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AT&T salesperson, Unfortunately Android is not as high tech as the iPhone

One of our readers Jon asked AT&T support how he could download the U-Verse app to his Android phone. The response he got was, “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.” I don’t know if she ever answered Jon’s question, but the U-Verse app for Android is limited to AT&T phones so that might be the reason why you had a hard time finding it.

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  • http://Website alex

    At&T stop brainwashing people you are just saying that, how about the truth like that your android phones are on lock, and that you are apple’s pet( who is planning to double-cross you with verizon) android FTW

    • http://Website R.S.

      Considering that AT&T pretty much owes their continued existance to the iPhone, it shouldn’t be a surprise that their employees are biased toward the iPhone. Without it, AT&T would be in last place, if they were even still around.

      Not just that but when have salespeople actually been a reliable source as far as product information? Most know very little, if anything at all, about products they are selling.

  • http://Website Antwan

    Maybe it was a twisted attempt to upsell? Who Knows……

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    When all they have been selling for years is iCrap, what do you expect.

    Oh i get it, they are using a app for customer service. If they had to use that iPhone for Customer Service no one would connect.

  • Galen20K

    ha! are you kidding me?! LOL TOo Funny,,

  • http://Website Semajhan

    Omg are you for real? Just wow… People these days are so stupid, especially a lot of them iphone users/lovers.

  • alchemist007

    lmao! ATT hires low tech employees who doesn’t really know tech at all?

    • http://Website And-g-royd

      It’s like that everywhere. The best that T-Mobile reps can tell you is “pull the battery for 10 seconds”.

      • http://Website pyrosnake

        The response was a right fit to the user…

      • ZRod

        Talking as a tech support specialist for Sprint, you’d be surprised how much restarting and pulling the battery from the phone affects the systems.
        Everytime you turn that phone on a temporary identity is built upon the permanent one and sometimes that information can get clogged and corrupt. Battery pulls fix many many issues experienced by end users.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    What she meant to say is that Android isn’t as pretty as the iphoney…

  • http://Website John Giotta

    Maybe that is there response for “You can’t watch TV on Android due to the lack of DRM support”… ?

    • Tory

      Super informative wriitng; keep it up.

  • Noice

    This is like getting angry about a part-time used car salesman at a Ford dealership saying Chevy makes low end cars.

  • http://Website Marcus

    Amazingly, Android is scheduled to become as high tech as iPhone (in AT&T’s eyes) early next year. No coincidence that the iPhone is scheduled to become available on VZW early next year.

  • http://Website Cybersedan

    … And I quote, “Android is not high tech as a iphone”.

    When this person grasps the basics of the english language, we can then begin to enlighten her. Talk about a candidate for the “I don’t care” skit.

  • http://NotTrue Noah

    Actually, the U-Verse app is on the iPhone and WP7. Just not Android.

    • http://Website Will

      I’m using the U-Verse app on my Nexus One as we speak, and have been for a couple of months.

      Stop spreading false information.

  • uzunoff

    unfortunately AT&T technicians are not as smart or educated as android users

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Well most likely the support reps used by ATT live chat are located in India. No joke. They probably have little hands on experience with either device and are reading from a script. Or, going by 2nd hand knowledge.

    • http://Website Riper

      why would support employees in india have less experience of android/iphone mobiles than american support employees?

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    LOL that made my day, AT&T really needs to do some homework before the I***** goes to Verizon. That little comment is going to hurt them when they try to fall back on Android to keep up with sales. Let me just add another lol for the poor tech with just a word of mouth technical background.

  • http://Website Tad

    “…the U-Verse app for Android is limited to AT&T phones so that might be the reason why you had a hard time finding it.”

    I’m not understanding what you meant by this.

  • http://Website WaltSobchak

    I am on VZW and have the Uverse app. I got it from XDA

  • iSunday

    I just searched for ‘uverse’, and it is right there. It is possible that this user is a Dell Streak or Moto Backflip user… Quite likely that it is a 2.0+ app.

