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Andy Rubin tweets that Android activations have reached 300,000 per day

For the last couple days there has been speculation in some circles around the web that Android’s growth was slowing down and apparently Andy Rubin decided that it was time to put that notion to rest.

He tweeted just minutes ago that 300,000 Android phones are now being activated each day. This eclipses the last figure that Apple put out for iOS devices, which was 270,000 per day and of course included every device running iOS, rather than just phones.

Now at some point the growth curve is going to have to slow down simply because Android will reach a saturation point, but it doesn’t look like we’ve gotten there quite yet and with all the dual-core hardware coming down the pipeline I wouldn’t put money on it happening too soon.

Source: Twitter

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  • GRAW

    Wow. That’s just…awsome.

  • http://Website bob

    okay we have the large user we the high end developers…infinity blade port please come :(

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    growth will not stop until everyone in the world owns at least five Android phones

  • http://Website estupefacto

    Ok. I’n glad as an Android developer.

    But, Nokia has 300.000 / day during monts, also Apple has.

    Market share still remains in Hard/Soft companies, with RIM quite near of them. Could they win to an open solution?…. HP/Palm could debut in this ranking and then Android will get a problem.

  • http://Website M

    How does one “activate” a phone? Is that some kind of US-only thing?

    • http://Website darcy

      i think that means whenever you buy a phone from a carrier in worldwide
      cuz in my region i have to pay 35 bucks for activation fee whenever i buy a new phone (even with the same sim card).

      • http://Website M

        Okay. That’s not something we have here then. The carriers don’t care about what phone you are using, and phones (at least not Android phones) are seldom (if ever) tied to a carrier.

        • http://Website G

          with Android, you have to enter a gmail address, either new or existing; I would guess they mean that. I don’t know if you buy a new Android phone to replace and old one and you tie that to the same address, does it count here or just the first time you do it…

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Activation is the first time you set up your phone once you buy it new. Pretty much the first time your phones IMEI and Serial number access the server or network you are considered activated.

  • http://Website Mark

    OK. That’s all nice and dandy to hear but where are the GAMES?

  • http://Website ian

    well as far as i’m concerned, android growth will never slow down. Any notion that the limited population of the planet will have any affect on its growth is completely irrelevant ;)

  • chief113

    Who cares? How does this affect me?

    • http://Website J.

      It effects you (not A-ffect…that means faking), because @ a higher new user activation daily, it becomes clear to developers and content providers that Android is a growth market, ripe for monetization.
      So in English, it means more and better applications, more and better R&D for new devices, higher-end devices at a lower price (it’s all about volume, son), and more and better adoption of Android as an Enterprise platform.
      In short, it means that we’re gunning it out with iOS officially. BB/Palm/W7P are bit players now.