Dec 23 AT 4:35 PM Anthony Domanico 44 Comments

All Electronic Arts (EA) titles on sale for $0.99 in Market

The entire catalog of Electronic Arts (EA) games are on sale today for the low, low price of $0.99, which is a significant savings on the standard $3-5 price tag.  The sale applies to the following titles

  • Need for Speed: Shift
  • The Sims 3
  • Tetris
  • Fifa 10

So if you’ve been looking at the EA suite of games but have been put off by the heavy price tags, or if you’re simply looking for a new game to add to your arsenal, now might be the time to check these titles out! All titles except for Fifa 10 are compatible with all Android versions. Fifa 10 requires 2.1 or newer.

If you’ve taken advantage of this sale, let us know what you bought and what you think about it in the comments.

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  • http://Website alex

    I wish, for some reason when i want to buy i click on it(i have the newer market on the MT3GS) and it says something with there is a connection bla bla, and dosent even let me i’ve done a factorfy reset, removed the battery and still no luck :( it don’t even let me pick the payment type that’s how far I get :(

  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    They don’t seem to want my money. They don’t have it open for europe. Shame.

  • http://Website R.D.

    I can only find Fifa and Tetris,
    doesn’t show NFS or TS3

    using CM 6.1.0 (=Android 2.2)

    using telco in Belgium
    using marketenabler to fake US telco doesn’t help

    any ideas?

  • http://Website Anil Oztuncer

    BEWARE!!!! Do not buy Fifa 10!!! Read the comments first. Everybody (and I mean everybody) is complaining about download stuck at 5%. It takes more than 15 minutes so it means no refund for you.

    • Noyabronok

      i read the comments and then downloaded with no problems. MyTouch 4G

    • http://Website Mike D

      I tried FIFA 10 on my Droid 2 and it got stuck at 5% as well. I refunded it until I see that it works. Just make sure you do it quick because you only have 15 minutes.

      • McLovin

        This whole 15 minutes thing is ridiculous! Put it back to 24 hours. Hell put it to 30 days like any respectable retailer does that stands behind their products and guarantees customer satisfaction.

        I’m definitely way more cautious and hesitant now to buy stuff before I’ve thoroughly researched it. With all the fragmentation and apps not working on all platforms this is only going to get worse. There is way too much junk in the app store already and there needs to be a device compatibility report that doesn’t depend on word of mouth.


        • Noyabronok

          As a developer I am completely against a 30 days idea. People would just return most apps since they will get bored with them. I didn’t have a problem with 24 hours before, really. I also think that 15 minutes is too short. If they want a short time frame, they should have done at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour.

          • http://Website robnok

            I would rather lean toward one hour; I sometimes do multiple downloads over 3G, and tweaking settings before playing takes away from the allotted 15 min window.

  • http://Website Lauri

    A lot of the comments are saying it doesn’t work on Galaxy S so I’m not sure if I should take the chance. :/ anyone has any clue on that?

    • http://Website Steve N

      Can confirm nfs doesn’t seem to work on sgs, it downloads/installs everything (which takes more than 15 min), then loads up, lets you choose a car & dumps you back out.

      P.s surely it could be 1 or 2 hours for refunds, that would be enough to check out works but not play the whole thing…

      • http://Website ChaoZ

        Need for Speed works fine on my Galaxy S Captivate (Rogers up here in Canada). Very smooth, no issues at all.

    • http://Website Ross

      I downloaded Need for Speed: Shift and The Sims 3, both work fine on my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. I’m running Cognition ROM Android 2.2 Froyo. I think it should still work for Android 2.1, however.

  • Noyabronok

    I just bought fifa, need for speed and tetris. All 3 downloaded fine and work great.
    Mytouch 4G

  • James Duncan

    Wow. This is like Steam sale good value. I’m in the UK, and purchased Tetris, Sims 3 and Need for Speed. All for about £2. I cannot complain.

  • http://Website Micah

    Bought need for speed just to support a major game coming to the market. Gameloft could learn from other companies putting their games in the market.

  • http://Website andy-roid

    Bought nfs shift and keeps closing on my galaxy s 2.2.1 hopefully it will get updated so I does work

  • http://Website bigmerf

    i picked up tetris and nfs

  • Subfooey

    Picked up all except fifa because of all the bad reviews.

  • Mike

    Be careful – EAMobile are making all 3 of those games show in the Android market on unsupported devices. I paid for all 3, fired up Sims 3 only to get an ‘unsupported device’ error. Galaxy Tab is unsupported? Then WTF was I able access it from the Android market? Thanks EAMobile!

    No chance of a refund either because it took more than 15 minutes to download (connection kept dropping out on the market).

