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Android 2.3 has no minimum processor requirement, migration should be less painful for OEMs

Back in June Russian blogger Eldar Mrtazin reported that Gingerbread would have minimum hardware requirements including a 1 GHz processor. The story was quickly debunked by Google engineer Dan Morrill as false, but many people still believe it to be true – including the person who runs LG’s Facebook account.

Yesterday a curious customer asked LG if his Optimus One would be receiving Android 2.3 and got the response that “Gingerbread requires 1 GHz processor”. Several sites took the quote and started reporting that Gingerbread has a CPU requirement, but once again Dan Morrill was quick to respond.

LG incorrectly states on Facebook that Gingerbread requires a 1 GHz CPU.

Tonight on Twitter Mr. Morrill responded, “Random note: there’s no hard minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread. Trust me, if there were I’d know.”

Update: Another Android engineer, Brian Swetland, also weighed in. “Any device that runs well with Froyo should run even better with Gingerbread. The base hardware requirements have not changed. Of course OEM updates do depend on individual OEM efforts, and I can’t speak for the OEMs, but there’s no technical reason devices able to run Froyo shouldn’t be upgradeable. I think the Froyo->Gingerbread migration should be less painful for device developers than Cupcake->Donut or Eclair->Froyo.”

Based on what we have seen, Android 2.3 should be able to run on most devices and I expect it will be coming to every phone that currently runs Android 2.2 (or those that are getting it soon like the Galaxy S).

We have no hard release dates for Android 2.3 (other than December 16th for the Nexus S), but just look at recent history for an idea of what to expect.

This is how the Android 2.2 update was rolled out:

  • Nexus One – a couple of weeks
  • HTC EVO – six weeks
  • Motorola Droid – days after HTC
  • Samsung Galaxy S – six months
  • LG Ally – still counting

We have already shown that the best selling Android phones get software updates first, so if you own a top 10 phone then your carrier will most likely take care of you.

Which carrier do you think will be the first to release an update to Android 2.3? Will it be Sprint again with an update for the EVO, Verizon with an update to the Droid family, or maybe even T-Mobile with their nearly stock G2?

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Source: Twitter

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  • http://Website blkIDA

    Let it be the G2, it is only the best phone ever made! Yeah G2 ftw!

  • Ryan F

    Looks like OG Droids have something to look foreword too.

  • http://Website Edge

    Its gonna be the Samsung Captivate first! Duh! O wait….

  • http://Website joshl

    G2!! It’s a beast.

  • http://Website mikey

    Back of the line people, mytouch 4g is next.

    • http://Website Hans

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the MT4G is probably gonna take a while to get 2.3. Espresso ring a bell? :)

      • http://Website JaylanPHNX

        True, but HTC has shown that if motivated, they can move fairly quickly. They may not update the MT4G as fast as the EVO got froyo, but hopefully it will come before the end of Q1 ’11.

        • velazcod

          True, but MyTouch4G runs on a modified HTC Sense, called mySense (by T-Mobile), which means it might take even longer than Sense, and it depends on both HTC AND T-Mobile to work on the update.

      • http://Website Mikey

        I still think the mt4g gets 2.3 before samsung is able to push out 2.2.

        • http://Website 2FR35H

          Samsung might not push out 2.2 they might do 2.3 instead especially being that the Nexus S is the galaxy S modified they had early access to it. Its quite a few months since the first initial Nexus S rumours so that being with 2.3 for that long they should had been working on it.

          I say the Nexus one and G2 will be next then after those two the Galaxy S variants. after that MT4G would come before regular HTC sense because expresso is a watered down version that means less coding for compatibility than regular sense UI. then LG’s then Motoblur devices. I think that LG Rep isn’t actually knowledgable on whether or not 2.3 is being worked on.

  • http://Website hnn

    Nexus One first.

    Well, second after the Nexus Two. I mean Nexus S.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      I imagine development devices will be next

      basically The Nexus One and The MyTouch3G lineup with exception to slide3g and 4g. As well as G2.

      LG devices

      Then MT4G

      Then The slide3g

      Then sense devices and galaxy s devices

      Then Motoblur devices

      Sony Ericcson devices.

      In that exact order from top to bottom.

  • http://Website Prototype V

    If I had to make an educated guess I would say the nexus one, then Sprint followed by Verizon. At&t will probably be last.

