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Dell Streak 7 and Motorola Cliq 2 could arrive in stores by January 19th

The Dell Streak and Motorola Cliq – not exactly two brands that generate a lot of excitement among the Android community. Both of these products experienced their fair share of frustrating issues, but T-Mobile is expected to launch the follow-ups at CES next week and could have them in stores by January 19th, according to a tip posted by TmoNews.

Dell fumbled the launch of their first big Android device, but the company just restructured the leadership of their mobile devision and is looking to make a comeback with their new Tegra 2-powered tablet. Look for this device to run Android 2.2 with Dell’s custom Stage UI and feature a 7-inch Gorilla Glass display, rear and front-facing cameras, and support for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

Anyone who purchased the Cliq or Cliq XT experienced a painful waiting period while Motorola worked on updating these devices to Android 2.1. Motorola originally said they would upgrade the Cliq in Q2, but the software update was delayed over and over until it finally came out in Q4. Owners of the Cliq XT are still waiting and Motorola’s official stance on the update is “additional testing in process; more details when available”.

Hopefully both companies learned from their mistakes and will improve their products with this next round of releases. It sounds like most Streak owners  were generally satisfied with their purchase (and Dell did update it to Android 2.2), but I think a lot of Cliq owners will be steering clear of the Cliq 2.

You can find pics of the Dell Streak 7 and Motorola Cliq 2 over at Cell Phone Signal (12). Check back next week for some hands-on reports when we attend T-Mobile’s CES media event.

Do you think either of these devices has a chance at retail success?

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website wallingsworth

    Both these phones resemble shit, both in design and ui.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Not sure if the Dell Streak 7 will include telephony support yet. I think it’s too early to judge the product until we get our hands on it.

  • http://Website Steffen

    That keyboard is hideous. A shame, because besides that, the Moto is actually a nice looking device. Not that I would ever buy a Moto-blur phone anyway.

  • http://Website Tito!

    I’m a fan of the Original CLIQ .
    I wont let my disagreements and tragedies with Motorola burden the device.
    It has a nice form factor, which is what I loved about it.
    Now, the CLIQ² looks appealing. Screen looks kind of delivering, then again idk.
    Only problem, I don’t like what they’ve done with the keyboard. The Cursor buttons are wrong!
    (Reason why I like the first CLIQ)
    And considering that this year, it’s a anybody’s game situation .
    Idk, If I’ll adopt the successor.
    Specs still pending.
    But I think anyone with any boycotting comments should set those aside.
    This is a new generation of Android. :)

    • http://Website Scott Pilgrim

      Do you say it ‘Cliq Squared’?

  • http://Website dagamer34

    Android devices like these belong in the deepest reaches of hell. They are BAD products.

  • deltaslight

    Ex owner of the Cliq XT before going to Sammy’s Vibrant. Its funny how I went from one device that is still waiting for 2.1 and ent to a device that is now waiting for 2.2.


    As far as the Cliq2, im not sure how enthused people will be about this news. Maybe first time Android users would be good candidates for those entry level users, but any veteran Android lover is probably not gonna even look at the Cliq2.

    Good luck Moto, you are gonna need it with this device. Who knows, this could be the turing point in the Cliq lineup.

    • deltaslight

      lol at bad grammar…

  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    Ds7 will include ‘telephony’ capabilities mark my words. ps it’s never too early to judge any product.

  • http://Website Turtle

    Is that really the Cliq 2?
    What were they thinking when they made that keyboard.
    But I hope it has the fading LED light,

  • http://Website droidwolf

    leaving my cliq next week for the mytouch 4g. 2.1 update has slowed this dinosaur phone down so much and nothing but problems with it now. Hate the cliq.

    • Val-Zho

      I agree wholeheartedly! The 2.1 update has made my phone ridiculously slow, bluetooth issues and crashes (rebooting the whole phone) have abounded, not to mention that this is my 3rd Cliq (the others were replaced under warranty).

      I hate this phone.

      MotoBlur has actually been nice, but NOT anywhere near nice enough to justify waiting months and months for an update just so I can use current apps on the marketplace, or all the extra room and system resources that all the unused junk takes up (that can’t be removed).

      BUT, and I can say this from having a loaner phone while this was replaced, the worst Android phone is still better than not having a smart phone at all.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      i rooted my wife’s phone and threw ADLXMod 2.1.5 and that ROM FLEW…it was custom 2.1 but man it cooked.

  • http://Website Jim kenobi

    The cliq won’t sell. Motoblah is not useful and it hinders updates.

    • Val-Zho


      … I wish Moto and every other manufacturer would just let Android be Android and pour all of those software development costs into the hardware.

      The mindset of all these phone manufacturers is stuck, I think, firmly in the “cell phone” realm, when these devices are more like little computers that happen to be able to make phone calls. If they would abandon the cell phone mindset I think we would all be better off; if Dell spent half of its R&D cost on rewriting windows for every model of computer it produced, it would perpetually be behind the curve and would probably never sell anything. It’s just stupid.

      I would much rather my money go towards a phone with stock Android and rockin’ hardware than mediocre hardware (which will get outdated much faster) and bloated behind-the-times software (which can’t keep up with updates).

      Too bad I had to learn all this the hard way.

  • frogger

    The Dell Streak looks better

  • MC

    THIS particular Cliq owner (since 12/09) will be steering clear of EVERYTHING Motorola in the future after my dismal experience. Waiting (patiently) on a T-Mobile LG Star.

  • http://Website Andy

    I am just surprised that OEM are still making this phone w/ their own customizations. All of them are busy to keep on releasing new phones and lagging on releasing OS updates.

    I think with enough time, users will realize that no matter how much better the hardware is, a clean Google experience phone is still better.

  • http://Website Eli

    I had a cliq for a few months, and to be honest, for the time it came out, the hardware was pretty solid, and i still think it was the best keyboard of any phone I’ve ever used (and I’m currrently rocking a G2)….my only issue was the same issue as everyone else which is that moto sucks ass at getting out updates.

  • thechad

    good article thanks