as big a feature as you might think… people talk less on their phone these days than ever before and use less and less formal methods of communication like texting, im, and email. Also, even if you DO intend to use a ffc, keep in mind at this point of time in the industry ALL ffc have low resolutions to them, anyway. It’s not an efficient method of communication… it’s a gimmick, plain and simple. But if customers really really want one, there’s the myTouch 4G. This thing has beefy internal specs. 1Ghz processor, of the newer generation, 768MB Ram, dedicated GPU on par with the hummingbird series…. and your front facing camera. You might dismiss this thing as having a kid-friendly UI…? It’s Sense, buddy. This is HTC Sense. The only major changes to Sense with the T-Mobile version, are the launcher and the little halo things around the apps…. other than that, its Sense with a bunch of preloaded themes installed. You can always CHANGE the launcher completely with little effort and without root, but it just makes my head EXPLODE that you would dismiss a device as high end simply because of little halo things around the apps, because that is really the only legitimate difference between Sense found there and anywhere else. To call this a feature phone… is just willful ignorance.

          The Vibrant was not the weakest of the Galaxy S series. All the Galaxy S phones lacked something or another. The Fascinate might have had a flash, but it lacked the 16GB of internal storage which is more important than external these days when it comes to DRM with media which is something the Galaxy S series was designed for. In fact, it’s very unfair to say the Vibrant was the weakest because it’s on par hardware wise with At&t’s Captivate. The Vibrant gets an edge because it’s bloatware was actually useful, like: kindle, Telenav (ok not so much), slacker, and a god-damned full length movie preloaded. With the Captivate you get… At&t navigator and At&t mobile hotspot. You perceive the Vibrant to be the weakest because…?

          • http://Website UMA Fan

            Forgot if I mentioned this or not, but WiFi Calling is coming to the Vibrant as well, which gives it even more of an edge over the rest of the Galaxy S phones.

        • Moschops

          Not sure what countries you travel to but my T-Mobile phones have worked without a glitch in several European countries. I’m in the UK right now and get 3G service with Internet on T-Mobile UK, and best of all their Pay-as-you-Go SIMs work in my G2 (and G1 before that) without any unlock code. I’m told this is true for all the T-Mobile and family (Deutsche Telecom) carriers.

          From what I recall all GSM phones support a multitude of frequencies and although some of the US frequencies may not work in some other countries there is almost always at least one, and in general there is no universal frequency range that works everywhere.

          Or maybe I was just incredibly lucky and got the only two phones that T-Mobile USA has that work in Europe? I doubt that very much!

  • http://Website Faryal Mallick

    I want to stay on my even more plus plan.

  • http://Website BC

    Well, that’s one of the main reasons I’m with T-Mobile. If they kick us off Even More Plus, I guess it will be time to look at another solution. I hate that. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for years & other than a few dead spots when I travel (and the lack of Froyo for the Vibrant), I’ve been really happy. Not having to deal with a contract has been great, being the first with an Andriod device, and now the new HSPA+ network (I still can’t call it 4G), I was happier than a pig in the mud. Oh well, we’ll see what they come up with I guess.

    • http://Website UMA Fan

      Wi-Fi calling is going to be coming to your phone, via an OTA according to Kineto Wireless.

      With that, you can use your phone for receiving/making calls/texts when connected to wifi.

  • http://Website Alex

    I have been a T-mobile customer for 8 years, and my family for about 6-7 and we’re currently on a family even more plus plan and they love it. We more than likely won’t go anywhere, but my older brother who wants to leave AT&T for T-mobile because of the 109.99 family 750 talk unlim text and web, might think otherwise.

  • http://Website Ed

    I’ll leave T-Mobile if they drop this plan. This is the only reason im with them.

  • http://Website watbetch

    The sky isn’t falling. You won’t be kicked off of your plans. Get a grip people.

    • Gomez

      They are not on a contract so tmobile is not obligated to keep anybody.the same way customers can leave anytime they feel like, it works both ways.

  • http://Website BrandonG777

    WTF?! I just paid an ETF to switch to an Even More Plus plan because of what I will save with it over time. So I decided to go check it out myself and see what are the options if they tell me I’m screwed now. 3000 minutes + text + unlimited web = $149 ; 1500 minutes + text + unlimited web = $159. Smoke much crack Tmobile?

  • http://Website mike24611

    ATT here i come

  • http://Website Eric

    I used to have T-mobile. I had three lines all on the Even More Plus Plan. About three months ago we canceled one of the “no contract” lines and they tried to charge me $250 to cancel that line. I specifically remember being told when I switched to this plan that I would be able to cancel at anytime. Yeah that was a joke. Now I’m on Big Red and I love it. I get a 26% discount through my company makes my bill cheeper then T-Mobile and no more spotty 3g service.

