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RunKeeper Pro free through January (normally $9.99)

Every January, fresh from a long season of pies, candy, and overeating, millions of people sign up for gym memberships or diet plans to get in control of their physical well-being. Indeed, the resolution to lose weight and get in shape is probably the most widely-used New Year’s resolution out there.

Runkeeper is looking to help these individuals out by providing the premium version of their application (Runkeeper Pro) free-of-charge for the entire month of January. Normally valued at $9.99 in the Android Market, Runkeeper Pro allows you to use your phone’s GPS capabilities to track your workout information, including distance, speed, calories burned, and more. The pro version provides the extra incentives of audio cues, customized interval workouts, integrated RunKeeper FitnessClasses and no annoying ads.

So if you’ve resolved to get back in shape this New Year’s, you might want to head to the market and download the free Runkeeper Pro application. You will need Android 2.1 or higher to download the application.


Source: RunKeeper

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  • http://Website Pizr

    I like cardiotrainer more, it has some really motivating features! This one is basic, but free!

  • http://Website Jeff

    I will definitely be downloading this. I user sportstrainer. I have never really understood why someone charges 10 bucks for the app and then gives it away for free. Must suck for the people that bought it

    • http://Website Brian H

      You have a good point. I wonder why people are downranking you. That’s not very nice.

  • http://Website Tony

    Endomondo Sports Tracker has all of those features but its FREE!!!

    Please stop the “Paid Articles”

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What do you mean by paid articles? Anthony posted this because he wanted to let everyone know that it’s free. I wish we got paid by companies to post stuff like this lol.

      • http://Website Tony

        Please, just stop lying.

        It’s very obvious that app developers pay you to have articles on your website that talk about their app.

        You’ve posted articles about Chrome to phone, Angry Birds, Winamp beta, Retro Camera, and Wordfued, but now the icons of those 5 apps are shown at the bottom of your mobile website with the title, “Appvertisement.”

        I understand you need to make money, but we, the readers, want unbiased articles.

        • http://Website Dustin

          Tony I understand where you are coming from about the paid apps and completely agree. However, Chrome to phone is a Google app, free, and thus a downloadable feature for Android phones. I don’t think they were paid to promote a feature of Android.

          • http://Website Tony

            Google makes money off of the app “Chrome to Phone” because it gets more people to use the Chrome browser on their computers.

            When people use Chrome, they’re more likely to use google as their search engine, which allows google to make more money.

            So, yes, Google does make money off of the app “Chrome to phone”.

        • Angie Strickland

          He is not lying, period.

      • http://Website Shanikwa Johnson

        Ohhh white boy got owned.

        You go Tony, tell it like how it is honey, but be nice to Mr. Wimberly, he kinda cute.

      • http://Website Ozzzy3z

        Paid advertisement or not (I don’t really care), I read Android sites to learn about apps I haven’t tried. I have been using CardioTrainer and based on this article I gave RunKeeper Pro a try. While it wasn’t for me, I otherwise wouldn’t have tried it. Best of all, I got to try the full version for free!

        I was excited to see this article and eager to try RunKeeper out. Thank you Anthony.

        • http://Website Tony

          I, and other readers, want to get honest and unbiased news about android. I don’t want this website to talk about one app as if it’s really good, just because they’re being paid by that developer, when there’s another app out there that’s better.

          At the very least, we need to be told which articles are “paid articles” so we know when they’re being biased.

          • Angie Strickland

            It doesn’t seem like anyone is ever convinced no matter how many times we say it. We DON’T get paid to write articles for people. I don’t know how to stress this more. If we ever did, we’d make it very clear. I promise.

          • Angie Strickland

            Nobody paid us to put them there. We put them there because we like them. We wanted a place to showcase apps that we liked. Maybe the phrase “appvertisement” is misleading, but seriously, we just put the icons there, because we like the apps.

          • http://Website Tony


            Wow!! How many more times are you going to lie to us?

            Its extremely obvious to everyone that you’re getting paid for writing about those apps, as not only is there the title “appvertisement” but there’s also the title “Featured Android Downloads”.

            Both of those phases mean you’re getting paid for having those apps on your website. I totally buy the excuse that it was just a bad choice of words.

            Please, just stop lying.

          • http://Website Tony

            Sorry, meant to say “…totally don’t buy…”

          • Angie Strickland

            Well, looks like you’re not going to believe the truth, so way to go.

          • http://Website tony

            Then I guess you’ll never stop lying to your loyal readers.

            We all clearly know that you’re lying.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Hey Tony, if you’re going to be sold bold as to repeatedly call us liars, please be bold enough to leave some real contact info and I’ll discuss it with you further.

      As it stands now you are just acting like some anonymous troll. Be gone, troll!

      • http://Website Tony

        We, the readers, want unbiased articles.

        Its very obvious to many that you’re getting paid by the app developers.

        Also, you seriously need to hire more employees quickly as I hate the 3 or 4 days breaks where’s there’s no articles but then we get 20 articles the following day.

  • http://Website Hans

    Is this a free trial, or will you actually be able to keep the paid version for free?

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    Run-GPS is free and tracks all exercise. The one here is free January only, lame.

    • http://Website Michael

      You need to go back and read the article, they are giving away the paid version for free for the month of January, after January you’ll have to pay to buy the Pro version again. But, everyone who gets it now stays with the Pro version.

  • http://Website Heldros

    Nice I will download it.

  • http://Website md

    It’s not just the app that matters, its the website that displays the stats. And for that, Runkeeper has no good rivals, even if the Endomondo app is better (used both). Thanks alot Runkeeper staff !

    • http://Website Tony

      Endomondo has a very good website with a lot of features, including audio cues.

      I like Endomondo a lot more because it’s both free and ad-free!!!

      It’s extremely stupid to pay $10 for this app when Endomondo is BETTER and free!!!

      • http://Website Brian H

        It’s also extremely stupid to talk about paying for this app when the entire article is about giving it away for free, isn’t it?

        I’m sure all of those people who paid for RunKeeper Pro appreciate you calling them stupid. Good job.

  • http://Website Arturo

    so its free untill the end of the january, after that if i download it i am going to have to pay for it?

  • http://Website EJP

    @Arturo, please read the article again. It should be fairly obvious that the answer is, “Yes.”

    To the rest of you kids posting here, you do realize you need your mommy’s permission to do so, right? I mean, you must be children because I can’t imagine adults use words like “lame” and “stupid ” when trying to be taken seriously.

  • http://Website Derek

    This app is worthless to those of us who have Galaxy S phones. MyTracks does basically the same thing and the GPS in the SGS phones is worthless. The tracks produced are all over the place.

    The GPS in the SGS isnt really accurate enough for in-car navigation, it certainly isnt accurate enough to track you jogging or biking.

  • eaddict

    I have now used it a few times. The GPS is useless (I have an Acclaim) as it puts me all over the map which makes me wonder if the distance measurements are accurate. time to head over to the developers and ask..