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Yes, the Samsung Nexus phone is still real and coming soon

The above image is a fake, but stories about Samsung’s Nexus phone are real.

As the site that first reported on the upcoming Samsung Google-experience phone, I have been asked to respond to this morning’s news that stories about the “Nexus Two” are simply not true.

The denial of the “Nexus Two” comes from the Korean site Danawa. It is entirely in Korean, so everyone is relying on rough translations of what was written. Here are two translations of the paragraph that sites are using as their source that the “Nexus Two” is fake.

Google translation: “Samsung Electronics, “is simply not true,” put out a position, but in the meantime, Google and Samsung is the industry Galaxy S, Galaxy boyeoon work closely enough at the tab with the possibility to launch Google phone is reported to be greater.”

Yahoo Babel Fish translation: “Samsung Electronics “entirely is not the fact and ” during that time the Google phone [chwul_si_hal] also the possibility is big together the cooperation relationship whose Google and Samsung are close from galaxy S and galaxy tap etc. seems from the industry which puts out the position which is as thinks.”

As you can see, both translations are pretty rough and neither is a flat out denial of the Google-experience phone. In fact the Google translation says the possibility of a second Google phone is reported to be greater. For all we know, the unnamed Samsung source could be disputing the “Nexus Two” name which we have already said is not the actual product name for Samsung’s Nexus phone.

The entire story just feels a little weird because companies normally do not respond to rumor and speculation surrounding products that have not been officially announced. Do you actually think Samsung would confirm their secret phone right before they announce it? This almost reminds me of how a Sony representative said the PlayStation Phone pics were fake and later had to retract their statement.

However you want to spin it, Samsung is working on a Google-experience phone and it will be part of the Nexus family. I wouldn’t be reporting on this story unless I had a good sense that we were bringing you fact, and not fiction.

I think the real story here is that Google is reviving their Nexus brand. Just because they decided to work with Samsung on the next phone, that does not rule out the possibility that HTC or Motorola could also produce another Nexus branded device in the future. So in theory, you might actually be able to purchase a real product named the “Nexus Two” that was made by HTC.

In closing, Samsung’s product will not be called the “Nexus Two”, but it will be part of the Nexus family and be sold unlocked, direct to consumers.

p.s. If someone out there speaks Korean, feel free to offer up a better translation.

Via: BGR

Source: Danawa

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  • ViktorPrime

    maybe they will call it the “Galaxy G” lol

    • http://Website CTown

      I think Nexus S (if it is just another Galaxy S phone) would be better!

      • http://Website ACR

        Skip Nexus S and go straight to Nexus S2.

  • Shaun O

    Looks like we’ll find out in the VERY near future. If an unlocked Google Phone is set to come out, what better time than the holiday season to start the sales? Thanks for the update.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I don’t think it helped the sales last year to launch the Nexus One on January 5th. We normally see around a 10% drop in smartphone sales in Q1 after lots of people of got new devices for Christmas.

      • http://Website Westy

        I agree, also didnt help that the Droid had recently released on Americas largest carrier.

        • Tebbe

          I don’t think it helped that the Nexus One was almost immediately rumored to be launching on the other 3 US networks. There isn’t much motivation to jump to T-Mobile if the carrier of your choice is going to get the same phone in a few months. Of course, the rumor was false for Verizon and Sprint, and AT&T didn’t launch as a subsidized phone.

  • http://Website Droid

    So you think there will be a nexus two soon besides the Samsung phone?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Not soon, but I don’t see any reason why it could not happen if Google is bringing back the Nexus brand.

      • Gomez

        I think now with all the hype of a nexus two, google would be dumb to let it die. Bring in the nexus 2!

        • http://Website angermeans

          If these rumors involved HTC making this phone then I would say yes that they should name it the Nexus 2, but where it is Samsung I really doubt it. Well let’s just say I really hope they don’t waste the Nexus Two on a phone made by Samsung. They really let me down with the Galaxy S phones. I guess if it runs Vanilla Gingerbread I may have another opinion, but I just can’t see how Samsung can release 5 different Gal S phones at different times and all 5 have major GPS problems. The internal memory is actually a slow SD card. They use a horrible and buggy I/O system, and that is not even mentioning a slow and laggy TouchWiz, and I almost forgot that they have yet to release even a time table for Froyo and now they are rumored to be doing a Google phone. How can anyone trust that the Gal S phones won’t be left in the dust like they notoriosly did with some of their other phones just a few months ago. I am sorry I tried to love the Gal S phones (I had the Captivate) and even replaced my Nexus One (still the best phone ever made, in my opinion) with that lousy phone only to sell it a month later in favor of Verizon and the Droid Incredible. I will be staying with HTC I can’t stand all these buggy skins that companies like Motorola and Samsung are hurrying to market and then quickly abandoning in favor of a new device a few short months later.

