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Early Adopters Report: How do you like your new Nexus S?

Every time a big Android device hits stores we like to poll all the early adopters that read this site and get their initial impressions of the gadget they just purchased. This past week the Nexus S landed at Best Buy and we know a lot of you ran out to pick up the first device to run Andriod 2.3.

Some of you already shared your launch stories, but now it’s time to tell us what you think about the phone after using it for several days. If you were one of the first who raced out to pick up the Samsung Nexus S, please sound off and let me know if you are happy with your new toy.

Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor? What is your favorite new feature in Android 2.3? Have you tried out Tango and made any video calls yet? How do you like the contour display? Does your GPS and WiFi work like you expected? What kind of 3G speeds are you seeing on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network? Do you mis the LED notifications and trackball from the Nexus One?

Please share your feedback so that other customers on the fence about diving in can make up their mind. Would you recommend the Samsung Nexus S to a friend?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Clark Wimberly

    Huge fan, this is easily my favorite Android purchase yet.

    • http://Website D’Angelo Henderson

      Co-sign. But I can’t believe no one has mentioned the “software trackball,” the single tab from copy and paste feature. It’s a life saver when editing text.

      I’ve configured NoLED to my liking, so my only problem is storage. I’ll admit I have 20 times more apps because of the larger internal memory, but coming from a N1 with a 32 gb micro sd card, storage is a huge concern.

      However, the screen is amazing. The colors are awesome. And that .3 on screen size makes a huge difference. Now yesterday I got a Galaxy Tab, and now the Nexus S looks tiny. Lol

  • BrianW

    A friend of mine has one and loves it. Not sure about all that though. My Cr-48 kicks ass yo!

  • http://Website Jake

    Oh sure, don’t ask us how we like our Viewsonic G Tabs. :)

  • http://Website Bara Kathawa

    I got the Nexus S as an upgrade from my G1. I love this thing. So fast, so smooth, so powerful. It looks sexy and performs just as well.

    The only thing I miss is the LED notifications. Before, I’d just have my G1 sticking out a little bit from it’s pouch and I can immediately tell if there’s anything new. Now, I have to power on my Nexus to view new information. Luckily, it’s at my side most of the day so I can usually hear or feel the vibration of an incoming notification.

    I thought I’d miss the keyboard, and at first I did. However, after installing Swype, there’s no looking back. Swype, for me, actually makes using a software keyboard fun. I highly recommend it.

    As a side note, the Nexus S fits perfectly into the pouch the G1 came with, so I’m using it in place of a case. I also am not using a screen protector as I like that the entire front of the screen is smooth. I’d hate to ruin it with a screen protector.

    • SliestDragon

      I don’t own a Nexus S myself to try this out full time, but I’ve heard a few Nexus S users say they use an app called NoLED. I don’t know if I would use it on my phone because I don’t need it, but since the NS doesn’t have an LED light, it may be invaluable to you.

      • http://Website EZC

        I have NS and the NoLED is very useful.

      • http://Website Bara Kathawa

        I saw that, but I don’t like the idea of having my screen on for long periods of time (I sometimes like to ignore some notifications at work until I get home), even if it is using very minimal battery.

        • http://Website JaylanPHNX

          Try Missing Reminder. You can set it to repeat notifications with vibrate at custom intervals.

    • http://Website anthony

      I hear ya I hate screen protectors but you will feel worst if you get a scratch on your screen. Please find a good one and put it on thanks excepted in advance lol

    • http://Website SNS luvr

      Zagg invisible shield is the answer for you, my friend. The protection of a high quality material and the crystal clear visibility you want. Been using them since my Nexus One and it’s still awesome on the Nexus S. Oh and one week later I still love this frickin phone!!!

      • http://Wastheresomethingwrong? User

        Well I got a Nexus S with Invisible shield pre-installed. It looked liked someone shitted on the screen, let it dry, and then wiped it off with a wet paper towel. Ugh, $20 for only the front??!!!!

        I’ll stick with

    • http://Website uzunoff

      I agree with you that the NS is the best (GSM) Android phone yet, but coming from G1, pretty much anything is “fast, smooth and powerful” as you put it.

  • http://Website Toby Seers

    Unfortunately I haven’t got one (although can’t complain with a Desire HD), I am secretly hoping a giveaway may appear ;)

    But seriously, what is it like in comparison to the N1, i have seen quite a few comparison videos and statistics etc, but the best way is to hear from people who have been using it for more that 1 hour. So Nexus S owners, what do you say, worth the upgrade, or wait for dual-cores?

    • http://Website Nazir khan

      Have a desire hd…got thr nexus s….don’t do it..hd is way way better…specs wise and feature wise…selling the nexus s now.

  • http://Website T Nexus

    No lag, very fast. Internet same speeds as on my vibrant. Flash works wonderfully. Twidroyd is much faster compared to 2.1. GPS works great as it should. Very satisfied. If you’re on the fence; vanilla Gingerbread.

