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“I had a dream that I turned on my Fascinate, and I saw it prompting me to update my operating system to Froyo”

“Tell us your Dream…” read the headline on Samsung Mobile’s recent Facebook update. A quick read through the comments shows that Samsung has many customers that are frustrated with the lack of software support for the Galaxy S phone.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. I wrote back in July that Samsung had a chance to upgrade their reputation and start fresh with the Galaxy S, after a poor track record of software updates for their first round of Android smartphones.

Now Samsung Mobile customers are becoming more vocal than ever and you can easily find their complaints by browsing any social network. So what’s their beef? Do they really have a right to be this angry?

All Samsung Galaxy S phones that are sold in the United States are still running Android 2.1. That includes about 3 million devices at last count.

We still don’t know how to define the reasonable expectation of how much time it should take a handset maker and a carrier to release a new firmware update, but HTC did it in around six weeks, which was pretty impressive.

Sprint and HTC were the first to deliver an Android 2.2 update in the U.S. on July 30th when they starting pushing it over-the-air to the EVO 4G.

The first Galaxy S phones (Captivate and Vibrant) were released in July, so that means Samsung customers have been patiently waiting for about six months. So if you said “Samsung is four times slower than HTC at delivering software updates”, that would be a true statement.

Adding more insult to injury was the recent Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Intercept on Sprint.

To be fair to Samsung, they have released several updates for the Galaxy S in other countries. We also know that some of the U.S. carriers are currently working on their Android 2.2 updates because several test builds have leaked out.

I guess since Samsung has delivered Galaxy S updates in other countries, maybe we really should blame the carriers. I mean, that’s what Sony Ericsson did to AT&T.

What frustrates Galaxy S customers the most is the constant stream of new Samsung devices coming out, which feature newer Android builds. First there was the Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2 and now the Nexus S with Android 2.3. All devices are built around the same Hummingbird platform, so we know Samsung already updated their hardware drivers to support the latest version of Android.

Another depressing thing about being a Galaxy S owner (in the U.S.) is the sheer size of Samsung and their large advertising budget. We see constant ads like the latest What Does Santa Really Need? and wonder if the company should put more focus on upping their resources in the software support department.

Right now I don’t even know if it matters when Android 2.2 is coming out. Samsung customers see the Nexus S with Android 2.3 and are already asking for that. Maybe Samsung should just scrap these updates and move on to Android 2.3 before they fall even further behind.

I don’t really know if we should blame the carriers or the handset maker, but customers in this situation are clearly pointing the finger at Samsung as the problem when it comes to the Galaxy S updates. Can you blame them?

Is this really a problem or do you think the average customer could care less?

An example of the comments that Samsung customers are posting on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

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  • http://Website Matt

    I had a dream that I turned on my g2 and it prompted me to update to gingerbread.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      I had a dream that i turned on my beloved iPhone and it prompted me to update to iOS 5.

      Cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPhone 4

      • http://Website mr. android

        I had a dream that all you iphone pricks would stop.making such a big deal out of such shitty software that is meant for special ed persons and under

        • http://Website mr android

          O and not to forget that dream for you my friend will never come true since your special ed teacher steve jobs requires to use a computer to upgrade to the new 5.0 lesson

      • http://Website Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure you meant to say, “I had a dream I turned my expensive POS iPhone on & it prompted me to update to Android 2.3 and It instantly improved the quality of my phone. And best of all, I can actually use my iPhone again! Thanks Android!”

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure thats what you meant…

        • http://Website dkilla


  • http://Website Epic

    As long as they release by end of this month, I’ll be happy. I don’t think they should scrap 2.2 because 2.3 is going to take a while anyway since they just dropped the nexus s. Those who aren’t into roms and such desperately need something higher than 2.1.

  • adamsinger77

    i had a dream the archos 70 got a non broken release of froyo and it came true!

  • http://Website Highlyanimated

    Thats nothing compared to the lucky folks with the Bell Galaxy S that have had massive hardware failures. Repairs are so backed up some people are waiting 6 weeks for repairs.

    Be happy that the lack of an update is all you have to complain about.

  • http://Website schwiz

    FFS people ever heard of XDA?

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      This is not a solution for everyone. You expect everyone in the world to know how to flash their phones? OTA updates are what is needed here and to just spout off that people should just be able to visit xda-developers and flash their phones is not really rational.

      • http://Website Alan Paone

        Really? It took me less pain and suffering (and clicks and time) to get Cyanogen running on my milestone than it did to get norton and mcaffee off of my dad’s computer. And thats a milestone with a supposedly uncrackable evil bootloader. Doesn’t the SGS have 1-click roots? I’m pretty sure you could get froyo without using a computer: download 1-click root, click ‘root me’, download ROM manager, scan a QR code, wait for it to install, BAM froyo, you’re done. I could print that on a poster and people wouldn’t do it because it looks like a scam, not because it looks hard, the ones that do could see it on the subway and have their phone updated before they get to the office.

  • MorphiusFaydal

    I think Samsung should publish driver sources (or at least kernel modules) on their site so people like Cyanogen, Eugene and Team Whiskey can do custom ROMs for those of us who go off the beaten path anyway. Sure, full firmwares may not be completely stable, but surely they can throw a bone to the geeks out there.

    • http://Website Wade

      Nero is only at V1, but yes, it’s awesome.