  • http://Website sri

    I would have replied … ‘Oh! I understand. Verizon is superior to AT&T’.

  • iSunday

    According to comments on the market, there is a $10 fee for U-Verse mobile, but it is free for Win Phone users… I had a feeling that AT$T was going to push the Windows Phone hard when they lost iXclusitivity.

  • http://Website Vincent Mac

    I don’t think random stupid AT&T salesperson comments should warrant a blog entry unless you tag it as humor.

  • Azeem

    Judging from the grammar, this representative is either from a different country and knows English as a second language, or they are a person of very little intelligence. The comment itself really leads me to believe that both assumptions are correct though.

  • Glen Bramlitt

    What she meant to say was:

    “You’re doing it wrong.”

  • http://Website Wade

    This just in! AT&T hiring CSR’s with little to no education required!

    (P.S. This isn’t news)

  • http://Website Marc

    Well of course he says that, AT&T make the worst phones the iphone is the best phone through AT&T, try going to a different carrier moron! Android is the best try Sprints EVO

  • http://Website MN

    Not true…you can find the APK (I have!) and install it to your android phone. LIARS!

  • TheDrizzle

    Sadly, most uneducated people ( including iPhone users) actually believe this. Steve Jobs runs a great brainwashing campaign.

  • http://Website B


  • http://Website Darkseider

    Wow looks like Uncle Steve’s cult of personality has one of its’ sheeple working at AT&T. Unfortunately this is what happens when stupid people drink the kool-aid and are then given a job for no other reason than hiring rules at major corporations. If companies could only hired qualified personnel instead of having to hire morons as well to make the labor board happy we would be better off. The dumb and delusional would die off from starvation and the gene pool cleaner and said companies could provide an overall better service and product. Oooh well… enough with my Utopian musings.

  • Droidberg

    at&t is wack sauce!

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”
    “Unfortunately Android is not high tech as a iPhone.”

    Spot-on, im using this now for my signature!!!

    sent from my iPhone 4

  • http://Website blksol5

    Alright guys.. I’m a 21 yr old male. I actually work for at&t customer service.. and I can assure you. I know a lot about phone and cellular tech.. but, not everyone I work with does. Actually most people I work with I don’t know how they actually got a job. Its easy to get a job in a call center, you don’t have to know anything. Only where to look for information that’s asked of you and be nice.. trust me I know. But fortunately I do know what I am talkin about.. and iphones aren’t anything special. I still wonder to this day why most people say the iphone4 is the top phone on the market, when people call into me I push android phones over any other phone.. I don’t suggest iphones, even thou everyone and their dog wants one. If I do talk about Iphones I usually mention how they don’t truelly multitask and can’t run flash and are locked down due to mr jobs.. I always tell people.. my phone.. the G2 does what I tell it to.. the Iphone tells the user what it can do.. which usually it can’t do something simple, without jailbreaking it which most people don’t want to do..

    • TheDrizzle

      Awesome. It’s good to have a guy on the inside fighting for Android. I think most people still think the iPhone is the only smartphone available. I love how you sum up Android vs Iphone: “the G2 does what I tell it to.. the Iphone tells the user what it can do…”

  • http://Website tiny

    Screw you at&t my droid x can do more than the icrap and then some we will see how long you last when Verizon gets a real iphone on a REAL NETWORK next year…….

  • http://Website M

    Ha! And people rag on t mobile. Take that att!

  • http://Website Alex

    AT&T is probably obligated by contact to say the iPhone is better.

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Unfortunately, that AT&T sales people are not as high IQ as the android users

  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    This makes me want to leave AT&T So damn badly. This sales rep is def a APPLE fanboy. Feel like smacking him for that comment. i DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE IPHONE. That’s why I’m either waiting for a good powerful Android device or leave AT&T for good to T-Mobile.