  • Gone

    Love it!!!! I do miss the LED notifications but overall the phone is great, very fast and gingerbread is awesome!!!

  • http://Website Nick

    ok I can’t believe no one has brought this up but it’s the only thing i don’t like about the phone so far. Why is it that when i get a MMS picture message from a friend it’s to blurry to even see it??? Even pictures online like in google images are to blurry to even make out. I love this phone so much and like people above it’s an amazing upgrade from my G1 but i hope this does get fixed sometime, as it’s just nice to be able to look at a clear picture

    • http://Website T Nexus

      I noticed this issue as well and after much internet searching, I found it was also an issue with the NexusOne when it was first released, and also people who moved to T-Mobile with unlocked iPhones. It has something to with the fact that they are new, not T-Mobile phones and the picture are compressed a lot by default. I also told Samsung on twitter and said they were aware of the issue and were working on it, so it seems like a waiting game for T-Mobile to fix it.

      • http://Website Nick

        Awesome, thanks for the reply – I knew i wasn’t the only one with this problem

  • http://Website Chris

    Coming from over a year on the original MT3G (and some G1 time before that), I’m blown away by the performance on my Nexus S and how much is able to be kept in memory. I was used to apps reloading every time I’d switch between them.

    My network feels much faster, but that’s probably entirely horsepower + browser optimizations?

    I haven’t missed the LED notifications yet, but I might. I’m mostly OK without the trackball, but my Cestos abilities have suffered.

    I used swype on my MT3G, but have preferred the default 2.3 keyboard on the Nexus S. For me, I think the larger screen has made it 1) harder to swype, 2) easier to type. I’m happy with it.

  • http://Website Taylor

    Lost my Vibrant at a fortuitous (albeit expensive) time, and the Nexus S is a lot faster and smoother. More responsive than iOS.

    So far so good with GPS, but contour display doesn’t seem to be a big improvement. (Super AMOLED already looked pretty awesome, right?)

    The camera flash is surprisingly effective out to about 6-8ft, and camera quality is on par with the Vibrant, which is really great.

    Xtremrlabs shows d/l >2200 kbps and upload >4200 kbps, though it registers all results from 3G as EDGE.

    I’ve been missing the LED notifications for a while now, but not the trackball. Swype had a quick selection interface and Gingerbread uses a new selection carat that helps with text, as well.

    Overall an awesome experience.

    • http://Website Rick

      “more responsive than iOS”

      Ummmm was that a joke?

      • http://Website Taylor

        You’re right… iOS is a joke.

        • http://Website Rick

          OK well you’re obviously an android fanboy. I have a vibrant and an ip4. I don’t own an ns but have spent a good amount of time with my Co workers. Yes its faster and snappier than the galaxy obviously but in no way is it as smooth as the ip4. No I’m not an apple fanboy. I actually use the vibrant as my daily driver.

          • monlosez

            Galaxy S phones are very laggy at times due to Samsung proprietary RFS file system.

          • http://Website Bob

            so anybody who prefers an android phone over iphone is an android fanboi, but a guy who prefers iphone over android phone is a perfect human being. As for me the differences are miniscule really.

          • http://Website jimtravis

            Have a Vibrant, iP4, and S. IMO, the S is as smooth as the iP4, and smoother than the Vibrant. Also have a 4G Epic, and it is as smooth as the iP4 even though still on 2.1. The Verizon Tab is iP4 level smoothness based on using it since release dayl. I do experience lags on the Vibrant that I do not experience on the Epic, Tab, or S. I also have serious lags with email on the vibrant that I do not experience on the other devices. I have contacted T-Mobile CS serveral times about the Vibrant issue, and although courteous, no solutions.

          • monlosez

            I am running Nero V3 with Voodoo on Android 2.2 for Vibrant. It is very fast and looks like Gingerbread. Very easy to flash with ROM manager from Market.

  • http://Website Waldo

    i live in Toronto (Canada). i just want to ask if the NS will work on any carriers in canada (ex, rogers, bell, telus, etc) im in love with this phone and i really want to be the first in canada to use it :) so if you guys have any details on it, please let me know :)

    • http://Website hnn

      my t-mobile nexus one switches to rogers when I’m in the great white north. ;) if I remember right, rogers is one of the few carriers worth the same 3g data band as t-mobile.

    • http://Website greg

      It will work on Rogers and fido, wind, vidéotron but not on TELUS and bell network

      And if you want the 3g speed go with wind or vidéotron…

    • http://Website Kevin

      You’re a little late to the party. I and many others have Nexus S phones running on WIND and MOBILICITY in Canada.

      • http://Website idislikerogers

        Hi Kevin,
        How did you go about getting the Nexus S to Canada? Did you travel across the border or have it shipped over?
        I am a WIND customer looking to procure a Nexus S. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • http://Website Kam

    i upgraded from N1 to the NS. I absolutely love the NS, especially the increased internal memory space. Lacking microSD slot wasnt a big worry for me. I already install my core applications, a dozen HD games, and a several music albums on my NS and i still have 12 gig of space available! i dont see myself using that space other than images and mp3. the screen is also so smooth and the buttons are responsive. i dont have any of those screen mis-calibration errors as i did on my N1, thank god! i wished it had an dedicated camera button that’s all. overall, my experience has been pretty positive!

