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Save your time and money, avoid Gameloft’s store for Android games

UPDATE:  Gameloft has identified a billing error and issued an apology to their customers.

PREVIOUS:  This past weekend I purchased three games from Gameloft’s online store and to my surprise it was the first time I was able to install each game to my phone on the first try and each transaction went through without a problem. Or so I thought.

Today I got a fraud alert email from my bank because they detected irregular debit card activity. When I logged into my account to check my recent purchases, I found that Gameloft had charged me four separate times for Brothers in Arms 2. It’s one of the best game’s I’ve played on my Android phone, but I’m not quite sure it is worth the $20 that I was charged.

If this was my first negative experience with Gameloft it might be forgivable, but I have experienced problems with their online store every single time I have attempted a purchase.

It turns out I’m not the only one to experience the multiple billing issue. Another reader shared a similar story in the comments of my last Gameloft article.

MikeyDroid writes about his recent Gameloft experience, “The real issue… they triple charged my card buying the game which forced a hold / fraudulent charges on my debit card. After three emails, I haven’t received a single response in about a week. Gameloft has zero credibility with me and I’d expect a company as large as them to be able to handle such a simple task.”


Caution: This might happen to you when you purchase from Gameloft.

Another frequent issue with Gameloft’s system is their My Downloads section of the site which lets you re-download games that you already purchased. Initially they limited your purchase to a single download, but we complained loud enough that they changed that policy.

Of the 8 games I have purchased from Gameloft, only 3 are available for me to re-download. I’ve emailed their support about the issue, but have yet to receive a response.

Finally, my last gripe with Gameloft is that they have no system in place that allows you to easily update a game after it has already been installed.

I’ve tried to be patient with Gameloft and I even reached out to their PR team several times, but I think I’m on their bad list after I wrote their online store sucked. The point of this article is not to get their attention, but to warn other customers about the frustrations they might experience if they try to buy from Gameloft.

Why is Gameloft avoiding the Google’s Android Market, but fully supporting Apple’s App Store? I wish I knew, but I’ve never been able to get a real answer. The last time I asked that question a Gameloft representative responded, “The Android platform is still rather new, we are trying out different methods of distribution to see what works best.”

The Android Market might still be considered “rather new” by some people in the industry, but at least it works. Hopefully Gameloft reconsiders their support for the Android Market and uploads more of their awesome games. In the mean time, I can not recommend buying from their online store.

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  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    F*** Gameloft.

  • BrockAtkinson

    It’s not that the Android Market is “new”, it’s that it’s possible to sideload apps and get all the profit for yourself. Whereas with the App Store, there is absolutely no other way to install apps onto a phone (without jailbreaking, that is).

    I’m personally going to wait until they’re on the Android Market. Even if it’s more expensive (if they want to make the same money as a $5 game, they can sell it for $7 and I’ll still buy it). If it stays on their site, it’ll be cheaper (unless they charge your card multiple times over, obviously).

    Also, I’ve got an Archos 70 which runs Android but can’t receive SMS messages, but can access the Market. So I couldn’t even play my games on there.

    No, I’ll wait.

  • http://Website levelm

    +1 Avoid

    Nothing but headaches and frustration when dealing with Gameloft and their online store.

  • http://Website monkeydroid

    This is why I pirate Gameloft games. Because of crap like this.

    • http://Website Phaise

      Im sure you and all the other pirates will find anything to latch on to justify stealing people’s work.

      Fact is Gameloft is messed up, but we might not have this issue if it wasn’t for people like you.

      • http://Website monkeydroid

        All I heard was blah blah and more blah. I will always buy an app if I respect the work AND practices of the developer. However, Gameloft has chosen to make it difficult for their customers to buy, download and even use their apps. When they make their work available in the market I will be more than happy to buy them. Not only that, they should also implement licensing if they are that concerned about pirating.

        • http://Website JJL84

          Yeah, I steal stuff from Target all of the time because I don’t like their return policy. What a bunch of BS. If you don’t like their policies, don’t shop there. But don’t use it as an excuse to pirate their games. If you’re going to steal, then you’re going to steal, but don’t try to justify it.

          It’s people like you that keep all of the good devs away from Android…it’s hard to justify spending time/money developing a game when you can’t make any money off of it. Should Gameloft use the Market? Absolutely. I just hate people’s excuses for stealing.

          • http://Website Phaise

            Its a sad day when 70 plus people can give a thumbs up to a comment blatantly advocating stealing someone’s time and effort spent making a game.

            You obviously like the game enough to want it but you wont pay for it, and then you wonder why the iphone gets decent apps while we dont.

