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Leak confirms Motorola Olympus coming to AT&T with Motoblur

How does an unreleased superphone end up in a flea market? That’s the story being reported over at Gizmodo where one lucky guy was able to purchase the Motorola Olympus and found it to be a working unit.

Revealed in the pictures are several details we have been reporting. The Motorola Olympus features a 4.1 inch display, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, front-facing camera, HDMI port, runs Android 2.2 with Motoblur, and is headed to AT&T.

None of the images confirm the dual-core processor found inside, but Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha already told us he was working on a Tegra 2 phone and this new leak confirms an earlier leak of the system info we posted last month.

It appears that this flea market Olympus is a little dated because it’s running only Android 2.2 and an earlier version of Motoblur than what we previously reported. Newer test units have been updated to Android 2.2.1 and we are hoping that Motorola will load Android 2.3 on this device by the time it is rumored to launch in late January.

Expect the official announcement on January 5th when Motorola holds their CES press event.

motorola-olympus-att motorola-olympus-info motorola-olympus-camera motorola-olympus-side-2 motorola-olympus-side Motorola Olympus

Source: Gizmodo

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  • http://Website AdamJ

    I’ll be really surprised if the launch with 2.3. Here’s hoping.

    • http://Website JAG

      Thats the DROID im looking for, but…….. why MOTOBLUR is still there?

  • http://Website Ronweez

    Why does it have to have Motoblur? I love the openness of Android but we need more stock android devices

  • http://Website 2C


  • http://Website Jk

    Motoblur sucks..!

  • http://Website johnny b

    This phone is gonna be sick with or without motoblur. And trust me motoblur will not hinder me purchasing this phone or not. And its not like our wicked android devs wont make some smoking custom roms for it anyway. Android is goin in the right direction in a fast way and I’m excited lol.

    • http://Website Gee

      You’re forgetting that this is a Moto phone. Expect a unbreakable bootloader like the Droid X, etc.

      • http://Website johnny b

        Last time I checked they cracked the Droid x bootloader.?.?.? Right?

  • http://Website jdog25

    I was looking at this phone the Nexus S and the LG Star but now that I know only the Nexus S will be stock I’m 100% sure what my next phone will be.

    • Ramon

      Not to mention the Nexus S will support AT&T 3G bands on the hardware side(after software hacking, think vibrant), it’s gonna be a interesting phone.

      • Jacobhfc

        So if i buy the nexus s for AT&T ill be able to have 3g? i really want that phone but the 2g is the only thing stopping me. im on a cheap xperia with 1.6 and i cant stand it any longer!

        • http://Website richat

          there is no software hack google released two models one designed for t mobile and another for att

          • http://Website RidgebackJim

            Uhhh, no they didn’t.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    It’s coming to Verizon too.

  • orginn

    found at a flea market please, this is gizmodo here they had ninja’d that out of motorola, and wasn’t they involved in the iphone in bar thing earlier in the year, but back on subject all the dual-core phones are sweet but my money is going on the future proof nexus s, if the rumors are true then the nexus s will be 2 SoC, i think i can live w/o tegra 2, to have any updates on time

    just my 2 cents

    • http://Website andrew

      Its probably a controlled leak. It happens all the time.

  • http://Website Anthony B

    Why the eff does T-Mobile and AT&T get ALL the hot phones??? Verizon, not too bad either, but Sprint is the red-headed step child of the mobile world! When can we expect some mobile love to the #3 carrier? …flabbergasted…

    • chief113

      I’ve been on AT&T forever, and you’ve got to be kidding me. Verizon gets a great android phone every other week, and so does TMobile. This is the first good android phone att has ever gotten.

      • http://Website Drew

        You guys are joking right? I’m on Tmo, and I can tell you that for most of 2010 we didn’t have a single decent phone. We kept getting kiddie phones. It’s only been recently that Tmobile has stepped it up! I hope they continue down this path.. no offense, but I want to see Verizon taken down a notch!

        • http://Website Mike

          You have the Nexus S. Shut up.

      • http://Website ean

        so agree. shame it doesnt have a xenon flash. thats a deal breaker for me.