    • masterpfa

      Like many I was looking for a response from a N1 owner for direct comparison. I am still waiting t try hands on instore in the UK. I admit I wasn’t blown away by the specifications when first released but I reserve judgement until I have had a chance to try. I have my N1 bought independently from new for about 6 months and with the phones currently available here I am looking at the NS and HTC desire HD.
      Then again CES 2011 is only a few days away.
      I am more than happy with the N1 but Boys Toys etc. The deciding factor between the NS or DHD may be down to just price in the end and the availabilty on an upgrade due 24th of theis month.
      Thanks for your insight Kam

  • http://Website phoebetech

    LOVE IT!! It is SO much faster than my Vibrant (which in some circles is considered one of the fastest). My only disappointment is that unlike the Vibrant, the stock camera/camcorder does not have digital zoom I purchased the app Vignette which helped my camera needs but does anyone out there know of a camcorder app I can get on/off market?

  • http://Website Jack C

    I was among the crowd of folks who were disappointed that the NS didn’t come with dual core, hspa+ and sd card slot. However, after having it for a few days, I don’t regret getting it at all. The performance is great, it looks great, and it feels great. Plus, having immediate access to the latest unaltered version of Android is a big peace of mind.

    • http://Website Miguel

      Until the next Nexus device comes out…

    • http://Website one of the few nexus one owners

      well im in the crowd that’s disappointed how low spec’d the nexus s is. I’m sure its an awesome device but by early next year it will certainly be outdated by dual core, better camera, 4G, higher resolution screen etc. I had higher hopes for the Nexus line where it would be one of the top of the line phones for the rest of the year at least. The nexus one imho has been able to hold its ground again moto x, 2, incredible, evo etc. However if another pure google phone doesnt come out, then yes Nexus S will have an advantage over the rest that comes out next year. Getting updates 4-5 months in advance beats better specs anyday. (Take that EVO loving folks :P)

    • masterpfa

      My exact reasons for going for the Nexus 1 in the first place.

  • http://Website Jon

    I really had to upgrade because i kept running out of internal space on my N1 and would start getting low space messages and couldn’t receive texts or emails.

    So far, the Nexus S is awesome. Very smooth and fast and for the most part, not many FCs on apps so far. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a quick 2.3 patch release fix a couple bugs like after the initial N1 release.

    Overall, love the phone. My favorite one yet. And it doesn’t get better than a vanilla Android OS.

    • http://Website DaveC

      Same problem here, Jon. I just had my first case of a text msg rejected due to space. I’m still on the fence but I can feel myself leaning towards Best Buy. :-)

      • http://Website Jon

        The greatest part was turning the phone on, seeing all my apps download automatically and still having 800 MBs of internal space available. 800!! :)

        • Davids mom

          and no expansion….

  • http://Website Jonathan

    I got mine on launch day and I love it. I had played with but never purchased several of the Galaxy S devices, but I’m glad I waited for this instead. Since it’s built for T-Mobile specifically, it’s definitely a better purchase than the Vibrant (even with the non-removable storage) and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of their current Android phone on any carrier. Even if the Galaxy S line is updated to Gingerbread (whenever that may happen), the feel of this device still makes it the better choice.

  • http://Website Westy

    Great phone but alot of apps havent been updated and crash on it driving me nuts. Snesoid, Genoid, launcher Pro laggy, extend controls, to name a few. Also i cant seem to get the new market on my phone either. Anyone having that problem? I did cleared my cached and and forced stopped the market and it still doesnt load up the new market.

  • PhineasJW

    From a former G1 owner…

    I was also among those initially disappointed by the lack of HSPA+ and dual-core. However, after using the NS for a week now, it’s clear that I’ll never own another non-Nexus Android phone.

    Stock Android + immediate OS updates > a dual-core Moto/HTC/LG running a custom skin, with, carrier crapware, neutered tethering, and Bing search.

    Hopefully Nexus inspires other hardware manufacturers create their own pristine line untouched Android phones, even if they need to sell them directly through Best Buy or Radio Shack.

    My only complaints so far are that the back of the Nexus S is so smooth that I’ll probably have to get a case for protection and accident avoidance. And, that the Android Market has given me a few force-closures on app updates.

    Everything else rocks. And I CAN’T wait for Honeycomb. I have very big expectations for the OS remake.

  • http://Website Michele

    I wolud like to enjoy Nexus S but Best Buy canceled my order ‘cos I’m Italian…

    • http://Website Adam of Troy

      Maybe they just don’t ship over there yet… Minus one for being Italian, really?

  • PhineasJW

    And for anyone missing the lack of a notification light, check out “NoLED” in the Android Market. It’s a free app by an xda-developer.