            I in no way endorse Gameloft’s crappy way of selling their games, but you know what it is their game and they can sell any way they feel like it. You dont like their practices, fine then dont buy it. But to steal it and then go on and brag about it, honestly there are alot of you that need to gain some maturity

          • BrockAtkinson

            While I completely understand what you’re saying, if I had the ability to walk into Target, conjure an exact replica of one of their products, leave it there and walk out the door, I would probably do so, especially if I didn’t like their return policy.

            I’m not out of pocket, nor technically are they. Except they say they are, based on a ‘potential sale’ that they’ve lost, which you may or may not have bought anyway.

            However, if I buy a gameloft game for my Desire, and then (obviously) can’t port that to my Archos 70 (as it has no phone / SMS portion on it), am I in my rights to obtain that game for free, regardless of how dodgy that is?

          • BrockAtkinson

            I worded my last comment incorrectly.

            If I had a machine that could create an exact replica of anything I pointed it to, I would probably go to Target, scan what I wanted, then go home and recreate it perfectly. I’m not stealing the original, but I’m making a copy of it, so the original is not touched or altered in any way. I’m not ‘stealing’ their original, but I’m taking a potential sale of theirs.

            So when companies say that they lost 100 million dollars because of piracy, they’re kidding themselves; not all the people who pirated your software would have paid for it if they had to.

          • http://[email protected] unethical

            people talking about the fact that we shouldnt use pirated game-loft games because it’s stealing… Well I consider them charging my card 4 times for a single purchase stealing. when they stop doing that I’ll resume buying from game loft, until then however, I’m not risking getting swindled and will continue to use pirated game-loft games. When they stop the robbery, so will I.

    • http://Website frank

      ha i made a comment like this last time a gameloft article came out and got all negative responses … oh how the tides have turned

    • http://Website Rygle

      And people complain that devs aren’t making games for Android!

  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    There is a reason why Gameloft’s games are among the highest pirated games on the platform.

  • http://Website Semajhan

    I only support the android market and no other market as they all suck.

  • blankit

    gameloft can go lick monkeys b***s

  • Nick

    I feel you on this one. I purchased 1 game and got charged 3 times for it. I don’t understand how that happened but I learned my lesson quick when buying from Gameloft. Still now response from them after 2 months. >=(

  • http://Website dsim91

    The games I have play and look good but when im done playing them my phone is very buggy afterwards so im done with them anyways they can kiss my tip

  • schwiz

    I hope the other blogs pick this story up as well I hate companies that pull this type of shit.

  • http://Website khush

    I almost always avoid pirating any game because i try to think of myself in the developer’s shoes in this case im willing to pirate gameloft games i dont even play.

  • http://Website Mike

    When Gameloft first opened up to Android I quickly purchased two games. Didn’t have the multiple charges but both triggered fraud alerts. I know Gameloft is legitimate but how big of a clusterf*** is your online billing that it triggers a fraud alert!? As long as Gameloft shows up as a fraudulent charge on my bank account they’ll never have my business again.

  • http://Website Mike

    Ok people, to send them a message, be sure to charge back any added charges over what you agreed to pay. Just call your bank and they will do it for you. When there is no signature the process is pretty simple!

    If you paid $5 for one game, but was charged for it 4 times, charge back 3. I have an online merchant account, and there are fees from $20-35 every time you get a chargeback. So when you charge back 3 incorrect charges, they get hit with $60 in fees. If everyone does that they will get the message real quick and stop being evil.

    • http://Website matt

      This is an effective way to handle the situation, more people need to take advantage of this.

      • http://Website Danny


    • http://Website thebearingedge

      wait wait wait, don’t tell me this isn’t what people were doing right away….

  • http://Website schu

    i had the exact same scenario with the fraud alert but i was only charged twice. Gimme back my money GameLoft

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    Ahh, boy am I glad to see this article.. You were driving me nuts when you published the last one about giving them your $15! ;)

    I still haven’t heard a peep from Gameloft.. I’ve sent 3 professional, initially respectful and admittedly regressing emails and waited well over a week. I cleared up the hold on my card easily but my bank wouldn’t remove the fraudulent charges and told me I had to take it up with Gameloft.

    I truly do believe they will rectify this problem, I just can’t fathom such an established company pulling something like this, and now hearing that it’s from multiple people, maybe they’re getting hit hard by a ton of emails and have an issue on their end.. but I’m done giving them the benefit of the doubt. I just wish I knew how to pursue this issue further. I’ll be calling them tomorrow and see what comes from that.

    Feel free to email me any updates with your situation Taylor and if you have advice, I’m all ears.

