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HTC begins hiring to launch their own smartphone app store in the U.S.

Last month the Financial Times reported that HTC was planning to open their own app store and recent job postings on the company’s web site seem to confirm that it could happen sooner rather than later. The initial report said that HTC’s app store team would include a small number of staff based in Taiwan, but HTC has now several job openings on their U.S. site which are targeted at e-commerce.

New job listings include Sr. Specialist for Content Management System, Senior E-Commerce Manager, and Online Merchandising Manager. Several of these jobs first appeared on HTC’s carreer page early this month, but it looks like HTC is still trying to fill the positions since they have been adding them to popular job sites like CareerBuilder.

Reading through some of the job descriptions, it sure sounds like HTC is hiring to launch their own app store. Some of the requirements and suggested professional knowledge include “smartphone apps store management”, “solid understanding of online store development and operation process”, driving traffic such as “trials, subscriptions, and downloads” to meet company’s goals, and “in-depth understanding of new web applications and how application integration to smartphone is done”.

People with knowledge of the situation said HTC’s store would sell e-books and applications, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell smartphones and accessories, like they already do on their website.

We have already seen carriers and other hardware manufacturers launch their own app stores, so expect this trend to continue. I imagine over the coming years that every carrier and every handset maker will launch their own app store. This means that the next Android phone you purchase could potentially have three different app stores, but more choice is better, right?

[Thanks Greg for the tip.]

Via: Financial Times

Source: HTC

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  • http://Website Jon

    Jeez, that just shows how screwed up the Android platform is. Definitely a downside with open-source. Thank god for my iPhone.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      HTC usually has Google certified phones so you will get android market and htc market. Two markets on one phone is a bad thing?

      COUGH***Cydia and App store***COUGH

      • http://Website Jon

        Well, HTC now. Sprint and AT&T tomorrow. And then what? Way to go confusing your customers.

        You’re seriously comparing Cydia with HTCs coming app store? Really?

      • http://Website Daniel

        Yes, there are a couple downsides to having two app stores. Now when I’m looking for an app I’ll have to search twice, and when purchasing something I’ll have to keep track of where I’m purchasing each app and the different reinstall and refund policies of each one, and pray the developer won’t forget to keep the store I chose up to date. Real example: I purchased Advanced Task Manager on SlideME (Market had no paid app support on my country back then), now the app is completely gone with no explanation and I’m stuck with an outdated version.

        As a developer, I’m not looking forward to managing several stores, either. This situation kinda reminds me of the entire business that was built around submitting URLs to hundred of search engines a couple years ago.

    • http://Website Elnene

      Take ur ishit n shove it up ur ass if ur so stuck on iphones asshole then why u visit this site last time I checked it said android not shitty iphones them garbage phones are past overdue overrated piece of garbage I’m good with my g2 bounce n go to iphone pages and comment on those leave this page for the big boys

      • http://Website Andrew53517

        Dude, he is making a point that other manufacturers (Apple) has it. That’s all he is saying. Why don’t you just relax.

        Back to the subject, it’s really not a big deal if they have different app stores, as long as they carry on to other phones – For example buying an HTC app and still having it if you get a Motorola phone. Then this shouldn’t be a problem. I see no harm in this.

        • ayocuz

          Why come to this blog if you an I-crap owner. I bet he is one of those weird people who likes pain.

    • http://Website Richard

      Attention Jon: Your current iphone is garbage…funny how you iPhone folks spend so much time on our android sites wonder why is that…You know why cause nothings going on worth anything in Apple land same old tired year after year…Android blows away every product you have out today…HTC kills apple and the Evo 4G bitch slaps your iPhone 4…Apple needs to fold up the tent now forget iphone5 because dualcore android devices top iPhone already

    • IceCrush

      I think it will be more like a search bar, you search for an application and it gives you the results showing which market the application was found on, I think it will be cool, now the catch will be ” why I put my application on HTC store instead of the Android store? ”

      I am very sure that no matter how HTC makes it, those guys at Google learn fast an they will keep their market updated with the latest features for both the consumer and the developer,
      I see it as a useless move anyway, unless the want it only for their own applications and doesn’t want to compete with it.