  • http://Website anthony

    Well gotta say picked up the NS and right now I’m not missing my N1. The NS is so much faster perhaps because of gingerbread but the difference goes beyond that the soft keys work unlike the N1 which at times become erratic. The NS works great. Out doors the screen is still visible (highly) I have better 3g coverage and its faster. I had edge only at home with the N1 now I’m constantly on 3g pulling 5m wow its fast. The multi touch is super.
    I still love my N1 but the NS is worthy
    The light in the ass effect I had on day one is gone. I have a nice case on it and have adjusted to it. The NS though plastic back really feels tight
    I still have a month to play with it but I know its a keeper
    The bad I miss my notification light and I find you tube a litltle laggy perhaps it needs an update

  • http://Website Richard

    Came from a N1 to the S, and just having a true multitouch screen is reason enough to upgrade. With a lot of apps coming out that require a true multitouch screen for gestures I felt I needed a device that could take advantage. The browser in my opinion is a little behind the N1, even with flash switched to on demand the screen can become unresponsive and it’s laggy at times. I have had some battery life weirdness, one night I went from a full battery to dead in four hours with very little use, battery stats pointed the finger at the android os, so I did a reboot and that seemed to fix it, last night after some pretty heavy use all night it never dropped below the
    3/4 point, that was listening to tunes on and off and heavy days usage for 8 hours. Other than that I’m really happy, I would recommend this to anyone. My iphone fanboy friends chins hit the ground when I showed them the new maps on it, I think that’s the first time that I saw in there eyes that they wished they had my phone, it was great.

    • anakin78z

      If it’s anything like my other Android phones, give the battery a few days to break in. I had the same issues at first, but after a few days, everything behaved normal.

      • http://Website Michael C.

        Indeed, what is the battery life like on the NS? Is it yet another Android phone that doesn’t last through the day under reasonable use (and let’s face it: reasonable use for a smartphone includes surfing, music, video – the whole nine yards – just not for 10 continuous hours)?

        Honestly, with all the slimming-down of phones lately, I wish some enterprising manufacturer would get it their heads to slim down the internals as much as possible, leave the external size at an acceptable 10-15mm thick, and fill all that extra space with a nice large 3000+ mAH battery. Give us smartphones that stay smart for more than 8-10 hours, please!

  • nexusforce

    Can anyone tell me if the Nexus S has video out through the 3.5mm jack like the vibrant. I actually use the video out feature a lot, also does it have DLNA support too?

    • http://Website phoebetech

      There is a great app called “Twonky.” It can turn Android phone into a DLNA device. No need for wires.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I so want a vanilla phone on Sprint. A dual Tegra one though. I would even take the NS if it came to CDMA. I can see the quality in all the videos when being tested out.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    Here’s a question for NS owners coming from a froyo device: How’s Gingerbread compared to Froyo? Is it much of an improvement?

    • http://Website anthony

      Good question ill say no big deal looks a little nicer but does it increase speed guess wegotta wait on that but its much faster than my N1. I would like to speed test the N1 on gbread to verify

      • http://Website anthony

        I forgot one thing that bothers me about the NS is it just me why did these smart people put the power button opposite the volume button just dumb. I will have to learn not to put it to sleep while adjusting volume. I am sure ill get over this but it was a bone head decision duh

        • http://Website ron

          I think the power button is in just the right place if you are holding the phone with your left hand – as I usually do. Its feels like pulling a trigger because you naturally use your index finger (aka the trigger finger) to power the phone.

      • http://Website Vasko

        Ofcoz Nexus S. Have to be faster, better specs than your old G1 or N1. I am happy you love it. Not being sarcastic. Nexus S has a big improvement that effecting people who has an old device but equivalent devices.

    • http://Website Futureboy

      For me, the most noticeable difference is the text input/keyboard. First of all, there is a bit of extra space between the keys. It’s not a huge difference, but just enough to make a noticeable improvement in accuracy. Second, coming from a MT3G, I though I was going to miss the trackball. However, the cursor/text selection tool is far better with the new text selection tool. You don’t even have to long press and choose select text. The normal, long press>select text option gives you the tool with split handles so you can slide one left and the other right in order to select your text. In normal typing/editing mode it gives you the un-split cursor handle so you can fine-tune your cursor placement. Finally, whenever you go back and place the cursor anywhere in your text, the keyboard now gives you get the predictive text options for that word, whereas it didn’t in Froyo. I used Swype with Froyo (I was able to get in on the beta testing), but now with the new keyboard, I haven’t even installed Swype yet.

  • http://Website Pebcac

    I loved the nexus s while I had it. The only complaint, which turned out to be too big of an issue, is that the coverage in my area caused me to miss calls or not receive them entirely. I switched to the myTouch 4g and now I get full signal, even inside the house. Really wish I could have stayed with the nexus s. In everything other than reception, it was/is the superior phone.

