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HTC Evo Shift 4G shows off its keyboard in its latest leaked photo

A regular poster over on, r0fl, just outed a crystal clear image of the upcoming HTC Evo Shift 4G and finally shows off its keyboard in glorious detail.

The phone is sporting a case which throws off the dimensions a little, but it’s a safe bet that if you have seen the T-Mobile G2 or Desire Z you have a pretty good feel for the size of the Evo Shift 4G.

This will have slightly more in common with the Desire Z as unlike the T-Mobile G2 it will feature Sense UI.

Other specs that have been rumored to date include:

  • 1 Ghz Snapdragon Processor
  • 3.7″ Super LCD
  • 800 x 480 resolution
  • 8MP Camera
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • WiMAX

A rumored launch date of January 6th has been floating around for awhile. I’m sure we have probably driven into your head sufficiently now that the 6th is the opening day of CES so we will unquestionably be seeing a lot of devices launched and announced that day.

While I find myself drawn more to the larger screen phones there is certainly a strong contingent in favor of the sub 4″ screens so hopefully this will please those that were looking for a more compact 4G experience than is offered by the Epic and Evo.

I think a big deciding factor for this device will be how Sprint decides to price it. This hardware would have been great a few months ago, but it is going to be launching at a time when dual-core phones will at the very least be announced which means the Evo Shift 4G should probably be slotting in somewhere between $100-$150 to remain competitive.

Source: Sprint Users

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  • http://Website watbetch

    That little space bar is so cute n sweet

    • Sean Riley

      I was amused by the wee delete key myself. if you can’t actually fit the word delete on it I don’t think it is big enough.

  • http://Website Steve

    I wouldn’t want this phone.

    I want a stock phone with a dual-core processor!!!

    • cramalucard

      Dual Core, AMOLED, QWERTY Slide Out, Stock Android, Dual Cam, 3.7-4.3″ 4G best phone ever.

  • http://Website G2 man

    G2 imo pwns these redone verizon and sprint version’s

  • http://Website Bushido

    Is it just me or do I see the letters R O F L above the sun lol. I think that’s pretty much laughing at this crappy phone.

    • Sean Riley

      That’s the signature of the guy that posted the picture.

    • http://Website steve

      ROFL is the name of the user that posted this picture online.

      I also think this phone sucks compared to the g2 and next year’s dual-core phone.

      The Evo was a very good phone, but it’ll be disappointing if Sprint releases this phone with a snapdragon processor.

      • http://Website Too_CrazZzy

        How is the g2 better if this phone is the same thing but it just diffrent , and secondly this phone is not even out yet so you really dont know , and thirdly how is it disapponting if they release it with a 1ghz snapdragon processor isnt that a good thing ?

      • http://Website bobby

        its the same exact hardware as the g2 -__-

    • http://Website Daniel

      I think the ROFL is meant towards the fact the pictures shows Sunny and the location is Seattle. Sun, in Seattle… It doesn’t exist lol.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    People are downing phones because it doesn’t have dual core etc. I highly doubt every phone next year will be dual core. I think there will be 1ghz still shipping out next year along with dual cores.

    But this phone is not a successor. It just carries the brand name. Like Verizon does with Droids. None of them are successors except the Droid 2. Just a variant version of the Evo/G2. I think it’s a solid device for people who want Sense and 4G shift slider style. People want so much and expect so much that they down everything that’s not the last second latest thing and call it out dated. Smh. I mean take it for what it is and be realistic about your wants in tech.

    Early next year some awesome phones will be launched and announced bu I can’t wait to see what comes out in the summer

    • Sean Riley

      My point wasn’t to be down on this device for not being a powerhouse, but as sick as it may seem we are on the doorstep of a 1 Ghz phone being a mid-range device and I’m hoping the carriers will price things accordingly. It’s also possible that we are going to start seeing escalating prices as with the Epic and that the days of $199 for a new device are over.

  • http://Website katvo

    I’m such a sucker for a great physical keyboard.

  • http://Website J

    It’s amazing that any phone website of any repute thinks that Sprint (or any other carrier) is going to announce and start selling a phone like this on the same day. Hi, I’m a pre-order. Have we met?

  • http://Website Hans

    The keyboard doesn’t do it for me. This will be a good phone for people who want a good slider aside from the Epic, though.

  • http://Website Lauren Harris

    I have the Evo, got it when it first came out, I love it to death. This phone has a smaller screen, which could be good, but the keyboard looks okay :/ Hopefully there will be more tweaks. Love Sprint, and hopefully this phone wont suck hah.

  • blankit

    they ruined the evo smh!

  • http://Website Matthew

    I wanna get this. Have an evo but I like the physical keyboards. The only thing I like about the evo is the kickstand. Hopefully that stays with the shift version. If so I’ll defiantly buy it!

    • http://Website J

      What about buying the Evo Shift is defiant?

  • http://Website Steve

    Isnt that the new sense UI? Clearwire wimax is pretty awesome in my NYC apt. With this phone and PDAnet I can save $45 a month by ditching time Warner cable’s Internet. Sounds good to me!!

    • http://Website J

      That’s a sticker.

  • http://Website jewwie

    I wouldn’t mind this but what am I supposed to do with another 3.7 inch display? Really?

  • http://Website Richard

    We all know the HTC EVO 4G is the flagship device on sprint and has been a great seller for sprint and has brought great joy to many people including myself..I welcome this device and hope people will buy it this is a great future blend of how true the relationship is between Qualcomm-HTC- and Sprint. In 2011we will all see new devices come out and now we know that Evo 4G/Evo Shift will exist for a long time. Down the road HTC will develop the true successor to the current Evo and will bring it to sprint runing duel core 4.5 to 4.8 inch screen there will be an actual Evo 2 soon that will have the new sense and new variants of Snapdragon. We are in for a great ride in 2011 and I am happy to be a sprint customer especially being and HTC Evo owner on 4G in the biggest city in the world New York…The Evo is the best device on the market today regardless of the Nexus S….it’s gingerbread time for our Evo’s and I know sprint will be the first carrier to bring gingerbread to there devices just like they did froyo….Sprint Rocks

  • http://Website Foot Fetisher

    I’m very curious about MetroPCS’ upcoming 4G android phone. It would be nice if it were Dual Core, but I have doubts that it will be. At the very least, they should make it as good as the Evo 4G, Epic 4G, myTouch 4G and G2 phones.

  • http://Website Lonnie

    Well, Sunday I was able to check out this Evo with a keyboard personally and can I tell you this phone was a waste to make. Though the idea for an actual keyboard was good, the look and feel of the phone is cheap. It looks like a starter phone for those startin out with their first phone. Unfortunately it doesn’t compare to the original EVO be it size of the screen as well as the look. You would think they would’ve designed it just like the original. Sorry to say but it looks better on the picture above than it does in person. I was really amped and ready to switch as I currently have the first EVO, but I so like the qwerty keyboard feature. I changed my mind very quickly once I got a load of it. So bottom line I’m sticking with the first EVO and will continue to enjoy all that it comes with.