  • http://Website Andrew53517

    Anyone know if HTC is making a nexus two phone? Possibly for verizons 4g network?

    • http://Website angermeans

      I sure hope so cause that would be the best news ever. HTC hardware with game changing specs and Vanilla Gingerbread would be the best thing to ever happen to Verizon (and me as their customer). Come HTC and Google make this happen there is a market many (and I mean many) loved the Nexus One and we are only now beginning to part with it in favor of higher specs. They wouldn’t even have to have it be sold unlocked (although I would favor that and pay close to whatever they wanted for it within reason of course). Verizon LTE would make this phone scream especially if they had a dual core scorpion snapdragon processor and 1gb RAM.

  • http://Website asdf

    why don’t you guys find a korean to translate the quote instead of relying on websites that fail to give an exact translation?

    • http://Website Mark

      I’d much rather use a website. Of course, it won’t give an EXACT translation but you’ll get an idea. The person may tell you lies.

    • http://Website Astranger

      It translates “not true at all” or “absolutely not true”

      I don’t see anything new on that site except for that quote. They are referring to what gizmodo had a few days ago.

  • http://Website Westy

    Man I just want to know already. Lol I have a Nexus one was scared that i would have to buy a phone with the stupid custom skins these manufactures put on them. I only want to by Stock Android phones period.

  • http://Website JevyJav

    So Mr. Wimberly my only question is will this nexus s phone (or whatever google and samsung decide to call it) will it – does it- have an led flash for the back camera???? Do tell.

  • http://Website Edge

    Talk about determination with this rumor…

  • http://Website craigers

    Okay so HTC could make another Nexus in the future, call me then because I’m not touching a piece of crap Samsung ever. Period. Until then… MyTouch 4G in two days ftw!

  • http://Website mikey

    Boy Taylor you are putting it all on the line. I hope your right as I want a stock android experience.

  • http://Website tera

    of course google will update their google experience phone …. automatically after the hardware can’t support the “software/firmware/android future version” … we just cant use nexus one till forever …. and of course … next google phone experience is next dev phone … qualcomm snapdragon in N1 is outdated already … its a fact that google will update their phone with better spec … for future android update use …

  • http://Website Restart Now/Restart Later

    Here’s what I say:

    This phone won’t be called the Nexus anything. The name is irrelevant.
    Google is not reviving it’s phone retail business (at this event anyways). Don’t forget one of the main reasons why the N1 was launched, and which group ended up buying most of the devices – developers.
    The only development platform right now is the Nexus One, which is getting dated.
    HTC is probably done producing anymore N1s (translation it don’t make me money, i don’t wanna make it anymore)
    In addition, Google as being ‘open’ as they are, why force users to only 1 development platform. Let’s make another right? Well…should we go back to HTC? In the spirit of openness, lets mix it up and offer another device (albeit similar spec) made by a different manufacturer. Let the market decide, and let the developers drive since it is all about the apps if you want to kill IOS.
    This article is really reaching a bit… needs to get some bloggers with new stories. I’m tired of refreshing this site every hour to see if the “N2″ is fact or fiction.

    • http://Website angermeans

      Why would you want Android to “kill” any OS including iOS? Not to mention the fact that Android will never kill iOS as there are way to many Apple fans that won’t buy anything made by any other company. The more OS platforms that succeed the more innovation we see and we all win. I just don’t see why Android fans want to see iOS be killed off it makes no sense. Who cares if iOS is good, bad, yellow, or ugly we have the best OS and it shows in the growth this last year. Stop wishing for the death of the others and start wishing for better phones all around. I am pretty sure Google and their partners are thinking this same way as they know that iOS and others will always be around the key is making a better product.

  • NPHHaru

    Korean Co-worker (with plenty of first-hand experience with Samsung ) :

    ‘They are flat-out denying it. But they _always_ do that. And will until it’s announced, just like anyone else. Samsung feels they are ‘above’ having somebody else’s brand up first on their devices – so I feel it is actually unlikely, or atleast odd they’d do a google-branded phone. They have ‘Bada’ too, and want to grow their own OS and Brand foremost.’

    Take that as you will.

    • http://Website Restart Now/Rester Later

      The only way Bada and Android were in the same sentence would be if that sentence was, “Bada is nothing like Android.”

