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TechCrunch reports Samsung’s “Nexus Two” delayed by “serious hardware issue”

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch confirmed our reports of a “Nexus Two” phone being produced by Google and Samsung, but testers who were dogfooding the device discovered a “serious hardware issue” and this week’s launch has been delayed. No details were provided on what type of issue was causing the hold up, but Samsung has a history of GPS issues with their Galaxy S lineup and this Nexus phone is said to be quite similar.

Their report goes on to suggest that the Samsung never planned to unveil the Nexus phone at their NYC press event on November 8th, but they heard it was initially planned to be released on November 11th along with Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

Despite what TechCrunch says was or was not planned for November 8th, Samsung also had their CTIA press conference (Oct. 7th) cancelled at the last minute so this wouldn’t be the first time they changed their plans. I believe that last time Samsung was waiting on Google to finish Android 2.3, but we all know that has occurred and now it looks like Samsung is responsible for this setback.

When it comes to the exact product name for this new Samsung phone, I have heard quite a few conflicting reports so it’s anyone’s guess as to what will actually happen. I’ve communicated with several testers who referred to the phone as both “Nexus Two” and “Nexus S”, but they could just be repeating what they read on the blogs. For all we know, there could be some dispute between Google and Samsung over what the device will be called and it’s not clear over who gets to make that decision.

I will keep referring to it as a Nexus device because it will be sold unlocked, direct to customers through big-box retail stores and feature a “clean install” of Android 2.3.

We have no idea how long this “hardware issue” will delay the phone, but I recently contacted Google to see if they had any Android-related press events and was told that nothing is currently planned. Either Google is not holding a press event for the release of Android 2.3 this week, or they will hold off and work with Samsung to fix their bugs.

Whatever happens, it’s unfortunate that this highly-anticipated phone has been delayed again, but at least Samsung has increased their quality control efforts which we hope we will result in a problem-free launch.

So it appears unlikely we will see Samsung unveil their secret Google-experience phone tomorrow night, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more details leaked out. We know they are testing the device around the clock so I’m sure a few units will be in-house (or in-jacket).

Right now I still think it is worth taking a pause if you were considering purchasing a new Android phone. We full expect Samsung’s Nexus phone will be the top Android phone this Christmas, until 2011 when the dual-cores start coming out.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • http://Website zhect

    Maybe they read our comments and will upgrade the 1.2 ghz processor to a dual core. A guy can dream cnt he?

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Dreaming is not allowed here sorry.

  • http://Website Adam

    I really hope we are going to see a whole line of Nexus devices in the future. Gingerbread is supposed to have UI improvements so Google really need to encourage manufacturers to stick with stock Android. Like the Nexus One was made to push better hardware, maybe this Samsung phone will push the use on stock Android instead of custom roms.

    • http://Website PhineasJW

      Just a strong hunch, but don’t count on Gingerbread to be a complete UI overhaul.

      The fact that Gingerbread has been apparently downgraded from 3.0 to 2.3, along with Romain Guy saying Gingerbread will not contain GPU UI acceleration, and also considering Google’s addition of Matias Duarte six months ago, suggests the major improvements have been postponed to Honeycomb to allow Matias enough time to overhaul the entire UI.

      • http://Website Adam

        Yep “UI improvements”, not overhaul.

    • http://Website Tony

      Yeah, I hope stock android gets more popular too. And sadly looks like this Samsung delay will indeed delay Google showing us what 2.3 looks like, most likely because one of 2.3′s major new features will be that rumored new video chat feature and that can’t demo video chat with a Nexus one since it doesn’t have a front cam. *sigh*

    • Joel

      Disappointed but not surprised. All I know is, Good things come to those who wait, and a bug-free launch is better than a rushed one.

  • http://Website 2C

    As a T-Mobile customer currently using a Nexus One I’m defiantly waiting for this phone before I even consider upgrading. Stock Android FTW!

