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White HTC EVO 4G now available from Sprint and authorized retail partners

For those of you holding out on getting the white HTC EVO 4G but simply couldn’t bear the thought of going to your nearest Best Buy, we have some great news.  Over the weekend, the white HTC EVO 4G has been made available at all Sprint stores, online, and at authorized retail partners.  The price for the white EVO is still set at $199.99 after the $100 mail-in rebate and two year contract.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have actually purchase the white EVO 4G over its black counterpart?  I’ve spotted a few in the wild, but the number of sightings appears to vastly favor the black model.  Would any of you have chosen the white model if the front of the handset was white as well?

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website danish dynmite

    The white iphone looks nicer, when is it available? The EVO is a fat phone.

    • http://Website mikevo

      What white iPhone? The 3Gs? I’m sure u can find em on eBay. Bty is never trade in my black supersonic for the white one.

  • http://Website Richard

    The HTC EVO 4G is simply a better device than any iPhone will ever be…True HTC EVO OWNERS know exactly what I am talking about…Guess Apple will continue on with there boring models and restrictions….its sad how brain washed all the iPhone owners are…Want a real SMARTPHONE GET THE HTC EVO 4G IT’S EVERYTHING THE IPHONE 4 ISN’T AND IT’S ON THE BEST CARRIER SPRINT

    • http://Website Joe

      Yeah too bad Sprint is on that Clear 4G garbage…Clear is the worst internet service I’ve ever tried….get the G2 with HSPA+…now that’s real 4G…

      • http://Website UMA Fan

        Additionally, at this point in time anyway, Having a separate radio on your device for 4G KILLS your battery. Which is WiMax and LTE. It’s like leaving your GPS radio or bluetooth on at all times, everyone knows what that does to battery performance. Currently, HSPA+ is the most power efficient 4G.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This look is really nice in person. Still wish they would of made it all white. I don’t know why they always have this half and half look. Nobody pays attention to the back of the phone. From the front it’ll look like a all black Evo. Then what if somebody puts a case on it? Defeats the purpose of the look.

  • http://Website Mike

    With a front white face, It be kind of cool with a black protective case. .. Dual tone. I would get it if i didn’t already have one.

  • http://Website j

    The problem with the white EVO is that the back is hard plastic and not soft-touch plastic like the back of the black EVO.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    I think Chris Chavez did a video once that had a white EVO in it. He also switched the white battery cover for the black one on the white EVO and it looked really cool.

  • http://Website Alx

    I got the Evo on launch but my wife waited for the white one and got it first day it came out at BestBuy. It looks great, but we wish the front of the phone was white too. It’s a shame to have a case over it.

    • http://Website Askani


  • http://Website askani

    Or you could always buy a vinyl skin and call it a day. Looks nicer in gloss white.

  • http://Website LuD

    Just got my white Evo today. Still have a black one also.

    The white Evo feels much more exotic. Which I like… I wouldn’t go back to a black one. =)

  • http://Website moogleomg

    what’s wrong with going to your nearest best buy? umm no mail in rebates…. last time i checked this was awesome…

  • http://Website Rob

    First, and personally, I think the two-tone white evo is nice. Secondly, never EVER go to bestbuy or radioshack to get the phone. Why?

    1. Yes they do offer the “mail-in rebate” instantly (unlike the sprint stores).

    2. The sprint stores WILL offer you no activation fees (unlike the previously mentioned stores), offer a free gadget (e.g. car chargers, etc.) and no restocking fee if you don’t like the phone.

    You’ll live waiting for the $100 check. You will regret paying the $30 + for the activation fees and $15 + for the absolutely necessary car charger.

  • http://Website brittney

    I have the white EVO and love it. I have heard rumors that its different and has more problems than a black one. Not true. I’m very happy with my phone and I believe these WHITE EVO phones are hard to get because they are a limited edition. They don’t make very many of them.

  • carlosz

    este telefono esta chingo es una de los mejores que e tenido