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Leaked quantities for Nexus S launch

Still debating if you are going to wait in line at Best Buy for the Nexus S launch? A tipster who wishes to remain anonymous just sent us the outline of Best Buys quantities for their different sized stores. The goods are after the jump.

These are totally unconfirmed numbers, but our source says Best Buy inventories will look like this:

  • Big box Best Buy locations that sell T-Mobile contracts in store will have on average 35 units Thursday
  • Big box Best Buy locations that do not, will have on average 4 units Thursday
  • Best Buy Mobile locations that sell T-Mobile will have on average 72 units Thursday
  • Best Buy Mobile locations that do not, will have on average 4 units Thursday
  • There will be plenty of transferring product around from Best Buy to Best Buy to even out counts as needed, but these are the numbers shipping to stores
  • There will be plenty of units for orders placed online and shipped to the customer

An earlier tipster from one of Best Buy’s biggest locations told us his store was getting 75 units so this report looks accurate.

There are currently 210 Best Buy stores in the USA that carry T-Mobile service and they are building a page for easy reference. When we have the list of Best Buy stores that sells T-Mobile phones, we will be sure to post it.

If you local Best Buy location sells T-Mobile phones, then you should have no problem picking up the Nexus S on launch day. For those of you that live next to a non-T-Mobile location, you might want to get there before 8 AM when they open. Happy shopping.

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  • http://Website R.S

    Well, since the closest BB to me doesnt sell TM contracts, I doubt I’ll be getting one since there is no way I’ll get there first thing in the morning.

    Oh well, Im sure they’ll get more in stock before Christmas and if not, well it wont be the end of the world. There’s always something newer and better in the horizon, right?

    • http://Website Mike

      Dual core and 4G are on the horizon, yes. I just upgraded to the Droid 2 to get me to the summer when the next generation of Android phones come out. Got it brand new for $300 with no contract on eBay.

      • http://Website jdog25

        Best Buy is wrong -1 from there stock for me.

  • http://co troyg


  • http://Website troyg

    I’ll definitely be there to get mine. Although my loocal BB does sell tmo and if this is accurate they’ll probably have a bunch im not taken any chances. No 4g or SD is a let down but u can’t pass on pure android!!

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    no HSPA+ = no buy in my book.


    • Alfonso Surroca

      Same here. I just got the G2 and I plan on keeping it as my primary phone until the next badass plain vanilla Android phone hits.

    • http://Website John

      You will still get 7mbps on the nexus s on tmobile network

      • http://Website Miguel

        As does the Nexus One already and even the G1 which was released 2 years and 2 months ago when 3G was cutting edge.

        • http://Website mikeyo

          uh you sure about that i only het 3mbps at most. on my mytouch.

    • http://Website ravidavi

      Ahhh the ever-present HSPA+ myth. If you don’t get over 7Mbps now, you won’t get it with an HSPA+ device. And there’s nothing you do on your phone that benefits from faster than 7Mbps. Web pages will not load faster, because webpage load times (given an already fast connection) depend on network latency and browser rendering efficiency. The latency doesn’t depend on whether you have HSPA+ or not, and your browser efficiency simply depends on what kind of phone you have.

      And in the end, T-Mobile has a 5GB data cap, so there is absolutely nothing you do on your phone that will benefit from HSPA+.

      • http://Website Miguel

        How about high quality YouTube or video chat?

  • http://Website Miguel

    Why would some best buy locations not offer t-mobile on contract? Poor coverage areas perhaps?

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      IT would depend on if that Best Buy is a Authorized T-Mobile Retailer. Has NOTHING to do with coverage areas.

      • http://Website Miguel

        Well there has got to be a reason for certain stores not being an Authorized T-Mobile Dealer. This isn’t some mom and pop store. It’s a national chain and products sold are usually uniform in all the stores. It would be like certain stores not carrying the Xbox 360, and others do. There has to be a reason, and my hypothesis was that they feel it’s in their best interest not to sell in weak T-Mobile coverage areas, because of all the returns they would get.

    • g.isreal

      yea I don’t understand it either and I work at a bbym w/o tmobile, and guess what carrier I have…that’s right tmobile hopefully that will change.

    • http://Website HSKRPRD

      The reason all Best Buy locations do not have T-mobile in store is due to Big Red Kool Aid. Verizon says that Best Buy Mobile can only have 2 additional carriers in the building. So Best put T-mobie in the ones that are strong T-mobile areas and not Sprint.

      • http://Website Chris

        I’m not sure where you get your information from, but that’s just a bunch of crap. The Best Buy here in Corpus Christi has all 4 of the major carriers in it.

  • http://Website reaganwaswrong

    Check out this video of the Nexus S running flash content , briefly showing the browser at the 12:30 second mark , and watch how not only does the Nexus One load the page just as fast, but the lag on the scrolling on the Nexus S is TERRIBLE! The Nexus One scrolling is choppy with the flash on, but not nearly as bad as the Nexus S.

    This is huge to me, I was really looking for a drastic improvement in the browser and flash content from the Nexus One. If this is really how bad it is, or even if it’s the same as the Nexus One, that’s a huge dealbreaker for me.

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    I was just in my local Best Buy and it amazes me how clueless some of these reps are, even in the mobile section. I asked them about the phone and what there stock will be like and 3 of the 4 were clueless as to what the phone was. Amazes me..The one who did know said I would have to order it tgere and wait for delivery at my house.. Yeah right ! lol, I am paying full price.! Anyway looks like I am not going to take any chances and drive over to the mall (5 miles away) vs my local BB (1 mile away) and get it at the BB mobile store. They open at 10am with the rest of the mall, so I can sleep a little later too, lol.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      All best buy stores will open @ 8am regardless of regular time.

  • http://Website Lou Ann

    I just called the closest BB Mobile Phone Store and they said they will ONLY sell them locked to a 2yr T-Mobile contract, I can’t come there and just buy one or buy one with that Even More Plus, or what ever they call that no contract pricing plan. Anybody else run into that?

  • http://Website johan

    I don’t get this? what do they mean with “4 units on average”? does it mean that the store will only have galaxy nexus in store?:S

    • http://Website w

      Perhaps the majority of stores will have 4 units?

  • http://Website hjk

    when will the nexus s come out in tmobile stores?