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Verizon says they have the most advanced 4G in the world [VIDEO]

Even though they will not have 4G handsets till next year, Verizon is ready to begin the big marketing push to promote their 4G LTE network. Last week we saw Verizon’s new in store posters which advertised The Fastest 4G Network in America and now they launched a mini-site to explain the advantages of 4G LTE.

In addition to being the fastest 4G network, Verizon’s site also claims they have The Most Advanced 4G Network in the World. They make a point to differentiate their 4G network as LTE and include a chart to show how they stack up against 4G WiMAX and 4G HSPA+.

Verizon claims their network is the fastest at 5-12 Mbps, followed by WiMAX at 3-6 Mbps, and HSPA+ at 1-7 Mbps.

No details are given on where these speeds came from, but Sprint currently advertises their 4G WiMAX offers speeds of 3-6 Mbps so that matches up. However, T-Mobile claims their current HSPA+ network has a max speed of 21 Mbps and we have seen real world numbers that were in the double digit range and matched the high-end of what Verizon expects to offer.

We already knew Verizon 4G LTE would go live in 38 markets this year and it looks like that will happen in December according to the teaser ad placed on their site. Check out the promo video to see how LTE makes lightning bolts come out of your fingers.

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Galen20K

    I’ve seen wayy higher than 7mbps on my myTouch 4G, I’ve had 11-12 on there easily.

    • http://Website ddd

      what part of the country are you in

  • mac08wrx

    Awesome im happy to see Verizon is willing to play in the 4G wars. Not sure if they are faster than t-mobile but still in the game.

  • http://Website Bill Nye

    Ugh, the best download speed I can pull with my Evo on regular 3G is 0.38 Mbps…Awful speeds, even by regular old 3G standards and there’s still no 4G service in sight for Norfolk, VA. I hope T-Mobile and/or Verizon hurry with the dual core phones so I can put my corp. discount into affect while also getting MUCH better service.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Bold statement. Although it is debatable if they are the most advanced network in America, don’t they have incredibly advanced networks in Japan and South Korea?

  • Ramon

    Well I’m selling my Vibrant and switching to Verizon for the droid 2 global until the LTE phones come out then upgrade. Verizon here I come!

    • Snafu77

      You’re going to switch based on what Verizon is claiming WILL happen while they make statements that are demonstrably false about T-Mo’s speed which is already as fast (or faster) as Verizon’s future planned network?
      You may want to hold off until their dreams materialize. A new contract at that time will still be heavily discountable. Personally, I’m more confident in what Sprint and T-Mo have been doing network wise.

      • Ramon

        Well no..I had plans to switch before the LTE announcement. As for T-Mobile and Sprint, well sprint is not going anywhere fast with their non in building penetration so called 4G plus not to mention the huge battery drain from it. As for t-mobile, they have high speeds, but how many areas can you really get that consistent speed? especially in the same city? and once you leave their metro area it’s just pure EDGE.

        I really wish the best for T-Mobile and enjoy the customer care service alot. It’s just their inconsistent coverage I can’t stand. Until they make it a priority I’ll just see what Verizon offers. Oh and one more thing, Verizon LTE network will be 700mhz which makes it able to penetrate buildings much better than AT&T and T-Mobile combined. Not to mention the fact that they are expanding it over their existing 3G footprint and then some. So you will get more coverage in the same location, batter battery life(from the way it operates) and double the speeds. The only downside is that you have to buy the phone and way for it to expand :( ..

        • http://Website bjhoppy

          “Non in building penetration” is ridiculous. Mine works perfectly fine. I don’t have to be outdoors to use it. You also comment on the battery life. You assume that the Verizon phones will be better based on what? What you read somewhere on the internet? They haven’t released any phones.

          • http://Website jason

            I agree completely that I dont get 4G on spring indoors and its drain on battery life is so bad that I dont even use it!! I am done with Sprint 4G and would cancel immediately if I had the choice. Its not even that fast consistently unless its late at night when I do turn it on briefly.

        • http://Website UniqueNate

          Do you read what your saying? Every advanced network uses more battrey. That’ll never change. They just need to advance in battery life itself. I have pretty good 4G service where I am. Verizon is just starting. T-Mobile has 4g speeds but is not 4G. Still they have more HSPA+ then LTE coverage. Don’t get caught in the hype. They’re calling it more advanced because they claim its faster. Faster doesn’t make you necessarly more advanced. Doesn’t say anywhere in here why they’re more advanced. I’m thinking maybe it can do something we haven’t seen yet. That’s not the case.

  • http://Website Evo2droidx

    Yay verizon will now be a 4G network, are their prices going to quadruple? My two problems with verizon is they don’t care about customers after sale. They don’t attempt customer satisfaction they play the game solely got money. In my experience t mobile has the absolute best customer care sprint the worst verizon on the functionally whatever. If they can offer 4G at reasonable prices it will be fine. I am sure it will be 1.5 x higher cost for 0.5 the service (data) we’ll see

    • Ramon

      I hope not, cause I’m switching over..tired of t-mobile spotty 3G network…eitherway if that turns out to be true then I’ll just switch back to T-Mobile and chill ..

  • http://Website Dennis

    WHO CARES???????

  • orginn

    On my vibrant here in augusta, ga i’ve hit 8mbps,but on average is 6mbps outside and 3mbps inside, so tmo ftw!!!!

