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Verizon cancels dual-screen LG enV Pro, will anyone miss it?

The LG enV Pro was rumored to be launching on Verizon this November 11th, but the carrier pulled the plug on this dual-screen phone after it failed to impress their testers. Our friend Kellen from Android Life just posted up some pics of the user’s guide which finally reveal what the unique flip phone looked like. We never received the full specs, but from what we know about the device it appeared to be an entry-level Android 2.1 phone.

So I have to ask, is anyone going to miss the LG enV Pro? Did Verizon make the right decision to cancel this phone before it launched?

Via: Android Life

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  • http://Website jonathan

    Definitely. This was just another garbage LG phone that they throw out, not trying. They should focus on making great phones and not these disposable ones that just hurt all parties involved from Verizon, LG and even Android in the long run.

  • The Phone Nerd

    Hard to say – both Verizon and LG had a pretty good franchise on their entire EnV line, spanning the last few years. Sometimes a device doesn’t need to be groundbreaking to spur more sales – it just has to have the name. Consider the iPhone.

    • http://Website thaghost

      So u think that verizon/lg had a good franchise with da enV line but u dnt consider da iphone groundbreaking? U can’t b serious!! Worst comment ever.

      • http://Website semianon

        I guess you can’t read

        • http://Website thaghost

          he’s either saying the iphone is not groundbreaking or that it sells based off of its name. the former is a completeley foolish statement and the latter is not dat accurate either.

          • http://Website JayMonster

            The iPhone HASN’T been groundbreaking… not since the 1st version. Since then everything has been more evolutionary than revolutionary. And yes, when you have a phone that is wildly popular despite having critical flaws… then it is thriving based on the name.

            At the same time, VZW has gone from the original enV to the enV2, enV3 and enVTouch even though it is not a big seller? I guess they are just gluttens for punishment? Look, we are not the market for phones like the enV or the old Chocolate line, but in reality, tons of people buy these phones. Hell, even the Razr was a best seller long after the tech set had moved on and declared it dead.

            Just because you don’t like it (and don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that would get me to buy a phone like this), doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place or a market.

        • http://Website thaghost

          also, the EnV is not a big name in the industry anymore, i doubt ever, so dat point is baseless as well. semianon u must have an EnV, lol.

          • http://Website beandog

            i don’t think you should be able to argue with someone if you talk that way

          • http://Website thaghost

            we r all entitled to our opinion. i didnt disrespect anyone. i jus thought his comment was baseless. i see phone nerd on here often n i like his comments but this one is wrong.

            @jaymonster, i love android more than anyone but im tired of seeing us discrediting everyone else as if android is da only os thats worth something. their retina display is groundbreaking. how many android phones has been released since da iphone 4 and NONE of em has a better screen, including da galaxy s. all these phones wit high megapixel cameras n none can stand next to da iphone pics. i dont own an iphone so i cant list all da good points but give credit where credit is due.

            NOW, i’ll see yall at da tmo store tomorrow to pick up da mytouch4g.

    • http://Website JayMonster

      I agree. In theory this could have been a good “step up” phone to try and move people that are “texting phone” buyers up to a smartphone with a form factor that they are comfortable with.

      That being said, slapping a $30 data plan on this thing would also probably doom it to the same flame out as the Kin, and the cheaper plan, since it is so stingy would only wind up making people angry when they discover doing even basic tasks wind up taking more than the skimpy 150MB.

      This isn’t (or wasn’t) for people that read this site… it was for much simpler users, and while the phone would have fit them, it probably caused more confusion than it was worth.

  • http://Website Deter

    Even as a strong supporter of LG phones in the past and a huge supporter of VZW because of my experience with the coverage of ATT and Sprint in my area, I was highly disappointed with the Ally and would have been even more disappointed had they gone through with the EnV Pro.

  • deltaslight

    Well, obviously it was not up to par with the rest of the phones that have been coming out recently. Sometimes its best to let go and focus on something better rather than to put out 2 mediocre ones.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    they should have went to tmobile, that where the majority of low end android phones end up.

    • http://Website Drew

      I have Tmo, and I hate to say it.. but I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this resurfaced on my beloved Tmobile in the future. I understand their game plan, I just wish they would also consider the user who doesn’t mind paying more for a phone..

      • krazytrixxxsta

        i’m also a tmo customer. i’m just at that point were it just disappointing and frustrating to see tmo get the crap of the litter. tmo was the first to embrace android, they should also get top notch high end android phones like verizon. if you take a look at verizon you notice their majority of android phones are all high end, while the majority of tmo android phones are mostly low to mid range. why is that tmo in the u.k got the htc desire hd but us here in the states didnt? im so ready to ditch my mytouch 3g for a high end bad ass android beast. since you know their game plan, it would be nice if you can feel me in.