    • krazytrixxxsta


  • http://Website matt

    On one hand im kinda excited about this because i have a desire z and am a sense fanboy and i think htc acually improves android with sense unlike shitty motoblur. On the other hand this might lead to everyone making their own appstore for android and i think that will get out of hand pretty quick.

  • http://Website Calvin

    Did you show up just to whine? haha

    I’ll go over to engadget and start a flame war in your honor.

  • http://Website andy

    Software wise HTC is awesome. I would love to see an appstore from them. If I don’t like a appstore/market place ill remove or not install it. The more available the better. Choice is good. On a side note, some iPhone owners are horribly insecure. I think they miss the days when the could smuggly say “iPhone is the best phone”. Without much argument. Funny how they resort to trolling Android forums now to feed their (unsubstantiated) elitist attitudes.

  • Greg Bulmash

    I don’t know if multiple app stores are such a bad thing. Based on the job descriptions, it looks like the store might be focused on apps that take advantage of the Sense UI.

    Seeing as we have various manufacturers building specialized UIs on top of Android, having some signal-to-noise filtering for apps that really take advantage of that UI seems like a benefit to the consumer and a value add for the phone.

    OTOH, carrier-specific stores just sounds like a money grab. Since the carriers are selling various phones from various manufacturers, the only value add their store could bring would be apps that take advantage of carrier-specific features like Sprint TV or Sprint Navigation. But those apps are already pre-installed on your phone and you can’t remove them without doing things that may violate your warranty.

    Google’s management of the Android Market has been less than impressive. Combine that with the craptastic navigation and merchandising of their e-book store. Then factor in the explosion of apps that will take advantage of the dual core tabs, dual core phones, Android 2.4… If left solely to Google, the market will be a godawful nightmare.

    Sadly, there will be a lot of idiots jumping into the space and filling it with badly-run, badly-designed app stores that are either featureless wastelands of junk fart button apps, garish app funhouses that break more than they work because they’re overloaded with shiny objects that fascinated the babies in marketing, or stores that work fine on the surface but fall apart the moment you try to make a purchase.

    But some companies will find the sweet spot, and HTC has the kind of track record that inclines me to believe they can.

    • http://Website HTCEVOMe

      Smart answer I seconds that.

  • http://Website Richard

    I welcome HTC and there market I love android for this situation. I am the proud owner of the HTC Evo 4g and having a chance to have a place to go to and get the best would be great for my evo. I need the new sense for my evo and if that would be available through HTC and there market just the chance to get updates would be great. I would even purchase an HTC smartphone if sold through the market I believe in HTC 100%..2011 will be big for HTC and sprint I am ready baby bring it HTC

  • JasonW

    This is an interesting move by HTC.

    The varied quality of Android phones is what is making Google’s app store a no-go zone for decent paid apps, both for buyers and sellers.

    For example, if HTC goes the whole hog and tests all apps submitted to their store (perhaps even QA to weed out the chaff) they can then categorise apps by phone model. Then anyone in their app store can be reassured that their money won’t be wasted – they have a guarantee from HTC that any app will work correctly on their phone.

    I would imagine some apps/developers could also do exclusive deals with HTC for this very reason: they know that they will have happy customers and HTC can use their exclusivity to gain sales of new phones.

    But this also has the potential to turn people off of Android phones altogether, if it becomes too difficult to choose which phone/brand/carrier to buy, people will turn to a phone for which all apps are available.

    If the HTC store only concerns itself with the SenseUI I think it will turn out to be a very small appstore.

  • ayocuz

    I’m using a desire HD rom on my nexus one in the rom theres a app called htc hub, if this a how they app market, store is gonna be like I’ll check it out

  • http://Website Mark

    I’m an Android fan but I do support what that first guy said. Not the part about him flaunting his iPhone in our faces but his first statement. This whole business of every manufacturer and they momma trying to make their own app store on Android is just sore business and is going to be a huge downside to Android. You can try to deny it all you want or make excuses for them…

  • Maliek Mckhight

    There needs to be a standard for these app stores so that they may be easily integrated. I’d rather not have to select the HTC store app and the android Market app separately, because who’s to tell which market the app I want is really in? I say there should be one ‘Market’ app that accesses all the markets that device is allowed to access, providing a streamlined experience for the end user.

  • http://Website Noah

    I think its gonna be pretty kool I hope you can download like htcs sense Widgets like the fip clock and stuff like that Lol!

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