    • http://Website DaveC

      >> bank wouldn’t remove the fraudulent charges and told me I had to take it up with Gameloft.

      I’d fire your bank as well

    • http://Website nexus one

      wow thank god i bank with citi bank not only did they instantly refunded my money after i explained i did not authorized gameloft’s charges on my account but 1 they immediately took care of it and decided to put up a case against gameloft seems like i wasnt the 1st one the rep explained lots of customers had already complained about it. good job Gameloft never buying anything from your store,

  • http://Website j

    ”Why is Gameloft avoiding the Google’s Android Market, but fully supporting Apple’s App Store? ”

    android market allow 50mb per application etc. dungeon hunter is more the 250mb how you want put this on android market?

    • http://Website B

      Thats 1 game

      • http://Website j

        Thats not only one game. Almost all HD game have more then 50 mb and this 50mb is only few days before was 25mb. What graphic you can have on 25mb game?

        If you have problem with payments use paypal

        • iSunday

          I smell a Gameloft sewer rat…

          I was going to suggest the same as someone else suggested. Home Run Battle 3D installs a game that downloads the 1st of the game and installs to SD. That has been a top game, and one of my favorites on Android.

        • daveloft

          Are you even an Android user, or just an iPhone user coming in here to talk shit.

          If you are an Android user then you must never buy anything.

          Any big game from the market has a small install file and then when booted downloads extra data to the SD. Every Gameloft game does this and it’s common for many games on the Android market.

          Stop talking if you don’t know what your talking about.

          • iSunday

            My guess is that he bought a Windows Phone instead of a Captivate because of an AT&T sales ‘specialist’, and now he’s just bitter.

          • http://Website firerock

            Thank you for speaking the truth! Almost all Gameloft games require you to download additional data onto SD. The actual install in the system is about 6-10mb.

            Please know the truth and don’t spread rumors!

    • Josh

      There are other ways to handle this. Look at ExZeus, a game that’s been on the market for over a year. They have you download an initial apk and then launch another download to get the game assets on your SD card. Hardly a perfect solution, but still an easy way around market size limits that has been well established for some time.

    • ViktorPrime

      true but all the games on there store are under 20mb and they download the bulk of they data to the sd card so they can take the main app and put it on the market

    • http://Website u sir are a moron

      wow i love when people think they know what theyre talking about but clearly u have no clue really..
      how is gameloft going to put a “250mb” on android market? simple like any other game gameloft has there put the option to app 2 sd pkus use wifi to download any additional content duh! you iphone user I Haz Iphone Epps!!

  • http://Website JohnP

    Not only the size of the app but also the fact that Android Market doesn’t segment the offer by phone. Altough they wanted to have the same iPhone experience (one development fitted for all phones), the fragmentation of Android handsets don’t allow to have the same game customized for all phones (different display sizes, etc). Android Market is a big shitty piece of online store experience, btw.
    Regarding the store problems, charge back and complain, that is a service killer.
    One thing I give to Gameloft, they’re the only ones pushing Android games to this level on Android, no one else is investing in this.

  • http://Website rags711

    Ive also purchased two games from them. Then later saw a billing on my carriers bill for the same two games that I purchased directly online for. I don’t like their policies and have already refused buy anymore games from them. Never did get that straightened out.

  • http://Website kevin

    I also purchased bia2 and I was charged twice. I am a big fan of gameloft games for Android but this is ridiculous

  • Degriz

    Have just upgraded my Android and now find the games want paying for again after I have already bought them…Fuck this shit. Asswipe GL cant even get their stupid intro videos right so fuck them.

  • NitroExpressNY


  • http://Website Kam

    they already had like a year to evaluate whether their method or google’s android market is better. quiet frankly, if it’s taking them this long to decide which model is better, then i would suggest them to leave the android market entirely. there more and more better game makers coming to android that i dont even care about gameloft. i purchased HAWX from them and i think it’s the last game i’ll purchase from them. i’m just going to wait until their HD games come to the market. plus they need better support for the games. way too many buyers are complaining about force close.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    I was considering buying some games from this company until I read this article. Now… i wont touch them. Someone should also report them to the BBB. This is very unprofessional.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    F*** Gameloft. Besides the fact that I was triple billed for a game I couldn’t even download it successfully. I tried multiple emails to contact them with NO success. I ended up having to dispute the charges and get refunded by my CC company.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I only have 2 Gameloft games and they were both free, because they had a promotion. I have been tempted to buy but after reading all these complaints about being double or tripple charged, I wont be buying from them. In fact I’m now more likely to start looking for pirated versions, which I NEVER do.

