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The wait is over! Rovio releases Angry Birds Seasons

Update: Some users of older devices are reporting issues with the Angry Birds Seasons game, rendering it unplayable. If you’re having this issue, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Rovio has long been promising a Christmas-themed version of their insanely popular Angry Birds game. Earlier this morning, their promise came to fruition in Angry Birds – Seasons. The new Seasons application contains a countdown to Christmas, with 25 new Christmas themed levels. Each day in December, a new level will be unlocked for your playing pleasure.

This last point will likely cause some griping about only being able to play one level and having to wait to take on the next challenge, but Rovio has something else up their sleeves they think might hold you over. The Angry Birds Seasons app contains the previously-unreleased-to-Android Halloween levels we missed out on back in October. Though Halloween is long over, the 46 levels are certain to keep you entertained as you wait for the next Christmas level to unlock.

Angry Birds is probably THE most addictive and fun game on Android, and we highly encourage you to head over to the market and check out the free Angry Birds Seasons application (and pick up the Angry Birds app if you haven’t already). Works on all Android devices.


Check out Rovio’s video of the Halloween expansion pack that is included in this Angry Birds Seasons release.

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  • http://Website J-Man

    Why not just add new stages to the existing app, instead of creating a new app altogether? Kind of weird, but I’m not complaining.

    • http://Website Daniel

      This is a reflection of their paid model, where you’d have to buy these editions. Since their Android offerings are (so far) all free, this certainly doesn’t make as much sense here.

      But also, I’m guessing they don’t want to make the game bigger, as a significant number of people still can’t install to SD card. Now they can at least uninstall the original game to regain some space.

  • http://Website frank

    I don’t se ads … awesome

    • http://Website frank

      forgot I had adfree installed

      • http://Website katvo

        What’s adfree? Am I missing out on something important here?

        • http://Website Coolio

          If you have ROOT, then you can install adfree and get rid of all ads on your phone forever!

          • http://Website Greg

            Thanks for really contributing to the independent developer community there bro, helping keep those free apps coming!

      • PixelSlave

        Guys, if you block ads, please at least unblock them every once in a while and click on the ads for the apps you use often. If everyone of us behaves like that, developers won’t take the Android platform seriously. At the end of it, we will be the people get hurt.

        • MrOtsKrad

          100% agreed

          I used Adblock before with Angry Birds beasue of where they placed the ads (lower right hand corner) since the update, I let it go, I dont mind ads if its free.

          If I pay for something, and there are still adds, expect the Pirate to come out

          Im looking at you Cable company’s…..

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I think it’s a pretty creative way of handling it. Sounds fun. I think he should turn it all into one big game when this year is over. I mean since it’s called seasons he should make one big seasonal theme game. I personally think it’ll be pretty cool. It’ll take forever to beat, but that’s the challenge.

  • http://Website Mr. G2

    Or you just can put on airplane mode bye bye ads :)

  • http://Website Rushdamian

    Downloading it as I type this…Hope it’s not as laggy on my MT3G (w/FroYo) as the original on my MT3G…still loads of fun!

  • mattcoz

    Is it still unplayable on older devices?

    • mattcoz

      Yeah, same issues.

  • http://Website Luckbuckets

    I was excited when i saw that seasons was available in the Android Market, played the first level of Christmas and pressed next and it told me 16 hours till next level unlocked.

    i personally smiled at this because it reminded me of those candy calendars counting down till Christmas when i was a kid, so its almost a real plus for me!

  • http://Website steve

    The christmas version has been released to android users before the iphone users.

    I hope this is another sign of developers no longer making their iphone apps better!!!

    • http://Website Daniel

      I think they’ll just give each platform temporary exclusivity to certain editions every now and then.

      Anyway, the kind of stunt they’re doing here (one stage per day until Dec 25th) would be quite hard to achieve on the iPhone, since they wouldn’t be able to predict when Apple would approve their request. Having the game out in November or even Dec 2nd would ruin it all.

  • http://Website mEvo

    I just downloaded the game and even though you won’t be able to play all the levels in Christmas portion the Halloween should hold you over. Keep it coming.

