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Gameloft apologizes for billing errors

After our report yesterday that customers were finding duplicate charges from Gameloft’s web store, the company has issued an apology to their customers. Gameloft reports that they identified an issue in their billing process which affected a small percent (0.05%) of all transactions on their store in December. As of today, the bug has been fixed and customers who received extra charges will be automatically refunded.

It is nice to see Gameloft identify the problem and fix it so quickly, but there are no signs that Gameloft will be embracing the official Android Market anytime soon. Full statement after the jump.

Just today Gameloft tweeted that they will bring their flagship game N.O.V.A. 2 to Android devices, but it is not slated for release on the Android Market. That’s a big shame because I really want to play that game, but I think I’m done with Gameloft’s online store.

Hopefully they will reconsider their strategy as Google continues to improve the Android Market. We love Gameloft’s 3D games, but their web store is a constant exercise in frustration.

Gameloft would like to apologize to those who were affected by the following situation on Gameloft’s Android store:

We spotted an issue in our billing process that affected 0.05% of all transactions on our stores in December. After having bought one game through a credit card, some customers were charged a second time under certain circumstances.

All customers who received extra charges will be automatically refunded for all related game charges directly to their credit card accounts, and will receive a free game credit.

This bug has been fixed today.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused some of our customers. If you need further assistance on Gameloft’s offer for Android please contact: [email protected]Customer ServiceGameloft

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  • http://Website AC

    Gameloft, it’s either Android Market, or I pirate it.

    • Nushio

      I take it AC means Anonymous Coward because that’s what you are.

      Instead of pirating Gameloft’s products you should look for the games that are actually being released for Android Market and support them (by buying them, not pirating them).

      • http://Website AC

        I do pay for the games but why would I pay for a game via the Gameloft store that I still need to see if my device is compatible, verify it through my carrier, sideload the apk and find out in the end that it wouldnt perform well on my device, also having to check my bank statement to see if I have been charged 4 times?

        the Android Market is there for a reason.

        • Nushio

          You’re putting words where there weren’t any.

          I never said “buy Gameloft games”, I simply asked you to stop pirating their games.

          What I’m trying to say is put your money where your mouth is or shut up. Piracy is not an option.

          • http://Website monkeydroid

            @ Nushio “Instead of pirating Gameloft’s products you should look for the games that are actually being released for Android Market and support them (by buying them, not pirating them).”

            You may not have said buy Gameloft games, but you implied it with that statement. Calling someone a coward on the internet isn’t respectful nor does it inspire people to do the right thing either.

          • http://Website AC

            The act of piracy comes down to personal morals, it may be against the law, but you cannot dictate to someone whether they should pirate something or not.

          • Nushio

            I said “support them” as in, the guys that made their games available on the Android Market.

            What I’m trying to say is that every pirated Gameloft game is one less Fruit Ninja, Robo Defense or Angry Birds downloaded.

            I care about Android a lot, which is why I don’t pirate any android apps and its why I encourage people to try (and buy!) games from the Android Market, instead of resorting to piracy measures.

          • http://Website AC

            I don’t think you see the point.

            Gameloft games “ARE NOT” on the Android Market.

            I support developers and buy games that are on the Android Market like Fruit Ninja etc. Gameloft is being extensively cheap by thinking that they can release their game via their own store so they can avoid piracy but in reality it’s doing the opposite effect.

          • http://Website KK

            Just because he’s not buying gameloft games does not mean he’s not buying android market games.And if I read correctly, he also said he does pay for games on the android market.

        • daveloft

          Buy it from the mobile site and you don’t have to worry about selecting your carrier and seeing if it’s compatible. Pay with a credit card or carrier billing and you can do it worldwide, unlike the Android market. There is no excuse for pirating but I guess the majority of this site disagrees, what a pathetic bunch you are.