  • http://Website Thomas

    Oh thank God someone wrote an article. More people should be pissed about this! Dont just complain in forums send sammy and your carrier mail!! Let them know your upset! I keep treading forums just hoping for a froyo leak on the fascinate. I love the phone just hate the support. Never buying another sammy phone again. Those effing jerks got our money and sat on it.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      Thats why i have an iPhone !!! Its not my fault, its yours!

      Cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPhone 4

      • http://Website Gabriel

        Yeah, but I can choose what hand I wanna hold my phone…

        • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

          I get to choose what hand I use when I’m pounding off to pictures of men in black turtle necks.

          • http://Website Max

            As much as an idiot as you are, I have to say that was funny.

      • http://Website Anonymous

        Sure, but your spoon fed by the evil Apple empire, and locked into what they want you to have.

        Android users, can customize our phones anyway we want, for the most part.

        Please spin your Android hatred somewhere else, Apple fanboy!

        • http://Website dkilla

          for the most part

  • http://Website Roger

    I used to be crazy about my samsung epic, but I’m so glad I switched to evo. I mean damn, I genuinly am sorry for you guys and I hope samsung gets there shit together.

    • http://Website Will

      I feel the same way. I was in line on the release day outside a Sprint store waiting for it to open so I could get my reserved Epic. I was really excited. Great screen, even faster and more up-to-date 1 GHz processor. Full QWERTY keyboard. Great digital camera and HD video capture. But it dropped with 2.1. I told myself it’d be all right because Samsung announced it’d be out to the US carriers selling Galaxy-S phones by September. Meanwhile, practically the entire world got 2.2, and US Galaxy-S users were/are still stuck on Eclaire. Then, Google announces that Samsung is building their new Nexus phone running 2.3, after Samsung releases their tablet running TouchWiz with Froyo. By the time all this happed, I realize Samsung doesn’t give a fuck. I mean, seriously, the Samsung Intercept is getting 2.2 before Epic, Captivate, Fascinate, and Vibrant? I’m SO GLAD I just got an EVO 4G. Best move I have made yet. It has so many more features than the Epic, with more variety in the widget department, and obviously the support of 2.2′s ability to run updated versions of applications and features US Galaxy-S phones could, but currently can’t due to 2.1. Samsung burned me with their Instinct; a phone so hastily put together, it was obvious all the money went toward having features rather than how enjoyable the user experience was. I was then screwed over by the Moment, being released with something like 1.5 or 1.6 and still running it when 2.0 and 2.1 were new and 2.2 was either available on Nexus One or was on its way. Then I heard all the cries from T-Mobile folks desperately waiting for updates to their Behold II. I thought Samsung would have realized they just couldn’t screw this up. They have TOTALLY and UTTERLY lost me FOREVER as a mobile customer. I will never again buy another Samsung phone, and I will recommend to all who ask me about “what phone to get next” to avoid all Samsungs at all costs. 2.2 will eventually come probably in 2011, but who’ll give a shit when dual core 2.3 and Honeycomb running Android devices from companies you can pretty much count on to deliver updates, release products within the next 2-3 months?

      • http://Website Spencer

        The sad part is most customers don’t know about the update and the many new features it brings to their phones and buy a Sammy anyways. Samsung may be able to continue to do this without a huge loss of money, something that is very sad indeed…

      • http://Website Max

        Story of my life right there. Especially the Epic part on the Instinct. (durr hurr c wut i did thar)

  • http://Website monkeydroid

    Sadly, the only way to prevent this is to buy vanilla only android phones or wait until a phone gets root access and custom vanilla builds before buying it.

  • http://Website Kim

    I talked to someone from Samsung the other day, and he told me that they did not know when the Galaxy S phones will receive Froyo. That it won’t be for some time.

    • http://Website Kim

      Come on guys, don’t be mad at me for this. I have a Vibrant alongside a N1.I’m waiting for two updates. Don’t shoot the messenger

  • http://Website Steve Knipe

    Comment # 8 in the screenshot ftw! But seriously I’ll blame the carriers when one or more push it out and others don’t, Samsung has a horrible track record with coding anything (touch wiz lag, gps issues, crappy apps, etc.). I’m sure they are still trying to figure what JIT compilation is, or translate it into Korean… That may be harsh, but sometimes I think they really need to fire their development team and start anew, or at least hire a dedicated Android dev team.

    • http://Website Boyakasha

      Wow, how daft can you get? I suppose you think people in Korea live in little huts made of mud?

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Well, I believe carriers are partly to blame… look at AT&T for example.

      However, all Samsung Galaxy S phones on all 4 (or 5) US Carriers cannot possibly be carrier related. In other words, by now at least 2 of those 5 carriers should have received a Froyo OTA update if the carrier was to blame.

      HTC has the best Android update record. And thats why I steer away from Samsung phones now.

  • Louis Gray

    Even bigger than the issue of 2.1 –> 2.2 for me is that the GPS is dramatically poor. It is horrible on my Epic 4G and on my Galaxy Tab. I don’t know if this is a Sprint issue or a Samsung issue, but my turn by turn directions I once enjoyed on the Evo are pretty much gone.

  • http://Website alex

    I never see threads about this for the mytouch 3g slide or even mentioned has everyone forgot O.o?

    • http://Website dkilla

      yea what gives wit the slide

  • http://Website alex

    Also note to self(as in everyone here) don’t buy a samsung product unless its the Nexus S

  • http://Website CJ

    Samsung sucks and that’s why I avoid their phones and most other products like the plague. Having great hardware means nothing if it’s saddled with software that’s 2 versions behind!

  • http://Website Ichigo

    I had a dream that I invented a time machine, went back to July 2010 and didn’t buy the galaxy s.