    • http://Website Kevin

      Don’t do it. Trust me. Samsung defines ineptitude. Frankly I’ve lost some faith in Google for choosing a company that could not possibly have botched a phone launch more than Samsung did with the Galaxy S line. Especially since the N1 and the HTC relationship produced such a quality device. Damn I miss my N1.

    • http://Website Nathan

      Dude i’m in the same boat. My dad picked up a vibrant for his new phone and i spent 3 hours setting it up for him and fell in love. I was about ready to go buy the vibrant when i read about this phone and now i’m just waiting. Either this or froyo for the vibrant, one way or another i’m going to samsung.

      @Kevin: shut up dude. you’ve probably never even used a samsung phone. The Galaxy S phones are amazing and put the nexus to shame. And some of us really don’t mind the plastic backs.

      And the nexus one had just as many, if not MORE hardware issues, than the Galaxy S phones.

      • http://Website kevin

        Oh how I wish that was true. I currently have a Vibrant through TMobile and a Euro Galaxy S. Gimmie your email and I’ll email a screenshot of the about screens.

        Great hardware, terrible experience from Samsung. Believe what ya like and for Joe user it may be a great phone for you. For guys like me, it’s a travesty.

      • http://Website Kevin

        By the way Nathan, have you read the other posts in this thread? May want to sit on your hands more until you’ve digested more information before you sound foolish. The galaxy S for power users was and is a joke.

        With that said, now that 2.2 has leaked the phone is much more useable. Just 5 months after any other company would have pushed the 2.2 update. Samsung………for those moments in life you want to smash something.

  • http://Website Kevin

    “Samsung has increased their quality control efforts which we hope we will result in a problem-free launch.”

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. As an owner of a Vibrant and a Euro SGS that made me laugh.

    • Nortisan

      That was his point…he’s acknowledging Samsung’s history of messed up devices, and pointing out that it seems they are working harder to ensure a quality device.

      • http://Website Kevin

        Point taken. My point should be pretty clear as well. No?

  • http://Website sansenoy

    Here’s to the next nexus device launching in europe… and still hoping for a HTC logo on top…

  • http://Website mikey

    No upgrade for me either I can wait for my nexus.

  • http://Website Gee

    If Google wasn’t involved Samsung would have probably released it as is.

    • http://Website rahlquist

      Yep considering what a pile of crap the GPS in the Captivate is I have to agree.

  • http://Website Nate

    heres an idea google, go with a manufacturer that is actually good at launching aproduct on time, updating it and has good quality control. *cough* HTC *cough* why fix it if it aint broke?

    • http://Website Virtue

      Give Samsung a chance. It’s not like HTC is perfect either *cough*G2 hinge*cough*. And since Google is behind this, I’m sure it’ll be a spectacular phone.

      • http://Website Shanikwa Johnson

        You sound like you need some cough syrup too. Damn everyone is sick up in herrrr.

      • http://Website geezagame

        I agree, is everyone forgetting the problems with the Nexus dropping 3G? My nexus has been fine here in scotland, think I was one of the lucky ones

    • http://Website AC

      The problem is, HTC has to wait for Dual Core/Higher clocked Snapdragon processors which are not available until next year, they are also still restricted to LCD for the moment

      Many of you think having Samsung is bad choice in terms of build quality, which I also agree, but people need to take into account that Samsung is the only manufacturer with SAMOLED screens and an arguably better processor, the Hummingbird or the new Dual core Orion if that was to ever be announced.

      • http://Website Gee

        The newer Snapdragons are every bit as good as the Hummingbird. 45nm, CPU is generally quicker, and this very site has benchmarked the Adreno 205 GPU to be as fast or faster in real world performance.

        SAMOLED is a toss up. It’s without a doubt a great looking screen indoors but outdoors it’s worse than SLCD and uses more battery power in real world use.

        An HTC built Nexus Two with a SLCD + a higher clocked second generation Snapdragon would have been better.

        • jivemaster

          All benchmarks hummingbird vs snapdragon were pre-froyo for the hummingbird, so the tests didn’t give fair results. Saying that, the hummingbird still beat the snapdragon is the majority of tests, put froyo (or in this case gingerbread) with that and you’ll have a killer piece of hardware.