  • http://Website Sonogong

    Translation :
    “Samsung Electronics has given the position of ‘it is not true at all’, however, according to the industry, just by looking at how closely Google and Samsung has built a close relationship from Galaxy S, the chances of putting out a Google phone is great.”

    It sounds like even Danawa is not certain about what Samsung has said.

  • http://Website tiger4j

    I9010 – anyone?
    I400= continuum.
    I believe Their pad was released as google experience ie no overlay, stock android although not branded as such. Last I heard was people saying that i9010 was continuum, but that is not so. What ever this is they saw it fit to increase the product number. What about the orion being released to a small number by the end of the year. Android and me? Anyone? just looking for answers. I have a captivate and am more than impressed with the hardware. Wouldnt trade it for anything out at the moment, well maybe an epic for the keyboard. Software on the other hand, stock android would be ideal.

  • http://Website Raveesh

    Taylor, what kind of timeframe would you put on the Samsung Nexus? I need to buy a phone by the last week of November latest, and was in fact about to order myself a Desire HD the day you reported it could come out on 11th itself.

    I’d love a secondary camera, and who wouldn’t want to get onto Gingerbread asap

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I still believe you will see something in stores this month.

      • http://Website gad

        I love your optimism

  • http://Website Jonathan from Los Angeles

    Taylor, do you know if the T-Mobile USA “Nexus 2″ version will be a HSPA+ phone?

  • http://Website korean reader

    Here’s a translation of the whole article from danawa:

    A rumor that Samsung and Google has joined in creating the second Google phone “Nexus Two” is spreading across the online IT community.

    Despite Samsung’s statement that it is “Not true at all,” those in the industry speculate that a joint Google phone is possible as Google and Samsung have shown a close relationship in producing the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab.

    “Gizmodo,” who first posted the leaked iPhone4 photo, has posted on the 28th that an anonymous tipster has claimed to have had hands on with the Nexus Two and some description and a speculative image of the phone has been posted.

    According to this, the Nexus Two will be based on the Galaxy S with a 4 inch AMOLED screen and Android 2.3, Gingerbread.

    Also there is a front facing camera and is of black shiny plastic material. Gizmodo has reported that the curvature in the back makes the device feel thinner than the Galaxy S.

    Prior to this, a popular Android website, “Android and Me” has posted that the Nexus Two will be made by Samsung and distributed through England’s Carphone Warehouse 8th of next month. They have not mentioned any specifics on the phone but reported that it will be running Android 2.3.

    England’s free daily, “City AM” has also reported that the Nexus Two will be distributed through Carphone Warehouse. However, they report that the device is not made by Samsung.

    On the other hand, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC which manufactured the Nexus One has made a meaningful statement.

    Chou, at a press conference earlier this month in Taiwan, answered to a question asking of plans for a Nexus Two, “We cannot do everything since we are a small company. But Samsung is a big company” hinting that Samsung is working on a related project.

    Google has released the first Google phone Nexus One in January. They sought to changed the wireless market by selling exclusively through Google’s online store but the result was underwhelming. They have since moved onto distributing the Nexus One through carriers. As such, KT has brought the device into Korea and have been distributing it since last July.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thank you for the translation. I wonder where Dawana got the statement from Samsung that said “not true at all”.

  • http://Website Steven

    They should call it the Samsung Suck because it runs Android…. Apple rules. Period.

  • http://Website Pedro M Rodriguez

    I love the title of this post, lol.

  • alex aesthetics

    omg no, they have proven themselves time & time again to be a horrible phone manufacturer that doesn’t care about their consumers…

    say it isn’t so…

  • jjl84

    I’m just wondering has Google said anything about the Samsung Nexus phone being real? As I recall with the Nexus 1, Google was the one who released all of the information about the N1. So far all of this speculation, I repeat, speculation, has been information unrelated to any Google insiders.

    • http://Website Nathan

      Google didn’t comfirm anything until the actual day that eclair and the nexus one were shown off.

      This time is gonna be the same thing, were not going to hear anything until the gingerbread press event and then we’ll see whatever this samsung device is.

  • http://Website counsel

    I thought it was just going to be a google experience phone (stock android) made by samsung… Not sure where all the nexus stuff came from…

    • http://Website nathan

      it is a stock gingerbread phone made by samsung. the nexus stuff is because it was believed the phone would be called the Nexus Two, we know now that thats not true, It may however still be branded nexus in some way such as Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus S.

  • http://Website koraen

    Those online korean sites are garbage. There is no integrity in korean journalism so I wouldn’t be surprised if that “reporter” is just talking out of his ass when he says samsung denied it.