    • http://Website Mikey

      If you arent on tmob and also rockin an htc phone you arent really into the android thing.

      • http://Website Matthew

        What does that mean? I’m not on tmobile but I have an htc phone. Does that mean I’m not into android. That’s how I read it. I have an evo. I’m very much into the android thing. I was just confused.

        • http://Website Mikey

          I got alotta love for the evo but dont think much of sprint.

  • http://Website rahlquist

    I am SICK to DEATH of companies that LIE and make empty promises. Thats all we have gotten from Samsung, promises of GPS fixes and OS updates that NEVER COME! They havent done one thing that really makes a Captivate owners experience better, They fluff themselves hourly on twitter about how GOOD they are doing because they have more contact with customers, but its an hollow victory when its all empty promises. They promise just enough to quell the majority of users and not impeded their progress in the market, without outright making a black and white promise that cant come true. Samsung burned their bridge with me on this, I wont purchase another product from a LIAR. Thats like seeing a doctor who sells you poison instead of medication. They should be ASHAMED of themselves, rushing product after product to market all the while treading on the backs of those customers who came before. We who bought their earlier product are not disposable stepping stones as they treat us, but if they are not careful they may find they are treading the backs of crocodiles.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Well, sadly, welcome to the new Corporate America!

      In this day & age of America, Corporations have gotten greedy, and will cheat, lie & do what ever it takes to get your hard earned money.

      So, lying to you, telling you the crappiest phone (you know, the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones) is the best, the top of the line phone you can find, will do it all for you, etc. & selling you that phone (with a chit eating smile on their face like the Joker from Batman), trapping you into another 2 year contract agreement should be nothing new.

      It is sad, companies should treat their customers better, but we left that phase back in the late 1990′s & early 2000′s.

  • http://Website Jimmy

    6 months is around 24 weeks, which is 4 times as much as 6 weeks not 10 times.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      so very true

  • http://Website Gabe

    OK! I thought I was the only one experiencing the gallery lag on my Vibrant. I’m just going to have to learn to root my phone and install a gingerbread rom that will hopefully come out sooner than that mythical 2.2 update.

  • http://Website anon

    I dream of pussy and money. Why you bitches dreaming of fucking software updates? Go out and get laid for fucks sake. Yes, pun indended.

    • http://Website V

      Obviously you aren’t getting laid if you’re only dreaming about it.

    • http://Website Kim

      Does your mommy know you are talking like this?

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      hillarious, and very true. but this is all these guys got.

  • http://Website seeeye

    Smh… I saw that a lil while ago.. as a vibrant owner I love it to death.. its truly amazing but Samsung needs to get some real devolpers I don’t hate them I think they would give us what we want maybe they can wipe us clean and give us 2.3 if touch wiz a problem. I mean I really love this device and would hate to give it up.. its truly superior to what’s on the market and if touch wiz is the problem then ditch it.. I live it and touch wiz isn’t bad.. but Samsung is looking real bad… and I don’t think that was their goal…

  • http://Website voghan

    I’m just hoping we’ll get the gps fix on the fascinate.

  • http://Website DNK

    Forget about 2.2 we international users are using 2.2.1 and I can say using Darky’s custom rom all the lag and other problems are gone. And now for the first time my phone is performing like it should have been from the start.
    Anyway it looks like we will be getting 2.3 port from Nexus S soon as well.
    As supercurio has successfully booted it on galaxy s!/supercurio

  • http://Website scoch

    In France my brother just bought a Galaxy S and he’s got Froyo… not sure your updates problems are Samsung ones …

  • http://Website Usman

    I love it! I’m a firm believer that if companies are ever going to change their behaviors, they have to be hit where it hurts… the wallet. I hope Samsung lose a few million customers so they straighten out their act.

    I actually emailed Samsung USA and explained why I wouldn’t buy their handsets until they started rolling out software updates within a reasonable timeframe. Now if only more people would do that… they’d take notice.

  • http://Website Dre

    Nothin like a Samsung. You’d think they’d learned a lesson with the Moment and Behold, but it’s all the same. That’s why I’m waiting on HTC to give me a keyboarded 4G Sprint Android.

    What bugs me the most is that the updated the Intercept to 2.2 but won’t the my Moment dispite that they’re nearly exactly the same inside and out.

  • http://Website Steve N

    Blame whom ever decided to give each carrier in the US there own “special” galaxy s, because everywhere the default SGS has been launched it has been updated.

    p.s. Lag issues are due to samsung, they’re due to their choice of rfs over ext4 as the format for the /system /data partitions, check out xda.

  • http://Website John

    I’m glad a well know blog said something about this. This is the first and last samsung phone I’m ever getting.

  • http://Website Jak Crow

    I’ve been running 2.2 on my Vibrant for almost 2 months now. What’s the problem?

    • http://Website Anonymous

      And you rooted it, & put that Froyo on it too.

      Thats the difference. This isn’t about rooting & putting a custom ROM/Firmware on your phone, this is about Samsung making good on their promises and fixing their defects on their phones & about them updating their Firmware to Froyo or Gingerbread (not likely to happen).

  • http://Website Micah

    If volunteer rom makers can put out an update for the same device faster than PAID workers for a company, then it’s too slow. Find better employees, you’re doing it wrong.