  • http://Website simvalue

    They may or may not have the most advanced network in the USA but NEVER EVER in the world.

    here in austria you get 6-11 MBit from hspa+ and 16-30 MBit from lte, even though deploydeployment has just started

  • Prince77

    You know what I don’t really care about all this 4G BS. Reason is, I rather have a bill that is under $100 with talk, text and web instead of paying over $120 for the same stuff. In other words, I am content with the speeds I get on Sprint, and still have my bill under $100.

  • SGB101

    the is just getting childish now.

    i live in the uk so am not in the best position to speak on this matter, but from what ive read/heard, all the providers in the us should stop shouting about fastest and and largest coverage and just quietly sort out the poor signal receptions.

    i dont live in the us, and im not even fooled by them

  • http://xda PAUL

    love the superman/smallville overtones! red and blue outfit… on a farm… too bad tmo is doomsday if thats the case! btw doomsday killed superman for those who didnt have parents cool enough to raise their kids collecting comics cards and toys!!

  • http://Website Jonas

    This is far from the fastest “4G” network in the world. In the December 2009 TeliaSonera introduced their 4G (LTE) network in Sweden/Norway that reach downlink speeds up to 80Mbit/s and uplink 40Mbit/s (at a cost of $77 / month). I have personally measured speeds of 65Mbit/s in Stockholm this summer.

    For those of you that can read Swedish (or use google translate):

    But according to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) non of the current so called 4G networks are even close to their 4G standard.

  • http://Website Kindis

    Most Advanced in the world?? Can’t the mobile phone people keep track of the rest of the world.

    Telia in Sweden have been selling 4G with LTE for about a year and they promise up to 80 Mbit and test have shown that you can get about 30 to 60 Mbit though the netowork. So the most advanced LTE in the world? I think not.

    Mote info about Telia (in Swedish):

    • http://Website Nammy

      Why the heck would a phone need 80mbps, that’s just silly and wasteful.

      My family of 5 shares a 32mbps connection and I can stream music while downloading my games through Stream while someone else in the room is streaming 1080p video.

      I literally can’t see why anything above 50mbps could be needed…. for a household. 80mbps on a PHONE is just stupid.

      • http://Website modern

        Because fast is fun!

      • http://Website cloud36426

        Why would anybody need a Lamborghini that goes 200mph. Because it’s fun as hell. LOL why not have it, if you don’t want it don’t get it.

      • http://Website Kindis

        It’s not just for your phone because how many 4G LTE phones are our there? Almost none that I know of. In Sweden Telia what’s to replace all wired connections with wireless and if you get 80 Mbit (well you don’t get 80 but close to) you may consider that. Myself I’m on an optic fiber and running 100 Mbit downstream and 50 Mbit upstream. Why? Why not? This speed is almost becoming the standard here in Sweden!

  • http://Website DK

    I highly doubt they have the “most advanced 4G network in the world.” Maybe America alone, but the world is just too much.

  • http://Website jim2point0

    Hey Verizon. I get 10-11 Mbps on Wimax. Try again, you lying fucks.

  • http://Website gettothepoint2010

    i played with the Verizon LTE modem the other day, did a speedtest and got 26.54 Mbps. I think they are being conservative with what they are saying

  • http://Website 0012

    FFS… is this website for Americans only?

  • http://Website Mike D

    The reason I am with Verizon still, and why I will stick with them is the overall quality and amount of 3G coverage. When traveling a lot you really see how nice it is to not have to deal with the practically unusable 1x/2G speeds.

    The fact they are pledging to have the entire current 3G footprint with LTE by 2013 is pretty awesome. Got nothing against the other carriers, and I actually envy t-mobiles phone lineup, but for me it comes down to coverage. I would spend about the same on any carrier ($40/mo for the cheapest voice plan + $30/mo for unlimited data) so there is no financial motivation to switch.

  • MC

    Verizon’s WRONG as I, personally, have the, “Fastest 4G Network in America!” THAT’s RIGHT! AND you can’t prove me wrong either as, like Verizon, I have NO devices available to prove my claims, nor do I anticipate having any, “4G-capable” (quotes intended) items available in the near-term!

    BUT, I can claim anything I want anyway…just like Verizon!

    I also have developed the Chevy Volt and promise when it becomes available, it’ll be awesome…

  • http://Website joe

    for Really Ho and how the my touch 4G reached 7-11 on t-mobile did not happing to me I travel 5 time per week and in each state I tried I don’t get more then 1.3 mbps on my touch 4G and I am lucky if and sad enough for me my boss has he’s HTC Evo from sprint and this asswhole boss of mine get more then 8 mbps and yet he pay less then me in contract he said put your toy away and take the real thing he’s Evo come on t-mobile you did me wrong.

  • http://Website Josh

    LTE is no doubt superior to WiMax and HSPA+ I don’t really see what the dispute is about the whole thing. HSPA+ puts up a good fight but once the networks are deployed Verizon’s will be the largest by far. If not because they have more infrastructure to put the LTE equipment then because they are the only carrier that was able to lease the ENTIRE 700mhz spectrum across the U.S.
    Nobody else got rights like that so nobody else will ever has as good of a network. AT&T has LTE planned and so does Sprint… its the wave of the future, its what the other carriers want to eventually have themselves.
    Just because HSPA+ can get up in the 10+ mbps range doesn’t mean it’s better than LTE.
    What about the latency? LTE is real time at ~30ms not ~100ms like HSPA+ and that alone makes it superior, just wait and see!
    O and…
    VZ is the same price as AT&T exactly, minus the 2GB limit on data plans.
    T-Mobile is usually 10-30 cheaper /month than VZ and AT&T (less coverage)
    Sprint is cheaper too but they just had a price increase on all data plans (rumor is they’re going broke)