  • http://Website dee

    It might be running gingerbread that’s all ! Could be the first to come out with that version, I still wouldn’t buy it, I’ve had Samsung from way back, then I bought the Samsung jet, it was meant to be smarter than a smartphone, waited a year for a firmware update,which apparently was being delayed due to server issues, I got fed up, never Samsung again, I’m a desire owner at the moment, and more than happy with it

  • http://Website matt

    please htc please make the real nexus two. i don’ t want to go with samsung. Save me htc save me!!!!!

  • Best Android Apps

    It definitely looks better than the Nexus One.

  • http://Website Hans

    My, oh my. So many whiners whining about Samsung. If you don’t like Samsung, then just be quiet and stick with the manufacturer of your choice. I have yet to hear about a high end android phone be left without OS updates. The G1 was stuck on 1.6 and the Hero was stuck on 2.1. Each only got one official update. If Samsung does indeed build this “Nexus” phone, I hope it will have that new Orion processor as a surprise, with a (super?) Amoled screen, 720p(1080p if possible) video, 8mp camera with Carl Zeiss lens, and 4″ screen. :)

    • http://Website M Lee

      That was my guess exactly! Now let this be quad band and available under $600.

    • http://Website Bal

      I am a terribly angry and depressed Samsung Galaxy I7500 owner — the original Samsung Galaxy and Android phone released in Europe.

      I paid 500 Euro for this phone, and it still runs 1.5. They hope to release an update to 1.6 sometime soon, but there will never be an upgrade to 2.0. This phone was super hyped up, got rave reviews, and first hit the market JUST over a year ago. Samsung has completely abandoned their early adopters of this phone.

      I am praying that Samsung doesn’t carry the torch for Google on this one… I would love to buy the next gen Nexus phone, but I’ve vowed never to buy a Samsung phone again.

  • http://Website Alex

    I’m just curious as to when we’ll see leaked pics. With the nexus one, pictures were appearing in early December and even October if you new what to search for (“phone88″ on picasa).

    Somebody out there has information on the phone/Gingerbread OS, and I hope to see some pics soon, no matter how blurry.

  • http://Website Alex

    Also, regarding this whole November 8th event. Why devote an entire event for just one phone that’s not all that different from the current galaxy s phones, except for the second amoled screen.

    While the continuum will most likely be announced, I highly doubt that will be the center of the show. Samsung and Google will announce something at the event besides the continuum, I’d bet all my money on it.

    • http://Website tiger4j

      Still beats me why the continuum is coming anyways. Its okay I guess. I do hope your right though. It would be good for them to come out with a great phone before black friday. If they are, then the 8th or 12th would be the time to announce. That would give a couple of weeks to get it in stores, or already set a pre-order date. It almost seems silly for them not to release a super phone going into the holidays.

  • http://Website davidjspooner

    Am expecting a “something-1″ phone, in the same way that there was s G1 and then a Nexus1. The brand is android, the phone name is just spin.

  • http://Website Mike

    Sooooo is this coming out next week or not then? I need to get a new phone soon, I hate keep waiting for awesome phones like this to come out, and then finding out it isn’t true or it’s gets delayed.

  • http://Website DRoberts

    In reference to a Google Experience Phone; NEXUS brand was made specifically for devs. It doesn’t matter who puts them out or how many variations there are, devs will buy them. But I have to question the thinking involved in developing a Google Experience without Next-Gen hardware to support and give innovation to future devs and manufacturers. (Meaning processor speeds of 1.5Ghz or higher, or some type of serious dual-core processors)

  • http://Website Cristian

    I sure hope you’re right Wimberly, you’re putting your neck out on the line with article after article about this phone launching Nov 8th. If I don’t see results I might have to take your rumors with a grain of salt in the future.

  • http://Website Scott

    (1) Off topic: I’m theoretically signed in to this site. I say theoretically because when I click the “Log in” button at the top, it doesn’t give me any indications I am signed in. So… IF I’m signed in, why does this comment system ask me for my name and email address? PLEASE whoever runs this site, please fix this issue.

    (2) On topic: I like the mockup photo in this article better than some I’ve seen elsewhere where the mocked-up Samsung Nexus Two looks like an iPhone clone. I really hope they go with square edges and no branding. Samsung’s button order is annoying to me, a Nexus One owner.

  • http://Website Scott

    (3) As much negative publicity as I’ve heard about Samsung’s choices with support of their users lately, I have also heard positive about the hardware. I’m starting to think if it turns out rooting is necessary in order to get the hardware I want, maybe it won’t be so bad. I’ve been spoiled by my Nexus One. And, yay, getting back into rooting (did it with my G1 and had no problems) means I won’t feel as pressured to jump on the Nexus Two bandwagon if the hardware happens to be missing something I want or looks like a cheap iPhone knock-off.

