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Hands-on: Google TV Remote

Google recently released their Google TV Remote for Android which works in tandem with your Logitech Revue, Sony Internet TV, or stand alone box. The application was launched with the announcement of an update to Google TV that adds compatibility for the remote app, but the shipping firmware on the Revue works just fine with the app. It’s free in the Market today and is a must have for any Google TV owner.

The remote is a great addition to your phone, and for people that are already on their phone while watching TV, it is a great way to control your TV without the mess of multiple controllers. Also, if you aren’t a fan of the trackpad on the Revue or the trackpad on the Sony controllers, using your phone’s touchscreen is probably going to feel way more comfortable and useful to you.

Here’s a hands-on video demoing a few of the key features and the responsiveness of the application. Do you have a Google TV? Does this make your life a little bit easier? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Google TV Blog

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  • http://Website Xallies

    I like it but wish it acted a bit more like twitter for ipad in which i can see my screen on my phone and navigate accordingly. Or that they had incirporated google youtube remote ect…

  • http://Website Max

    Jeez….I came to watch a hands on video not stare at some logo for 10 seconds straight. A simple Android and Me fading in and out on a black or white screen in 3 secs flat would have done the trick but noooo, let’s spend 10 seconds showing a still logo.

  • dafb

    The application doesn’t seem to be available in Europe?

    • http://Website feste the jeste

      doesn’t seem to be avail in Canada either.

  • http://Website francomur99

    As usual… only for USA customers, that’s not fair!