    I downloaded the free Dungeon Hunter recently and it downloaded a huge amount or files after the original APK install… so GL knows they can do this in the Market as well to avoid the 50mb limit. But they basically are scamming people. Now I’m wondering if maybe they even include spyware in their games. Why should we trust them not to?

  • http://Website Will

    I have a single Gameloft game… that I downloaded for free (legally) during their Black Friday giveaways. Thx to this article, I’m gonna stick with just this one.

  • http://Website Alex R.

    Same here, was charged 3 times for 1 no return emails from them. Do NOT support sh*tloft!

  • http://Website Mark

    Sounds like these fu**ing ball bag* are the typical brainwashed apple fans. They think apple has the most gb’s. They are acting just like Steve blowjo*s was in the flash issue. F*** gameloft, I’ll never buy another game from them.

  • http://Website tracksforhire

    i purchased in total 5 games from gameloft and bia2 was my last purchase i will not buy anymore if its not on the market. Gameloft can go suck a dick with aids on the tip!!!!!!

  • http://Website Dave

    After reading this I thought i’d check my onlinbe banking here in the UK. i Purchased Brothers in Arms two days ago and they have charged me twice for the 1 game, In my fury at gameloft I decided enough was enough and reported them to the fraud team at my bank.

  • pechano

    I am glad that this is finally the stance has taken against gameloft.

    In my last post in the last gameloft thread I basically came to the same conclusions. There is something shady about the whole gameloft thing, and now this new post just proves it.

    Thumbs up!

  • http://Website Roger

    Holy crap this is bullshit. Is there a number where we can call and complain?

  • http://Website Ric

    Are people doing it arse-ways or something? I’ve attempted, and successfully bought 3 games from them throughout the time that they’ve been on android, and had zero problems!

  • http://Website umox


    I propose a common action towards gameloft, let’s all ask about the reason they have been avoiding the android platform so far ! Maybe it will have no effect but they might understand the vastness of their mistake.


  • mikeyDroid

    I just got off the phone with GameLoft.. What lovely accents may I add.

    I explained the triple charges. The first thing he tells me is “Sir, what I’m going to ask you to do is send an email to our support team.” I let him know he can find the three I’ve already sent that I haven’t heard a response from. He puts me on hold for about 7 minutes, comes back saying he found my three emails and will escalate them to an Account Manager. He then said after they investigate, I should receive a confirmation that my card was credited within 24 hours. Lets hope this all actually happens now.

    It’s like I mentioned in my previous posts, I did believe this would be rectified, but seriously.. Given it was only a phone call and not the end of the world, my GameLoft experience has been awful and I expect any self respecting company to handle communicating via email. (shocking right?!).

    Will this stop me from ever buying a game from them again?…. It should, but I can’t say it will for sure. The temptation would have to be extremely high though. I’m sure they have or will lose a lot of customers from this stunt.

    So get on the phone, hassle them.. Don’t let them take advantage of you and get your money back!

  • mikeyDroid

    P.S. This all started from “Let’s Golf” on my Moto Droid.. The game is completely unplayable with 1-3 minute load times and lags to all hell.. I can’t completely blame them because I am rooted and maybe there’s an issue there. I’ve tried the game @600mhz / 900mhz/ 1150mhz, and there’s no difference in game performance.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    • iSunday

      Being rooted ‘shouldn’t’ cause a problem with the game. Having super-user access shouldn’t change anything about the way that an app is executed.

  • http://Website tim242

    The charges aren’t “fraudulent.” Fraudulent charges are ones that come from someone stealing your card, or info. Fraud charges are no fault of the merchant, therefore they would keep the money. The bank would have to file a fraud insurance claim to recover funds. Charging more than once for the same transaction is DUPLICATE TRANSACTIONS. This is a DISPUTE CASE, NOT A FRAUD CASE. The bank would take this money back from the merchant. They will require you to contact the merchant for resolution before the dispute is resolved. If this is on your debit card, banks will credit it back immediately while they dispute it. I explained this so you know how to confront and handle it. By the way, I used to work in the disputes dept, handling disputes and fraud cases for many banks.

    • mikeyDroid

      We understand that. I’m not afraid of them stealing my $15.. I use the word fraudulent charges because my bank put a hold on the card for potentially fraudulent charges. It’s the lack of responses and poor customer support they have and people should know what they’re getting into before they get into it. Clearly this is a major issue with how many people are getting burned by it, and sadly I’m sure some aren’t going to fight it.

      My bank didn’t and wouldn’t dispute, and it’s on my debit card. It was left in my hands.