  • http://Website AASonyKK

    But with orion or tegra 2?
    I want the next generation of cpu/gpu!!!

  • http://Website drone3

    i was getting really excited about the samsung nexus phone, until i read this. I hope they shifted from that position and are more left wing.

    In the same article where Samsung revealed their plans for Android, they dropped a very interesting nugget regarding the status of Android. Samsung gave a clear distinction between the Android OS and “Google Experience” devices, lining themselves more with Android than with Google.

    To quote:

    [Samsung] drew a distinction between devices built on the Android platform and “Google Experience” devices, which not only use Android but are also Google-centric, packed with the search giant’s own applications. “Our commitment is more to the Android phone than the Google Experience device,”.

    I do hope they shifted from that position and are now more left wing.

    time will tell

  • http://Website tony

    The phone on the picture above, is it a real model? I personally think that design is much better than the Galaxy S-design (which looks like an over-grown iphone)

  • http://Website Sri

    I like the confidence with which Androidandme posts about the samsungs google experience phone. I am done with my ATT contract (iPhone) and was about to get G2 but backed off since they removed thetering. I am looking forward for a Google’s developer phone rather than a unlocked samsung google experience phone or a carrier subsidized phone. If samsung releases a google experience phone where there is some sort of assurance that new versions of android will be updated just like nexus one, I don’t have any problem going with it otherwise with all the news around, I feel there will surely be a new developer phone with release of gingerbread if not anything else

  • http://Website Young

    Hey guys, I am Korean.
    I think we are in some kind of loop. The article is entirely based on the writer’s thought and the posts from Engadget and Android and Me.
    Then you guys at Android and me are supporting the rumor with the article.

    So… (Engadget) -> (Android and Me) -> (Korean News Sites) -> (Android and Me) -> (Korean News Sites)

    Kinda showing how rumors can get big over time.

  • Joel

    Jeez…I log in every chance I get to find out more about this phone, right now im torn between Sprint and Tmo…
    the HSPA+ network is here in my backyard and id love to get the HD7 but if/when this comes out I dont know what ill do.
    And is anyone else taking into account what the Galaxy S phones will bring to the table with Froyo? Maybe its a bit too early to take our eyes off of them?

  • http://Website JKEEEEEK

    I speak Korean.

    You guys missed couple of things from the linked Korean site and other.


    Nexus One manufacture request was sent to Samsung before HTC, but at that time Samsung was unclear and indecisive with their smartphone business so they put it off.


    From interview with HTC CEO Peter Chou about their company bringing Nexus 2, Peter Chou said that “we cannot do everything because we are small company, but Samsung are big company”

  • http://Website JKEEEEEK


    Oh yeah, and Peter Chou said Galaxy S design looks cheap compare to their Desire HD

  • http://Website zymo

    “to be or not to be the nexus s that is the question” any new info?

  • http://Website drone3

    what the?

    don’t tell me this has fallen flat?

    i would have expected trickles of new info coming in to build the momentum?

    bloggers unite, is this legit, or what?

  • http://Website doktorn

    How can you be so sure that this will be a dev-phone. I start to believe it could be the first with gingerbread, but why couldn’t honeycomb come shortly after on a developer phone aka Nexus two. Don’t forget that Milestone came with 2.0 before the nexus one was presented with 2.1.

  • http://Website Chris

    So, what _is_ that picture at the top? It looks great!

    BTW, Froyo now available from Samsung via Kies, XEU firmware at least. Installed and running perfectly nicely.

  • http://Website MC

    Anyone know where to get the wallpaper used in the Galaxy S pic above? Can’t seem to locate this

  • http://Website drone3

    Any updates?

    Are the samsung bug delay rumors true?

    The only reason I got excited about this was due to the gungho confidence from androidandme.

    Even if the rumors have changed since last week at least keep us posted on your thoughts, predictions or insider blurry photos.

    Come on dude, we follow the blog to be informed!

  • http://Website Mike

    I’m starting to think this is false. First we get a repot, Samsung is making Nexus Two. Then another report that Samsung said it wasn’t. Then another that said it’s still coming. Then it’s delayed due to hardware issues? These are big red flags here. Maybe this phone isn’t coming at all. How many times are we going to get our hopes up that it will come soon, and then keep getting a report that it’s delayed. I hope I’m wrong though, cause I need to get a new phone soon, and this one would be perfect.

  • Jo$h

    The world NEEDS a new top-spec stock Android phone. BRING IT ON.