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LG Star could launch as Optimus 2X to emphasize its dual-core processor

Ever since the Samsung Nexus S was officially announced, we have seen a steady stream of LG Star leaks appear on the internets. LG and Samsung are fierce competitors in Korea, so it appears that LG is trying to build up the hype for their dual-core phone to discourage potential customers from picking up the single-core Nexus S.

I’m not sure where the codename Star was first used, but when this dual-core phone hits the states it could go by the name Optimus 2X, according to a new press release from LG. We know that LG really wants to build their Optimus brand (just like Samsung is focused on the Galaxy name), so I think the odds are high that this is the final product name. The “2X” of course refers to the two 1 GHz cores found inside NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor.

It is a little harsh to criticize the Nexus S since it hasn’t even hit stores yet, but the three biggest complaints from the hardcore Android crowd is the lack of 4G support, lack of microSD slot, and lack of a dual-core CPU. LG will offer all of those features with the addition of a micro HDMI port and a high performance camera that can capture 1080p video.

We don’t know for sure which phone will succeed with customers, but it is pretty clear on paper that LG has the better hardware. Samsung has the upper-hand with software since the Nexus S will launch with Android 2.3, but LG will also be updating their phones to Google’s latest mobile OS so that advantage might be short lived.

The LG Star is likely to launch first in Korea, but we expect to see it land on multiple U.S. carriers in early 2011. We saw that LG’s last Android phone, the Optimus One, came to MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular,  and Verizon so that gives you a pretty good idea of who could carry the Star. Rumors have suggested it might appear first on T-Mobile and could be in stores around February.

Kevin Krause from Phandroid did a little digging and came up with a handful of videos showing off the Optimus 2X on YouTube. In these new videos we can see the LG phone playing back 1080p video to a big screen TV, displaying Android games on a TV, and a browser comparison with the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S.

LG has been claiming the Tegra 2 processor offers up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance and some of these early demos are backing that up. We are still reserving judgement till we get a final unit in house to see how it stacks up, but the initial reports we have seen around the web are overwhelmingly positive.

What do you think LG’s chances of success are with the hardcore Android crowd? Can the LG Optimus brand compete with Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of devices?

Via: Phandroid

Source: LG

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  • Noice

    Do we have any confirmed info on what carriers (or bands/tech) this phone is heading to?

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    Being that the SGS was plagued with GPS problems, LG might stand a chance in the middle line consumer market. Will the suppress or surpass the SexyNexiS, i don’t think so. It’s just all fast and bang. Hopefully Samsung woke up a little and will be game on with this development phone. It’s a big shoe to fit in with what HTC and Google did with the N1.

    Okay i’m done rambling…

    Long story short…. IF Samsung hit the nail on the head with the NS, then no i don’t not see LG doing good in the Hackers Market. IF Samsung did miss a tad i see the 2X stepping in the lime light a little.

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    I think LG is going to be a company that Samsung should watch out for. Take for example the Optimus line of phones that are selling very well for LG. If the Optimus 2X arrives for all the carriers as stated above (and especially T-Mobile first) I would definitely consider purchasing one. Also the fact that they have committed to updating their handsets to Gingerbread, I believe they are looking at the way Samsung is handling giving customer their updates (which is poor IMO) on the phones and support so they know what mistakes not to make like Samsung. It’s a pretty sharp looking phone and I am going to keep my eye out for more information as it comes.

  • Cyberdan3

    That phone is fast! If it comes to TMobile and has HSPA+ then it will be everything the Nexus S was supposed to be, except for the stock Gingerbread. Looks great.

    • http://Website 2C

      That’s just it, if this thing had stock gingerbread on it and worked with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ it would no doubt be my up grade from my Nexus One. I just can’t see myself buying a phone that doesn’t have stock android on it…period! What kills the Nexus S for me is the lack of HSPA+ and the fact that I can’t use the expensive 32GB microSD card I brought in it.

  • Mike Leahy

    If HDMI output is not hobbled as shown in the Homerun Battle 3D video above that is fantastic and exactly what I want in my next personal / dev device. It will be interesting to see what if any limitations may be imposed on US release and what HDMI capabilities competing devices may offer. Limiting a devices HDMI output to the photo gallery / basic video playback and not full device output is a big turn off for me at least. If Motorola’s devices are limited and LG Star is not that cinches it with me.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Yeah.. the HDMI demo where it’s basically outputting everything including the homescreens and then the game is just amazing.

    Also the colour shown in the 3rd video demoing the youtube videos shows a very big advantage to LG. It seems more vibrant.

    I had my heart set on the Olympus, but I dunno anymore. Which ever of these beast launches first on an 3G: 850 band. Seriously can’t wait.

  • http://Website btgrave

    I REALLY want this to come to AT&T……….but for some reason I doubt it :(

    • chief113

      What about the Moto Olympus? Pretty much the same thing, same specs from what I’ve heard. That’s what I am waiting for.