    • http://Website thebearingedge

      This is EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking all along. HOW THE EFF to indy coders turn this stuff out faster than these massive corporations? What a joke

  • http://Website Jolaca

    Just wanted to note that in Europe most of sgs are already updated to 2.2. In fact at samfirmware is available firmware jpu 2.2.1!! and is really incredible how well it works (0 lag).
    Samsung should update their us sgs phones!!, it makes nonsense to be delay respect Europe.

    • http://Website klacebo

      Obviously it’s the US carriers’ fault since most international users are already running 2.2. On the other hand I always get frustrated when Motorola gets praised for speed of updates. Seriously, are you guys living under a rock or something? Go check the update schedule section in Motorola’s website, and you’ll see that in the rest of the globe (non-US) where there are no carrier restrictions, all Motorola users are getting fingerbanged.

  • http://Website ddd

    not sure but I think the carrier has the final say on the release, not the manufacture.

    besides I could careless, I’ve been running a solid 2.2 for nearly a month and a half. yawn, 2.3 is right around the corner….

    xda is your friend.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      im no expert either but based on my own experience combined with all the customer reviews and complaints ive read on the internet samsung is the only device manufacturer to not support timely updates. no matter the carrier, no matter the OS, samsung does not update devices. im on tmobile and i got updates to my G1 quickly within 2 weeks of the announcement of an update. and that was a G1….im sure my G2 will have 2.3 by february, already equaling the samsung S (yes i refuse to call it a nexus) and by xmas 2011, my G2 will prob have 2.4 or better, while the samsung s will still be stuck on 2.3
      given samsung’s horrible track record, there is no reason to expect otherwise. google, nexus, android, does not guarantee updates, sorry guys. u shoulda got a G2 or mytouch4G

      • http://Website ddd

        2.2 has been available for quite some time now. Like I said I’ve had it for months and am now ready for 2.3 roms that are weeks away.

  • http://Website YoSaintLaurent

    I understand the all the upset Galaxy S owner out there. It is not cool to have spent the money on a high end item to have it not be updated in the timeline promised. But in all fairness, the Intercept did come out first, is stock android with little to none changes and has alot more problems. The touch buttons and linked to the optical d-pad so if you don’t touch either for a while it shuts off (the touch keys) and you have to touch the d-pad until it lights to get them to work again. Even the virgin mobile version which is suppose to be a revised version has force close and screen

  • http://Website Mel Smalls

    I understand the all the upset Galaxy S owner out there. It is not cool to have spent the money on a high end item to have it not be updated in the timeline promised. But in all fairness, the Intercept did come out first, is stock android with little to none changes and has alot more problems. The touch buttons and linked to the optical d-pad so if you don’t touch either for a while it shuts off (the touch keys) and you have to touch the d-pad until it lights to get them to work again. Even the virgin mobile version which is suppose to be a revised version of the os has force close and screen problems. I have to try to put my unlock pattern in like 10 times or more just because it I touch the screen in one area it sometimes decides that I am touching a totally different area. So but upset with Samsung if you want but don’t get mad that the Intercept got the update. It really really needed it. If you had to spend a week dealing with some of the horror stories I have heard and had to deal with myself with both the sprint and virgin mobile version you would be a lot more angry with Samsung than you are now.

  • Jeremiah

    The ONLY thing that has stopped me from getting a Galaxy Tab is the fact that I bought a Vibrant and it still has 2.1. I’m simply not going to buy anything else from Samsung because they don’t seem to care about a customer after they have pocketed the cash from the initial sale.

  • http://Website Jlow

    Had a nightmare that I still had my vibrant instead of my g2. Sure is nice having a phone with real froyo, no need to root and lag fix. Samsung is a joke.

  • SGB101

    my wife has the SGS (UK) and he phone is a joke, laggy isnt the word and since here 2.2.1 update it seems worse.

    this phone is slower than my zero lag HTC desire and that cant be right.! my son has just got the Desire HD and that to suffers a little lag at times but is so much better than the SGS.

    a good test of stutter and lag on a device is to set up the same widgets and run the AniPet Aquarium (trail) Live wallpaper, the stutter the SGS is noticeable.

    i wouldnt touch the Nexus S either wast of money, the nexus 2 should of been one of the new duel core phones and been the template for the next twelve months just as the N1 was.

    its a real sham the Desire HD wasnt Stock Android, but we cant have it all.

    HTC seemed to learn there lesson from the Hero update mess, and also make fine phones.

    just be thankfull you didnt get the Sony Xperia X10 LOLOLOL.

    My Bro-in-law, went against my advice and followed the sales mans, he hated it that much bought an iphone 3G and went with that and gave me the X10.

    which is now my two year olds android for watching Peppa Pig on youtube. well done Sony you made a high end phone for babies.

    • http://Website Jolaca

      I agree that Froyo 2.2 is laggy in official SGS european firmware releases but, if you really have tried 2.2.1 firmware it seems extremely weird to me that you found it laggy,
      I have it installed and for me is perfect NO LAG AT ALL!!.. but don’t take my word, just read the comments at XDA or other, everybody is surprise about how well it works. Moreover, from yesterday, it has become an official samsung release: JPX. I also have a relative with an HTC Desire and for me is clearly inferior to the 2.2.1 SGS. Anyway, I do not want to confront, just share a radical different point of view on 2.2.1 firmware (maybe a little offtopic here, sorry).

      • http://Website SGB101

        ~Sorry Jolaca, i dont know y i put 2.2.1, i was comparing official 2.2 on both devices, as it wouldn’t be fair point i was making if comparing unofficial ROM to offical ROM.

        i was bitching about how bad the sammy code is to the HTC coders.

        what is unbelievable is unpaid devs can get it right (or closer to) than the Sammy team.

