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Hands on the new Android Market

The new Android Maket (version 2.2.6) that was announced last night is scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks, but thanks to the boys at xda-developers you can check it out early. We hate waiting for updates, so I went ahead and grabbed the apk file to install on my T-Mobile G2 and preview the new features. Check out the hands-on video after the jump.

Overall I’m really impressed with the new user interface and I’m excited for the other features we know are coming soon. Hopefully in the next several weeks we should see the browser-based Market, PayPal payments, and the YouTube video previews. They sure spent their sweet time with it, but at least Android finally has an app store that is competitive with the rest.

What other features do you hope Google adds to the Android Market over the coming months?

Via: Android Police

Source: xda-developers

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  • Alan Reboli

    I think this is great. Finally a little flair for the market.

  • @j_norton

    The link is dead due to traffic, and fyi you spelled paypal wrong.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Mines keep failing to install

  • http://Website helebek

    As long as it is working. Because for some reason with my Tmo connection, market sux.

  • http://Website jon

    link to APK is dead :(

  • http://Website gamal hussein

    I got it officially here is how i did it
    1-clear the market cash
    2-clear data
    3-force close

    open the market app

    then if it didn’t show up then restart the device , and you’ll get it :)

    thats what i have done and i got it

    • http://Website Hans

      Tried that, didn’t work.

    • http://Website B

      Does that affect your download list?

  • Gamal Hussein

    and also if it didn’t work i can pull out my apk for you

  • Lemon

    All these fancy changes and you STILL can’t sort Alphabetically in your downloads list…

    • falmc

      Havent tried the new market but im guessing there is no way to sort the top rated apps from the lowest in a proper descending order, Always confused me as to why this isnt a feature on the current market.

  • GRAW

    This reminds me of the Xbox Live update a few months ago… I like it.

  • http://Website Leonardo Leal

    If U ask me I think It’s a pretty bad update. Only new Graphics no major feature or organizational changes… U still can’t order Apps by Developer or Rating or Popularity… categories are the same horrible categories…

    I hope this update is a preparation for these new features, really.

    I’ll be looking forward to It. I have faith in Google. :P

  • http://Website Boriqua2000

    I just want native gtalk video chat

  • BoD

    The ludicrously low character limit for the description – try to describe what an app does in 325 characters. Are they going to increase that one day? COME ONNNNNNNNNN.

  • http://Website Gladys

    I have the new market apk, I gotta say other than the look of it, nothing else has changed. It needs some sort features among other things.

  • http://Website james

    What’s a parse error? It won’t let me install the apk..

  • http://Website Ric

    I still think app discovery needs some work – for instance new great games are released quite often, but don’t have the word of mouth power that the likes of angry birds has, so quickly get shoved down the bottom of the games list and is un-discoverable because:

    - Going to “just in” gets raped by dodgy chinese and indian developers flooding with app spam so there’s never any point going to that tab
    - “Top paid/free” is fairly static, and you’re not going to scroll down 50 windows to find that new great game
    - Most people don’t use forums and hear about things.

    I would also like to see “recommend this to a friend” functionality. I have several completely non-techy mates with android phones who’ll never download anything that isn’t already on the recommended list or at the very tippy top of “top paid/free”, so i’d like a way of sending them a link or something in a text that opens up that app in their market.

  • McLovin

    Now if someone could fix the web android market at
    to show all the apps I would be thrilled!

    …”This is a showcase for some of the featured and top ranked applications and games available on Android Market. For a comprehensive, up-to-date list of the tens of thousands of titles available, check out Android Market on your handset. ”

    Hmm, what if you don’t have a handset and you are deciding if you even want to be on Android. For this I have to go to those 3rd party android showcase web sites. But why can’t the official Android Market website show all this stuff?

  • http://Website bpear96

    Somebody figured out how to get this update onto rooted 2.1 devices here