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Madden 2011 coming to Android via Droid X software update

Football fans can now rejoice thanks to the news that EA Mobile is bringing Madden NFL 11 to Android. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to purchase the game because it looks like it will be an exclusive for the Droid X and be included in the next software update from Verizon.

EA Mobile has ported some of their other big franchises like Need for Speed to Android, but they have followed the Gameloft strategy and avoided the official Android Market in order to sign exclusive deals with the carriers and handset makers.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from EA Mobile. We would like to see more of their games on Android and hopefully be able to purchase them in the official Market one day. A quick visit to EA Mobile’s site still list the G1 as the only supported Android phone, so clearly they have their work cut out for them.

We don’t know for sure when this new OTA update will hit the Droid X, so keep your eyes on Verizon’s support site for more details.

From EA Mobile: NEVER SEEN AN NFL GAME LIKE THIS. With stunning graphics that set a whole new visual standard, MADDEN NFL 11 delivers the most authentic NFL experience ever made for the App Store. Change the game on defense with Total Defensive Control. TDC. Get into quicker offensive rhythm with GameFlow. And receive an unprecedented level of graphic quality that will pull you into the action on a whole new level. Are you ready for MADDEN NFL 11?

Via: Droid Life

Source: Verizon Support

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  • http://Website dsim91

    This is probably the best news I’ve had about the DX can’t wait to play me some madden

    • jjl84

      Agreed. Biggest reason to give up my custom ROM for awhile. Only question I have is it the full version? If so, that’s amazing to get a free game 5 months after I bought my phone. Thanks Verizon, just don’t let me find out you have a deep dark ulterior motive behind this :)

  • http://Website Gee

    Ahhh, Verizon locking down even more apps and games. It’s time for everyone’s favorite word: Fragmentation.

  • AndroidFTW

    Another reason im glad i chose the Droid X!!!!

  • http://Website yhg

    Verizon must be shelling out a shit load of the green stuff for an exclusivity on a title of this magnitude because otherwise EA would allow it on more devices so they could sell more. Still, I don’t understand why verizon would limit it to just the DX. They have several capable devices and since they are paying for exclusivity you would think they would want to put it on any device they have that can run it…

    Either way…F U Verizon and EA!!!!

  • http://Website rick

    quick backup with Titanium and the apk will be available on XDA in no time at all

    • http://Website Grrr

      Ah, good ol’ piracy. That should stimulate more development on Android.

      • http://Website rick

        is it really piracy if the app is not available for another phone other then a droid X and you find a way to install it on say a Vibrant? Not saying I would not buy it if I could but they are only making it available for the droid x.

  • http://Website Dave D

    Speaking of EA Mobile games, did anyone else notice in the thick of todays Nexus S/Gingerbread announcements, the ‘winter 2010′ release date for Need For Speed Shift on the Android Market.

    See for yourselves in this link to the official Nexus S website:!/features

    Under the photo of the Nexus S running Need For Speed Shift it says:

    ‘Need for Speed Shift from EA available on Android Market winter 2010′

  • http://Website Jampac

    This is really good news, I just got done playing madden on 360 lol. Only thing is I never feel the same playing a game like this on a phone or PC, I just need the controller for my moves to work great. That game with an playstation or 360 controller working on the phone like the wii controller would be the all time greatest creation ever though

  • http://Website mikevo

    Thanks for tetris and soccer ea. I’d easily shell out 5 bones for this. Tired of my bro in law asking if I have it yet with his iPhone open to it. Ugh

  • http://Website haz

    I couldn’t care less about some stupid sports game… I want my goddamn update for the DX so it’s Wi-Fi works, it can actually read MP3 files without erroring out, and so it will let me access the battery manager screen without crashing.
    Where the fuck is that update, eh Verizon?

    • http://Website Dingusweenie

      I’m sure they’ll jump right on that now, just for you.

    • http://Website Dingusweenie

      Oh, and this IS part of that update which you’re asking so nicely for…lol…taun-taun.

  • http://Website 666

    Still waiting for FIFA 11…

  • http://Website Mark

    Should have been FIFA 11. Anyway, if it’s not on the market, I’m not downloading it. Period.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    I will never live this down at work once a certain co-worker with a DX finds out about this…

    Thanks EA!


  • http://Website Jaxon

    Hello get it out I’ve been waiting 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Jayce

    I was actually going to buy an EA game. I haven’t done so in years, since I’ve been fed up with their abysmal quality on PC (i.e. if you buy the game within a year of release, you are a de facto beta tester), but this one I was going to get. Then it turns out that they signed a carrier exclusive deal. Wow. I had the first happy thought I’ve had since I made the mistake of buying NFL Head Coach, and it turns out that EA took the money and ran, as usual.

    So I am back to my default position: if it is an EA game, I don’t bother to look any further. That is all I need to know.

    It will be interesting if anyone can outbid them for the NFL exclusive license when it comes up (2016?), because that is what is actually keeping this company afloat. I hope they sink like the titanic.