        • http://Website jolaca

          Then you were right. and I agree: Froyo 2.2 on samsung is laggy and worse than froyo 2.2 on HTC Desire,
          However firmware 2.2.1 is already an official release available for some SGS in Europe via kies (official Samsung JPX release), and in fact this one works perfect.. I recomend it to you!!

  • http://Website Paydrow

    I own a Samsung Captivate, great phone even at eclair… Bigger issue than not having froyo is the GPS sucking… I would say the lag problem is also an issue but is it really? It’s so easy to fix. Also I miss not having a flash and front facing cam more than i though I would, but that’s my own fault since I knew what I was buying. What I didn’t know is that I would be stuck on 2.1 come 2011, that my GPS wouldn’t even know where I am and that all the hope I have of ever getting gingerbread is in xda developers.


    If you would have only given us working GPS half of the angry mob would be subdued. No one should rely on custom roms to get a default feature of their phone working.

  • http://Website It’s a broken system — they shouldn’t be allowed to release a new phone till these get 2.2

    This is a broken system. Carriers and OEMs shouldn’t be customizing the OS — they should be providing hardware drivers and that’s it. And Samsung shouldn’t be allowed to sell another damn phone until they update the #@!#%!$#% Galaxy S line to 2.2. And they should only get an 8-week grace period on 2.3 as well. If phones don’t stay current with the OS release, then cut the phones off from the market, forbid the vendors from selling new ones, and publicly flog their freakin CEOs!

    This pisses me off not just a little.

  • http://Website Jason

    The article states, “Is this really a problem or do you think the average customer could care less?”

    So, you’re in fact asking if the customer cares, just a little bit.

    You see, if you could care less, that means you care at least the tiniest bit, leaving you the ability to care less.

    You mean, “couldn’t care less”.

  • Jeremy

    I think the main problem is that they’re dev team either isnt large enough or not skilled enough, and obviously its showing with the galaxy s line. The fascinate is in my opinion my favorite phone out to date, until an nvidia tegra 2 phone comes out like the lg star. But samsung should skip froyo and go straight for gingerbread. Nexus users had froyo for a long time now.

  • http://Website Jeff S.

    I own the fascinate and have been very happy with it. I purchased it knowing it had 2.1 on it and don’t think this is a big deal. I look at it that if I want the newer version I need to go buy a new phone. The key thing for me is it works day in and day out and does what I ask. That to me is more important than an update to Froyo or Gingerbread. Would I like flash and some of the other functions I have been reading about. Sure. Is it going to be a big deal if I don’t get them. Nope. I honestly think they will come out soon. I just hope they release it and its as stable as 2.1. That is more important to me.

  • http://Website ihatefanboys

    NEXUS S owners this is your future. rant on about “its a google phone” or “its a nexus” ….well guess what your google nexus phone was made by samsung. samsungs on every carrier, every phone, never get updates. call me stupid, say google handles the updates not samsung. well t-mobile handles updates for all its phones, and all of their samsung phones never got an update, at least not a major one. same goes for sprint and verizon, and samsung is still stuck at stupid. i know the truth is hard to swallow, but the proof is out there, all those galaxy S’s stuck on 2.1……meanwhile in about a month or two my G2 made by HTC will get 2.3….equaling the nexus S…..2.4 will come out and my G2 will once again get the update, and samsung nexus S owners will once again go on the internet and cry their stubborness to the ignorant masses and then they will buy samsung again, and the cycle will repeat.

    • http://Website ACR

      You’re saying Google won’t update their Nexus S phone to 2.4? That’s a dumb thing to say. Nexus S is Google’s phone not Samsung’ anymore. It will get 2.4 or 3.0 before any other phone.

      • http://Website ihatefanboys

        how is it stupid ? if HTC made the phone i would agree it would get 2.4 before the G2, but regardless of what u think, just because its called “nexus” does not mean its “googles phone” its still a samsung. so just like what happened with the behold 2 and the vibrant and the fascinate, and every other galaxy phone on every carrier, it will not get updates ,at least not any time soon. the proof is out there, what ur sufferng from is denial.

  • http://Website D

    Piss off it’s not even close, sick and tire of been sick and tire of waiting for froyo. Big F to Samsung and AT&T Never again

  • http://Website Eric

    I hate to say it, but what did you really expect after the Behold II debacle, no serious Android User even considered purchasing a Galaxy S device from any carrier. At this point you have to make your assessment based on the manufacturer’s track record Samsung never updated the Behold II past Android 1.6, and Motorola will never push any of their devices past 2.1 unless you’re on Verizon. You have to go with what you know reliability, HTC at least attempts to provide updates, although not always timely they have a track record of continuously updating devices until their hardware can be updated no more. My G2 isn’t top of the line however with Vanilla Froyo I couldn’t ask for anymore. When they finally release Gingerbread for the G2 Samsung owner’s will still be one step behind. Ditch your Galaxy S device and get some Vanilla!!!!

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      thank u, i think u have to paint these guys a picture when they have hi-res photos hanging around. but ive been called stupid because i said a samsumg device, regardless of name(nexus) and carrier (tmobile) and update supplier (google) wil never ever get timely updates. and yes my G2 will get honeycomb before the nexus S. these guys are in denial

  • http://Website chris

    Even if Samsung delivered Froyo to the carriers I don’t think TMO will release it so they can push people to the Nexus S. I bought the Vibrant because the specs looked like I’d make it through several updates (unlike my little ole G1) of Android but the only way that will happen is by rooting. TMO and Samsung only care about what they are selling next. Once we buy they could care less about us. Nothing will change until a carrier commits contractually to updating devices regularly within a 2 year contractual period. And we know that won’t happen,,,

  • http://Website watbetch

    They’re obviously working on it. Here is a leaked FroYo rom.

