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Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 2 has not been announced for Android [yet]

UPDATE: Gameloft tweeted that N.O.V.A. 2 is coming to Android at a later date than the iOS launch of December 16th.

PREVIOUS: So now that we know Gameloft is making new games for Android again, I think we have a pretty good idea of their next big surprise for Android. Gameloft is doing some amazing things for iOS, but Android will soon have more powerful hardware and then they will really be able to raise the bar for mobile gaming.

I think it is highly likely we will see Gameloft produce a flagship title for the next-generation of Android hardware and that game is N.O.V.A. 2.

The game has not been officially announced for Android by Gameloft yet, but I think we could see it within the next month. I have nothing to back this up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a demo of the game at next month’s CES when Sanjay Jha holds his first media event for the new Motorola Mobility and whips out the Tegra 2-powered Honeycomb tablet.

We already know that these Tegra 2 products (Etna, Everest, and Olympus) are Sanjay’s baby so he must want some statement apps and games to show off the power of this new class of devices. NVIDIA said their Tegra 2 offered 5x faster gaming performance over the current generation so we know their games could look better than anything we have seen on iOS so far.

I used to think there was some Gameloft conspiracy involving Apple that was preventing these games from coming to Android, but I think it was the youth of Google’s app store that slowed the adoption of the platform. The last time we asked a Gameloft representative why they kept their best games to their online store they responded, “The Android platform is still rather new, we are trying out different methods of distribution to see what works best.”

Now that Google has started updating the Market (with some big changes like the 15 minute refund window and upping the app size to 50 MB), we can find no reason for Gameloft to continue to ignore it. They are a business that wants to make money and if the Android Market finally offers them that opportunity they are going to dive right in. Now is the time for Gameloft to establish their brands on Android before the big players start to move in and eat up their market share.

If you are a gaming fan, check out the teaser videos of N.O.V.A. 2 and then tell me if this game is worthy of being a Honeycomb launch title. I’d pay $4.99 for it, how about you?

Via: Gameloft

Source: N.O.V.A.

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  • http://Website leo

    gameloft already confirmed nova 2, asphalt 6 and dungeon hunter 2 when asked about them on their twitter account

    “@Heirek Yes! There are plans to release these games for select Android devices. :) 1:06 AM Dec 9th via web in reply to Heirek”

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’ve seen that, but “these games” is not very specific and we know how facebook and Twitter messages get mixed up.

      • daveloft

        Yeah but the tweet was directed to the person who asked if NOVA 2 and Asphalt 6 are coming to Android. It seems likely to me. I’m certain it’s in the works, but I don’t think we will be seeing them anytime soon.

        The next four releases for Android will be:

        GT Racing: Motor Academy HD
        Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD
        Real Golf 2011 HD
        Shrek Kart HD

  • http://Website steve

    Gameloft has only announced Nova 2 for iOS.

    Considering that they just now released Brothers in Arms 2, its likely you’ll have to wait a while for Nova 2.

    Brothers in Arms 2 was released to iOS devices several months ago.

    I’m unsure if Android has “Modern Combat 2″ already but that game was released last September for iOS devices, which was made by Gameloft.

    Since Gameloft probably hasn’t released MC2 yet for android, I think Nova 2 won’t be released to Android until after Honeycomb is released.

    • daveloft

      Nope they have announced it for Android as well, check Twitter.

  • IHTCEvo

    Apple might have to release the Iphone 5 early to keep up with the current tech.

    • http://Website Gee

      There’s no doubt that the Android hardware is and will always be ahead of the iPhone for at least 11 out of the 12 months of the year. That said, the iPhone has the advantage of only having 2-3 devices to support. It’s quicker/easier to squeeze out the iPhone’s potential because of that. I’ve yet to see a Android game that rivals the graphics of some of iPhone’s best games.

      No doubt this will be down ranked too.

      • Rosjer

        Few devices to support would be good if it was’nt as locked as IOS is, however i totally agree with your reasoning tho :) +1

  • http://Website Derek

    I’m not sure how upping the app size to 50mb in the Android Market means that there is “ reason for Gameloft to continue to ignore it.” The first NOVA is 187mb in the app store. As hardware performace increases, so will the sizes of these top tier games that take advantage of it.

    • daveloft

      The extra storage space will not convince Gameloft but the 15 minute return policy might. Combine that with the growing popularity of Android and the communities hatred towards the Gameloft store. Hopefully we will see them hit the market.

      Also If you have ever bought an Android game from Gameloft you would know each of their games is less than 10MB.

      Once that is installed it downloads anywhere from 75 – 300MB to your storage card.

      This is necessary for a device like the Nexus One which only has 180MB of app storage.

  • http://Website Beem

    Android market is not global at all. I’m waiting for it.

  • http://Website Eero

    This game works with my 2st generation iphone

    • pechano

      English not 1nd language? xD

  • http://Website john jensen

    duke nukem forever has not been annonced for android [yet]

  • http://Website Mark

    Until we start seeing 16GB memory (minimum) on most Android devices and Google takes off that silly app memory cap, Android will always be a step or two behind iPhone gaming. RT.

  • http://Website RealGame22

    Reminds me of Halo.

  • http://Website jay

    i am a keen believer in supporting developers, even gameloft,, 100 games for ios and only 12-13 for android come on gameloft get your finger out your ass i got lots and lots £££££ for you!, now supply the games.

  • http://Website jeff

    I used to hate the fps games on phones but after buying nova i changed that opinion. Some are still not great but novas auto aim assist and controls rock. Look forward to nova 2!!