        • http://Website Drew

          The plan is affordability. Tmobile wants affordable plans with affordable phones for the common person. So, the phones are mid to lower range because their bottom line is to be more affordable than the other three. I get it. I just do not think that Tmobile thinks that within their share of the pie there is a market of users who want a high-end device and do not mind the price tag that comes along with that. They should focus on having several choices in every tier, instead of many choices in just the lower.

  • http://Website Charlie

    I was actually looking forward to that phone

  • The Phone Nerd

    I didn’t say that either the EnV or iPhone was good or bad – I just mentioned that much of how they sold as a model was based on name, much more than features, beyond their first introduction.

    For the record, the iPhone was groundbreaking for an OS in 2007, but has coasted since based on name, and timing. There are at least a half dozen cell phones that do the same thing, if not batter, than the iPhone.

    Consider the Razr – it likewise considered groundbreaking upon introduction, but that phone is so old, people are ridiculed for having that phone any more – would you really want one? But people still purchased them, and carriers were laughed at for not carrying it.

    Finally – if you’re looking for a high end phone on T-Mobile, consider the Nexus One and the HTC G2 (they’re likely to be first to get Gingerbread), or even a new WP7 phone – and don’t laugh at the low-end Android phone – all carriers are launching them in time for the holiday season.

    In the meantime, don’t get all upset when someone mentions that the last phone you bought wasn’t ‘groundbreaking’ or a ‘miracle of technology’ – it’s just a cell phone. Give it enough time, and you’ll hate it too. :)

    • http://Website thaghost

      great job phone nerd!!


  • http://Website Dre

    Idk, if implemented right it could have been awesome, but that picture was not what I thought it’d be, I was thinking 1-1.2ghz flip version of the Ally with a 3.7in front screen and 3.2in flip screen. Very disappointing LG.

  • http://Website carlos

    well if this was going to replace the ally then its not bad at all.. i want an android phone for a low price. but from what i was expecting.. this is dissapointed. i waited to get this for nothing. well droid incredible $30 at :D

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What is your budget?

      Verizon has the Droid 2 on contract for $149.99
      They sell pre-owned Droid Incredible for $99.99

      If you want a really low cost phone, you could also switch to T-Mobile. They have the LG Optimus T and Huawei Comet coming out, which you can find for free on new contract or around $200 at full price.

  • http://Website shane13133

    i think it was smart of verizon to let it go the enV series has had is days and they should just discontinue it i mean they have the lg optimis coming out so give that a try you know

  • http://Website Leesa

    I was actually looking forward to that phone coming out. At the risk of humiliating myself here, I am going to admit that I am still desperately hanging onto the first generation LG Voyager (yes, everyone, it still works! Really!). ;-)

    When the EnV Touch came out, I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade. And I really wanted the Droid OS, which the EnV Touch lacks. I heard back in August that LG was going to issue a second EnV Touch with TWO screens and the Droid OS. It would still offer the clamshell keyboard which I love. I think if I had used the slider style before I used the clamshell, I probably would not have cared as much, but I’ve been spoiled with the clamshell for years. I am really disappointed that this phone is not going to happen. I love Verizon’s service and am a huge fan of LG. The Droid OS would have made it a match made in Heaven for me.

  • http://Website nick

    I’m disappointed. I’ve had both the enV 2 and the currently the enV touch and both are great phones. They’re both ridiculously durable. One quibble about them is the fact that they’re only multimedia phones because I absolutely love the flip out screen and key board. The take over of sliders annoys me because I always find their keyboards so flat. I’d argue that the enV touch has probably the most spacious and ergonomically welcoming key board of cells phones currently. But I digress. I’m not a fan boy I just appreciate LG’s lineup. It seems like the Pro would be a great addition to the enV family. Having 2 touch screens, smart phone interface, and a flip out key board would really appeal to me but I guess not to the masses. Oh well. R.I.P. enV Pro.

  • http://Website drasion

    Yea ill mis it all the other android are eather jut touch screen or have a slide keyboard and I hate lide out keyboard and I gess if the don’t make this one ill have to go with the slide out keyboard .I like thease so mush because I used to have the env3 if they can make the stupid lg ally that I plastic and worth a doller they can make this one

  • http://Website Anonymous

    They have the cosmos 2, but not this?!? bs.

  • Keven Comiso

    I refuse.