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Facebook updated to 1.5, FINALLY gets Facebook Chat, Push Notifications

It seems the Facebook for Android application has finally become all-encompassing, with the long-awaited features of chat and push notification finally making their way onto the Android platform. This is certainly a welcome addition to the Android application, as the lack of these features have been a gripe of many Android users for a long time. After spending a few minutes with the application, both the chat integration and the notification features seem to be done pretty well.

Check out the screens below to preview the changes, or just head over to the market and update the app to test it out for yourself. Not using the Facebook app yet? Is the addition of these features enough to convince you to start/switch from a 3rd party application? Sound off below!

facebook-15-3 facebook-15-2 facebook-15-1

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  • http://Website Alan W

    We get Chat but lose the ability to accept friend requests…WTF

    • http://Website WestTower

      Actually, you can, it is in the friends tab, top right corner.

      • http://Website Alan W

        thanks, didn’t see that

    • http://Website BrianW

      Ugh… what? You can still accept friend requests….

    • iSunday

      Requests are now under “friends” in the top-right. Rumor is that push is only for chat… If so, I will continue to be disappointed in the Android app…

      • iSunday


        Shoulda refreshed before reply.

      • mralimcb

        You should update your FB app before believing in rumours – I updated mine and I’m getting push notifications for comments, friend rquests, photo tags!

  • http://Website Usman

    The notification settings don’t look any different… is it set to push as default?

    • http://Website Chris

      Yeah, I dont see any option in the settings. I just see an option for notification on

      Friend Requests
      Event Invites

      So WhereTF is the option to push notifications on ALL notifications (posts, comments, likes etc)

    • http://Website Tony

      Fret not, for I have just received a freaking amazing push notification for a wall post on my phone to verify that this indeed works. Why they have interval in the menu i don’t kno, but i DO know that pre-froyo android devices don’t have the push notification capabilities soo that may be why.

      • http://Website Niko

        I’m guessing the refresh interval is for the widget.

      • http://Website oriongaby

        Must be why I can’t get em. Bah… I hope that Samsung gives Froyo to Galaxy S users in the US soon.

      • http://Website Chris

        Hmm I havent tested that yet, though I am not too popular on FB.

        Running 2.2 on the Incredible

      • http://Website Chris

        Nope still a big pile of fail. Someone commented on one of my wall posts an hour ago and I never got a notification. They fail so hard like the fact that there still isn’t a Facebook iPad app. Stupid!

        • mralimcb

          My Desire 2.2 is getting push notifications for comments, wall posts, photo tags and friend requests with no problem at all

          • http://Website Glenn

            The push notification seems to be hit-or-miss. It’s not working for me on my Evo with Android 2.2. And according to a thread on the discussion page of the official Facebook for Android app, many others are having the same problem, including the original Droid, Droid Incredible, HTC Legend, HTC Desire, and Nexus One. All were running either 2.2 or 2.2.1.

            Meanwhile, one person commented that both he and his wife have their own Evos, running the same 2.2 firmware, using the same settings for their Facebook apps (except for their user names and passwords), and one of them gets the push notification, while the other one doesn’t… So it’s definitely hit-or-miss. There’s speculation that perhaps Facebook needs to update all of their servers, like they do with other “on-web” features, before push notifications work for everyone (who has Android 2.2+ on their phones).

      • http://Website Jet

        Your push function might simply be a coincidental artifact of your phone updating at the 30 minute interval right after the post on your FB page was made.

        I have Android 2.2 on the HTC Desire and I can confirm that push DOES NOT WORK. It also doesn’t work on my friend’s who are running Android 2.2 on their phones as well.

  • http://Website protozeloz

    Finally they learned how to program, now only picture tag left and multiple upload.

  • http://Website roy

    I’m still disappointed that facebook is such a little b- for not writing calendar sync.

  • http://Website ANDROID FTW


  • http://Website Mark


  • http://Website Chris

    HOLY CRAP why did it take so FLIPPING long!?!?!?

  • http://Website NeoteriX

    I don’t think it’s “push” if there are still notification intervals…

    • Joseph

      I agree! Facebook should NOT only be 30min intervals. that is not fast enough by any means lol
      Ive gotten notifications on the website and not have them show up on my phone till I go into the app to check. If I’m on the go, I want the phone to let me know. I don’t want to keep checking over and over because I have to wait 30 minutes for it to refresh its self.

    • mralimcb

      I don’t know why the settings for push intervals are still there as my FB notifications are sent immediately after they are posted now!