    • http://Website Sri

      Probably it was an issue with that piece .. reception on Nexus S is awesome compared to anyother phone. I was able to speak even when others beside me were having drop calls, I didn’t.

  • http://Website sri

    Got this instead of iPhone and I am very much pleased with it.

  • http://Website rovex

    Its not half bad, but its not pulling me away from my number one device right now, the Dell Streak. Yes i know its not well regarded by many, but im running DJSteves 1.5.1 Froyo build and its overclocked to 1.2GHz. Its smooth as silk, totally stable, the screen is lovely and the 2GB of internal storage is VERY nice thank you (as is the 32GB SD card)!

    The Nexus S is good, but it feels no faster most of the time and the cheap plastic back is a real downer. Even without UI customisations its still too samsung-y, and thats bad.. Is it better than my other phone, an HTC Desire? Debatable..

    • http://Website anthony

      Rovex why oh why is there always one in the pack. The topic is about early adopters opinions. I dont understand why you needed to add this. I hope you and ur dell are happy but know this and understand it well its not a nexus s or nexus one therefore get in line now BA bye!

      • http://Website rovex

        Umm Anthony.. I DO have a Nexus S as well, that i how i am able to comment on the fact that i prefer the Dell streak..

  • http://Website TheGoodAir

    Loving my sexy Nexy. I came from a T-Mobile Vibrant and I gotta say this phone is much better than the SGS by leaps and bounds. It’s faster, and the GB UI is fantastic. Network coverage with the NS is far superior to the SGS as I now get 3G at home instead of just Edge. My only gripe is the wifi. It doesn’t seem to be as strong ad my SGS was in that area. Overall, best choice I’ve made in a phone since my conversion to Android, for the vanilla OS alone.

  • http://Website Vasko

    Nexus S? Na….not really impress me. I own HTC Desire HD and and went to get a Nexus S just for try. What I can see is a plastic device..why? Why? Why? Google did this to itself…make its product looks so cheap and feel really cheap too. Though that google will be more creative expect more fancy device. Processor speed is alright compare to my HTC Desire HD. Now this Nexus S will be on ebay soon.

  • http://Website Ivan

    Im loving my Nexus S. It always seems to have either full 3G or Edge bars which is good. The contour display isn’t even all that I see that the screen curves off the screen. But its very fast, smooth UI. 4.0 inch screen is the sweet spot. GPS was acting a little weird I was using it while I was in the bus and it was inaccurate. Does this have hspa+? Best buy says yes blogs say no. Holy crap I almost got hit by a car for writting this lolll. I recommend ;)

    • monlosez

      My MyTouch3G is much faster than my MyTouch4G. See what I am saying there?

  • http://Website billbob

    If Samsung never came out with the Epic 4G, and they loaded stock 2.3 on it and called it the Nexus S, you all say you love it. Personally, If Samsungs flag ship devices IE: Galaxy S have better specs/hardware (IE:Removal-able memory card and such) then the lead Google phone, there is no point in getting it. We shouldn’t payvextra money to have an all stock Android device. People who want UI’s such as Touch Wiz and Sense should have to pay more because it is an extra feature. Although stock/vanilla Android is too an extra feature. But I guess that’s why they have the “Open Source” project and such. I just hope people agree with me.

  • http://Website Nexus S fan

    I upgraded from an N1 to an NS I must say it was worth it. The power button on the side is smart it feels more natural to power on and off the device. I don’t miss the Led at all. If you are a user like me your phone is constantly in your hand. I usually hear any messages and if not its okay. The notification bar does its job when you mess with your phone to left you know if you missed a call or message. I used NoLed for a few days, it works. I personally don’t need led notification. I’m always tinkering with my phone. The 16gigs of space is plenty. Everyone should watch the Google I/O video part 2. People complaining about no space for music need to know Google music will let you stream your entire music collection to your android device.Netflix will be coming to phones as well so that solves the movie issue. The difference between t-mobile 4g and 3g is about 1.5mbs here in Atlanta I have ran test with my buddy who has a G2. You can’t really notice a difference. By the time you can notice a difference in speed we might be on N4. This phone was a great purchase. I have a better screen visually, a better touch sensor, front facing camera, and a better CPU and gpu chip set. When google gets there cloud services up and running for honeycomb the true power of this device will shine through. Oh yeah I forgot the NFC ability. It is useless now but all carriers here in the U.S. want our phones to have it. So as a NS owner we are future proofed.

  • http://Website Jon

    Just saw on Engadget that there seems to be an update already rolling out to the Nexus S to upgrade it to build GRH78.

  • http://Website george

    Some gripes that can be out weight or…transform to positive (all of which i agree with you who complain about them…just want to kind of reassure…its alll good)

    1) PLASTIC. CON -cheap looking this, weird weight that.
    PRO -dispells heat better than teflon metal which keeps a certain amount of it
    and as for the weight, i find it great.

