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Hands on Madden NFL 11 for Android

EA Mobile’s Madden NFL 11 just came to Android in the recent Droid X update and now we are getting our first look at it. This game remains a Verizon exclusive where they are selling it for $9.99, but evidence suggests that EA Mobile will eventually start selling their games in the Android Market.

We already spotted that Need for Speed Shift was headed to the Android Market this year, so we would hope to eventually see Madden NFL 11 unless it remains a Verizon exclusive (which really wouldn’t surprise us).

For an idea of what you might be able to purchase and play one day, check out the hands on video from Kellen of Droid Life. The graphics don’t look that mind-blowing, but it’s the best looking football game I’ve seen on Android and I’m excited to one day play Madden on my phone.

In our current poll we are trying to find out how much users are willing to spend for a premium Android game and the majority of votes so far have said $5-10. Madden is currently at the top end of that range, but we will have to wait and see what the final pricing is (if it hits the Market).

Source: Droid Life

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  • http://Website Mark

    Should have been FIFA 11.

    Verizon are like the Apple in the Android world. What’s with all this “exclusive” shit now? I hope Android devs don’t start selling out like this. This will only hurt Android in the long run. Surely, EA are smarter than this. Not only are they limiting their customer base by using only Verizon but they’re also limited to just the Droid X.

    • http://Website Hans

      Didn’t T-Mobile or someone do the same for NFS?

  • http://Website Joe

    Having a droid x and trying this game, I would say it is a good game but not for 10 bucks. 5 would be a better price. Makes me happy owning a droid x, but also worries me that other things like this will happen in the future that are on other devices

  • http://Website kam

    that’s pretty nice. i wouldnt mind purchasing it

  • Kyle Williams

    What live wallpaper is that?

  • jigjags

    yeah i like the wallpaper ..anyone know what it is..?

    • http://Website theundeadelvis

      Accidentally posted this as a new comment and not a reply first. Oops. Anyway…

      The wallpaper is Light Grid. There’s a free and paid version. I have the free version and it is pretty cool, and very customizable.

  • http://Website theundeadelvis

    The wallpaper is Light Grid. There’s a free and paid version. I have the free version and it is pretty cool, and very customizable.

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Nice looking game, XDA how long will it take to make this game available for the other high end Android phones (we all know they can do it). Seems as if Verizon wants it all, you want an Android phone go to Verizon hey I’m looking for an iphone go to Verizon. All they need is that Stables easy button (we have all your busniess “That was easy)

    • http://Website Jayce

      In my experience, EA’s motto is “We’ll take that dollar and F*&^ the customer every time!”

      So, no, don’t look forward to the game.

  • http://Website The Shrike

    Madden will never be on a non-Verizon (or non-Motorola) device, not until Verizon (and Motorola’s) exclusivity deals with the NFL run out.

  • http://Website TheBiggRippa420

    aahahahaaaa suuuuuckkks for ANYONE that doesnt have a DROID X! Cause EVERYTHING has worked FLAWLESSLY rooted or not and games are the SHIIT!!

    • http://Website Jayce

      I hope you enjoy EA’s taste, because they’re gonna keep giving you the same thing they have for years. They’ll give you a buggy game, because they can. You’ll keep buying, right? They’ll give you essentially the same game, but they’ll add a buzzword somewhere. You’ll keep buying, right?

      Worst part is, you’ll be satisfied, because its all you’ve ever had.

  • http://androidandme quinton

    Madden 11

  • Josh

    I typically pay no more than $5-10 for my Steam games. No way am I paying the same for a silly app.