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Watch the new T-Mobile go on the offensive against AT&T [VIDEO]

Are you ready to see the new T-Mobile take off the gloves and go after the big boys? Our friends at TmoNews are reporting that T-Mobile will finally reveal that aggressive marketing campaign we have been hearing about on the eve of launching their first 4G phone, the myTouch 4G.

If you want to catch the new ads make sure you tune in tonight and watch NCIS LA, Dancing with the Stars, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

We don’t know why AT&T is the target or exactly what T-Mobile will say, but it is clear they are ready to start advertising T-Mobile as offering America’s largest 4G network. AT&T has long boasted America’s fastest 3G network so maybe the war of words will focus around download speeds.

How do you think T-Mobile should advertise their new HSPA+ network which offers speeds up to 21 Mbps?

Update: Video is now live on YouTube. “T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G does things an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network can’t. For starters, you can video chat right away no Wi-Fi required. Watch and see what the myTouch 4G can do on T-Mobile, America’s largest 4G network.

Thank you Tre for the video!

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Get up to 21 mbps speeds, a kabillion times faster than AT&T’s 3G network, on T-Mobile, the nations largest 4G network.

  • http://Website ohyah

    oh man im so ready i dont even like dancing with the stars but im staying tuned!

  • Allen S.

    Wouldn’t the G2 be their first 4G phone?

    • Killa

      Yes, but the myTouch 4G is T-Mobile’s flagship phone.

  • http://Website JOHN

    (A guy wearing ATT gear on a phone) >Can you hear me now?
    >Can you hear me now?
    >Have you received my email now?
    >Can you view my website now?

  • http://Website Mark


  • Killa

    Oh, man! I hope I can find a way to view this later cause I want to see T-Mobile finally burn AT&T, but I have class tonight. :(

  • http://Website mauricio

    Daannggg they just dogged AT&T.
    Way to go T-Mo!

  • http://Website Richard

    I applaud T-mobile the 4th carrier in the US but lets be serious they are the 4th carrier for a valid reason..First off there SO CALLED 4G is really 3G NOT 4G and the only carrier with LEGITIMATE 4G COVERAGE IS SPRINT THE NUMBER 3 CARRIER IN THE UNITED STATES…THE FLAGSHIP DEVICE ON SPRINT IS THE HTC EVO 4G….THEN THE SAMSUNG EPIC 4G both of these devices can blow away the g2 and mytouch 4g on t-mobile anyday of the week…I would love to see phonedog, poctketnow, or cnet do a dog fight with these devices…SPRINT IS THE BEST NETWORK AND THE HTC EVO 4G IS THE BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET AS OF TODAY 11-2-2010…

    • http://Website Android
    • Gomez

      that’s a video I made about a week ago comparing t mobiles speed against every other top of the line phones.
      Nexus One: Tmobile
      Iphone4: Att
      DroidX: Verizon
      Epic “4G”: Sprint

      In Chicago where I have NO HSPA+ Tmobile still wins. Thanks guys

    • Joel

      O_o……ok…how much? how much is Sprint paying you to post here?

    • http://Website sean

      if you did your research correctly, you would realize that no one has a legitimate 4g network yet. sprint pulled the same stunt calling really fast 3g networks a 4g network. im not going to side with either, but sprint is quite over priced. on a side not, this is a bout between tmobile and att. you brining up sprint is unrelated and pointless.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Whatever, but their signal inside buildings is the most ridiculous and worst,so Tmo stop showing off your 4G network.
    How many people can enjoy at least Tmo 3G?,much less 4G.

  • http://Website Richard


    • http://Website John

      Sprint buy t-mobile out? You really need to start doing your homework before you open your mouth and make yourself look stupid…

      • http://Website mike

        T-Mobile was going to buy sprint out not vice versa

      • Donald

        Too late Richard has already looked stupid.

        3G, 4G, 5G i dont care what its called its a new phone and its faster then Sprint, ATT and Verizon in some locations.

    • Noice

      I’ve got no pony in this race, but honestly I’m not convinced you understand the meaning of the word “best”. Good day to you, Mr. Sprint Plant.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Whoa…what’s the name of that girl in the commercial? She’s fine ass hell.

    • http://Website Daniel

      C’mon, Taylor! I know you know her name. You must have the credits for the video.

  • http://Website Joe

    Only time will tell if t mobile can prove to its customers and criticts wrong

  • firefrost

    Boom. Headshot. Go T-Mo!

