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#TeamAndroid challenge, play Jet Car Stunts and win a free Android shirt

Jet Car Stunts from True Axis is my new favorite Android game. Just ask Clark how much I played it during the Christmas break. The title was first released on the iPhone over a year ago where it enjoyed a lot of success and I thought it would be wildly popular on Android too, but only 500 people have downloaded it as of this post.

In the game you control a half-car and half-jet vehicle which you race around some insane, upside-down tracks. There are 11 time trial levels, but the real fun comes from the 25 platforming levels. Using your jet engine and air-breaks, the goal of the game is to get your car from the start point to the finish line. It starts off super easy and then gradually ups the difficulty level as you progress through the game.

The absolute coolest feature of the game is the global leaderboards powered by Open Feint. Once you complete a track, your ghost run is uploaded to the Open Feint leaderboard and then you can challenge your friends to beat your fastest time. Most tracks can be completed in less than a minute, but you will be playing this game for hours if you start racing for the fastest times.

Since only 500 people have discovered this game so far, I thought we would issue a quick #TeamAndroid challenge to help promote the game. All you have to do is download the game and beat one of my high scores to win a free TeamAndroid shirt.

How to enter the #TeamAndroid challenge:

  1. Download Jet Car Stunts from the Android Market ($1.99)
  2. Add androidandme to your Open Feint friends list
  3. Unlock the Intermediate C course on Platforming mode and finish the course
  4. Leave a comment with your Open Feint name so we can email you

The prizes

Win a limited edition charcoal gray Team Android shirt!

This contest is only open to Android users. We will pick the fastest 3 times (from our Open Feint friends) on the Platforming course Intermediate C and mail them a #TeamAndroid shirt in the size of their choice.

Update:  The winners for fastest 3 times are goncalossilva, cyanslowly, and Friedgoldmole. Colbyb25 gets a shirt for being one of the first to beat my time and Jrizk07 gets one for effort. Thanks for playing!

Source: True Axis

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  • http://Website sam

    i cant figure out how to add friends on openfeint…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      1. Open any Open Feint game
      2. Go to the Open Feint menu
      3. Scroll down to friends
      4. Click Find Friends
      5. Search androidandme

      • http://Website sam

        thanks, i had to do it through fruit ninja, for some reason it wouldnt load through jetcar. I don’t think Im going to win though, this game is really hard

  • http://Website rob

    It doesnt seem to be in the market thats prolly why the downloads are so low. Vibrant on tmobile here

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Odd, showing up on both my Galaxy S phones here. Maybe they limited it to Android 2.2, but I can’t confirm that.

      • Jason

        I’ve searched for the game a few times since it was mentioned in an earlier post but it’s not showing up in the market for me. Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.1

  • http://Website Ben

    yeah, shows up in appbrain but can’t download it. doesn’t show up in android market. samsung fascinate..

  • Gonçalo Silva

    I’ve just beat your record: 1:25:43

    Nickname: goncalossilva


    • Taylor Wimberly

      Winner #1. I just changed the rules because I thought we made it too difficult. Nice job.

      • Gonçalo Silva


        Sorry about posting below… I thought I was hallucinating for a while. Thanks!

  • Gonçalo Silva

    Oh, wait, I haven’t won yet. I could swear that I read that the only thing I needed to do was to beat your record! I might have read that wrong :|

    When will the 3 winners be selected?

  • http://Website Colby brown

    Colbyb25 is my open feint name

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Winner #2. Thanks for playing.

      • http://Website Colby Brown

        Thanks for the t-shirt!

        I just checked and I am pretty sure I have all your scores beat in platforming :) I have two levels left on impossible that I haven’t got gold in yet. Truely love this game!

        I hope more people purchase it and android members help support the gaming companies that are trying to bring business to Android.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Thanks! Now I have a reason to go back and replay all those courses :)

  • xmadsox10

    xmadsox10 :)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I don’t see you on our friends list.

      • xmadsox10

        I should be friends with you, my time is 1:30:38, hopefully you can see it! :)

  • http://Website Maury

    Yup, can’t find it in market… Samsung Epic 4G…

    What is the exact name of the program?

  • http://Website jrizk07

    Just finished


    we’re not beating high scores anymore??

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m just taking the top 3 scores now. I see you ranked at #5 on my friends list now.