    It runs well, it won’t void your warranty to flash it over (flash it BACK to your original firmware of course) and doesn’t have many bugs.

  • http://Website Alex Lopez

    I had a dream that Sprint told me that I had an upgrade to get a Google Nexus S. I so wish it was true. :(

    • http://Website Anonymous

      OMG, seriously?

      The Nexus S is a Samsung Galaxy S phone with Stock Vanilla Android… oh wait… I get your dream now… Stock Vanilla Android with prompt Google updates. Carry on…

      Guess the only questions now are:
      1. Can you live with Samsung’s stupid idea to leave off the SD card slot?
      2. Will the defects (if any) of the Nexus S be resolved bc its a Samsung?

      • http://Website Presto117

        The phone was designed with Google and everything about the phone met their approval.

  • http://Website Dnar56

    Im so pissed at samsung i sold my fascinate and went to a Kyocera 2325 (That Pissed) until I can get my hands on the Droid Incredible HD. Never again Samsung, the combination of bugs and lack of 2.2 threw me over the edge. HTC all the way!!!!!!!

  • http://Website rahul

    Dude I would suggest u to visit Motorola Europe fanpage on facebook… u would get to know what is costumer frustration

  • http://Website Ron

    you can do what I just did. I called sprint and complained, did not take any crap and was very forceful. Got 2 months credit on my bill because they did not live up to their end of the bargain. Not the best option would rather have an officially supported froyo, but its a start. If everyone did this you know Sprint would be up Samsungs ass in a hurry. Remember that Sprint and Samsung both had press conferences on this and said they would be putting their weight and full support behind this phone. Updates in less than 6 weeks my ass.

  • http://Website Doug

    I have the Fascinate. The problem is that almost immediately after the phone was released Verizon and Samsung were promising(in press releases) fixes and updates coming in 2.2. Hinting that the update was around the corner. That was several months ago.

    At that time HTC and Motorola already had updated some of their phones to 2.2, so I now think that was just sales BS so the Galaxy S phones could compete with the phones of that time.

    Samsung and Verizon are both to blame…whichever company is dragging their feet with the update…the other should be applying pressure for the fix.

    PS….Foyo aside…I would just like my GPS to work.

  • http://Website Tonedabone

    It wasn’t a dream …if you have a Samsung Intercept! got my update this morning. Loving the Froyo goodness!

  • http://Website JayTee

    This is an important topic. I have a Desire and I am really happy with it but it would not be the phone it is without being on xda as a phone that is highly supported.
    In fact I would give up the latest specs for a rooted phone on xda. You normally have to sign up for a long contract to get the phone you want at a decent price and I wouldn’t be happy waiting for a major corporation to keep me updated for the whole of that contract.
    HTC are ok but I will still have Gingerbread way before the standard Desire owners have it.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    I’m so glad that when I jumped to Android last month I didn’t go for any of the very latest phones and picked up a Nexus One. I’m completely content with it now on Froyo, so I’ll be happy even if it doesn’t get another update after Gingerbread.

    I hope Samsung gets its act together and updates all you Galaxy S owners soon.

  • http://Website hexmaster

    I just don’t understand how they can release the best hardware but completely and utterly fail at software. Seriously how is it that devs in basements can make better roms and get us updates faster than the people samsung hires. Sure I’ve had froyo on my vibrant for 2 weeks but an official update would mean a better rom. If you’re reading this Samsung F&@K You

    • http://Website ddd

      Why do you think the official release will be better? I had the official 2.1 when i bought my phone yet my custom rom from eugene blew it away.

  • http://Website Martin Luther King Jr.

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

    I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

    I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

    I have a dream today!

    I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of “interposition” and “nullification” — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

    I have a dream today!

    I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; “and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.”

    • http://Website George Walker Bush Jr.

      wont happen, trust me :D :D :D :-D

      • http://Website ihatefanboys

        did i miss something ? or is this guy dumb ? or did martin luther king have a samsung too ? maybe thats why he didnt get the update that some black dude was gonna shoot him. see !! samsung killed MLK jr

  • http://Website paxmos

    F*** Samsung. Sold my Vibrant and am a proud owner of an iPhone 4.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      yep, u will be proud till next year when the iphone 5 comes out and renders your $400 dollar iphone4 useless and outdated. and being that it will have new things that u wont be able to get from an update u will be forced to give apple another $400 or $500 for a new phone. but u iphone sheep will still buy it and still be proud, while my G2 will still be more advanced and have more features and most of the apps will still be free. but thats the great thing about android…

      get off an android site if u own an iphone, its like u like being crucified.

      • http://Website paxmos

        Burn baby burn….hahahahah
        I hate Samsung

  • http://Website Kennon

    “All Samsung Galaxy S phones that are sold in the United States are still running Android 2.1.”

    Except for the ones running 2.2 and in a week or so running a stable Gingerbread.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    I will never buy another item with the name samsung on it.

