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Wyse PocketCloud gets major update, including Tablet-friendly UI overhaul

Wyse PocketCloud is an application that allows Android users to remotely control their PC or Mac computer from their Android phone. Wyse has announced this morning that it has crossed the 250,000 download mark across the Android and iOS platforms, and is celebrating by releasing updates to both their free and professional applications. The updated application features enhanced security features, improved application performance, and a tablet-friendly revamped user interface.

Wyse PocketCloud is one of the more reasonably priced remote desktop applications available on the market today, coming in at $14.99 for the professional version (free version also available). You can learn more about PocketCloud and see the application in action in the following video.

Already using PocketCloud? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the application. Still undecided? To learn even more about Wyse PocketCloud, please visit or check out the press release below.

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Wyse Extends its Mobile Cloud Computing Market Leadership on Android Tablets

Wyse PocketCloud(TM) Now Features Improved Performance, Industry-leading Security, and Optimization for the Tablet Users in the Enterprise

Over 250,000 Mobile Phone and Tablet Users are Accessing and Controlling their Work and Home Desktops with Wyse PocketCloud

San Jose, Calif. — December 9, 2010 — Wyse Technology, the global leader in Cloud Client Computing, today announced new capabilities in PocketCloud Version 1.1, adding performance improvements for phones and tablets, advanced Microsoft NLA security, and optimization for tablets such as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab and Cisco Cius. In addition, Wyse announced that over 250,000 users have downloaded PocketCloud virtual desktop apps for Google Android and Apple’s iOS devices. Wyse cloud software makes the mobile Internet a more powerful tool for managing work and play digital life, enabling fast and secure access to computer or virtual environments.

Wyse launched PocketCloud for Android in August 2010 with interest growing virally as consumers discovered how easy the app was to install and use. PocketCloud’s success shows the demand for desktop access via the mobile Internet is coming from more than just enterprise users. PocketCloud provides the ability to securely run apps, access files, pictures and videos and much more on a Windows or Mac desktops from an Android device.

“Reaching 250,000 PocketCloud users is the first step in bringing our technology to all smartphones and tablets,” says Daniel Barreto, general manager of the Mobile Cloud Business Unit at Wyse.  “We listened to what consumers want in an app, and added the high performance and advanced security demanded by our business customers — all while keeping features our free users expect.”

“Between myself, our CEO, our VP of Business Development, and other executives, we are all traveling constantly,” according to Justin Giardina, CTO at iland Internet Solutions.  “PocketCloud has very quickly become a must-have application within our organization. No matter where I am, if something needs to be fixed or I need access to specific information, I have everything there at my fingertips. We no longer have to carry around heavy and cumbersome laptops just in case a situation arises where we might need them. PocketCloud goes with me wherever I travel.”

With an avalanche of Android tablets expected to hit the market in 2011, PocketCloud version 1.1 is focused on expanding the experience to tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Wyse’s collaboration with Cisco on their upcoming Cius Android tablet also demonstrates the company’s belief in mobile as the next step in both business tools and consumer entertainment.

PocketCloud is available on the Android Market. While most of the features are free, there is also a professional version of the app, PocketCloud Pro priced at $14.99, for those who want even more out of their mobile cloud computing experience.

Complete PocketCloud for Android Highlights:

  • Auto discovery: Hassle-free access to your environment with minimal setup, no technical know-how needed with supported devices
  • Custom keyboard with function and shortcut keys
  • International keyboard support: support for accented characters
  • Multitasking support
  • Mouse touch pointer
  • Remote app scrolling (e.g. scroll within Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)
  • VNC Support: Connect to Macs, and home editions of Windows
  • Secure tunneling for VNC (PocketCloud Pro)
  • Advanced multi-touch gestures with pinch to zoom support (PocketCloud Pro)

Wyse Exclusive RDP 7 Engine

  • Performance optimized for handheld devices
  • Enterprise grade security: 128-bit encryption and FIPS support
  • NLA (Network Level Authentication) Security (PocketCloud Pro)
  • Microsoft Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services support
  • Switches to turn on/off wallpapers, themes, window dragging

3G and Wi-Fi Optimized

  • Works smoothly with 3G connections and Wi-Fi
  • Works with Android-powered handheld devices such as the Motorola DROID, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G1, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S Phones and Galaxy Tab, and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 — to name a few.
  • Sound support with 2 bandwidth modes: 3G & Wi-Fi (PocketCloud Pro)

VMware View Support (PocketCloud Pro):

  • Direct connections and advanced tunneling
  • SSL encryption
  • Experimental support for RSA Two-Factor Authentication

To learn more about Wyse PocketCloud, please visit

About Wyse Technology

Wyse Technology is the global leader in Cloud Client Computing.  The Wyse portfolio includes industry-leading thin, zero and cloud PC client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization and cloud software supporting desktops, laptops and next generation mobile devices.  Cloud client computing replaces the outdated computing model of the unsecure, unreliable, energy-intensive and expensive PC, all while delivering lower TCO and a superior user experience.  Wyse has shipped more than 20 million units and has over 200 million people interacting with their products each day, enabling the leading private, public, hybrid and government cloud implementations worldwide.  Wyse partners with industry-leading IT vendors, including Cisco®, Citrix®, IBM®, Microsoft, and VMware® as well as globally-recognized distribution and service partners.  Wyse is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S.A., with offices worldwide.  More information can be found at or by calling 1-800-GET-WYSE.

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  • http://Website rahlquist

    Pocket Cloud rocks, nothing like controlling you desktop from virtually anywhere with your phone. Granted the price is higher than some apps but its worth every penny and it does NAT traversal quite well.

  • Vazguard

    I use it on a semi-daily basis, for putting files in my Dropbox or the like. A great, well-designed app that is extremely easy to set up. Why would anyone not want this app?

    • http://Website squirtgun

      Not to bash on this app (I really have nothing against it) but if, for example, the functionality you really need is to manage your neat little Linux/BSD/whatever server then this app is overkill. All you need then is a terminal emulator capable of using the ssh protocol.

  • kenwick

    This is the best app that i have found to control my computer when i’m not next to it. I have tried other remote desktop apps and none seemed to work for me. I couldn’t log in. Until i found this app. It’s the first one that actually works just like they say it does.

  • http://Website sirrom

    Well, all of you people must know something that I don’t, because I have the free version of Wyse for my EVO 4G, and it won’t even load my computer’s home screen without getting disconnected. Do any of you have any tips that would help me use this?

    • http://Website Steve

      I also have the EVO 4G and am having the same problem.

  • http://Website Magnus

    I’ve found this the best remote app as well. However, there is one major annoyance that had me looking at alternatives. It seems to be quite incompatible with Swype. When swyping words with double-letters, for example “spelling”, it comes out “speling”. Double-letters just don’t get passed through to the remote computer. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Malik Wahaj Ahmed

    Well with much increase in the hype of Cloud. This app will be a winner and we all are remote friendly people now so this app will be rocking for next 5 years or so !

  • juke

    I’m using Is not as advanced as pocket cloud but it can be used with any OS and you don’t have to install any additional software on your computer.

  • Anjum Hashir

    This remote app will proves to be one of the best and i am one of the fond of pocket cloud.