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Native Google Reader app finally comes to Android

Twitter might have replaced RSS as the main service that people use to get their news feeds, but there’s still a good portion of us (especially bloggers) that will never give up our RSS feeds.

We’ve been begging Google for a native version of Reader ever since Android was released, but it was starting to look like that would never happen. Thankfully someone at Google was listening and the Reader team just released their native app to the Android Market.

I just installed the app and only played with it for a few minutes, but it looks to include all the features you would need. Reader automatically syncs with your Google login and it even supports multiple accounts. Users can also search RSS feeds by keyword, track keyword searches, follow blogs and profiles on various social sites, and easily share content with friends.

Additional features include the ability to use volume keys for article navigation and the option to enable plug-in content in-line.

If you are new to RSS, give the app a try and go search Android. Those of you that want to follow our site, just subscribe to the link below.

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Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website Guy Bailey

    Nowhere near as good as Newsrob. No widget, No Apps2SD (and it’s twice the size of Newsrob to begin with) and no day/night mode.

    • Dave K

      gReader was better than NewsRob, but started getting buggy lately. I just recently had to switch back to NewsRob. But I’m hoping this is the best of the 3.

    • http://Website riper

      Really? Name the things that NewsRob does better?
      I’m so happy Google finally released a good app for reading RSSs. NewsRob doesn’t always show pictures, have problems showing videos sometimes, doesn’t remember where I was etc. Go Google!

      • http://Website Guy Bailey

        Did you not read my comment?

        Day/Night mode

        and for good measure I’ve just found that Google Reader doesn’t do offline content – NR does.

        I’m a total google fanboy (i’ve even installed Scoreboard ffs) but this just isn’t up to par – yet…

        • jivemaster

          Newsrob is the best reader no question. Clean and fast, topics are displayed in a much friendlier, more accessable manner, and offline reading is a must. Video playback and things like that are not important for a reader – just launch the video in a browser through the quick link.

          I am looking forward to what google does with this, but in the meantime it doesn’t meet the great features of Newsrob which I’ll be sticking with for now.

    • eddieonofre

      I like newsrob too but recently in the last week has been breaking and force-closing everything on my Droid at the point that i have to remove the battery. Seems that i’m the only one with that problem, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still same problem. I was kind of sad coz I liked newsrob and no other rss reader was good enough but now with grader I a happy again.

  • http://Website Jeff

    I like NewsRob but it can be so slowwww at times. i really enjoy Feedr as well. i will take a look at this though. i am sure that they will incorporate more features as time passes.

  • http://Website Bill

    I’ve been installing, testing, and uninstalling several RSS readers in the last few days. I’ll keep this one. Seems wicked fast, too.

  • http://Website ez

    Does it cache articles for offline reading? If not, it’s useless to me…

  • SliestDragon

    I like it. It is really fast, and just…works. I’ll probably keep Feedr installed for a while, but I may upgrade to this if they ever add Offline caching.

  • http://Website Steve


  • Dany

    Is it just me or does this not work for Google Apps accounts right now? It’s only showing my gmail account, and not even noticing my Google Apps accounts, even when I tick the “Sync” option for Google Reader in Syncs & Accounts settings.

  • Dharmabhum

    OMG thank you Google for finally putting this out. I just downloaded it and haven’t used it extensively yet, but this has been a long time coming and I hope that you’ll keep an eye on user feedback so that we can help you improve it where it might benefit. Anyhow, thanks for now and its about time :D

  • http://Website Harry

    Befor this i used a shortcut to the google mobile site reader, its better than the app and doesnt use any storage space! Why would they create an app that does something the moibile site does better!

  • http://Website damien

    I’ve found NewsRob to be a brilliant app for RSS feeds, so Google Reader has big shoes to fill. However, I’ve found that Google Reader loads the entire article, which is great if you read sites that don’t have a mobile mode and is really slow to load the full site. (Not Android and Me, of course.)

    • http://Website nbecker

      Same here. I also like to forward links to some of my groups defined in goog mail. I can do that using goog reader on my desktop, but neither the browser via the mobile goog website, nor this goog reader app, let me choose the name of one of defined mail groups to send mail to.

  • http://Website Lazaro

    I think I am going to stick with Pulse for now. I like to be able to see preview pictures of the post.

  • http://Website smalls

    Take a look at the official Google blog for this app.
    There’s a picture of what the “share a story” menu looks like.
    Is that a small peek at what gingerbread looks like?

    • http://Website Gee

      Nope. It’s touchwiz.

  • http://Website Gee

    Really disappointed. I was waiting for a official Google reader app for a long time now and it just didn’t live up to the expectations I had.

  • http://Website deckrider

    Oddly, when I click on a ‘subscribe’ link in the android native browser, I get two choices (open in browser, open in Google Listen), neither of which is Google Reader (which I installed and opened to see how it works before trying this).

  • http://Website emvee

    I don’t understand, I can’t see it in the app Market. I can’t see apps that aren’t free cause it’s not supported in my country yet, but don’t tell me Google Reader is a paid app?

  • http://Website Diachron

    I’m also a NewsRob user that has been recently frustrated by quirky behavior.

    I’ll give the “official” reader an extended audition (already playing with it). It needs to catch up to NR and others on features, but I’ll start this journey on good faith of features to come.

    (But if it ever shows signs of going into Google Listen’s state of suspended animation, I’ll jettison it into the cold abyss!)

  • http://Website chris

    I love it but it is more like a love hate relationship. I have to once a day uninstall and reinstall because the data gets to big. Darn near 13 MB in size. I only want data to be stored on SD and maybe install app to SD. Other wise I love it thank you Google.