  • http://Website dan


  • Oz

    I know I am having issues getting Angry Birds. I finally got the 2.2 upgrade for my MyTouch 3g original…I have tried several times to download the Angry Birds game, and it downloads fine; however, it never installs…it just sits their saying ‘download complete’. If I select it from the market, the only option I have is to cancel the download. I can’t force an install. I am not sure if this is because it is a massive file (15MB), or if my hardware can’t support the program, or what?? :o\

  • http://Website ricky

    Hey i have problems downloading the angry birds seasons game on my motorola droid2 does anyone have that issue with their droid2? mines its not rooted.

  • iSunday

    This is the best advent calendar ever…

  • http://Website joseph moloney

    Every time I try to download seasons it get to 100% then says the download was unsuccessful. Probably tried 20 times thru out the day today

  • http://Website Alex

    I have the EVO, and it won’t download from the market or internet. I would like to play it please.

  • http://Website Tracy

    I too am having issues… I have a Nexus One and mine downloads to 100% over and over but says installation has failed. Any ideas anyone?? On a side note I do remember having issues getting the original AB but after a day or so it worked… maybe too many people trying to get it? I don’t know. I’m dying to play, someone help! Thx.

  • alii92

    i love this game.. i had it on my HTC Hero.. but then i got an upgrade to the HTC EVO.. the only complaint i have is not being able to transfer the game from my Hero to my EVO.. cuz now.. i have to re-start all the way from level one.. and i was at level 3-15 on my Hero… it is addicting and i even love the SEASONS much better… thank you sooooooooo much ROVIO.. =)

    i know this is asking a lot but is there a way to place the ads on the bottom of the screen as opposed to the top right??? only because sometimes it be hella blocking me from seeing where im gonna be shooting.. =(

  • http://Website Mocha K

    I thought i was being smart by changing the date on my phone so i could play all the levels, it didn’t work…lol

  • http://Website Phact0rri

    I had no problems running it on my rooted cliq with the ads.

  • http://ItstilldoesntworkonHTCTattoo Kenneth Larsen

    I get the game installed, but when it starts up, i only get a ble screen. And when i press somewhere around mid-screen it turns green. And when i press menu, i can see a bit of some birds on the top of the screen. Can u please fix this bug?

  • http://Website jackie

    its say it works for all androids devices,,but thats not the case when i downloaded the app it made my phone freeze and i had to reset my phone to factory reset…come on when r u guys going to make this work correctly on all older a big fan of the game i always have to borrow my bf iphone ..NO BUENO

  • http://Website ACR

    It works perfectly on Galaxy S Vibrant. Smooth as butter even with ads.

  • http://Website Cally Davies

    Love the new Xmas edition Angry Birds, works great on the HTC Hero, keep em coming Rovio. If you can’t download from the market try for free download.

  • http://Website Lisa

    I LOVE the Angry Birds and was THRILLED to see the Seasons! However, it won’t go past Day 5 in Christmas!! It keeps saying “Level available in 0 Days 10 Hours and 54 Minutes” or it might say “42 Minutes” or “52 Minutes” or “50 Minutes”. It has said one of these variations since I finished Day 5 on December 5th. Arrgghhh!!!!! HELP!! Thoughts? Suggestions for a fix? Thanks!! Happy Holidays!!

  • http://Website stephen

    I have a HTC hero through Sprint and I can’t find angry birds in the market and iv tryed a couple of things like appbrain and downloading it as a apk but nothing has worked. Can anyone tell me how to get this game?

  • http://Website steve

    I have the htc g1 and downloaded angry birds seasons, the halloween levels are great =D but for some reason the christmas ones don’t work for me =( can you please fix this so I can play them? Lol I’m dying for more angry birds action, also some more holiday themes would also make me very happy like valentines, st patties, 4th of july, ect. and (if its at all possible) the ability to download the game directly to. Sd card instead of phone memory.

    Thanx for such an amazing set of games xD

  • Umar

    I want to ask that are these levels already present in the game or these single levels are downloaded each day by day