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EA Mobile brings The Sims 3 to Android

Better late than never right? The Sims 3 launched on the iPhone over a year ago, but EA Mobile just uploaded the popular game to the Android Market where it is currently selling for $4.99. The Sims 3 was previously available on the T-Mobile Vibrant as an exclusive, but this is the first time that anyone can purchase it from the official Market.

EA Mobile just launched Need for Speed in the Market earlier today so that brings their total number of games in Google’s store up to four. We already know they are also bringing Madden NFL 11 to the Android Market sometime next year, so it looks like EA Mobile is ramping up their Android efforts. Hopefully our friends at Gameloft recognize this and they also begin to embrace the Android Market.

Check out the full list of EA Mobile’s games for iPhone and let us know which titles you hope to see in the Android Market.

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  • http://Website Nikita

    It was first available on the Vibrant.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the correction. I knew it was a Tmo phone :)

  • http://Website Alex

    The Vibrant was the one that had the Sims 3 as an exclusive. The MyTouch 4G has RockBand.

  • g.isreal

    Put a v-neck on that Sim and you got Christopher Chavez.

  • http://Website Mike D

    I bought it and have been playing for 20 minutes or so and I have to say it isn’t that much fun. Maybe I am just used to the full game on my computer. So far I have noticed you can’t build a house, just edit existing, and buy a small selection of furniture, etc. I think I will stick to the computer version.

    Fun if you don’t have the whole thing I would imagine.

  • http://Website grey

    This has got to be related to the reduction of the refund period for market purchases? You think?

  • mark

    I want Battlefield. I used to be in a clan when BF1942 was big. Man I miss that.

  • http://Website jack

    price is way too much!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      When you consider the game is over 1 year old and selling for $0.99 on the iPhone you have a valid point.

  • http://Website Wesley

    I won’t be downloading the sims game, but I did purchase nfs shift earlier today and it runs very smoothly on my Evo. EA’s graphics are on par with gameloft, if not better. We really ought to support them as they try to bring “real” games to the market. EA gets my $5, and I will not buy anything else from gameloft unless it’s from the market.

  • http://Website tom

    runs great on my nokia n900 : )

  • http://Website andrew

    installed the game. played for about 20 mins then the game force closed after trying to read a book in a neighbors bookshelf. the error message that I got was wierd because it said that I didn’t have enough memory when i have 6 gigs left still. i rebooted my phone to see if that’s all it needed. Well now it won’t load at all. It’ll load 2% and then crash with no force close. it does the same thing over and over now and will not load at all.

    also, download only using wifi because otherwise you have a couple hours wait time to download it. if you have the new Market update, 15 minute refund time isn’t enough to download and play and test. if you’re still on 24 hour refund, it wouldn’t matter if you did it on 3g/4g or wifi. im on mytouch 4g.

    • http://Website Nate

      When it says memory it doesn’t mean storage space, it means ram.

  • http://Website archboy69

    Maybe it is me but I don’t understand the point of Sim? What am I suppose to do with this character…move him/her around the screen and do what? Okay maybe I’ll try it and see. I’m still not convinced. LOL

  • http://Website Mark

    $4.99? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Dream on, EA. Dream on…loons.

  • http://Website John

    As comparing to prices of the I-phone, where it’s 99 cents, $5 looks like a huge ripoff. Though really as far as polished 3d games go you have very little options, so they will get away with it until there is more competition. I admit to buying it, I wanted a cool android 3D game- and there it was. I’m sure in 6 months, we’ll start to see it get in more line with the IPhone price range. You also have to remember the Iphone OS has the advantage of the IpodTouch users, who are often kids who will buy even more games (hence they can sell a lot many at a lower price point).

  • http://Website casiwito

    dont purchase. lost $5 after purchasing this game and it failing to load on my android. with the market’s new 15 minute refund policy it was impossible for me get a refund. dont bother purchasing this game or any other EA game that you cant demo. be prepared to lose $5.

  • http://Website Bine

    The price was 0,77 € and it workes perfect on my Galaxy S!
    Downloaded 2 days ago :)

  • http://Website nats

    Does it work for at&t android phones because I can’t find it on my market?

  • http://Website Whistlebritches

    I see a price of $4.99 here on this site, but it says $.99 on the market. Maybe that’s why I’m having such a problem getting it to purchase and download to my samsung epic?

  • http://Website Juan

    I downloaded it from the market for $.99 USD i love it!

  • http://Website taticat

    I don’t know what this article is talking about I’ve had my Droid for a month and the price for Sims 3 has always shown as .99 cents. Aside from not being able to build I like it. You can’t expect all of the features of a $50 game for such a low price. Stop being such whiney babies.

  • http://Website Carl

    Hello, just bought the game. And I was wondering if it was possible to create a family, and not just have one sim for each file?

    Much appreciated :)

  • http://Website Jill

    Wth, when I go to the droid market the sims 3 says its $7.99 to purchase?

  • KellyP

    It won’t let me download for Acer Iconia A500. :-(

  • kayla

    i cant find it anywhere :( sansung intercept