    • Gomez

      You mean no more SPEEDY 3G. I’m playing but tmobile does lack on providing signal to alt of places but I’ll stock with speed since my area is covered.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Sounds like you got a phone on the installment plan. What did you think? The phone would be free since you canceled your line?

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      Watbetch has is right. I cancelled a line no problem. The trick is not to still owe them for the phone….

  • http://Website rey

    wow nice way to loose a good bit of customers, my family is on even more plus plan and it saves us alot than wat we were paying b4 we’ve been T-Mobile customers for almost 10yrs. i hope current even more plus plan customers are able to keep it bc that would piss my parents off alot, we all have android phones and cant go of limited bandwidth least i cant i use phone alot.

  • soulashell

    If I lose my Even More Plus plan, I will change carrier.

  • http://Website mike

    I did not like paying for 3g and not getting it, no service while inside my house and now this I am very glad I switched to Verizon four months ago and bought the Droid-X very very happy now.

  • http://Website CTown

    I wouldn’t mind that $50 plan actually, if I can figure out how turn off data on my Vibrant (running stock 2.1). I actually didn’t have the option on my G1 to turn off data until I had cm5 or cm6 (I forgot).

  • Jonathan Frederickson

    I was considering a switch to T-Mobile. Now I’m not. Simple as that.

    • http://Website scott g

      Same for me, had the wife bought into the switch, was going to get the s and switch from att… if no more even more plus then no new customer

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    T-Mo’s not going to kick anyone off their plans. They let people with older contracts re-up, even if they are no longer offering that plan and I see no reason they’ll demand all their EMP customers to go back on contract. You’re grandfathered in for as long as you keep your account. Unfortunately, I’ve been luring some people away from other carriers by explaining how awesome the Even More Plus plans are. Now they may not get that great deal. I think, rather than getting rid of these great plans, they should shove them in Verizon’s face the way they’re shoving the myTouch4G in AT&T’s.

  • http://Website JTHC

    I’ll gladly go back on contract if they give me a Nexus S as consolation.

  • http://Website Will s

    I would leave t-mobile with my next phone.

  • http://Website John

    The reason is fraud if they discontinue these plans. Anyone can go in get approved for a EMP plan get a $500 line of credit choose the most expensive phone and never pay a bill just to sell the handset to an authorized dealer or some random joe this happens all the time and its understandable for them to grandfather the EMP rate plans

    • http://Website Jeremy T


      You realize that there’s no subsidy with emp, right? That’s kind of the whole point. You pay full price for phones but with a cheaper plan. There’s no easy for any sort of fraud in the manner you suggest.

  • http://Website Jeremy T

    This plan is the only reason I’m with tmobile. If it goes, so will I.

  • http://Website Jeff T

    I just got off the phone with t-mobile. My contract expired today and I was waiting to switch to the Even More Plus plan. They had no problem switching me over and were very nice about it. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes. So Even More Plus plans are still available at the moment but who knows for how long.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    I just bought my G2 straight out several weeks ago because I planned to use the Even More Plus plan when my current contract runs out and save $20 bucks a month (or $180 from a contract phone in the long run). I’m not one to make idle threats so I can guarantee T-Mobile if they get rid of it I am gone after that runs out.

    It is completely ludicrous business practice that they would force non-contract customers onto a prepaid plan that is really only $10/mo cheaper for one person than my current contract FAMILY plan (@ $85/mo not including extra line cost). Not to mention the (750) Family plan with an Android plan has “Unlimited” web which I’d much rather have over Unlimited talk and text on prepaid with 2Gigs.

    So now, despite completely owning my phone, I’m still practically forced to take a contract based plan just because of the value and family payments, thus paying that extra $20 a month for nothing in particular compared to the Even More Plus! This is basically akin to raising the bill by $20 per month for people who already paid for their phones! Completely bogus T-mobile, just rotten.

  • MatrixPerv

    This might be the reason I finally leave T-Mobile after 4 years. We don’t need no stinkin’ contracts if the service is up to par.

    You reading this T-Mobile? You’re loading the gun to shoot yourself in the foot… ENJOY! :)

  • http://Website Stephen

    I would probably leave T Mobile if they got rid of the no contract plans. This was what keep them a head of the rest, I feel/felt free. They need to wise up.

  • http://Website martin

    dammit. this is the reason ive stuck with tmobile for so long, their prices have been on the cheaper side. their nation wide coverage might not be spectacular, but they were fine in the cities i was in, so i lived with it. now if they get rid of these awesome cheap plans, i may have to rethink which carrier i do the android shuffle on.

    i really hope they aren’t this stupid.

  • http://Website Dan

    Just checked my-tmobile, and I’m still listed as being on the even more plus plan–no change showing in my account.