  • http://Website abigail89

    i love my iphone, i am not interested in samsug

  • daveloft

    I had a dream people stopped blaming Samsung and put it where it deserved to be, in the carriers hands. They have the update, their the ones slowing down the update process.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      how can it NOT be samsung’s fault ? check facts before u blurt out stupidity. first thing u should google is “behold 2 update fiasco” samsung is so far behind in updates of any manufacturer. if the vibrant was made by HTC it would have had the update, regardless of carrier. also if it was made by motorolla. take your pick. if every android phone on every carrier were behind the curve, then your argument would have teeth.but most new phones that had 2.1 at the beginning of the year are all running 2.2, including the original droid from last year.

  • http://Website Chevy

    Apple=american and Samsung=korean. I support my country thats why i went with the megaseller and no. 1 smartphone across the world – the Apple iPhone!

    • ByGraceNotWorks

      iPhone Primary Contractors – a partial list
      Software and design Apple USA
      Assembly Foxconn?, Quanta, Unknown Taiwan
      TFT-LCD Screen Sanyo Epson, Sharp, TMD Japan
      Video processor chip Samsung Korea
      Touch screen overlay Balda Germany
      Bluetooth chip Cambridge Silicon Radio UK
      Chip manufacture TSMC, UMC Taiwan
      Baseband IC Infineon Technology Germany
      WIFI Chip Marvell USA
      Touch screen control chip Broadcom USA
      CMOS chip Micron USA
      NOR Flash ICs Intel, SST USA
      Display Driver chip National Semi, Novatek US, TW
      Case, Mechanical parts Catcher, Foxconn Tech Taiwan
      Camera lens Largan Precision Taiwan
      Camera module Altus-Tech, Primax, Lite On Taiwan
      Battery Charger Delta Electronics Taiwan
      Timing Crystal TXC Taiwan
      Passive components Cyntec Taiwan
      Connector and cables Cheng Uei, Entery Taiwan

      • http://Website ihatefanboys

        what u did was soo cool, it was like u smacked him down with a skyscraper. “waaa i support my country so i bought an iphone” …jerk, he should support his country by joining the military and installing our fascist ideals around the world. next he will prob say we should invade taiwan so they can all have the crap that is the iphone

  • http://Website androided

    I used to have that dream until I grew up some courage and went over to xda and not only did I get what you guys want but also now I am running gingerbread which without ofending anyone samsung will never release

    • http://Website Derek

      You’re a liar. GB has not been ported to SGS yet. They are working on it and as of this morning here’s there latest update:

      What doesn’t work yet:

      No WiFi
      No Service
      No Data
      Camera doesn’t work
      GPS doesn’t work (many of us are used to this already )
      Buttons are mapped incorrectly

      So what good is it with, no wifi, no service, no data, no camera, no gps, and buttons are mapped incorrectly??

  • Nate

    I had a dream that my cousin played for the Seattle Mariners Minor League system and everyone doubted him because he was rather old to be beginning a Major League Baseball career.

    Wait..let me re read this thread, I think I’m doing it wrong.

  • Oso

    I upgraded my Galaxy S I9000B to froyo myself (odin + brazilian carrier rom) like a month ago. I figured the other Galaxy S flavors had gotten an upgrade by now, or at least an upgraded rom to flash themselves.

  • http://Website Sam Soltan

    The only thing these corporations understand is “CLASS ACTION LAWSUITE.”

    • http://Website Greg

      Really? They understand words that don’t exist?

  • Kai99

    As an Evo owner, I am beginning to suspect Samsung’s shortcomings have the potential to reflect poorly on the Android Os as a whole. So many Galaxy owners, all with unmet expectations can’t be good for the Brand of Android as a whole. Samsung could be setting a precedent causing other companies (HTC, LG, Sony, MOTO etc…) to think consumers will tolerate this kind of crap. All Android owners (save for true Google experience phones) should be concerned about how this plays out.

    • http://Website Yezir

      @Kai99 That is an excellent point.

  • http://Website Raptor

    1996. Seattle. Microsoft Headquarters. Huge crowd of angry people under the windows. Bill Gates:
    - What these people want, Steve?
    - They want more stable OS, Bill.
    - Give them 95/2

    Sent from Samsung Vib

  • http://Website Chike

    Samsung sucks i mean with the nexus s they’ve single handedly destroyed what could have been a great sequel to a great phone. I mean no memory card slot? If i wanted an iphone samsung i would have bought one. Point is stay as far away from samsung phones as you can.

  • http://Website cyanogen

    I had a dream an android phone can beat the iPhone. Of course it was only a dream, and reality is different. iPhone forever, the king of phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website RockinEVO

      lol King of phones…gotta stop drinking that moonshine before you go to sleep

  • http://Website alan right

    Did i just see Steve jobs buy himself a android phone for x-Mas? Dream do come true steve-they do come true.

  • http://Website bobby

    you guys really need to hire more writers

  • http://Website ddd

    It’s hilarious how much venom is spewed around this site…the vibrant is one of the most customization friendly phones out and most of you seem more content sitting and complaining then getting off your @ss and doing something. I love this phone and rooted it on day one with no problems at all, it’s as simple as installing software from the market. With all of the hand holding and Binky’s out there you people just sound like bitter toddlers.

    Ginger_R2-Super I/O Kernel

    • http://Website Greg

      Yes, because rooting and installing custom ROMs is a viable solution for the average consumer.


      • http://Website ddd

        I’m assuming that you are Signing your comment “Dumbass”..clearly if you had the intelligence of an 8th grade special ed student you could have been rooting and flashing custom roms that are way more powerful and stable than Any stock release instead of trolling around whining like the fool you are…seriously! rooting is for dumbasses? blaaaahhhh ahahahahaha..hey is that your mom calling you for din-din? oh and typing on the Gingerbread Keyboard is very nice!