      • Gonçalo Silva

        Please post the top times when the contest is done. I’m curious about other Android and Me reader’s scores :)

      • http://Website jrizk07

        There, how about now?

        posted a new score. Jrizk07

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Hah nice job. I might just send you a shirt for effort!

          • http://Website jrizk07

            Just broke the record again, man this game is really addicting.

  • http://Website sander

    damn, just bought it an hour ago
    tried to download it 10 times now

    download unsuccessfull please try again

    probably 1.5 euros lost on that…

    gonna retry tomorro but give up eventually

    • http://Website sander

      retried it 4 times today, still no result
      i’m about to give up

      don’t mind the 2 euros, but i don’t like the fact that i couldn’t even try out for this seemingly great game. loved trackmania years ago, this must be great too

      but i give up, downloaded it all together about 20 times now but each time unsuccessful

  • http://Website DgDeBx

    When does the contest end?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I said 24 hrs at first, so I’m going to email all the winners tomorrow morning. Right now only 2 people beat my score and the 3rd winner will be whoever else has the fastest time.

  • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

    Feint name TruFactz

  • http://Website CTown

    Using CM6.1-nightly for Galaxy S on my Vibrant. Not seeing the game. Using a T-Mobile sim card.

  • xmadsox10

    xmadsox10 1:30:38 =)

    • xmadsox10

      xmadsox10 1:20:15, Can’t seem to break under that ugh, I love this game so much :)

  • http://Website Joe

    Openfeint: cyanslowly

    time : 1:27:77

    this contest was a great idea

  • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

    TruFactz 1:28:??

  • http://Website Richy

    This article has single handedly highlighted the problem with app discovery on the android market.

    No doubt it was released, but quickly got shoved down the “just in” list by all the dodgy illegal and spam games so hardly anyone saw it, and now it resides so far down the “paid apps” list that it would take 5+ mins of scrolling just to find it, meaning it gets a very poor download number, an the dev then thinks android us rubbish :-(

    • taras

      I think for most people the problem is that it just doesn’t appear in Market at all. (Not here either – Milestone 2.1)

      • http://Website Weylin

        Agreed, whatever position in whatever list is irrelevant if search functions. The issue is that it simply doesn’t appear for many users. The Open Feint site lists this game as being for 2.1 and higher– cannot find on my Vibrant 2.1 stock. I would love to give them my $1.99…

  • http://Website friedgoldmole

    Got a time of 1.27.85 Nick is friedgoldmole

  • Jes

    Fantastic idea for a social challenge (can’t wait for the next!), but I’m not so sure about the game itself. What’s with the broken calibration? Do I really have to tilt to the right in order to go straight? And why is this game so freakin’ hard?!

    Anybody else agree? Don’t get me wrong, $2 is menial, but I hope Android and Me puts their weight behind something a little more polished next go ’round.

  • xmadsox10

    I’m unsure if I did something wrong, but it says I am friends with you on Feint (xmadsox10), and I scored a time of 1:20:15 later last night, although I would understand if that wasn’t one of the top 3 fastest times. I just assumed it probably was.

    Congrats to the other winners though, the game was fun nonetheless! =)

    • xmadsox10

      Well…I feel like an idiot, I went to the leaderboard section because it lets you watch the people with the top times and shows you how they went so fast to learn some tricks on how they did it, and there is an option to face their “ghost car”, and so apparently when you choose that option, it doesn’t save your time in the leaderboards :(

  • http://Website JonVon

    Not showing up in market for me either, android 2.1 Vibrant

  • http://Website RagManX

    I would love to install the game. Already have it on my iPod, and know that it’s good. However, I’m on the HTC Incredible, and because of how incredibly stupidly it handles memory, I can’t download and install a 20 Meg app without first removing often dozens of other apps. I have 10 Gig free on my SD Card, and well over 500 Meg of free internal storage, but my /data/data partition is nearly full and I use almost everything I have installed.

    I’m working on getting my external data partition setup and working, but until that happens, I can’t really install anything over a few Meg . Seems the phone refuses to download and install anything with a download size larger than the free space in /data/data. Keep hoping this idiocy will get cleared, but Google isn’t fixing it and I’m having trouble with custom ROMs getting the configuration right to support SD-EXT.

  • http://Website Jayolad

    Like many others, I would love to purchase this game but on a UK Galaxy S running 2.1 on the Virgin Mobile network I cannot see it in the market. Whatever restrictions the devs have placed on the app availability are potentially coating them a lot of revenue.

  • thechad

    cool shirt