          • falmc
          • http://Website Adam of Troy

            Even with the international market they could still join the US Android market but they don’t wanna deal with the 30% Android market carrier cut or the market’s rules… Boo on them for enjoying Androids benefits but not contributing anything beyond “Look we’re Gameloft and we’re on Android.”

      • http://Website monkeydroid

        A pirated Gameloft game is not taking away from Fruit Ninja. I’m sure because Fruit Ninja is in the market, its more likely to be bought than stolen. Which is the point everyone is trying to make.

        We all love android here which is why not supporting Gameloft specifically will possibly inspire them to reconsider poor business practices.

        • http://Website Antwan

          Or they may decide to be Morons and pull out of Android all together. I wish they would come clean as to the “real” reasons they don’t want to use Android Market.

  • Alan Reboli

    ^ Wisdom

  • http://Website Brandon

    What else needs to happen to get their games in the market? It keeps getting proved that their way does not work.

  • http://Website mikeyDroid


    Ah, what a nice feeling that is. Great posts Taylor I’m sure you played a roll in this.

  • http://Website B

    Word gets around quick on these internets. Good thing I dont care for gaming on phones. Dont have to deal with this crap either way.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Good to hear They acknowledged their error to the world. Too bad they didn’t feel the need to respond to multiple emails from their customers.

    I won’t be spending a penny on Gameloft games until they get into the Market.

  • http://Website Adrian

    I’d have a lot more respect for all the anti-piracy advocates if they didn’t resort to using insults at the end of every comment.

  • http://Website gad

    Don’t trust them well enough to give my details to them.

  • chris0101

    I refuse to support a company that does this sort of thing to its end-users. For that reason, out of principal, I do not even bother to consider getting any of their games.

    I’d encourage the Android community to do the same. Either Gameloft will:

    1. Concede and put their games on the Android market
    2. Exit the market (no loss given their attitude towards Android)

    If we starve the beast, we’ll get a reaction.

  • http://Website tim242

    How many of you anti piracy advocates pirate tethering from your carrier? That’s what I thought.

  • http://Website dave

    I like how they say some people were charged twice and didn’t mention the people who were charged 4 or more times, nor did they mention their shocking lack of response to people’s queries and complaints. No doubt there’ll be a follow up announcement saying “0.0046% of people failed to receive a timely response”.

    Why would anyone want to risk buying anything from them outside of the marketplace?

  • http://Website kj

    Here’s the real reason they don’t use the market: different pricing “strategies” for different regions. All their games are USD3 normally (about SG$4 at current exchange rates), but here in Singapore, they’re SG$6, that is 50% more in price for no difference in value but just because they can. Needless to say they’re not getting a penny from me.

  • http://Website Adam of Troy

    it’s nice to know Gameloft is listening; that this sight is import enough for them to respond to (even if they decided their individual customers aren’t).

    We keep talking, Taylor keeps reporting, Gameloft is listening. Pretty damn good start.


    hola, quiero saber pòr no puedo bajar juegos de mi celu, es un samsung galaxi 550 , las veces que intento la operacion me envian un msj, diciendome que. a ocurrido un error no cobrado. mi celu tiene suficiente dinero
    …. si alguien tiene una respuesta. espero que me lo digan—- gracias!!!

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  • olami o.a

    i can’t get the 5 digit you people ask, bfr. i can have my game.

  • Tammy Miniex

    I have a galaxy 3 and it came with a golf game my daughter click on the game and some how it started charging me is there anyway you could unsubscribe me to this

  • sharon mcclellan

    Please unsubscribe the golf game that was not meant 2 b downloaded onto my phone. Thank u

  • simon woollam

    how do i stop being charged for games from gameloft?

  • Akinbami Peter

    Please i bought a game over a month ago but the pin code does not sent to me and money has been deducted from my account

  • Wisdom Maurice

    I have bought one game that is in my Android phone for five times without receiving the confirmation code. but they will always say wait for five minutes

  • Wisdom Maurice

    I have waited for too many minutes without any confirmation code sent to me