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HTC starts rolling out Android 2.2 update for the HTC Aria

In an effort to keep their Android handsets up to date, HTC has started pushing out Android 2.2 to the HTC Aria.  While this may sound like good news, those of you with an AT&T branded HTC Aria will most likely be disappointed to hear that this update is currently only available in Southeast Asia.  We’re not entirely sure why U.S. customers have been left in the cold, but there have been rumors floating around that AT&T’s Android update testing process takes quite a bit longer than it should.

Android 2.2 should give the HTC Aria a pretty significant performance boost and enable features like live wallpapers, data tethering, and apps to SD. Hopefully AT&T and HTC will be able to sort things out pretty quickly and bring Android 2.2 to U.S. Aria users as quickly as possible.  It would be nice if the update came to U.S. shores before the end of the year, but a more realistic timeframe would probably be mid to late January.  Place your bets! When do you think the AT&T HTC Aria will be getting a fresh serving of Froyo?

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    I think you are being a little optimistic with AT&T. My guess for an Aria update would be never haha.

    • Nick Gray

      Hey now, never seems a bit harsh. If HTC can roll out Froyo for the original myTouch 3G, the Aria on At&t has some hope. But, if it never happens I hope people realize that it’s At&t’s fault, not HTC’s.

  • http://Website Alakar

    I worked for AT&T up until about 18 month’s ago. About 50% of my time was spent interacting with top leadership in the wireless division. Top leadership in wireless are some of the most unprofessional, backstabbing, squabbling, childish people I have ever had the displeasure of working with. That they can’t get an update approved is no surprise as they concentrate more on climbing the corporate ladder then they do worrying about satisfied customers. The mentality rolls down hill throughout the organization.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Never, and that’s why my Aria has cyanogen mod 6.1!

  • http://Website Ben

    Considering that the HTC Gratia, which I believe is identical to Aria, has been on sale in Europe for a little while now and is shipping with Froyo they should get off their asses and push the update already.
    The recent Froyo update for HTC Legend made me a very happy phone owner and I wouldn’t want anything less for Aria owners.

  • http://Website Austin

    The best advise i could ever give a fellow HTC Aria user is to bustle on over to and download either Cyanogenmod 6 or the Liberated 2.2 Froyo HTC Sense ROM after rooting your phone with unrevoked. The performance and feature increase is just too much to wait on ATT.

    For the HTC lovers heres the Liberated Rom:

    Cyanogenmod 6 for Aria:

  • http://Website TMobileMutiny

    Spoke to HTC today about when my T-mobile Mytouch 3G Slide might be getting 2.2 and was told from HTC Customer Service that the AT&T Droid Aria will not be getting the update in the US due to the smaller and slower 600MHz processor and the small 348MB of Ram. My Mytouch Slide has the same processor and 512MB Ram and said because of the similarities it doesn’t seem likely either phones will be getting the update. Hope this is not true, but wanted to give you Aria users a heads up of what I heard pertaining to both our phones. Good Luck!!

  • http://Website iflyfar

    AT&T Wireless is clueless. The reps at their retail locations are absolutely clueless with respect to any upgrade plans. They either need to stop selling severely locked Android devices or revamp their Android policies. Its a train wreck at this time.

  • http://Website stormy

    i hate having to downgrade from my htc hero to the aria. no matter what the dealer says, i know the facts dont lie. the numbers dont mesh for performance or storage. i cant believe we must take a “choice” of what they are gracing us with by buying out altell. they are making the choice easier to shift to verizon or other competitors…and know verizon smells the carcass and will also not give us the red carpet treatment as we march down the gravel road away from altell.

    • Nick Gray

      Actually, the Aria is a small step up from the HTC Hero. The 600 MHz processor gives the Aria quite a bit more processing power for games and users should be able to play Angry birds and 3D games like Home Run Battle 3D with more issues.