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Verizon unleashes VCAST Apps with DROID Incredible update

Reports are coming in that Verizon has started rolling out their latest OTA update for the HTC  DROID Incredible.  Verizon has packed the update with a few bug fixes and their new VCAST Apps store.  The 17.7 MB file should take less than 15 minutes to download and install.  If you’re not entirely sure what to do once the update notification appears on your phone, check out Verizon’s installation guide.

Like most other OTA releases, Verizon will be gradually rolling out the update to the DROID Incredible over a 10-15 day timeframe.

When you do happen to get the update, be sure to check back in and let us know your impressions on the new VCAST Apps.  We’re not huge advocates of market fragmentation, but if Verizon can deliver a better experience than Google, it might force the Android team to rethink their Android Market implementation.

Via: HTC Source

Source: Android Central

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  • http://Website Frank

    The app store is horrendous. Its slow as hell, the “exclusives” are nonsense and 99% of the apps can be had in the Android market. Only upside is carrier billing.

    • Nick Gray

      While carrier billing is nice, why couldn’t Verizon simply integrate it into the Android Market like T-Mobile has. I’m sure developers love the idea of having to submit their apps to yet another third party app market and set up payment systems with Verizon.

  • http://Website Mark

    This is why I like T-Mobile. They will never pull a stunt like this to shadow or outshine the very OS that bolstered their sales beyond imagination. Shame on you Verizon. Thank God, the apps will speak for themselves anyway. Now, excuse me while I go to the bathroom and puke.

    • http://Website Gee

      Wait until Verizon starts flashing a wad of cash to top end developers and lock in popular apps as VCAST exclusives.

      • Nick Gray

        Let’s hope this is not the case. Verizon could do that, but i find it hard to believe that many developers would be willing to segregate themselves from the general Android Market for a few extra bucks.

  • http://Website Junque

    I got the update this morning. I ran it, but ran an errand while it was updating. I am rooted, but there does not appear to be any change at all. I don’t see any additional apps.

    Does anyone know how to validate that the update was applied? If I go to Settings | About Phone | System updates, it says “Your system is currently up to date”

    • http://Website Frank

      I think you need factory recovery for the ota to stick. There is a rooted version of it on xda.

    • http://Website Nick

      Same thing here. But from what I am seeing I dont think I want the vcast update anyway. I was a bit hesitant but figured if I was uprooted I would just flash back seeing I did a backup just the day before.

    • http://Website quiquito

      If you are rooted, Hboot = 0.92 w/ S-OFF, Recovery = CWM and accept the OTA; it simply wont install and you will be left with your current software no 3.21.605.1. If you want to update to the latest OTA containing VCAST (software no 3.26.605.1) you can follow the instructions on this site (

      I did all the steps and they work. Just remember to wait for the phone to complete several reboot cycles during step # 10 (just be patient).

      Now I have the lattest update stock rom ver 3.26.605.1 with Root, S-OFF, SuperUser, and CWM Recovery. Sweet!


  • http://Website Adam

    Its pointless, its slow and unpopulated.

  • http://Website Tim

    Well it removed the HTC PDF Viewer which really ticks me off, it was one of the features that led me to pick this phone. I have a ton of DRM-free reference books that I use daily, and the Adobe Reader is junk on the Droid.

  • http://Website Tommy Subway

    I’m rooted and I will not be applying this update. We’ll see how I feel about Gingerbread when it comes out, but if they don’t add some awesome features, I will stick with my rooted froyo and get future versions of Android when I get the Incredible HD.

  • http://Website Jimmy

    looking for the latest update and came across this website and started reading the comments what does rooted meen

  • http://[email protected] Karl Olson


  • http://Website Alan Kay

    I could not download any apps from App Store. I had to or was forced to download or update VCast. But VCast refuses to update. I am signed in on Verizon VCast (I was forced to have an account) and I know you can not download or update VCast over WIFI so I am on OTA-Over the Air or 3g/4g.

    Still wont update.

    Verizon will force more dumb apps to be loaded on my phone.

    eventually, they will buy the most popular apps and you will pay per month for all the apps you use.

    Wow, $100 per month per phone is not enough for them?

    Free the phone up! Make people happy. You are making them mad. Blockbuster app? Golf App? Really. Who wants that?

  • Raymond

    Just got the new update to 2.3.4 and I have lost some of my apps. About 25 of them actually. Some had items I use at work and I am afraid I have lost my info. What can I do? Has anyone else had this problem?