      • http://Website ddd actually signed your post ‘Dumbass’…which is quite fitting considering you’ve been waisting your precious time after school bitching about a truely idiotic subject. Seriously hopscotch, anyone with the brain of an 8th grader can root and install a better version of 2.2 than smasung will give you…

        If you actually comprehended my post you wouldn’t have to write that my success in having a way more powerful phone than you and most everyone here and not whining Is Because I Have A Custom Froyo ROM..

        • http://Website Ron

          It is true that you are able to flash a custom Rom. That is not the issue here. Not to mention the fact that I didnt buy this phone to mess around with it. I want it to work and get regular updates like I was promised. If I wanted to flash a custom Rom and then try to get everything to work, I would have stuck with the old standby WM phone. I bought this phone because I was told by the provider and the handset maker that they would be fully supporting this phone. Unfortunately not all of us are in our early twenties, have no kids, and no responsibilities. Those of us who have a life and do not have several hours a week to play with a phone, look to the companies that we purchase products and services from, so that we dont have to sit on XDA waiting to flash the most current ROM. Those of you in the other category are already running Honeycomb-we get it. But your mom paid for your phone–I BOUGHT MINE>

          • http://Website Ron

            Not to mention the fact that if I brick this phone it is on me, and I dont want to have to buy another phone during the holidays.

  • http://Website Derek

    Problem is, Samsung has our money and doesnt care about us anymore. They are too busy building the next bigger, better phone. They also know that the techgeeks will always buy the newest phone and that mainstream people dont worry about having the newest, most up to date version of Android. They are usually happy with how it is when its purchased.

    I would not be surprised to never see and official update to 2.2 and you can totally forget about 2.3. Samsung will NEVER update galaxy S to 2.3. They want you to run out and buy a new phone.

  • http://Website blake

    Is the title of this post a Black Swan reference?

  • http://GalaxyS2.2debacle Deepcover100

    So how is it that the Telecom New Zealand Samsung Galaxy S’ s are getting 2.2 OTA update now?
    i guy sat next to me has had his SGS from Telecom NZ for 3 weeks and now has 2.2.
    I have owned my AT&T Captivate for 3 months and still cannot get it to even connect to Kies (piece of sh1t!! ) let alone get 2.2.

    To make it worse TelecomNZ most be one of the last carriers to get onto the SGS wagon.

    Grrr such a shame that despite producing such an amazing device as the Galaxy S Samsung are going to loose a whole heap of customers over this.

  • http://Website Lindsay

    Im happy with my iPhone, my friend is too!!!

    • http://Website ddd

      Totally awesome! U Rule!

  • http://Website DH

    i let go of that dream wks ago, & have come to accept the nightmare which samsung has created (btw i own a vibrant). BUT i have most definitely learned something useful from this ridiculous & totally unnecessary disappointment, i.e. that i will NEVER EVER purchase another samsung phone. my next phone wil be an HTC loaded w whatever is the most advanced version of android at that time. samsung sucks.

  • http://Website Shane Pentz

    The biggest issue with 2.1 on the Fascinate is the Gps Lag. This should be viewed as a product defect…WITH A FIX that has been issued to almost every Galaxy S owner on every carrier around the world. Accept for Verizon in the U.S. WTF? And you can’t tell me that they don’t have a release version of 2.2 ready.

  • http://Website sara

    My son updated his captivate to Froyo (rooted his phone)- and it turns out the Froyo pull-down notification screen no longer has the option to set the phone to vibrate only. You also can’t just lower the volume button all the way. Instead you have to work your way through the settings to make this adjustment. It’s a major pain and very inconvenient. I’m now in no hurry to update.

  • Sharron Clemons

    OMG, seriously? The Nexus S is a Samsung Galaxy S phone with Stock Vanilla Android… oh wait… I get your dream now… Stock Vanilla Android with prompt Google updates. Carry on… Guess the only questions now are: 1. Can you live with Samsung’s stupid idea to leave off the SD card slot? 2. Will the defects (if any) of the Nexus S be resolved bc its a Samsung?

  • http://Website orgreeno

    It is very obvious that there is a design flaw in the entire line. All the carriers are dragging out the update for their respective models – Samsung is the common denominator here. If one of the carriers were able to push out an update then we could blame the other carriers. The GPS can’t be used in these phones and Samsung knows it. There needs to be a class action lawsuit filed. I’m going to file a complaint against AT&T and Samsung with the Better Business Bureau, and possibly the small claims court. I saw that Sprint is pushing the update out Dec. 26. We’ll see if the other carriers follow soon after. If the GPS still does not work after the 2.2 update, then this all but proves there is a wide-spread hardware defect.

  • http://Website taco

    if you are from the apple side, then why you commenting and reading articles on an android site? is it just that you have nothing better to do than to reasearch another type of phone or is it that you were looking to decide if you wanted to switch to android since android is the better phone?

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Yeah, dont you have something better to do like learning to count, read or even figure out that stupid faulty antenna Apple put in their defective iPhone’s, and how to actually use it than to troll around here spewing your iPhone fanboy BS?

    I’m sure theres more than enough on the Apple/iPhone forums that has issues of its own to keep you entertained until Sesame Street & PBS Kids comes back on.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    You may need to forgive Ben, he’s Jealous.

    Ben, Jealousy of the Android does not excuse your arrogance with the POS iPhone.