          And the hummingbird PowerVR SGX540 GPU is the best in the industry, the new adreno 200 and 205 are not even close. The only GPU that betters the PowerVR currently is tegra2, but we haven’t seen a proper piece of hardware with that yet.

    • http://Website Shanikwa Johnson

      You need cough syrup.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      I swear so many of you here are morons! Nexus series phones are updated by GOOGLE! and HTC doesn’t do too well on upgrading either! not to mention their hardware is crap compared to Samsung. If you seriously deny Samsung being a great hardware creator let me just remind you about the Vibrant Super Amoled! oh and they also created the regular Amoled screens that all phones pretty much use now. Their Hummingbird processor is top notch I dare you to find something better. HTC hasn’t made anything better yet oh and now like motorola are starting to try to block the ability to root you know who isn’t? Samsung and LG but this isn’t about LG its about Samsung. Although I hated my Behold 2 it was perfect hardware only issue was the software and with Nexus 2/s they wouldn’t be in control of software only hardware of which is best.

      • http://Website Usman

        Wrong. The only thing Samsung has going for it are their processors and screens. Their build quality is crap. HTC’s unibody aluminum handsets are unsealed in quality.

      • http://Website Usman

        Wrong. The only thing Samsung has going for it are their processors and screens. Their build quality is crap. HTC’s unibody aluminum handsets are unrivaledin quality.

  • http://Website MC

    Any company capable of botching an Android GPS implementation fails to inspire confidence…
    STILL waiting for a dual-core here!

  • http://Website Jared

    I will wait until the G2 gets cracked wide open. NO LONGER!

  • http://Website anthony

    Ya know its sad but true samsung hasnt really gained much confidence from many. I mean people have been burnt multiple times. I say this with honesty ok samsung puts lipstick on a galaxy and calls it nexus 2. I think that’s disrespectful the goal should be to grow. The nexus one can go to the beach without melting lets start there. Samsung better get it right take ur time cause I sure will. I own a nexus1 I’m in no rush you gotta woo me and wisper in my ear before I live on so far all I hear is nervous gossip

  • http://Website Tito!

    Shows to say, Samsung is no worthy manufacturer (:

  • http://Website Snake

    Yall always complaint about samsung , and still get one c’mon

    • http://Website DroidCLH

      I couldn’t really understand the grammar in your sentence, but I’ll respond with my interpretation. No, I won’t be getting one because of Samsung’s constant failures.

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    Knowing Samsung the plastic used in the device probably melted due to the heat of the testers palm

  • http://Website coder

    I rekon the forced obsolescence feature (in the form of a problematic power button, as per the Nexus One) kicked in 9 months too early…Expensive, hot hardware is shit if it doesn’t power on.

  • http://Website Thegreatlewsky

    I could understand about the complaints people are having about software not being up to date with software samsung phones, being an owner of a vibrant, but don’t knock on the hardware the sgs can offer. If by some chance anyone can get over software issues and do some research on all the roms and hardware accelerators offered on xda developers, you would speak a bit differently about samsung phones.

    • http://Website Kevin

      Been there, done that. Bionix, MasterROM and Eugene made most of their MODS more frustrating that stock with major app and design flaws, flaky phones and on and on.

      With 2.2 leaks that’s gotten much better but they now have something to work with. They are still doing their best to botch it up but it is getting better.

      But to your point, until the last few days, XDA for the vibrant offered little peace on this phone.

    • Jo$h

      A Nexus phone would get all the software direct from Google anyway

  • http://Website Bod1ggity

    Surprise! SAMSUNG Sucks… Next time you’ll stick with HTC, which is a way better company that makes much better products and not run into “Serious Hardware Issues” or “Fatal Flaws”. After seeing the Fascinate and other Galaxy S phones it amazes me that Google would pursue this concept with them.

  • http://Website Kye

    Im dissapointed. Was really hoping to see Gingerbread. You know im prob gonna sit back and wait for next gen phones with honeycomb. Thats gonna be too much to take!

