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HTC confirms Gingerbread rollout coming to “some phones”

Now that Google has officially unveiled Gingerbread, you’re probably wondering when or even if your current Android phone will be updated to Android 2.3.  HTC appears to be the only manufacturer so far to mention their update strategy, even if their statement is a bit vague: “We are excited about the OS update coming for Android, and while HTC will definitely have some phones running this OS, we do not have a specific timeframe for new phones or updates at this time. Please stay tuned for more details.”

Since Google’s requirements for android 2.3 are the same for android 2.2, it’s pretty safe to assume that the majority of HTC’s phones that have received the Android 2.2 update should be seeing Android 2.3 as well. We’ll most likely see Android 2.3 hit the latest HTC phones (myTouch 4G, T-Mobile G2, Desire HD, and Desire Z) first in order to keep their newest customers happy, though updates for the HTC Desire, DROID Incredible, and EVO 4G shouldn’t be too far behind.

HTC’s update schedule is anyone’s guess at this point, but don’t expect to see any ROM update until late January of early February of 2011.  Keep in mind that service providers have a lot of control over when Android updates are rolled out.  Historically, HTC has the best reputation among Android manufacturers when it comes to rolling out the latest update.  Let’s hope HTC can live up to those expectations with their Android 2.3 updates.

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Source: TechRadar

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  • http://Website Todd

    Correct me if I am wrong in my generalization, but based on all of your tweet over this past year – the Nexus One gets OS updates first, before anyone else.



    • Nick Gray

      Yes, the Nexus One will be getting Android 2.3 within the next few weeks, but that software update is completely controlled by Google, not HTC.

    • velazcod

      HTC is not responsible for Nexus One updates, Google is, so your comment is irrelevant and that’s why you are getting downvoted.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Yes, it will certainly be the first to update (or among the first, if a double rainbow appears and multiple phones get updated on the same day), but this is because its software is handled directly by Google, who had the opportunity to fully test the update while developing it (and the motivation to do so). The fact that HTC manufactured it is inconsequential, so it doesn’t really count here.

    • http://Website Wasim

      The Nexus One is Google’s responsibility to update, not HTC since its pure Android and not HTC Sense

  • http://Website darcy

    my galaxy s (i896) doesnt even have froyo yet.
    let’s hope it to get froyo before the holiday
    and for gingerbread, i wouldnt expect it until May-June 2011

    • velazcod

      Gotta love Samsung and their software updates. I wouldn’t expect GIngerbread on any current Samsung phone until around Fall 2011, who knows…

      • http://Website Dell Pacino

        Lucky for me, the Nexus S has pretty much the same hardware as any other Galaxy S phone, I will gladly take the NS’s ported ROM as soon as it is released. Can’t wait to see what the devs and ROM creators come up with.

        • http://Website darcy

          but for a new sgs user (less than 2 month), its not possible to disgard current sgs running eclair and spending 529 (unlocked from bestbuy) for similar hardware (with only addition of ffc and gingerbread OS).

          for ppl who are still looking for a good android phone, nexus s is definitely one of their choices, but again, for a fairly new sgs user (in canada) like myself, patience and disappointment will let us wait for dual core honeycomb phones

        • http://Website CTown

          Right, CM for the Vibrant is such a European Galaxy S ROM with a Vibrant kernel. I am also glad that the Nexus S is a Galaxy S phone as it means phones in its power range (G2, MyTouch 4G, Droid 2/X) are still going to be relevant!

    • http://Website Ryan Kim

      Maybe Samsung will skip Froyo and update to Gingerbread instead

      • http://Website RockinEvo

        I highly doubt that, even though Samsung has a new phone that already has gingerbread installed that doesn’t side step the fact of how long they take with updates.

  • http://Website Dev1359

    This makes me pretty glad I went with a MT4G after much hesitation…if its true, I might just hold onto this phone for the next year or so and wait for a quad core phone instead

  • themetatron

    Mytouch slide continues to languish in eclair. TmobileUSA is responsible for the worst upgrade record with Android. Moto and samsung are not as culpable with these delays, the carriers have final testing and approval of all upgrades. One of the main reasons I am, grudgingly, considering the nexus s.

  • http://Website Victor

    Glad to know that the myTouch 4G will be one of the first ones to get Gingerbread. As for my cousin and brother, who have Galaxy S phones (Vibrant and Epic 4G), I kind of feel bad for them ha! (myTouch 4G & T-Mobile baby!!!)

    • http://Website Schneider

      I bought the mytouch slide brand new on contract thinking just that. That I would be getting the Froyo update soon after. All the blogs, forums even statements from Htc and Tmobile said “Froyo coming soon” well that was back in May/June 2010. I’ll no longer buy a custom UI Android device, stock android is the way to go. My slide was great but is now dated, running low on memory and I still have nearly 20 months before I can upgrade. If I knew “coming soon” meant 6 months to a year I would have waited and would have gotten a 4G+ Froyo phone. I hope your Mytouch 4g gets Gingerbread no reason why we all don’t get it, 2.3 should run on all hardware capable of running Froyo. I feel lied to Thanks Tmobile/Htc :(

  • http://Website Richard

    You can mark it down now…The nexus one will recieve gingerbread first then yes the HTC evo 4G will come second sprint is working on it now and will be the first carrier to produce gingerbread just like they was with froyo…The MYTOUCH 4G might be newer and also might be made by htc but because they are t-mobile they will see a delay since t mobiles track record on updates are lousy. Sprint and HTC have a great working relationship and always have the hrc evo 4g will get gingerbread between the dates December 24 to January 15 2011 MARK IT DOWN….SPRINT RULES AND THE HTC EVO 4G RULES ANDROID.