    That also highlights a flaw with the new 15 minute refund window. It should be 15 minutes from the time the app actually installs, not 15 minutes from the time your payment is accepted. FAIL.

    • Noyabronok

      if you email the developer they can refund you

  • Mike

    As for NFS and FIFA, I’ve purchased but still not able to complete the download (it’s been over an hour now). I’m not sure if that is the markets fault or EAmobiles. In any event based on what happened for me with Sims 3 I’m not hopeful those games will work either.

    Merry Xmas EAMobile!

  • Mike

    My wife called me from home just now – she bought all 3 of those EA games from the market when she read this article as well (Galaxy Tab also) and has the exact same problem. Sims 3 has the unsupported device error and the other 2 just won’t download after purchase.

    Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone thought it was an isolated incident.

  • http://Website Fishstick

    I bought Need For Speed. Purchased and downloaded with no problems. Runs well on my G2. I may buy the others just to support games like this in the market.

  • DPtheKid

    I got need for speed :D

  • http://Website Steven

    Do these support SD card storage? I bought tetris a while ago and it didn’t so I just have it sitting as a purchased app in my apps on the market. There are so many apps I want in addition to what I have but can’t download because they don’t support SD card storage… my Nexus One rejects texts when my space fills up on it and it annoys the hell out of me. What’s especially annoying is that google’s OWN apps can’t be installed to the SD card, they developed the feature and can’t even have their own apps support it? /rant

  • http://Website Dennis

    Hey, Google! Thanks for ruining a great market feature. I wouldn’t be mad if I paid for the game and it didn’t work. I’m just mad because I can’t f*cking return it because the refund window is just too small.

  • http://Website dans

    Please could you highlight the problem of EU users being charged conversion fees when buying from US devs.

    A 99c app is costing me an extra $2.50 in fees.

    • Sundroid

      That fee is coming from your bank. Same happens to me when I purchase internationally, but my bank’s fee is only 50¢. That is the same fee that I was charged using an international atm from the same bank. Not sure why I included that last part.

  • Nicko01

    I just purchased The Sims 3 and NFS. Both are great games. In fact, I played Sims for 2 hours until my phone almost died.
    Where else can you get hours of entertainment for only $2?

  • http://Website fxtweets83

    Just downloaded NFS Shift and Tetris here. Both games running with no problems on my Dell Streak running stock 2.2. NFS Shift downloaded fine, took less than 3 minutes and even took a call in the middle of the download.

  • http://Website SNS4me

    Bought Need for Speed: Shift. Downloaded pretty fast and plays great on my Nexus S. Boy that GPU sure makes the game run smooth! Awesome!

  • http://Website Mike

    Downloaded and installed fine on HTC Desire running Froyo (Leedroid 2.2f)

    The thing that I don’t like is that the download from Google market takes about 1 minute, then the download of the remaining 96Mb within the game itself puts you over the 15 minute refund window before you’ve seen anything but the EA logo and download screen. Need to have 24 hour refunds back Google!

    • http://Website Mike

      Meant to say, I only downloaded NFS Shift, but it works great as I mentioned before…

  • RonWeez

    Downloaded which and worked fine on mytouch 4g. Just wish i had,the screen of a galaxy s phone

  • http://Website mike

    NFS is the first game I have ever paid for and also the first game I didn’t recieve what I paid for. “Unsupported device” just like many other users have commented and a 15 minute window. I was still trying to figure out how to finish installing, what a crock! I WILL NEVER SPEND A DIME AGAIN WITH EA UNLESS THEY MAKE THIS RIGHT WITH EVERYONE WHO GOT SCREWED!! Samsung Intercept 2.2 user.

  • http://Website nkcv

    Could anyone please confirm whether these games are working on galaxy s phones. I have the vibrant one.

    • http://Website darcy

      need for speed works on my captivate
      but u need about 150mb of data downloaded (be sure u are in a wifi accessible area :) )

  • http://Website Mik

    Nfs shift exits, and fifa stuck at 5% download.
    Galaxy S froyo 2.2

  • http://Website dumluk

    NFS wouldn’t install on my Droid X either…unsupported device! Something is definitely screwed up around here…barely got it downloaded in time to find that out and get a refund before the stupid 15 minute rule went into effect. I think I’ll stick with free apps from here on out.

  • http://Website Geah

    How come I can’t find NFS on the market? MT3G

  • http://Website dani

    Why can’t I find TS3 in the android. Market I have the samsung intercept. Android 2.1

  • http://Website dktw

    i am a galaxy s user (I9000) and i can tell everyone that its crap, search google, the results dont lie.

    search “samsung galaxy s is” and there are more negative searches(crap/bullshit/etc) than postive searches(good/fun/etc). this does show that galaxy s is crap.

  • thechad

    EA Sports Good Stuff