  • http://Website depsas98

    is anyone moderating this site? please find a way to boot the kids. they devalue your site and make me not want to return :-!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The readers normally do a pretty good job of moderating the kids (hence the down-votes). I went back and banned the kid in question though.

      • SGB101

        i think letting the vote systen do its job is better in the long run, as you can post on this site with out being a member, all your going to do is agrevate the ‘ban’ee’ and make then troll more.

        personally i think you could stop the non members from posting now as your usership, i imagine, has reach a self sustaining level.

  • http://Website semajhan

    [email protected]
    No carrier has a legitimate 4G network.
    Did any of you graduate high school or even learn anything from middle school cause im sick of seeing the word “there” instead of what should be used “their”.
    BTW, G2 blows the EVO.
    Had both, sold them both cause i still prefer my N1.
    Now when I first moved to sprint, after buying my EVO, they charged me $140 + for the first month.
    Used my phone for a good 30 days and returned it for two reasons, it’s a shtty phone (at the time, 30FPS anyone?) and sprints ridiculous charge.
    Got a nexus and my first bill was $80.
    Only thing I could agree on is that sprints coverage is 99% of the time better in my area.

    • http://Website Gee

      …I pay $69.99 ($59.99 EPRP + $10 4G) for unlimited mobile to mobile, 500 minutes for land lines, unlimited texting, and of course 4G which I get steady 6-10 Mbps in NYC. Sprint is the best at value. I pretty much have unlimited calling and 4G data for 70 bucks, meanwhile T-MO throttles after 5GB and you don’t get unlimited mobile to mobile like Sprint. Sprint is hands down the better value.

      I’m about to switch to a regular ED plan ($69.99 +$10) but add on a 25% corporate discount which came with my recent job move. Brings my bill down to nearly $60.

      Anyway, this ad is bunk. I have a friend with a iPhone 4 and it pulls 3-4 Mbps in NYC. AT&T has HSPA in some areas… On top of that, aren’t they using the same Yahoo 3G video chat app that the iPhone has had for almost a month now? What a joke.

  • http://Website Usman

    As a long time T-mobile customer, T-mo should actually proliferate their highspeed network before tooting their own horns. I’m in Toledo and have never gotten over 900mbps down. Ever.

    • http://Website Disneydad

      lol. 900mbps is truly 4G. I think you meant 900kbps. I think anyone would be ecstatic to get 900mbps on their computer let alone their phone.

  • http://Website ivan

    Been with tmo for ages, switched to sprint when evo came out and then returned it due to crappy 4g. Anyways, i now work at sprint and obviously am getting free service with them, so i’ve gotten the epic, couldn’t be happier with the phone, way bettr than the vibrant and other stuff i’ve had.

    Anyways, on topic. Its all subjective. Here at my house, tmobile blows sprint out of the water. Nearly 3mbps down and 300 up, versus sprint 400 down an 700 up. We have 4g rolling out here in november, they are actually testing it in some areas already, one spot is 500ft away from me. When i manage to connect, i get 7mbps down…

    Overall in colorado, id take sprint even for their network. Even when slower, it is way more consistent with less issues. Aside from aurora, the data speeds are better and seeing 4g network in action, it really does have alot of potential.

    Hats off to tmobile, they are finally advertising properly. Its all about marketing and they are finally doing it right. We have kids come3 in saying how much better the droid is than the epic, not realzing that both are essentially identical with epic having the better screen. Advertising goes a long way in this market, even if you have an inferior network, you have to hit the opponent hard.

  • Joel

    *sigh, T-Mo has finally pulled out the big guns, I work for a call center where the customer service departments for both T-Mobile and At&t are….Its only a matter of time b4 the police blockadethe building lol.

    ps. This is my first post on (first of many anyway lol)

    • http://Website Eric

      So, where in India do you work? j/k

      • Joel

        LOL! So you know about the India branch eh?
        lol nah its actually a center in south Florida – Tmobile is on the first floor and At&t on the second,
        you can tell Tmo has award winning service cuz the reps always walk around with smiles on..and alot of the at&t people have started smoking to help lower the stress…..shame lol.

  • http://Website King John III

    Well at&t seems to be on everybodies $hit list and maybe this will actyually make them step there game up

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  • Uncemister

    the Iphone4 just sweatdropped :3