  • http://Website Scott

    All I really want my FB app to do is to stop showing me status updates that I’ve hidden via

  • http://Website Chris

    It just constantly shows “Loading…” on my N1 running 2.2.1

    I’m in the UK, does this make a difference I wonder?

    • http://Website Chris

      I dont believe it matters

      • http://Website Chris

        Thanks, and you’re right Chris.

        I wasn’t online to any group/list of friends on FB Web site chat… changed that for one group then tried the Android app again and can see those friends in that group. So, could do with the friends’ online/offline switch in the Android app perhaps :)

        • http://Website Mark

          I am getting the “Loading” message constantly and I do have some groups selected on the website chat as online. Makes no difference toggling different groups or enabling all of them. HTC Desire in the UK (could be intermittent issues over here, who knows?).

    • mralimcb

      I’m on Orange UK and the new update is working without problems on my Orange-locked Desire!

  • iSunday

    Yea… Still heavily disappointed.

    Still can’t change profile picture.
    Still can’t be notified of all notifications.
    Still can’t like comments.
    Still shows my old display name (2 months ago).

    For all of those that want a good chat setup, I suggest BeeJive ($4.99) or Trillian (free, but .apk install only). Both are great multi-service chat clients, and have very good push services.

    • mralimcb

      1) If you go to Photos > Profile Pictures > Click the Camera icon > capture photo/choose from gallery, you can upload profile pictures

      2) I’m getting all notifications (friend requests, tags, comments, the lot)

      Would be cool if they included liking other people’s comments, but I’m sure that’ll be possible in the next update. No idea about the the old display name as I never had that problem

  • http://Website lp1527

    Also curious about capabilities of new push- why does menu still have intervals?? Very confusing….. anyone??

    • http://Website devesh

      i dont get chat notifications. as in if someone sends me a msg at chat ..though it comes in my notification bar but my phone doesnt vibrate or makes any sound :(

      • mralimcb

        Settings > Notifications > Vibrate on notification, you can set the sound too, works for me

        • http://Website bruce

          What phone/Droid version do you have MRA
          LIMCB ? It’s not working on my incredihble 2.2 .

  • http://Website james

    I think it’s just the chat that has push notifications. I’ve been trying to test it with friends. The intervals is for wall/status updates and other notifications. Makes no sense why they’d treat them differently.

    On a side note, the notifications ARE pushed… but you don’t know about them! No sounds or vibrate to let you know. Just an update icon in the notification bar. You’d have to keep checking your phone to see a chat message.

    Needs more work!!!

    • mralimcb

      You can set notifications to vibrate on push, go to settings. And push works fine for me (chat/comments etc) I’m on Froyo so don’t know if that matters?

  • http://Website Alan

    Yay an update! Sadly it still takes up FAR FAR too much precious storage space so uninstalled straight away for me! Mind you the iOS version keeps crashing for me today anyway, so just using the version on both Android and iPod Touch anyway!

  • http://Website Aly

    Anyone know how to turn off the push notifications I like getting my emails better and wld really like to not get both

    • Deena

      I’d like to turn them off as well. If you find a solution, please let me know!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Still having problems syncing the account… I can log in to the app, but can’t add the account to the Accounts & Sync settings.

  • http://Website Chris

    TThis is so stupid! Blackberry has actual Facebook notifications instantly. Why the F is this so hard? My incredible runs circles around my wifes blackberry. Wtf is the deal!

  • http://Website Andrew

    I came here looking to see if I was alone re. push notifications not working.. looks like I’m not alone…

    Also does chat leave you signed in? or is it only when your in the app? Cuz i’m using trillian, but all I really use for chat these days is gtalk and facebook.. if this left me signed into facebook I could drop trillian as i do prefer the native clients.

  • http://Website Anil

    those are not REAL PUSH and its not at all instant.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    Nice to see these features at last, Chat is working fine for me but it does leave you logged in even if you exit the application – you need to press the menu key while in the chat section and select “go offline” – this will log you out of chat.

    I haven’t had any push notifications as yet, but (sob sob) no-one has posted or commented on my wall today so can’t comment on this yet. Nexus One on 2.2.1 (FRG83D) in the UK.

  • http://Website Chris

    You guys are no help, why would you rate my comments down? We need input, are you experiencing the same problem? am I doing something wrong?

    Lets be collective and collaborate on the issue – I just tried to share that its not working for me. If it works for you, tell us in the comments, if it doesnt work, tell us.

    Power of the Android Community people.

