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Gameloft launches 10 new HD games, offers Hero of Sparta for free

Most of our readers know how we feel about Gameloft by now. They make awesome 3D games for Android, but their online store has had some issues and we have a hard time recommending it to anyone.

Gameloft fixed their billing errors, but we still have one major complaint about their online store. Whenever you purchase a game from Gameloft, you are only allowed to install it on the device you bought it with. Gameloft will allow you to re-download the game if you wipe your phone, change your phone number, or even switch carriers, but you can not move your purchases from an old device to a new one.

For example, I just got a Nexus S this week. I know that the 9 Gameloft games I previously purchased will work on the phone because I’ve played them on a Galaxy S device, but now I have to buy them again if I want to play them. On Google’s Android Market, you can re-download paid apps as many times as you want to any device you own as long as you are signed in with your Google account.

Today Gameloft put up a new video to announce 10 new HD games for Android. New games coming in December include Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Let’s Golf 2, Gangstar Miami Vindication, Shrek Kart Racing, Real Soccer 2011, Brother in Arms 2, Spiderman Total Mayhem, Fishing Kings, Oregon Trail, and GT Racing. I’ve already purchased 3 of these games, but I can’t play them anymore since I moved on to a new device.

In order to promote the new games, Gameloft is now offering Hero of Sparta for free. If you have a problem with buying Gameloft games, at least check out this free download and let us know what you think. Unlike recent freebies, this is actually the full version of the game and not a demo.

The easiest way to download Hero of Sparta is to visit directly from your phone.

The Nexus S is not officially supported right now, but I was able to trick Gameloft’s store by telling it I was using an Epic 4G and I got Hero of Sparta installed.

So like we always say, Gameloft has the best 3D games for Android that money can buy, but just remember that your purchase is limited to the device you buy it with.

Source: Gameloft

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  • http://Website Surge

    Can’t download it no matter what i do…..looks like a continued story of gameloft fail

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What device do you have?

      • http://Website Derek

        I have the Captivate and its not even supported. when the website sends me a link to my phone via SMS and I click on the link I get an error telling me no games are available for my device. Even though they have the i9000, Fascniate, Epic 4G, and Vibrant. What a F’ing crock Gameloft is. I’d never buy a game from them.

        • daveloft

          Just do it from the desktop and tell them you have an i9000.

          • http://Website codecthelios

            how do you download on the desktop web page??? there’s no link . Just wants to send it to my phone via sms. Ive got a captivate with side-loading enabled. DOESN’T GAME LOFT WANT MY MONEY ?!

          • daveloft

            I would suggest paying by credit card. Then once purchased if you don’t get the SMS don’t fret. Just go to your email, it has an actually download link for the game.

        • http://Website ncb1397

          That is because the Captivate isn’t supposed to support sideloading..but it does if you know what you are doing.

  • http://Website Guy

    You say the downloads are limited to the device you buy them for first off, I purchased NOVA and Asphalt 5 for my Desire, after I got my Galaxy Tab I emailed their customer support and they were more than happy to give me updated apks of the HD versions after they checked my details.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That’s really nice they did that for you, but their official policy is one device per purchase.

      • http://Website GGuy

        I am aware of that, and was shocked when they offered me downloads, especially as I had emails from a few of their customer support team. But they do seem to be improving their game.

        • http://Website Ric

          I’ve also re-downloaded a couple times after a quick email!

    • jivemaster

      Frankly you shouldn’t have to ask. If something like this happened on apple devices people wouldn’t tolerate it. God knows how the non tech-head android users deal with gameloft’s crap.

      It’s a classic example of drm – it hurts the legit customers and lets the pirates continue to roam free.

      Here’s an idea, put it on the official market for a reasonable price, and have a secondary file to download. Then have a license check relating to your google account. None of this device specific crap. None of this ridiculous private store bullshit.

      Namco and EA – bigger and better developers of games do this gameloft, so why can’t you?

  • http://can'tdownloadonnexuss elad

    no matter what i try, when i go to the website with the device, the drop down for devices doesnt work and when i do it from the pc and say i have an epic4g, it sends me a link that makes me put in my carrier and when i say t-mobile it says that there are no available games for my mobile…
    wtf? how did you do it?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I cheated and used a Galaxy S to download the install file then I emailed it to my Nexus S.

      • Dr.Jeckyl

        This just blows your last sentence of the article away. How can they claim this is their DRM or whatever they call it? This can’t possibly be the reason they keep their games from the market?

        I would LOVE to buy all of their games but with the recent holes in their game lately I have a hard time trusting them. I say no market, no sale… for me anyways.

  • Ikai Lan

    I downloaded Hero of Sparta, and though I never opened the app once, every hour or so I get a “Hero of Sparta” force close button.

    I uninstalled. I’d wait until these issues are sorted out.

