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Want more 3D games in the Android Market? Go buy Need for Speed Shift

Many of our regular readers will know we have given Gameloft a hard time for keeping their best 3D games off the Android Market, so it’s always nice to report when a big name developer enters Google’s app store. Today EA Mobile published Need for Speed Shift on the Android Market and it’s selling for $4.99.

We prefer buying games from the Android Market because it is easy to transfer your purchases whenever you get a new device. For example, I have purchased 9 games from Gameloft but I can’t get any to work on my new Nexus S. I know the games will play on a Galaxy S phone, but Gameloft’s online system is just broken when it comes to re-downloading games.

Hopefully this is a sign of more exciting games to come from EA Mobile. We already know they are also bring Madden NFL 11 to the Android Market sometime next year and I expect to see a couple more flagship titles after Tegra 2 devices hit stores.

The only mention of Android on the official EA Mobile site is the T-Mobile G1, so they have their work cut out for them to catch up. Go out an buy Need for Speed Shift to show them we will support developers who keep releasing great 3D games in the Android Market. With any luck, maybe we will see Battlefield Bad Company 2 or any of their hit iPhone games sometime soon.

From EA Mobile: THINK FAST! DRIVE FASTER! OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROIDâ„¢! Drive 20 awesome cars including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Pagani Zonda. Features 18 tracks in 3 stunning locations, Quick Race and Career Modes, 3 difficulty settings, and physics-based accelerated 3D graphics.

[Thanks Alex for the tip]

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  • http://Website Jamal

    Simple law of supply and demand people, if this is a hit In the market we get more and more options. Lets do our part now and show ea how established the android gaming fanbase have become.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    The same game on iOS is .99 cents right now…. i guess i know which one i’ll be buying.

  • http://Website HTCEVO4EVA!

    The HTC EVO update I got today included a gameloft game but didn’t you write an article about how they charged multiple times for the same purchase?

  • http://Website AC

    Speaking of games, the first Unreal Engine game for Android is coming next week

  • http://Website Trey

    Just bought it!

  • Songpol

    suggest to use tag #buyfrommarket when tweet about android games.

  • daveloft

    Well it might not be on the market but Gameloft released Spiderman today and it’s the best game I have ever played on Android.

    Just remember if you do a buy a game from Gameloft, do it on their mobile site. No hassle in selecting carrier or phone. If it’s available to you, you will see it, if not you won’t. You can hit the mobile site tor re-download your games in the future if you need them.

    I shot some video of Spiderman if you want to check it out..

    • Sundroid

      When did you stop writing about hating Gameloft and start working for then?

      • daveloft

        When they fixed all my complaints

      • daveloft

        I originally didn’t like Gameloft when I could only install a game once. I had a Nexus One at the time and could only install a few games. So I uninstalled Lets Golf to try others and when I went to put Lets Golf back on it wouldn’t work.

        I made a big stink about this on my blog and other Android sites picked it up. My site has gotten half of its hits from the few anti Gameloft articles I wrote back in the day.

        But after that they changed their DRM. You can now install the game as many times as you want on your phone and you can also re-download any games you have purchased.

        I feel like the articles I wrote and work I did back then helped push them to make it better for us gamers. Those two issues I mentioned were my holdout issues and today I’m now happy with what they offer. I don’t really care about the market, but others do so hopefully they will bring their games their in the future.

        I don’t work for Gameloft but I do believe they make the best Android games. I know the community may disagree and you guys love downranking me but I never felt the hate more than I do on this site.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          They might have changed their DRM, but the system is still broke. I hate having to email Gameloft support every time I get a new device. It should “just work” like the Android Market experience.

  • Arimathéia Otto

    $ 0.99 and a free version for iOS! OMG

  • http://Website Eero

    The same is in the pirate bay for 0.00€, works nice and smoothly.

    • http://Website gad

      Stop promoting pirated games.You guys are giving android a bad name

  • http://Website John

    I bought it soon as I seen the it posted here. But had to get a refund it wouldn’t download the 150mb claiming my nexus one isnt supported.

  • http://Website Drew

    Thanks for the advice. This game is amazing! It seems like when EA ports a console game, most of the time it sucks. They really captured the console experience here. I’m glad to give my $5 to support more quality titles like this. Let’s just hope enough aren’t pirates (like Earo up there).

  • http://Website Josh B

    Bought it. As in paid for it! (hint hint) Very nice game thanks for the post about it.

  • http://Website Todd

    Maybe Gameloft figures you’re buying a license for one device. When you change devices, you need to buy a new license. I think that sucks, but it’s not like you’re rebuying a $50 game.

  • jivemaster

    Must only be available in the usa, can’t see it here in Australia. (Running a desire hd on 2.2.)

    • http://Website Souldevour

      Same here, Its not listed on the market.

      • http://Website benji

        Not in uk either…sob

  • http://Website jack

    ARGHHH this game is selling at the app store for 99 cents!
    in fact there’s 70 games selling for 99 cents according to their site.

    I won’t be paying 4.99 for this, rather just pirate it.

    • http://Website Drew

      Ok, the App Store is NOT the Android Market. The App Store has many more quality titles than the Market. When a quality title comes to Android they are going to charge more for it because they can, and frankly they deserve it for helping push Android’s gaming scene forward.

      We have to stop comparing the Android Market to the App Store, they are at totally different stages in their lives, and as a result, good games will cost more on the Market. When the Market is five years old and has dozens of high quality titles, a game like Need For Speed shouldn’t cost $5. At it’s current state though, it’s worth every penny.

      Instead of using the App Store as an excuse to pirate, how about supporting the developers like EA who are trying to build the Market’s library. It’s people like you that are keeping Android developers from making money.

      • http://Website Drew

        One more thing. The $.99 in the App Store is a sale, it’s %90 percent off right now for the holidays. It was about $8 before that. So the pricing in the Android market is actually pretty competitive before the sale on the App Store.

        • http://Website jack

          well the android market isn’t much younger than the app store, it’s just half a year younger. there shouldn’t be any excuses for these prices especially for some old iphone games ported to android. And no it wasn’t $8 before this sale, it was 1.99! i would say there isn’t enough competition and prices are too high.

          i rather just get an ipod touch and get all of the newer games for cheaper.

          • http://Website Drew

            You’re right about the age of the stores. For some reason I thought the App Store was a lot older.

            However there is still a lot less quality game likes Shift on the Market, so a $5 price tag is deserving as it is well above the quality of most games right now.

            Also, when Shift launched for iPhone in December of ’09 it was $9.99. So a $5 release on Android is still competitive.

          • http://Website domi1kenobi

            Yeah cause everyone loves carrying 2 devices in their pockets ..

  • http://Website lapavoni

    Seems a bit strange:
    I could buy/download it from the market, but after I had it installed, it seems NFS Shift got removed from the market. Funny thing is, NFS Shift just force crashes on my Galaxy S with 2.2.1.

  • http://Website Al

    Bought it but it isn’t visible in the market anymore. :(

  • kabos

    Update NFS Shift on the market place is $0.99 now.

  • abdallah7e