    • http://Website Jk

      R u serious..? Verizon got nice phone line up. AT&T got crappy android line up, their best ones r thecaptivate and the aria.

    • http://Website Dunjon

      Sprint?? Can you say EVO??

  • MC

    If previous experience with MotoBlur is any indication, this unit’ll NEVER see anything OTHER than 2.2! I waited nearly a year for my 1.5 phone to get upgraded to 2.1 and considering that didn’t seem a giant leap to other 1.5 phones, I can only assume the delay was due to MotoBlur.

  • http://Website TheHypnotist

    Please stop complaining about Motoblur and Froyo. Why complain? Sometimes I swear people just want to complain about something. Regardless of how the phone ships, we all know that you can are are going to be able to eventually root it. Don’t tell me it can’t be done because it’s a Moto phone, because it will happen. A high profile phone like this will get the cyanogen mod very shortly after release along with other mods.

    On another note regarding the phone, I have a question for Taylor, or anyone for that matter. Is there any reason, other than carrier, that someone would want this phone over the Galaxy S? Assume they both are dual core.

    • chief113

      I’ll get the olympus because of the price. I’m not paying 500 bucks for an unlocked phone just because it’s stock.

    • http://Website DRoberts

      Why complain? Moto Cliq XT will not ever be carrier upgraded passed 1.5 . All because of MOTOBLUR!!!.

  • chief113

    1. I’m pretty sure all carries are going to capped data plans.
    2. Hardly anyone needs unlimited.
    3. I just saw those Verizon 4g data prices. 50 bucks??? No thanks.

    • http://Website Dunjon

      I listen to internet radio all day everyday including XM radio. Yesssss I need unlimited data.

    • http://Website Thanatos

      I use less than 30 minutes of airtime a month and fewer than 50 texts…..HOWEVER, I use ENORMOUS amounts of data – In excess of 4GB per month. Capped limits would make me not even bother with a smartphone if I can’t use if for whatever and whenever I want. And when the smartphone goes, I drop Verizon and go with “SmartTalk” with their crappy little cell phones and $45/month unlimited EVERYTHING! Funny to me that they can have pricing like that and we get butt raped by the major companies!

  • http://Website TareX

    Having seen Tegra 2 smoothly render 1080p HD FLASH video on youtube in an Android browser, I hope this non-SAMOLED screen doesn’t make me long for one…

  • http://Website adryan

    is that hdmi port likea real real hdmi port or is it another micro one like on the Droid X or EVO?

  • http://Website Lodexx

    @adryan – its a micro HDMI port

  • http://Website ihatetorch

    I got the bbtorch and its GOING BACK tonight!!! I cannot believe I’ve been under the radar when it comes to android phones. I was going for the Captivate but now I’m not so sure if I should wait for the Motorola in Jan and use my upgrade then??? Any thoughts on whether this phone will have a HUGE edge over the captivate???

    • http://Website Droid4life

      I would wait, the captivate has way too many issues (i.e. Gps, no flash, soft key issues, search pops up when it wants…) My wife and I both got captivates same problems on both.

  • http://Website ihatetorch

    Thanks Droid4life….i think i’ll wait…i want to use my upgrade wisely although i can get the captivate now and play around with it a bit then return it before my 30 days are up (wink). I just hope the Terminator (Olympus) isnt too pricey…no more than $200 for upgrade…here’s hoping…

  • zhmntjdkk ueees

    hello together this ste and mobile phone are very great but i´d have this mobile phone but i have not this money 4 this. it´s very expensive hähö :/

  • http://Website anton

    anyone else notice in the appdrawer pic there is not att shitware?

  • Anderson

    Nice looking phone based on the hardware, but take that crap called MotoBlur off and throw some stock Android on that baby. Make it run nice and smooth.
    for more information about this topic you can visit​a-droid-general-discussion-f31/motorola-olympus-at-a-flea-market-t3094.html

  • Anderson

    Nice looking phone based on the hardware, but take that crap called MotoBlur off and throw some stock Android on that baby. Make it run nice and smooth.
    for more information about this topic you can visit​a-droid-general-discussion-f31/motorola-olympus-at-a-flea-market-t3094.html