  • http://Website Shane

    When I went to there website and chose my phone it froze but refreshing the webpage made the form come back. Beware, they make you download an app called “100% HD games” before they send you to the download link…

  • http://Website Mocha K

    I downloaded Hero of Sparta, but force closes at the main screen. Samsung Vibrant

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    sigh, of course being on good ol’ at&t I don’t even have any options to download. Tried anyway. As soon as I click AT&T gameloft tells me there is no games for my device. Even though I could sideload these like I do every other apk I want to install that’s not on the market, I don’t even have that choice.

    GG gameloft. GG.

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      I should say GG gameloft and AT&T, as its not really either of their fault until you put them together. They should seriously start working together, their business ethics are nearly the same.

    • daveloft

      Just don’t say you have AT&T, it doesn’t matter what you pick. Just pick something. Once you have the apk use the Android Central Side Loading Wonder app to install it.

  • MitchRapp81

    just go on the link, then use Chrome-To-Phone

    the game is 3mb, then there’s like 200mb of data to download (hurray for 25mbit WIFI)

    the intro cutscene is pretty cool for a damn phone game…

  • http://Website mike

    how do i install on captivate

  • McLovin

    “96 MB Remaining to download, extra data charges may apply depending on your carrier.”


    I guess I won’t be doing this until I get home and on the Wifi.

    No wonder the wireless carrier’s are so happy with the new FCC’s pay-as-you-go rules.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    I want to get it on my Galaxy Tab, but I have to pay for each text message. I tried sending the messgage to my Aria or other phones in the house, so that I can enter the link into my tab, but it wouldn’t work. Does it detect what device you have or something? Or is the message link not working for me?

  • IHTCEvo

    You can keep downloading the same game if you have the apk. That’s what I do :)

  • http://Website @NEIDLINGER

    checking out Hero of Sparta now.

  • Mike

    It’s a pretty damn fine game though… Clearly they gave it away free because of some of the shortcomings of the animation but other than that it’s pretty damn good considering the price… FREE!

    • Mike

      Oh and I forgot to mention, I am playing it on an Evo 4g.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      shortcomings ? maybe we’re not playing the same game. if u compare it to playing a console game on a 50inch screen it has shortcomings, but on a 4inch screen its absoultely amazing. very smooth, no lag on my G2, i would have paid for this game.

  • http://Website Joseph

    Just tried to download. Paid games don’t even work.

  • daveloft

    Everyone champions the openness of Android, at least when it benefits the user. But as soon as a company uses the openness to try something different, everyone hates it and says ‘if it’s not on the Android Market I’m not buying it’. If that’s your opinion why not just buy an iPhone where everything is in iTunes and the App Store. I chose Android for choice.

    My phone is one that’s supported so I just go to to buy the games, it works and I have never had an issue through their mobile web portal.

    If you have a new phone thats not listed like the Nexus S or are unfortunately using AT&T just go to the desktop site and say you have a Galaxy S or that you are with Verizon, it really doesn’t matter if you pay by credit card. You can re download your games at any time and you just have to email them if your moving devices and they will send you new apk’s. Gameloft has always been good to respond to my emails and have always taken care of me. That’s more than I can for a lot of companies.

    The blind hatred for this company is humorous.

    • http://Website Adam of Troy

      Their own market to skirt the return policies? Having to ask to transfer games from your old phone? No reason for hate, really? And look what it comes down to is less markets not more markets, the platform doesn’t need people coming to it and not seeing the good games ‘cuz people didn’t know they were hidden away on some private store… Yeah Gameloft has some pretty legit reasons for feeling the wrath.

      • http://Website @neidlinger

        I’ve never had any problems moving games WITH data from one phone to another. It’s called titanium backup. Works VERY well.

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    i hope they make no money cuz there acting like babies with this market place crap. gameloft should imagine how much money there losing with this move. oh well i refuse to buy until i see it in the android market.

  • http://Website Txasbubba

    My problem is that, when I log in and check my account, there is no record of my purchase so I cannot download the game I purchased again. And given that their games can’t be moved to the SD card (at least the ones that I have), I can’t keep them all on the phone.

    I won’t buy another Gameloft product for my phone.

  • http://Website Marcofromda510

    Pretty awsome game so far, worked quick and easily so far. My Touch 4G, Still need to look into the other app that had to be downloaded first, and see if i need it in order to play the game still

  • Rosjer

    Not free downloading from Norway :(

  • http://Website Leto Atreides

    Is Hero of Sparta no longer free? It lists at $4.99 for me, TMobile HTC G2.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    I missed my chance. It is 4.99 now

  • http://Website Doc Hogan

    Not free from Raleigh, NC, USA anymore either. $4.99

  • http://Website Mark

    I’ve downloaded Spiderman Total Mayhem and all I get the GameLoft logo and the intro, then the game blacks out. It stops loading.

    I talked to GameLoft and they instructed me to delete it and download the game again, but it still does not work after 2nd download.

    The game automatically downloads to the phones memory and not the SD card. Has anyone had this or a similar issue? Can someone please help? Thx.


  • http://Website Andy

    Darn my procrastination! :^(

  • mavricxx

    Please bring this game to the Playbook!

  • http://Website vasu


  • http://Website tirat