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Google Voice Search updated to include personalized voice recognition

One thing I believe most (if not all) Android users can agree on is how handy the ability to use your voice to control many aspects of your phone, especially when it comes to text input. I personally use voice dictation for something almost every day, and at this point probably couldn’t live without it, even though sometimes the voice recognition itself is not quite 100% accurate.

With today’s Voice Search update, Google is hoping to greatly increase the accuracy rates of voice recognition by introducing a new feature: personalized voice recognition. This addition to the Voice Search application will learn the user’s distinct vocal characteristics such as speed, accent, pitch, etc., allowing the voice search application to continually build up it’s accuracy at translating your unique voice into text.

Currently, the personalized voice recognition is an opt-in program, so you will have to go into your voice settings in order to activate it (you will also be prompted to opt-in once you apply the update to the application). Also, this program is only available for English-speaking individuals in the United States, though Google is actively working to expand the language capabilities in future releases.

The updated application requires Android 2.2 or better, so if your version qualifies, head on over to the Android market and update the Voice Search app.


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  • californiakidd1

    Wow. Technology is becoming more and more amazing. The things we see today, are things people dreamed of not even to long ago.

  • Lemon

    Ugh, U.S. only AGAIN.

    List is now YouTube Remote, eBook, and personalized recognition.

    • SGB101

      im in UK an i got an update today (2.1.1) not sure if it is this update, as ive never got Voice to work like the videos, and after playing with this update its just the same for me :(

  • http://Website Mark

    Wow. Not only can Google keep logs of your searches but what your voice sounds like. Scary…

    • mmitchum

      A bit conspiracy theoristic are we?

    • http://Website Maximus

      Yes scary Stuff

      The idea in theory is cool

      But only the NAive and Sheeple will go blind to what Google is Up to

      Nothing Conspiratoral about your statement

      hey let me play Blind and Dumb….

      Cool! Google has updated Voice Search!!!

      • http://Website Zak

        Cool! Google has updated Voice Search!!!

      • http://Website Mark

        I’m about as rational as the next guy but once in a while you have to take off the rose colored glasses. All these new services that Google are coming out with ALL collect information. They’re ALL connected to Google servers. Most of them, you use them while SIGNED INTO your gmail. Google wants to know WHEN and WHAT you watch? Google TV. What words you want to know in other languages? Google Translate. Who you speak with, when and what? Google voice which also does text. The product list is endless.

        I’m not being conspiratorial or anything. I’m just saying be aware HOW you use these product and that this info is being stored somewhere. But of course, you can play dumb and pretend that Google doesn’t have an agenda. They probably know more about you than your mom or wife anyway.

        • SGB101

          Google’s agenda is to make money like all companies. They collect data and figure out the best way to advertise from it.

          plus if thee is a conspiracy, with comments like that you’ll be the first to the gulag ;)

        • http://Website danix180

          No worries. Just use ad free app and all the targeted adds are gone. And that’s true.. we have to ‘sell our soul’ to Google for all these free services we’re getting. ;) Play smart!

        • http://Website Eric

          As the commenter below (maybe above) me said, Google’s agenda is to make money based on advertising. Why is it that anything that starts off small (a company, a restaurant a band) is cool, but when they succeed and grow, and in Google’s case, start offering more and more free and unbelievably useful services, they are now selling out and evil?

          What do you think they are doing, taking our habits and selling them to China or North Korea?

        • http://Website Charlotte

          Hey, what’s the big deal, the world will be ending in 2012 anyway. I just got that transmissoon through my tinfoil hat.

        • Nickedynick

          So someone potentially could find out what I do online, what TV I watch, who my friends are, etc. etc.

          Do you want to know why I don’t care? Because they don’t know me. If they did I’d be worried, but to them I’m just one of the millions of other users. My data is unique, but it’s not important and it’s not special.

          To anyone looking at the logs based on my account some things might be mildly interesting, but there’s no way it’s going to cause me any harm if they look at it. Hell, they could copy it all and spend a month acting like me if they wanted, but it wouldn’t fool anyone and it would have minimal impact on me.

  • http://Website angie

    Going to have to try this – sounds awesome!

  • http://Website Lee

    Definitely not ‘all’ users; I have no interest in talking to my phone and have yet to find a decent use case where I would need to.

  • http://Website darcy

    still not avaliable in canada :(

  • MitchRapp81

    no wonder i wasn’t seeing the new settings menu … U.S. only! that’s silly…

    • http://Website darcy

      very will, and its via wi-fi only, i think.
      skype is a very good alternative though (avaliable in canada, android 2.1 for most phones, 2.2 for sgs, via both data and wi-fi)

  • http://Website Android_Kev

    What does it matter about Google storing information. Everything you do on the web is open to the general public if they have any computer skill at all. Every email or IM you have ever sent is still out there in the internet waiting for someone else to find it. At least google tells you its backed up. Everyone must remeber that cell phones and the internet are pretty much the 2 most unsecure things out there.

  • http://Website droiduser

    This will be awesome on my Captivate……oh wait it’s not running 2.2 and I don’t see an update anytime in the future!

    Thanks Samsung, you guys rock!

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Any word in when its coming to canada?