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Android Gift Guide- win a phone of your choice! Plus dozens of other prizes!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve finally finished our second annual Holiday Gift Guide, which can now be viewed on In traditional Android and Me fashion, we’re so late getting this done we almost missed our window, but we’ve got a ton of awesome prizes lined up to make it up to you guys.

It’s an #AndroidChristmas miracle!

While we’ve got a handful of contests and dozens of prizes, our main contest stands above the rest. We’re giving away ANY Android phone in the gift guide. That means you could score an Epic 4G. You could win an HTC G2. Or you can have a Droid X. Over the next 10 days we’ll be playing Santa, watching for your #AndroidChristmas tweets, making a list and checking it twice (actually the contest will be programatically tracked, there won’t be any manual checking, especially twice!).

To win, all you’ve gotta do is tweet with two key pieces of information, @androidandme (our Twitter handle) and #AndroidChristmas (special hashtag for this contest).

To make things easier, we’ve built a pre-loaded tweet box into every page of the Android Gift Guide site. Any time you’re viewing a phone or accessory, simply fire off a tweet for a chance to win! On the night of December 24th we’ll pick one random tweeter who will have his or her #AndroidChristmas wish come true!

Let me be clear about this: the winner will be randomly chosen and will receive whatever item he or she included in the winning tweet. We know that picking your own presents ahead of time is a bit in the face of the Christmas spirit, but we’re all adults here. We figured it best to let you guys pick your own prizes. The winning power is in your hands!

To our international readers

The main contest (the #AndroidChristmas tweet contest) is for our US readers only. It’s nothing personal, just legal/financial restrictions combined with the fact that we are more familiar with the US market (and all the phones in the guide are for US carriers) made for a domestic-only contest.

The good news is you’re more than welcome to participate in the satellite contests (like today’s Smartphone Coaster giveaway or tomorrow’s Midweek Madness). We hope you understand!

Let’s get it started!

Along the road to the main #AndroidChristmas wish, we’ll be handing out as many prizes as we can get our hands on. First up? Stainless steel Smartphone Coasters from NewPCgadgets!

These little dudes are stamped out of glossy stainless steel and come equipped with rubber coated feet for a no-slip grip. The stand rests your device (in portrait or landscape) at a perfect 75 degree viewing angle.

I actually purchased a six pack for myself and friends a couple weeks back, planning on giving them out around the holidays. But now, NewPCgadgets has been nice enough to send me a whole sack of these things to give out to you, the loyal reader.

To win, we’ll keep it simple: leave a comment on this post. We’ll pick TEN random comments to receive a shiny new Smartphone Coaster. And if you don’t win, take heart! We’ll have plenty more to give away later in the week. Or you could always buy one, they cost less than $4 and even come in a discounted six pack for holiday giving!

To summarize

We’re giving away stuff for ten days, win some of it! Send us a tweet along the lines of:

Dear @androidandme, all I really want for #AndroidChristmas is….Future phone winnersfrom Twitter

If you don’t do the Twitter thing, keep your eyes on the main site (and the Android Gift Guide) for more chances to win. You guys have stuck with us all year and this is our way of saying THANK YOU to all our loyal readers. We’ve had a blast with you this year and look forward to tackling the next!

Update: We’ve picked the random 5 winners that will receive a Smartphone Coaster. Jon, Remy, Tagon, Keith, and Juan: check your inboxes! And thanks to everyone for playing!

Update 2: Doh! As a few of you may have noticed, I was supposed to select 10 winners, not 5. To make up for it, I picked another full set of 10 winners, so no we’ve got 15 total! So, Brent, Eric, Riknos, Drew, Sky, Gabe, Kerri, Jake, Steve, and Tanner: check your inboxes.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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    Love you homo

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    i think the ankroid its much smoother than the apollo ipoc. i mean, its not even safe for the children. a friend told me a lady in france got arrested for calling folks.

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    Please make my wish come true, since I have to work xmas

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