  • http://Website Melanie Doran

    I have been with t mo since way before they were t mo. I have always shopped price….if they are still cheaper I’ll stay with them.Am moving soon, so will have to see about coverage.But have been loyal, so hope they keep us in mind.

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    I love how everyone is just assuming that EMP is over. No word from Tmobile yet, we have no idea if they are actually cancelling the plans, or this is in fact a glitch, or if people will be grandfathered in…

    You know what they say about assuming…. says this on the subject

    “No official word from T-Mobile indicates these plans are gone. Both customer service and retail store reps are both able to offer them to walk in or calling customers. However, the removal of them from the website and even now at 8:30PM EST the EM+ plans are still unavailable on the T-Mobile website. Amazon Wireless, LetsTalk and Wirefly also don’t have the option for EM+ plans. We aren’t saying and never did say they were completely gone, that was an interpretation based on current information and also from what we have heard might be happening. T-Mobile themselves claim its a website glitch and we have to wonder, why at this hour the website remains unfixed? Fifty percent of the company’s offerings are “unavailable” due to a website glitch. It is within that that our interest peaked and caused the extra portion of this article this morning. We’ll post when we know more and hopefully by morning the plans will be back, but until then, we are just very unsure as to what is going on.”

    this is just a snippet of the article but just keep in mind this is NOT DEFINITE.

  • http://Website KenG
  • http://Website Moschops

    Unlike KenG I was just on T-Mo’s website and don’t see the even-more-plus plans listed anyway. The only way to find them seems to be do a search.

    I personally will be pretty upset about this because I bought a G2 off-contract just over a month ago so that when my second line’s contract expires in July I could switch both to even-more-plus individual plans and save about $20 a month. Right now both phones are continuing on-contract at 700-minute family plan rates cheaper than any on-contract family plan but still more than what the two individual plans would have been. So I guess if they really have removed these plans then I’m forced to continue to renew my contract at no saving and have to eat the extra $300 I just spent. Grrrrr! The only reason I did this was to save money and now I’m spending more money!

    I guess I could just go to these pre-paid monthly plans but at $70 per line with no family option that’s still more than my current on-contract family plan, and basically the same as a 750 minute new family plan. Also the $70 a month pre-paid plan includes unlimited talk time which is far in excess of what I actually use – maybe 400 minutes per month tops – like many people these days I use texting, email and other communications, that’s what a smart phone is for! And their data only plans don’t have any where near enough bytes-per-month for me, I really do need 2GB per month, if not more.

    I makes me laugh when carriers shout about how fast their networks are, and yet you can totally blow your monthly limit in just a few hours if you actually used all that bandwidth, and very easily go over it with much more modest usage (2GB/month is about 5 hours of high-quality Pandora music streaming per day).

    For comparison I’m in the UK right now using T-Mobile UK. I got a free pre-paid SIM that works out of the box with my G2 and for 2.50 GBP ($4) I get 5 days of full network access, up to 40MB per day (about 1.2GB per month). For 10 GBP ($16) I get a month of full network access with 1GB cap-n-throttle and for 20GBP ($32) I get 6 MONTHS of network access, talk about a deal! With that voice minutes are around $0.20 each, but even so still way cheaper than the T-Mobile US rates for either voice or data!

    But I do notice on the T-Mobile pre-paid plan page it says in fine print you can get a “web day-pass” at $1.49 that is also available when you’d already exceeded your current pre-paid plan data-quota. So if I get no data plan then can I just buy 30 of these a month at $44.7 and the cheapest minutes pre-paid plan to renew at will which is say $50 for 400 minutes or 12.5c per minute and will last me a couple of months if I’m frugal, guess what it comes out at $70 a month or equivalent to their $70 a month unlimited text/data plan. Perhaps the only bonus is it really does have no data limits (unless there is fine print). It really does seem like T-Mobile is trying very hard to stop me having a decent amount of data, and few minutes for anything less than $70 a month per line which is $20 more than I’m paying right now and $30 more than was possible before.

    As soon as Google Voice using VoIP comes along I wonder if I can get the 5GB/month web-Connect “no overages” data plan and us that with my existing SIM? Or perhaps even carry a spare pre-paid SIM for emergency voice calls if no sufficiently fast data-signal is available (often the case when roaming or out in the boonies).

  • http://Website Darshak

    I am primarily on t-mobile because of the even more plus no contract plans. If t-mobile removes them, then the only option is to go with the 2 year contract plans, in that case i would probably move to at&t since they have rollover.

    I hope t-mobile do not remove those plans.

  • Marco

    ATT just bougth TMOBILE USA they want to make a deal with us and tide all of tmobile customers on two year contract and eliminate tthe floating population at even more, off course more grab more customers more time more money to att, all about money they are greedy, customer is the less on this… ill prefer to move a cheap boost, simple,cricket etc