    2) No LED CON -NO LED!
    PRO -battery saver, obviously. Kind of helps me not be too paranoid of my phone, i mean, i usually always have the damn thing on me, not missing out by much. ITS A SMARTPHONE i use it more than just for phone calls (which by the calls are insanley crips on this)

    3) Some FC & browser slow downs
    PRO – You bought the nexus because you are a geek and know better. you have the responsibility of watching it evolve to even better (think of nexus one first 3 months of release..and how amazing it is the last recent 3 months…now put that same idea on the nexus S….now change you briefs.

    thats all

  • MitchRapp81

    do ex-N1 owners feel the new NS is a bit CHEAP … like you walked into the dollar-store and picked up their 1$ candy phone?

    I mean, it’s plastic :(

    • http://Website rovex

      I agree, but it seems to the guys on here it doesnt matter how naff the device is as long as it has stock android its a win. Im sorry but there is more to a phone than just the OS and other phones will have Gingerbread soon enough . Im not willing to sacrifice quality for an incremental OS update.

    • http://Website Andromedo

      Although I was worried about this, coming from an N1, it really hasn’t been an issue. The build both looks and feels really solid.

      I’ve gotten several compliments on the phone over the holiday.

      My N1 hasn’t gotten a compliment since I got it back in February…

    • http://Website Futureboy

      The phone only feels less substantial if you compare it side by side with another phone with a bit more metal in the build. It is natural for consumers to equate weight with quality. However, if you examine it on its own, it is a sleek, well built device that looks and feels very contemporary.

  • DPtheKid

    I LOVE IT :D

  • http://Website Andrew

    Yeah I was a little apprehensive at first having the N1 which I loved. Yes past tense! I thought I’d miss the led but no so much. The trackball I never really wanted but then grew on me but now I dont mind it not being there. Everything is wicked fast and the screen in the sun? It’s like I have a book! Reception is the same, which finally upgraded through T-mobile several weeks ago and is rock solid and quick. Gingerbread is very nice, especially the black notification bar without having to root. Google, you’ve outshined yourself yet once again.thank you.

  • http://Website Eric

    My MT4G beats my NS in all the benchmarks that I have run so far which really surprised me. The Super Amoled can’t be beat, but the MT4G is no slouch for an LCD. I can’t understand why Samsung can’t get their vibrate notifications as strong as the HTC phones. In a noisy environment I always miss calls on the NS or Vibrant whereas the 4G about jumps out of my pocket. I had heard that the wifi was supposed to be allot better on the S however, I don’t see any improvement over my Vibrant and its not nearly as good as the HTC units I’ve had. The radio on both of the Sammy’s are sub par to any HTC phones I’ve had usually varying by 8 to 10 dBm. I still prefer having an optical track pad or ball which I am sure comes from having BB’s for so many years. The curved screen looks cool, but doesn’t seem to change or improve the ergonomics of the phone. The battery life seems on par with the Vibrant which is not a good thing an its no match for the 4G. Download averages are in the 4 to 5 range whereas the 4G gets 7 to 8 here in Atlanta and I would love to know why they didn’t go with HSDPA+. My son got an NS as well and at this point we are both leaning towards returning them since it is not that much of an advancement over the Vibrant and aside from the screen & Android pureness its no match for the 4G. Lastly, for what its worth, I probably would’t have bought the Vibrant had the MT4G come out first. And we are a little pissed off at Samsung for dragging their feet on 2.2 which pushed us to root and get it.

  • http://Website Hernan H

    I am coming from a nexus one and I actually like this phone at lot. It feels lighter and i love its black looks. Feels great on your hand. It definitely feels faster than the nexus one (probably software only 2.2 versus 2.3). I dont mind not having an micro sd card, 16GB is plenty and now I have 1GB for apps. With my nexus one I was always getting close to the memory limit for apps. front facing camera will be great when yahoo messenger updates. I do miss the LED light but I used to hate waking up at 3am at the super bright LED of the nexus one illuminating my whole bedroom. So I have mixed feelings on this one.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Bought this phone over the phone and got it the next day. Paid $199 for the add the line and cancelled my even more plus I had. Coming from the Mytouch 3G 1,2, I really love this phone. Great display, great speed, accurate GPS, wifi is awesome. Wondering where the new Android Market is, but overall great phone. The plastic feel of the phone is fine with me. I’m not sure how hard people are on their phones or why it would be a problem. I don’t miss the LED notifications or the track ball. Only thing I don’t like is the lack of accessories, but think I will go with the invisibleshield and the pouch I’m carrying it in. Too bad my rooted mytouch 3g or any mytouch 3g doesn’t have much of a resale value.

  • http://Website Shanikwa Johnson

    Hay hay hay, been using NoLed on my galaxy s for months now, BEST APP EVER CREATED FOR THE GALAXY S.

    Craving some grits.

  • http://Website Andromedo

    I’ve been using an N1 as my daily driver since early February, and I was very pleased with it. The biggest issues in my eyes were the poor touchscreen, somewhat poor audio (both speaker and phone earpiece), and poor visibility in daylight (although this wasn’t as big an issue for me).