  • http://Website thaghost

    with all due respect, im very surprised dat google would choose samsung. the nexus one was unique in everything that it represented, including its look. now its jus gonna be included in the galaxy series. that will not bring it the much needed respect that it deserves. the average customers gonna consider it jus another galaxy phone. smh. but i must say that samsung is reeeally supporting android big time with da galaxy series and the tab. they are doing a great job as did the droid series of promoting android.

  • http://Website Usman

    Welcome to Thursday’s news. You’re really heavily invested in sticking to your original Nov. 8 claim, huh Taylor?

  • http://Website Mike

    I’m starting to doubt this is coming at all. What happens when it is Nov. 11, reports of delayed again? I need to replace my dying 5 year old phone very soon, and what I’ve learned by now is not to get your hopes up when reading RUMORS on the internet. because you will be disappointed to find the specs are false or it keeps getting delayed over and over again. I would love for this phone to come out, and soon too, but the only evidence “we” have of this phones existence is just people talking. Usually with most “leaks” you at least get a picture or something concrete.

    • http://Website yankee503

      Advise: DON’T READ IT THEN

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’m a Nexus One owner and even I haven’t forgotten all the problems people were crying about with it. Screen resolution issues, 3g signal issues, multi-touch hardware issues, screen sensitivity issue, power button issues, headphone Jack issues, etc. Lol now HTC is the better hardware manufacturer? I love my N1 but you have to admit HTC has its own problems as well.

    • http://Website watbetch

      You just scratched the surface there. Dust under the screen, speaker volume/tinnyness.. peeling paint for some. HTC has always had various problems with the phones they’ve put out, HTC’s cheerleaders are just that good. You would think that all of their phones have 2.2 & no problems whatsoever.

  • mattcoz

    Should have stuck with HTC.

  • dezvous

    “Samsung sucks,” seriously? I could find things to complain about with any of the hardware manufacturers out there, but there’s also a lot to like too.

    No one has any patience anymore.

  • http://Website Wolf

    i own a mytouch 3g and im pretty annoyed of the 528mhz, so i’ve been waiting and waiting for a better phone. i was about to get the Galaxy S then read of the G2. was going to get it once it came out, then looked at the G1. >.<
    then heard of the "project emerald" or mytouch 4g, but looking back at my mytouch3g… i don't want more crushed hopes.
    i honestly think the N2 with or without a dual core is a toss up, sure it'll run better/faster, yet the battery life would die faster. i haven't heard much of battery upgrades or improvements.
    the main point i'm waiting for the N2 is stock 2.3 and dual core.
    plus i don't feel like waiting until 2011 for a dual core.

    Samsung/google should release that they're making a phone called Nexus ____ and say it wont be out on market until a dual core is put into it. ORRRRR that they will have a N2 now with the new snap dragon, and will have Nexus S with dual core in 2011.

  • http://Website zymo

    hey guys lets just wait and see what samsung have cocked for us. maybe we really see a bug free device?!
    who knows?

  • http://Website greendroid

    If Nexus S/2 has the Tegra 2 chip like the upcoming LG & Motorola phones then it truly is gonna be one sick device. If the nexus phone has just a tweaked hummingbird processor @ 1.2mhz I dont think thats enough of a compelling reason to buy it even with stock android when Tegra 2 phones capable of running games based on the Unreal Engine are just around the corner. Nexus has to be the benchmark, a slightly updated Galaxy S would be so disappointing

  • http://Website Manuel

    HTC? No, nay, never, no more. HTCs are like china-phones: very low build quality.

  • http://Website mkrmec

    Samsung Galaxy S class hardware + Google’s Software = pWnage!!

    The biggest problem with Samsung Galaxy S phones is the software… since that’s out of the picture.. this phone should kick ass!!

    • http://Website Rovex

      Good hardware, shoddily made. Cheap plastic and badly assembled.

  • http://Website rovex

    Samsung IS the serious hardware issue.

  • http://Website Scott G

    Quality issues? Samsung? I’m shocked!