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Need the calendar sync man

  • http://Website Splendor

    Droid 1 and I’m still not getting notifications outside of email. The app itself doesn’t even notify to each comment or post. It’s sporadic as to which ones it even recognizes. I guess I’ll still be using the mobile website instead.

  • http://Website eddd

    in order to get the push notifications do i have to have the app running or do i have to have my facebook synced? or possibly both? lol
    thanks for any help.

  • http://Website LaNsLyDe

    no push notifications on wall comments, tags, etc.

    push notifications sometimes on facebook chat, but i cant get it to make sounds even after setting them up in notification settings.

  • http://Website JosieDahling

    OK, anybody know how do you stay “offline” on the FB chat on the Droid X? Everytime I open FB on the phone, people want to chat…very annoying. I see the “go offline” feature but it doesn’t STAY off, you have to keep turning it off every time you open FB on the phone. GRRRRR

    • http://Website Dana

      Would love to know this, too. I hate showing “online” all the time. I could care less about chat! Ugh. I don’t want to have to go in and turn it off every time.

  • http://Website copex

    all i get is loading……..

  • http://Website Ruth Doe

    I too want to know how to go on facebook on htc desire without showing as online, can’t stand the chat option, I click appear offline on my laptop but as soon as I log in on my phone I show as online, how annoying!!!!!!

  • koneil523

    can anyone help me with turning off facebook chat? i have a problem with receiving notifications when someone messages me, so i don’t end up responding until 20 or 30 minutes later. I’ve tried clicking the “go offline” button, but it just brings me back to the home facebook screen. When i click on chat again it appears that I’m still online. Is it just resigning me in when i click on chat?

    • http://Website Ruth Doe

      Think I’ve figured it out, I uninstalled the update, then installed it again, just don’t press chat EVER! Signed into facebook on phone, then signed in on laptop, not online…hooray!

  • http://Website Ruth Doe

    I think the only way is to uninstall the update, I will do this tomorrow when I can be bothered and see if this works, it only started when I installed it so hopefully that will do the trick…I’ll keep you posted.

  • http://Website Ruth Doe

    Think I’ve figured it out, I uninstalled the update, then installed it again, just don’t press chat EVER! Signed into facebook on phone, then signed in on laptop, not online…hooray!
    Hope that helps…:)

  • http://Website Nick

    Choosing “Go Offline” in chat does not actually mean “Go Offline”, I still appear online to people on the web so they start chatting away and then wonder why I’m not answering.

    Cannot turn off the stupid notifications, I don’t want them, EVER! Unchecked all boxes and set interval to never and I still get f’n notifications.


  • Meghan

    I having just the opposite problem. I can’t get the notifications to turn off. I’ve selected the option and it should still be pushing but it is. It’s driving me crazy!

    • http://Website Danielle

      Me too! I already have another way of getting my FB notifications. Now that I can’t shut off the FB ones, I’m constantly getting double. Driving me crazy.


      • Hunter

        Same problem! I went to the setting and turned them off but they keep coming. I don’t want ANYTHING from the Facebook App coming to my notification bar but it comes anyway even though I’m sure I turned notifications off in the settings. PLEASE HELP!

  • http://Website David

    Hey everyone…does this app not allow the ability to see everyone who “liked” a post? I can see all comments, but cannot bring up a list of everyone who liked it. Is it just me, or is that disabled in the mobile FB app?


  • http://Website Ponder

    I always keep chat offline, but this automatically puts me online every time I go to the main selection page. Is there any way to keep chat offline?

    Facebook chat gets in the way and has a habit of crashing the browser when I’m on the computer, I’d rather it wasn’t there at all!

  • http://Website Mdot

    Am I the only one with the new android without the facebook chat function.Do I have to activate it somewhere?

  • http://Website Phil4

    Check ReChat (facebook chat for android):
    - multiple accounts;
    - plain/bubble views. Customize avatar/font sizes.
    - font packs (download separate apk to keep memory).
    - full Unicode support;
    - customize income message notification: default sound/your sound file, LED, vibration, status bar notification.
    - chat history. Export (email) selected messages, open chat messages, whole history for a contact, whole history for all contacts. Archive attachment with 7zip.

    Facebook features:
    - all non-chat permissions are revoked, customize period.
    - upload image (several share options)
    - send image to a contact (private wall post).
    - send message to a contact (as a private event or private wall post).
    - set status message.

  • http://Website sam

    Why I need to sign in my gmail to download this application?waste my time

  • http://Website her


  • shreyash

    where to download this?

  • http://Website patricio


  • raulnewman87