    I really like the NS. It seems much smoother, faster than the N1 which was no slouch. The audio is much improved, both in the earpiece and on the speakerphone (which is fantastic, IMO). The screen is much better in the sun, and the extra size is nice. And finally, finally, a really nice touchscreen that can see five touch points and track perfectly, as opposed to the N1 which would regularly freak out with only one or two.

    I don’t notice any significant difference at all in performance of the 3G, EDGE, and WiFi radios compared to the N1, which were never a problem. GPS and compass work fine, just as on my N1.

    Although I was worried about it, it doesn’t feel or look cheap, and I’ve even had unsolicited comments from people I wouldn’t expect to notice on how sweet it looked. (My wife on the other hand took five days to even notice I was using a different phone).

  • http://Website D.LaFleur

    Phone is great and better than my old phone N1. Only drawback was driving all over metro Detroit to best buys and when I get there the phone is gone. Anyways this phone rings bells.

  • jsurles

    Upgrade path: G1 -> N1 -> MT4G -> NS

    I was excited to get the NS.. then the specs came out. I was hoping for dual core like everyone else, but when it didn’t I thought I’d try the MT4G. HATED it. I reboxed it and was back on my N1 in less than 24 hours. I’m certainly a vanilla android man. I picked it up day one, and I have been very happy with the performance.



    SD CARD – I was a little apprehensive about the lack of SD card, but I figured after nearly a year on the N1 and still 3GB free on my 8GB SD (including apps to SD), I was going to be safe stuck at 16GB for the next 12-13 months.

    LED Notifier – Miss it more than I thought.. but NoLED makes up for it.. though, I don’t keep that on too much. Everytime I think about checking for a message or something, I still just want to click the phone on and check the status bar. If for nothing else just so I can see the CRT animation when I turn the screen back off.

    sans HSPA+ – Wife taunts me with her MT4G.. but I’m still pulling down 3-5Mbps at home and work, so I’m alright. :)

    Trackball – I definitely do miss it. Getting use to the selecting places in txt.. getting better and faster.

    The GOOD:

    Fast – It just feels lightning fast
    Screen – Super! (amoled)
    Gingerbread – Not a huge step up in features, but the ext4 seems to help speed i/o up a little.


    Still no cisco vpn support
    Still no screenshot capability (from phone, while I’m out and about)
    No native video chat.. Tango finally released, but choppy as shit, even on wifi

    GPS – Ugh.. I’m really disenchanted with it. N1 locked on so damn fast, but the NS seems to take forever to get a lock sometimes.. others it locks, but it seems like it only pulls in 5 satellites so the accuracy isn’t as granular as I’d like. Hopefully a software fix.

    WiFi – Signal bars show weak.. even when I’m 10 feet from AP. That could be just a power measuring issue.. but at least 3/5 days since I’ve had it, I woke up with WiFi connectivity, but unable to connect to anything. I’d have to turn the wifi off and on again for it to work. :( Hopefully a software fix.

    Camera – no digital zoom? Pictures look nice, but when you zoom in, they look kind of pixelated. Hopefully a software fix.

    • masterpfa

      Thanks for the review, “nice but not quite complete”, is the impression I’m getting. Nothing to really get me to drop a 6mth old N1 in favour of the NS, well not quite yet. May wait to see what updates Google and Samsung implement over the coming months

  • http://Website Ricardo A.

    Smooooooth and fast, compared to my now old nexus one, the screen us super responsive to the touch, the only downside is that I have to wait for allc the video chat applications to get updated. extremly satisfied.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Well, I did look the phone over, but I didn’t exactly run out to get this phone for 2 reasons.

    1- No SD Card support. Reminds me too much of my old iPhone (gagging), having to sync it every time I wanted to load music onto my phone, or add more ring tones, I would have to use the app, Ringdroid. Too complicated. Not to mention my battery life would begin to decrease b/c it would begin charging the battery for the small amount of time it took to transfer music, pics, videos, etc.

    2- Samsung didn’t include a trackpad or trackball. It is much easier to navigate pages or apps then to try to pin point those hard to reach areas, especially if you have larger hands. I have tried using my Galaxy Tab, trying to put the cursor in the right area, and it would go too far left or too far right, so I ended up having to delete some of my text, just to correct something. What a nightmare.

    That’s not to mention it has a plastic casing, because I have mixed feelings about that.

    And thankfully its Stock Android, so we don’t have to wait months or even until the next generation of Android OS rolls out before getting an OS update, like the other Galaxy S line of phones.

    But, thats just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it… and may not reflect the views of others.

    Happy Holidays.

  • http://Website J.Saiki

    Coming from a Nexus One I do miss having the led notifications. It’s crazy to even imagine they didn’t put a battery charging light on the Nexus S. @[email protected] But hey, can’t always having everything you want. I’m overall pretty satisfied with the phone. Unless another vanilla android handset pops up with HSPA+ and dualcore then I’m going to have to say this is the best Android experience you can buy.