  • chief113

    What was with that show? That was creepy.

  • http://Website anthony

    Taylor now the plot thickens.I wonder will this be pure android backed by google if not no worries. The Google seal is the ultimate ticket which the N1 and now the NS picked up on

  • GRAW

    I wish it had a keyboard…

    But that is still the best phone I’ve ever seen to date. LG is on the rise.

  • http://Website Katvo

    It’s great and all, but why not make awesome phones with awesome keyboards?
    For me it’s Carrier>Android>Keyboard, then everything else when I choose a phone. And I know I’m not alone on my thoughts.

    • http://Website Usman

      That’s only because you, and the others you speak of, haven’t allowed yourselves to get used to the slimmer, sleeker, and lighter form factor of a touchscreen only device. I had similar reservations coming from my G1 to my Nexus One..but now I’d never go back to a bulky device with a hardware keyboard. My girlfriend, who was using my G1, recently got the G2 for it’s keyboard. She pretty much uses Swype 60+% of the time now.

      • http://Website Ltown

        I have an N1 and I agree with you that keyboards are not necessary for text input once you get used to swype or talking to your phone. But sometimes I still find myself wanting a physical keyboard, not for typing but for playing emulators and other games.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Sounds enticing. However alot of the tone I read in this article reminds me of all those Nexus S articles which now seem to have been based more on the wishful thinking of the authors rather than the actual facts. I mean all those articles basically put it down in stone that the Nexus S was being tested with dual cores and the second core would ‘be activated after Gingerbread was optimized for it’. Lol. Some wishful reporting there!

    Do we even know the LG Star will be HSPA+ compatible? I don’t even remember hearing about it having T-Mobile bands, nevermind HSPA+. So this sounds more like conjecture rather than fact. This article practically sounds like its been photographed with a T-Mobile logo it.

    What else do we know? Does it have onboard storage as well? How about the screen? Comparable to the resolution on the Super AMOLED? Noise cancellation?

    Phone sounds fantastic and it what I have been waiting for if it all pans out.

  • MC

    I can’t imagine that if LG waits until February to launch the Optimus 2 in the U.S., it WON’T have 2.3!
    I’ve seen some of the reviews and tests of the LG Star done by a telco supplier in Israel and they emphasize the LG’s build quality is better than Samsung’s as well. ANYWAY, believe this is the phone I’ve will be waiting for. Originally, it was the Nexus 2, but, “the lack of 4G support, lack of microSD slot, and lack of a dual-core CPU” – and questionable Samsung quality – put me off THAT idea QUICKLY! I remain surprised that after all the hubbub, the Nexus 2 is really nothing more than an entry-level unit that happens to have only a BRIEF advantage in terms of its OS!

  • http://Website anthony

    Some of you might remember when I first got my N1 it had no pinch to zoom wham bam update fixed that. The nexus 1 though other phones were pushed out with better specs really stayed a step behind the N1 because of Google. The nexus S will hold surprises like the N1 did just because Google is crowning it nexus. The next bad ass phone is always being made but the nexus name will always be leading the pack. I personally wished it wasn’t made by samsung but it is and that’s the breaks. I have issues with the touch screen of the nexus perhaps Google did as well so they went with samsung

    • http://Website Miguel

      The Nexus S isn’t really ahead of any curve other than NFC which is of no use immediately. It has Gingerbread but many phones will be getting it, including those with dual cores. So yeah it has better software but that will be extremely short-lived.

  • http://Website Wenliness

    If they really want to compete with nexus S they’ll give us Stock Android. Something so easy to provide and in so much demand, and yet so rare. Dumb.

    • http://Website Anthony

      I agree good point but they think they know us best by adding extras they think we need or want lol

  • http://Website Matt

    Will the lg star be coming to the UK.?

  • http://Website freakfingers12

    Wow, that is fast. This phone will rock Gingerbread. Too bad it’s not vanilla android. The 4th video really killed SGS. I am jealous. I’ll see where Tegra 2 will be heading in the next couple months. Hopefully we’ll see more of it.

  • http://Website jollyholly

    i hope this goes to tmobile i like nexus s but this phone look good.

  • http://Website dreamdirepriest

    So does he end up taking the shirt off or not?….nail biting stuff……..

  • Benjamin Woodruff

    The hardware under the hood is obviously compelling in comparison to the Nexus S. I’d worry a bit about the physical design of the phone. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty ordinary. I don’t care for the goofy, metallic center stripe running down the back. The rear side of the phone is too symmetrical for me. However, no one likes a plastic phone. I’d feel very good about the Optimus 2x if I wasn’t always worrying about dropping it like the Galaxy S line.
    Nobody cares about the added UI; it can be changed. Though, I’d say that if they make it less intrusive and cartoon-like than Sammy’s flavor, it would do better. It may not be “pure Google,” but it can likely still hold up with most users. The more unobtrusive, the better.