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HTC EVO Shift 4G pictured again, headed to Sprint in early 2011?

New shots of the HTC EVO Shift 4G appeard on Phone Arena this week and their tipster confirmed earlier reports that this device is Sprint’s version of the Desire Z (aka T-Mobile G2) with the addition of 4G WiMAX support.

Phone Arena refers to this device as a watered-down EVO since it only sports an 800 MHz processor (MSM7230), but the truth is it’s using a second-generation¬†Snapdragon which has the new Adreno 205. See our recent benchmarks of the G2 to see how it stacks up.

The new images also reveal that the EVO Shift 4G is missing the unique z-hinge that we saw on the Desire Z and G2. Instead if features a normal slide out keyboard like the myTouch Slide or heavily leaked HTC Merge.

Overall it looks like another solid device from HTC, but we don’t expect it will hit stores for another month. By that time we will have a wave of new dual-core Android phones, but if all you care about is a QWERTY keyboard then the EVO Shift 4G should be an excellent purchase.

Source: Phone Arena

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  • http://Website darcy

    i still like evo more

  • Davids mom

    im lol’ing at how other carriers are getting a G2 with a 3-4 month(or more) will be outdated hardware in comparison because of the Tegra 2′s coming out so close

  • http://Website swazedahustla


    because not everyone who buys an android is knowledgeable enough to want a super high end phone do just make basic phone calls and send texts. So for those people who dont use all the cool features, they have phones like these for them to buy.

  • RonWeez

    this is an ugly phone and shouldnt even have evo in its name. does it have a front facing camera ? does it have a 4.3 inch screen ? what makes it a Evo besides sense ui ?

  • http://Website panic

    I personally think the g2 is a low end phone, it lags alot and its extremely heavy for its size so there’s nothing to be proud of by saying other carriers are also getting similar phones just at a much later time. Truth is Sprint holds the Android lead with the Evo.

    • RonWeez

      what makes the Evo so much greater than the Droid X ? just a question besides the fact that it has the front facing camera ? they both have HDMI and 8 MP cameras 1 GHz processors and Froyo 2.2

    • http://Website joeskie

      Well I think it pretty obvious your a moron. Anyhew, I know this is like the worst place to post this kind of stuff but I think you all have a right to know. Windows phone 7 is one of the beat things to happen to mankind. If you haven’t yet, you need to try it, now. It will blow your mind, kinda makes you realize where we really need to be with smart phones.

      • AK

        Spell/grammar check– Apparently GED didn’t help you at all… dumbass

    • http://Website Smooth3d

      Panic you are very wrong, The g2 is not a low end phone, there nothing low end about it. Th g2 is faster then the evo, it has far better graphics capability. plus it a 2nd gen snapdragon cpu. Basically its whole chipset is better. Please get your facts striate.

      • http://Website mr. android

        Smooth i agree with you all The way because i own all 4 best devices ( nexus s , g2 , mytouch 4G , and iPhone 4 and ill say g2 us second best after mytouch 4G

        • http://Website Anonymous

          I too have several of these top end phones…

          I’ve owned the Evo since the day it came out, but recently sold it. I currently own the G2 & the myTouch 4G.

          -The Evo is a very sexy sleek phone, that felt good in the hand, but so does the G2 & the MT4G.
          -The Evo has its bad days where it just wants to crawl, but then so does my G2. My MT4G does pretty well tho. But to be fair, I did have several apps running at the same time though.
          -The Evo has the Front Facing Camera (FFC) thing going for it, but so does my MT4G, but my G2 was robbed of that.

          Bottom line, the Evo is a little over 6 months old now. But it is still a top of the line phone. Each and every phone has a span of 4-6 months (some 12 months) before the next hottest phone gets launched. But the Evo is holding its own.

          The G2 is most certainly not a low end phone, it is a snappy device with that 2nd generation Snapdragon processor. But, my MT4G is still a tad faster. Both are designed very nicely & are simple to use.

          My question I must ask myself, which one do I want to use on a daily basis? Such a had decision…

  • http://Website panic

    Ron if u read the article it says its supposed to be a watered down version. Not everybody feels comfortable with the 4.3 inch display with no keyboard. Although I do agree with the front camera situation with standards being raisedin the coming new year all phones should come with it.

    • RonWeez

      yea i understand that the average customer would probably still buy this phone not knowing about the new things to come wtih android. but for the Tech people we all know that dual core/tegra 2 phones will be here in no time so for them to make this phone isnt all that great cause its not just a step back but a leap backwards with a 800mhz processor compared to a dual core

  • http://Website [email protected]

    The Droid x isn’t as solid as the evo, it doesn’t have a front facing camera which u mentioned already but its a huge factor, Droid x is not a 4g phone, the sense UI is way better then motoblur, evo can give off 3g or 4g hotspot signals to up to 8 devices where as Droid x only handles 5 on 3g and most importantly it falls on the carriers Sprint has an unlimited data plan and Verizon has a cap limit on theirs.

  • http://Website panic

    Besides us knowing that it won’t be the best phone, Sprint is probably pushing this phone out for the people who can’t afford the high end phones but still want a good Android experience.

  • Mighty_O

    looks ugly.

  • http://Website mr. android

    The evo was a great phone but its plan to deliver greatness failed right after all its problems were found out either way The phone was fast and nice but it didnt take it long for it to disapear

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    lol @ Mr. Android

  • http://Website AK

    What the f is this?!?! Crap phones like this makes the FruitPhone look and be so much better! Disgusting

  • hermyhalloween

    oh. another phone that requires an extra $10 a month.

    also, that is an embarrassing keyboard.

  • http://Website rajender

    good si prise