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How to place and receive internet calls with Android 2.3

Android 2.3 just hit the streets yesterday and we’ve been playing around with it on the Nexus S, but it’s going to take awhile to check out all the new features that Google crammed into this release.

One cool feature is the ability to make voice calls over the internet using a SIP account. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol widely used for controlling communications settings such as video and voice over Internet Protocol.

Anyone with a SIP account can easily enter their setup information into the new call settings menu found in Android 2.3 and then make a call over the internet to other uses who have SIP accounts.

If you don’t already have a VOIP account, this new feature might be useless to you but it gives you an idea of some possible features coming to Android soon. We expected that video calling would be a major feature of Gingerbread, but it appears that was delayed since it was left off the Nexus S.

Google’s Andy Rubin let is slip that video calls were already being tested with Google Talk when he showed off his Honeycomb tablet and we saw evidence of video controls in the Gingerbread SDK, so it’s only a matter of time before we eventually see this update.

I suspect Google will also introduce voice calls over Google Talk soon, but that might upset the carriers. The good thing about the Nexus S is that Google can do whatever the heck they want with the software, so hopefully we see it next year.

From Google Android 2.3 platform highlights: The user can make voice calls over the internet to other users who have SIP accounts. The user can add an internet calling number (a SIP address) to any Contact and can initiate a call from Quick Contact or Dialer. To use internet calling, the user must create an account at the SIP provider of their choice – SIP accounts are not provided as part of the internet calling feature. Additionally, support for the platform’s SIP and internet calling features on specific devices is determined by their manufacturers and associated carriers.

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  • http://Website myinkedspsce

    What is a sip account and can I get the media HIV on it I bought like 10 movies on my vibrant

    • http://Website brown

      I think you mean media hub… and thats a good question. It is made by samsung, but the software is all from Google, pure Google. Therefore I do not think media hub is supported on the nexus S. Although you may be able to download the .apk or something, but im not sure since there might be some DRM support conflicts…..

    • great foobar

      here be some resources for ye




      someone’s comment filter will not allow me to provide them as URLs



  • Andr3w

    Is it free?

    • Kleptine

      Some are, some aren’t.

  • http://Website myinkedspace

    LOL yeah I did mean media hub…

  • http://Website bemymonkey

    Hmmm, why wifi only? I made sure to get a 3g plan which specifically allows you to use VOIP, and so far Sipdroid is working very well over 3g and even EDGE… :)

    • @nick_elliott

      I second that! I don’t know why the built in anfroid sip calling is wifi only! Does anyone know? Skype is the same way with requiring wifi. Why do these companies give a flip on what the carriers think. Users can install their software without the carriers approval on android.

    • Piet

      It works on both 3g as wifi, at least on CM7.

  • http://Website Anakin78z

    I recently installed sipdroid on my Galaxy Tab in an attempt to add voice calling to it (us version). It opened my eyes to a whole world of sip /voip calling it never knew anything about! Not only can I now make calls from the tab, but they figured out how to tie it to my google voice number, so the person on the other end sees no difference.
    I think google is downplaying the sip calling on these phones on purpose. Given a good enough data connection, you can really say goodbye to your voice and texting plans and still have a fully functional phone now, as long as you know what you’re doing… but seriously, using sipdroid it was pretty much a one button setup. You could then use the setup they make for you and just hook it into native gingerbread.

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Why couldn’t they make it work through Google Talk or similar like that, just built-in into Android. And why no Wi-Fi calling?

    I just want simple “data calls” that I can make through Wi-Fi or 3G if I want to, done directly without the need for a SIP account. Is that too much to ask for? And didn’t T-mobile start offering Wi-Fi calls like that? I would’ve thought the same feature will come built-in soon.

    • great foobar

      > Is that too much to ask for?

      yes. technology isn’t magic

  • http://Website jm

    People seem to forget that Google acquired a SIP provider (Gizmo5) back on November 12th of ’09.

    Imo, it’s only a matter of time until everyone with a Google Voice account automatically gets a SIP account tied to their service.

    Google has a plan.

    • great foobar

      yup and it involves call bridging

      google is PARTY to EVERY call

      is that necessary? uckfay no! But it does put them in a position to capture the text of all calls to better market to you. think about voicemail transcription if you IQ is above 130

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    i like this part…..”The good thing about the Nexus S is that Google can do whatever the heck they want with the software” go google.

  • http://Website steveanderson1357

    Taylor Wimberly wrote:

    I suspect Google will also introduce voice calls over Google Talk soon, but that might upset the carriers.

    I’ve used my gmail account (chat) on my laptop several times to experiment with making free domestic calls. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the tab or a phone.

  • http://Website Jon

    Hi everybody, I wanna know how can I surf on internet with 3G, I’m getting mad

  • show plates

    brilliant post , but i’ve read that using pbexers is a way to stop a sip account timing out , i’m having issue with this.

  • great foobar

    The phone can do stuff

    no, really?

    How about a link, or instruction HOW to place an internet call (once credentials added)

    Too uckingfay difficult for this “article”?


  • Dave M

    For a free sip account visit:

    dub-dub-dub dot ekiga dot org

    Click on the “Free SIP address” link.

    SIP phone calls are peer-to-peer but you will need to use a SIP server to find each others phone. So Ekiga provides a freely available SIP server that can be used with their free telephony client software or any other SIP compliant telephony software.

    Hope that helps…

  • lybacbo

    I want to set audio codec to G729 but I dont know how to do.
    Please give me some advise. Thanks

  • sivani

    How do I use internet calling and what will I di for use this

  • banye HARUNA

    please I am not clear of de pprocedurs in INTERNET calls

  • sharad

    stop for hacking