  • http://Website tim242

    Whether they respond or not doesn’t matter. Duplicate transaction disputes always come out in the customers’ favor. It takes less than 5 minutes to do. I think this thing is being blown out of proportion. Duplicate transactions are usually a system error, not by people trying to double dip. It happens with lots of companies.

    • mikeyDroid

      >>Whether they respond or not doesn’t matter.

      Seriously?.. I personally don’t enjoy having my card on a hold after bank hours. I also enjoy a good customer / company relationship. If you’ve read all these posts people have been getting burned by this for months and if I saw a post like this before my purchase, I would have thought twice. If you know you have a billing issue as bad as this, I think the priority should be a tad higher to fix it.. And explain the issue and assure the customer it’ll be fixed.

      You’re right though, mistakes do happen.. I’d just like to see them care more about fixing it.

      For the record it took longer than 5 minutes to resolve :)

  • http://Website tim242

    They don’t know if your card was stolen or not A fraudulent hold is put on until they determine if you were the one that authorized the charge. I get those holds, when there is no billing issue at all. It happens anytime you use your card more than normal. I usually get gas once per week. If I do it 3 times in that week, that fraudulent hold pops up. Doesn’t mean the charges are fraudulent.

  • http://Website AC

    They charged you four times because their games are four times as amazing. What’s the problem here?

  • http://Website NeoGeo71

    I bought almost every game they make for android. The process was cumbersome. I was charged twice for one game. My credit card was frozen for fraud alert. My credit card company was easy to correct the alert. I called game loft the following day and was given a different game to download and one additional one as well. So they were more than helpful. And they are great games for the price.

    Coming from iPhone, I will continue to buy everything they put out on android. I want them to keep making games for android. Now the process could be better but all the childish comments about stealing the apps and [email protected](k gameloft do not help the dreadful game selection in the app store. Gameloft has some of the best titles on android at the moment. Support them, or other developers will not see $$$ to be had and abandon android or never invest In it in the first place. I agree they should charge more and put them in the market though….

  • thief

    people talking about the fact that we shouldnt use pirated game-loft games because it’s stealing… Well I consider them charging my card 4 times for a single purchase stealing. when they stop doing that I’ll resume buying from game loft, until then however, I’m not risking getting swindled and will continue to use pirated game-loft games. When they stop the robbery, so will I.

  • Potenspiller

    I’m personally going to wait until they’re on the Android Market. Even if it’s more expensive (if they want to make the same money as a $5 game, they can sell it for $7 and I’ll still buy it). If it stays on their site, it’ll be cheaper (unless they charge your card multiple times over, obviously).

    Also, I’ve got an Archos 70 which runs Android but can’t receive SMS messages, but can access the Market. So I couldn’t even play my games on there.

  • HackNet

    That is why at&t blocks third party apps. I’m sorry but I have to side with them on this one.

  • bloodymurderlive

    I bought 3 buy-one-get-one HD games, for a total six games. Cost me $18.00 total. Before I could even play all of the games, and before I finished any of them, my phone died and I had to change my number. I spoke with Gameloft’s customer service, so-called. Turns out, either of those scenarios alone is sufficient to forfeit your purchased games. That’s right … If some stalker gets ahold of your number, you have to choose between your Gameloft games or allowing yourself to be stalked. Gameloft has yet to thank me for my $18.00 donation. I say, screw Gameloft like they screwed me. You might be very happy with their games, until your phone breaks, you get a new phone, or you get a new number. When any of those things happen – and they WILL happen – you WILL get screwed by Gameloft and it’s not gonna be so fun anymore. GAME ELSEWHERE.

  • money

    F*ckin? remarkable things here. I am very happy to peer your post. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  • aneedroid

    Fuck Gameloft, VERY Greedy developer.

  • Ronn

    Just avoid any GameLoft game. They became money hog. There free games are not worth it. The coins, gold etc all cost so high and pop-ups appears here and there while playing. This is not the way.

    I don’t mind paying for game. Why not we all avoid this bullshit of paying for credits/gold/coins again and again? Why not bring back the classic model of Free with Ads and completely paid ones with no restriction?

    Look at GOF2 HD. That developer is decent. Even if they also sell credits but there is no way you can’t complete the game and own ships and latest weapons without it.

    GameLoft. Greedy Developer.

  • leonard creeley

    how do I remove the game on my phone,it’s a sony ericsson.

  • airsey96

    the only thing I know about this gameloft is that I have been paying them 10.00 a month on my cell phone bill since 2012 and I don’t even play games..??. I have been trying to figure out how to contact them, just recently, though, about how to take this charge off my bill..apparently, 5 times a month around the same time of day, 12:13 pm, I am charged 2.00 for a game..?? how can I finally resolve this?? please help!