  • MC

    To people on here talking about having to wait, “until 2011″ for a Tegra2 device: you can’t wait another couple months to get a phone that isn’t obsolete within 30 days of its public release? Take it from THIS early-adopter and “beneficiary” (quotes intended) of an early MotoBlur – I CAN – and WILL – WAIT even longer than two months before I drop $400 to $500 on a replacement for a badly needed new device!

    • http://Website Virtue

      Actually, it was already mentioned that some manufacturers would have Tegra 2 smartphones out before the end of the year. It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the Nexus 2 will have Tegra 2 built in since Nvidia said that Samsung was one of their biggest customers.

  • http://Website Jo$h

    Why are people complaining about Samsung’s software when it’s Google who does all of that on Nexus phones?

    HTC has crappy customer service and the Nexus One had problems too (dropping 3G).

    • Jo$h

      Oh, and not to mention all the other problems the Nexus One has.

  • Brandon Evo 4G

    I don’t get it, whats the deal with Samsung and GPS issues?

  • http://Website joe

    take it samsung to mess things up at the last minute. Just like did with the behold 2 fiasco. Im hoping motorola will pick up the pieces and make a nexus 3 phone next year.

  • http://Website Joel

    From a marketing standpoint, to re-release the Galaxy S (barely a few months old) as as a vanilla handset with a slight hardware boost seems like a strange choice to me (not that large corporations are absolved from making unusual choices), and has made me suspicious of these rumors from the start. Seems like everyone who wanted a Galaxy already has one, and I really don’t think stock Android is enough of a perk to the average buyer to further the sales impact of the Galaxy S that much. Except for geeks like us, of course – and it seems like most of us are in the htc camp.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Sales haven’t stalled, they just passed the 7 million mark right? Up from 5 million at the end of September?

  • http://Website zymo

    why should samsung build a dual core smartphone under google brand, without having updated their galaxy s device? there are rumors of a galaxy s2 i9200 running with a dual core orion, that will be out in spring next year. i think the nexus two or s made by samsung is “just” updated i9000, that means overclocked hummingbird.
    it would make more sense, if there would be a dual core google dev phone which would be on the same level as the motorola olympus aka terminator.

  • http://Website AndroidEyez

    Well let’s hope that this phone is still available for t-mobile and I pray it uses the 4G network I bought the Vibrant a while back thinking it was nice but samsungs UI just sucks to me I’m coming from the Nexus so of course I’m a stock Android UI kind of guy but I believe google will do great numbers with this device. I just purchased the G2 and now have perm root and still I’m willing to shell out $500+ for this super phone, this new Nexus will be the K.O. for apple
    because Google will speed up the pace of newer hardware in devices not allowing people like apple to milk the same old devices with just one or two newer specs. just look at how long it took apple to put a flash and a better camera on there phones once the NEXUS ONE dropped all the competition had to step up there game!!
    In the words of rapper Ludacris “Android’s Coming for the #1 Spot”

  • http://Website Ragflan

    More than anything, I hope this sees the light of day. I passed up on the first Nexus and went with a Desire and then a Galaxy S. Samsung’s hardware is unrivaled thus far. And anyone who says the screen isn’t all that has obviously not seen it. Super AMOLED screens are ridiculously brilliant.

    Yeah build quality is plasticky but the heart of the Galaxy S is solid. TouchWiz coupled with RFS lag issues slowed the phone down but there were fixes. And the GPS was bad.

    With Google backing this, I’m sure the Nexus Two will be just as much of a game changer as the Nexus One. I just really hope this is not a rumour and the phone does get released eventually.

  • http://Website Ragflan

    People can groan all they want about the plastic back cover, but the screen is gorilla glass Super AMOLED. I’d rather have that combo ANY DAY over an LCD screen with an aluminum back.

  • PhineasJW

    So, nothing new on either the Nexus 2 or Gingerbread (rumored to release tomorrow) for a few days now.

    Seems awfully quiet.

  • http://Website ANDEEE

    I hope it’s not the “Serious Hardware Issue” instead “Serious Hardware Standard Upgrade with Dual Core”