  • http://Website A.J. Manresa

    yo this has to come out for verizon NOW!!!!!!!

  • http://Website rovex

    Seems im getting voted down because i DARE to say its all Samsung-y and its made of cheap plastic. Oh well. Sure its a good device, no doubt one of the best out there, but its winning no fans for its plastic shell and boring front styling.

    It might have great hardware inside, but it looks like its made from the plastic they make the toys in Kinder Eggs from. It does the Nexus brand no good when it looks so low rent and naff.

  • http://Website jeffrey

    Iabsolutely love it. Coming from a nexus one, not having led notifications have really not bothered me. The screen is amazing and I love the way that the audio sounds. The phone is sleek in design. I thought it would feel cheap but it doesn’t. I am very happy.

  • goNoles22

    This is the best phone out. I can’t set it down. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on it also. From a tech perspective I knew it wouldn’t have all the bells and whistles everyone wanted. But then which phone does? There isn’t one phone on the market that will satisfy everyone’s wants and needs.

    I’m sick of hearing fanboys talk about how the iPhone is better than this and that. The truth is the iPhone is probably the best thing out there in terms of looks but the OS is crippled by Apple. The fact of the matter is iPhone fans should love anything Android because the openness and competition has made Apple change their strategy as far as approving apps.

    And besides iPhone there isn’t one single competitor that comes close to the Nexus S today. The LG star just looks ugly and LG has never had a great phone before so I’m not expecting them the start just because they’re releasing the first phone with a Tegra 2 chip. I’m that guy that monitors tech sites looking for the next best thing to come out. One thing I’ve realized is companies know what we want also. But if they give it to you all at once they won’t be able to get you to buy the next best thing. So I bought the Nexus S even though its lacking HPSA+ and it doesn’t have a dual-core CPU because the positives out weigh that.

    I’m tired of carriers and manufactures locking down phones, removing features from the OS and simply taking too long to update the software on the phones they put out. And I changed the mind of the biggest Apple fan boy I know when we had a five hour meeting on a floor with wifi when I setup a hotspot and shared it with a four people.

  • http://Website Maximus

    I Love it!!!!

    Coming form the RIM family i was bit nervous that i would regret my decision, but could that be further from the truth

    U can check my Launch story but i received mine on Dec 18 and its been a Marriage ever since

    Its so Fast and responsive and the SAMOLED Screen is a BEAUTY to look at

    My only complaint would be Battery life as i find myself having to Charge this baby up everyday only halfway through the day but using a TAsk killer has worked wonders

    Also coming from a Blackberry and being accustomed to Led notification the first few days took some adjusting to until i downloaded NOLED *Whew* life saver

    Its a great piece of Hardware… i thought this device coming from Samsung would make the build quality less then High Quality, but i have to say its a sturdy device and feels great in the hand with a little weight behind it

    looking to root it as soon as CM comes out with a ROM for it

    Im happy i joined the Android FAmily :)

  • http://Website Kris

    I like my nexus see but there are a hand full of things I don’t like. I moved to the NS as my N1 wasn’t running the best and was low on memory due to the amount of apps on it.

    The NS has been a bit buggy but tge update helped a lot with that. The no track ball isn’t that big of a deal, but the no zoom camera is annoying. My back button dose not work well as I have to push hard on it to get it to work and last but not least the gps had been really laggy.

    Things I like over the N1 are tge screen, larger memory and at bit faster speed.

    Over all its not a huge difference from the N1 so if your N1 isn’t giving you issues I would hold out for a dual core.

    Just my two cents

    • masterpfa

      This final statement says it all for me. With mu current N1 NOT giving me any problems, the one thing I am missing is the OTA first of updates, but being a Google priority phone I guess these will come soon enough. Also I realise “Rooting” is not for everyone but for those with N1′s complaining of low internal memory, since running custom ROMS and A2SD I never suffer these issues.

      Thanks Kris I think I’ll wait to see what CES has to offer phonewise. NS will have to wait (if not passed over. Shame as I was so looking forward to this one)

  • http://Website Erik

    I am a current N1 owner and was also hoping for something better/more with the new Nexus. I actually just exchanged my original N1 because of some issues. Even tho it has never been perfect (the replacement may be going back too for frequent unresponsive touchscreen issues) the NS, even tho it’s a nice phone, doesn’t seem to be enough of an upgrade to warrant $530 from me. I use mine every day at work as a gps for 8 or 10 different destinations without too much issue. I guess will chug my old phone along until something substantially better shows up.

    I do hope that there is a Nexus 3.

  • Nayan Patel

    I’m a bit surprised that no one mentioned the-back-button-issue, the back button, most of the times(more frequently when in a game or any other app) does not acquire commands(neither ‘gentle’ nor ‘hard’), it leaves only one option ‘home button’ hence your app or game keeps running in the background only to drain the considerable juice off your battery. No LED on a smartphone may hinder some BB users switching to android.