  • http://Website kevinthebox

    So according to you Taylor, my froyo-running mt3g should run even better with gingerbread? ?? Awesome! Now if only that certain T-Mobile CEO was serious about “no phones left behind”….

    • Taylor Wimberly

      According to an Android engineer, yes. The one thing we don’t know yet is how big Android 2.3 will be and if it can fit on the limited internal storage of the myTouch 3G.

      • http://Website kevinthebox

        Thanks for the reply. Since Gingerbread isn’t that much of a step up from froyo, i can only assume that this bad boy does have enough internal space for another update. That being said, I can’t wait to upgrade and get the Nexus S! PS. Love your insider tips and your web designer did an amazing job, the design makes other websites look like a joke. Keep up the good work guys (:

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Not waiting for the oems. My moneys on cyanogen!!! Og droid!!!

  • http://Website Mikey

    If it really has no system requirements give it to the G1!

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      That old dinosaur? Does that thing even have a official 2.2 rom? I thought they were done updating that thing.

      • http://Website darcy

        still have 1.5 on my G1, never got an official OS update
        i remember reading an article saying that froyo is too much for G1, eclair might be the highest it can get.

  • http://Website kay

    I hope the xperia gets it but thats probably wishful thinking.

  • http://Website AndroidKev

    Phones running stock android will be first followed by top phones running HTC sense, then other phones running other versions of carriers android, mysense phones like mytouch 4G and slide. I just hope the G2′s comes sooner then later.

  • g.isreal

    Ii swwear on my android loving behind if the g2 gets treated like the g1. I will implode, turn into a supernova, then explode to destroy all known to mankind. Jk but seriously…..don’t.

  • PixelSlave

    # HTC EVO — six weeks
    # Motorola Droid — days after HTC

    Really? I recalled the official Froyo released weeks after I installed unofficial ROM was released.

  • http://Website Adrian

    Still in love with Froyo, but now the possibility of Gingerbread!!! This is the best Christmas ever!!!

  • http://Website gad

    Xperia? c’mon give me a break.Those guys in SE are from another planet.If you own an xperia,just forget it.
    My money is on HTC, those guys know how to treat their customers. I got my froyo updates about 4 weeks after release on my Desire in the UK.

  • http://Website ddd

    I say the nexus first, then the devs at xda, then my phone, then ota to whoever. =:/\


  • http://Website jamie

    to be bias the G2 hopefully plus its nearly stock

  • http://Website mindo

    Whats with LG lying through their teeth? Lazy, greedy bitches lying to the working man, that’s what.

    @sony getting 2.3? ROFLOL!!! Easy tiger, u gotta learn to walk before u run…

    Sony should be known in the android and pc community for 2 things:
    1. Completely insulting their android customers with their non-existent s/w updates.
    2. Installing rootkits on customers pcs.

  • http://Website buenger

    Nexus s is first as we know but hopefully carriers roll it out to all of the phones running stock android such as my trusty Droid, it would only make sense, and as the best selling android phone thus far they have to treat us well!

  • http://Website Jim Davis

    Come on CyanogenMod 7.0!

  • androID

    so all phone that running with froyo can use android 2.3? but we must ask our phone manufacturer to release it :(

  • http://Website Raghav Sethi

    i am presently using samsung galaxy i7500. i want to know that can i update my andriod sofrware? if yes, then to which version. i am residing in India and the phone was shipped with android 1.5

  • http://Website adam

    you got it wrong droid 1 has android 2.2 os in august 3rd the same time that htc evo4g had 2.2 os.

  • http://Website adam

    you got it wrong droid 1 has android 2.2 os update in august 3rd the same time that htc evo4g had 2.2 os.

  • http://Website Samth

    Is it possible to run this on my MioP550, then?

  • http://Website budz

    damm… i hope can run in galaxy ace!!

  • http://Website sharif

    Will android 2.3 work for Sony Ericsson x8

  • Tinu Albin Alex

    Is there any minimum RAM Requirement to run Gingerbread.Do you think a phone with 256 MB RAM and a 600 MHz ARM 11 processor, Adreno 200 GPU, Qualcomm MSM7227-1 chipset is capable enough to run Gingerbread.I wanna know about the overall performance of the device.Please give your valuable suggestions.

  • Veebs

    Hi guys if this statement is true, does that mean i can try to gingerbread on a Samsung T919 (behold-1) phone. Its a touch screen and i think i does run an ARM6 processes. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

  • exz

    Can i upgrade my HTC smart to android???replty