    • http://Website Roger

      I love how all the angry people who dont have evos are making you down. Your are correct, the evo will most likely get it in the time frame you mentioned. Dont be jealous people. Long live the evo!

      • http://Website Nithin Jino

        Actually I’m angry since all the ignorant people still think that Sprint and the Evo is all great.

        So Sprint got Android 2.2 out in a timely manner on the Evo, so what? They had to since they were failing miserably. What about the Epic? Where is the timely update for that? So Sprint isn’t so “good” after all.

        The Evo was good for about a month, now more phones with newer CPU and GPU destroys the Evo, like Evo’s big brother, the DESIRE HD.

        Just grow up. No one’s phone is “all that” after about a week.

        • http://Website RockinEvo

          lol that’s funny yes the Evo did receive 2.2 in a timely manner and as far as the Epic-who makes that again. Sprint and HTC helped with that timely manner as far as Epic again… who makes that.

    • http://Website WAYNE

      I approve this message

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      sorry, but i must correct u…..YES the nexus one will get 2.3 first, then all HTC phones on tmobile….not the EVO, not the DROID, not the GALAXY S…… tmobile has always got the updates out quickly, so i dont know where u got that from. maybe samsung phones and others have been behind but thats because of samsung……htc and tmobile are generally quick

      • http://Website LeoZ

        You are the one that needs to figure out where you get YOUR info from. Verizon is the fastest to update their HTC phones followed closely by Sprint. Then T-mobile is 3rd followed by AT&T

  • http://Website JimboLodisC

    I’m gonna go ahead and disagree, I think the HTC EVO 4G will get an update before the new ones. I’m just assuming it’ll be similar in rollout to Froyo’s: Nexus One first, then a race amongst the rest of the Android phones.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Really? Did they also say “We will build some phones in the future?” Lol

    • http://Website droidsam

      At least it’s better than LG making up some lame excuse about processor speeds so that they dont have to update the optimus to android 2.3

  • http://Website J Greene

    One rummer over at androidcentral is that Sprint wants to have Gingerbread out for the EVO before Christmas…..Its not that hard to believe since they were the first carrier to bring out Froyo.

    • http://Website Miguel

      Doubtful. Unless Sprint engineers know how to recode HTC Sense….

  • http://Website overmixx

    You fools. The nexus one will get the update first…but we all know the second phone will definately be the G2 not the evo. In fact I would not be surprised if it was updated after the orginal droid.

    • http://Website Francis Smith

      I can only hope this is true. Since I have a G2.

    • http://Website RonnieRon

      for some reason i really feel i will be shocked if the Droid 1 gets an update to gingerbread.. idk maybe its just me

      • http://Website Mast3rShake

        Really? It would “shock” you if the most popular android phone in the US gets the update? It easily has the hardware to run it and is the most mainstream android phone so of course it will. Moron.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      yes u are right sir !!!! G2 is nexus’s first cousin.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    I’ve got my money on January 10th for the EVO and January 17th for the G2.

  • IHTCEvo

    Evo with Gingerbread :)

  • techblog805

    I hope my Desire Z gets the update. Since I have the Canadian Bell Model and I use AT&T in the US.

  • http://Website EdLong

    My guess would be that they roll out the update based on the most popular phones. For HTC that would be the EVO if my recollection is correct. Then the Droid Inc.

  • http://Website gamer4595

    Can you please get confirmation or atleast ask HTC if they can confirm that they will update the mytouch 4g, I just got the mytouch and am sort of upset that I didn’t wait cause I want 2.3, I don’t care about nfcbut I’m tempted on returning it ( less than a week since I got it.) Please respond soon.

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      I can’t see why not, I’m not confirming anything but since the phone came out not to long ago and other than the newly released Nexus S the Mytough4g is tmo popular Android phone, add a dash of HTC and my best bet is they will receive the update

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      keep it, its HTC, its TMO, itll def get the update. my bets on first 3 phones to get the updates/////

      nexus one

      htc G2

      mytouch 4G

  • http://Website Vipe99

    Can someone tell me if the mytouch slide will get it to. I just got it a month ago and still hasn’t got froyo

  • http://Website paulinvite

    As with froyo on HTC devices, it will be the phones that have been purchased sim free that will get early upgrades. That is once HTC have modified and added sense UI to 2.3. I purchased my HTC desire in April at launch, and was shocked at the speed they had the OTA update from Eclair to Froyo out, in fact It was only a few weeks after the N1. Not sure what’s going on with the SGS but maybe it’s a carrier thing, I know in Europe the HTC desires carrier tied and loaded with crap ware have only recently received Froyo.