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MetroPCS to launch 4G LTE Android handset in Q1 2011

Imagine unlimited talk, text, and 4G data for only $55 per month. That is the no-contract plan that MetroPCS is offering right now on their first LTE handset, the non-Android Samsung Craft.

We don’t talk about our nation’s fifth largest carrier that much, but MetroPCS is expanding their 4G LTE network to a city near you and they plan to have an Android phone for it in Q1 2011, possibly as early as February.

Their 4G coverage, as last month, is limited currently to the Las Vegas, Dallas-Ft Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia metro areas. That 4G coverage is expected to expand to Sacramento, Central Florida, Boston, North Florida, South Florida, San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York City by the end of 2010 to the early 2011. Full 4G LTE roll-out in all the MetroPCS service areas is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

To put that in perspective, MetroPCS should cover roughly 110 million people with their 4G LTE network this year, about the same size as Verizon and their newly launched 4G network.

MetroPCS did not announce who would produce their first Android LTE phone, but they did say it would support VoLTE (voice over LTE) technology so they can migrate customers from its CDMA network to its LTE network.

Samsung produced the first LTE handset for MetroPCS so chances are high we could see them also release an Android model. Rumors have suggested we could see a Galaxy S type device with LTE support sometime early next year, so we will continue to dig for more details.

For more info on MetroPCS, hit up their official web site and check out their plans.

Via: FierceWireless

Source: MetroPCS webcast

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  • MC

    It’s amazing how aggressive this little prepay organization is becoming! Wonder if that new but unknown handset might not be capable of testing Verizon’s new handset-free LTE network…

  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    Actually, Taylor, metroPCS just launched 4G LTE in San Francisco a couple weeks ago.

  • MC

    Existing LTE markets: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas-Forth Worth, and, now San Francisco. Plans include expansion to Atlanta, Boston, Jacksonville, Miami, New York, Orlando, Sacramento and Tampa soon.

  • http://Website Addictive

    Awsome! 55 dollars a month?

  • MC

    Boston, New York City, and Sacramento are now active on PCS’ LTE network. Unfortunately, still the same, “bush league” LTE-capable phone (and, no, the Android OS Huawei Ascend doesn’t work on LTE!)

  • MC

    OOPS!!! INVALID: “(and, no, the Android OS Huawei Ascend doesn’t work on LTE!)”

    SHOULD’VE been, “(and, no, the Android OS LG Optimus M doesn’t work on LTE!)”

  • http://Website NUNYC

    MetroPCS works great thus far almost there with Verizon.Tthe present Andriod LG phone rocks already, so I cant wait for the 4G LTE Andriod one to come out.

  • http://Website Paul

    I hope that when MetroPCS gets a ‘Droid phone capable of 4G it is by a good company such as HTC & not Samsung, which while they are a good company they have apparently dropped the ball with the Android platform(according to talk about them online). This is sad because I really like Samsung as a brand & their screens looks really good too. Metro needs to get this done NOW.

  • http://Website Wadya

    I am sure that MetroPCS will test Samsung 4G Android LTE phones thoroughly before lainching them. Also, I hope that Samsung has learned its lessons from its past mistakes. With 4G LTE Android phone and low cost unlimited plans (I like their current USD 40, 50 and 60 plans for 4G LTE) MetroPCS will be able to attract more customers. MetroPCS need to remember that they became popular because of their USD 40 – base unlimited talk, text and data plans. They should continue that base plan even on Android phones – 3G and 4G LTE.

  • http://msn Robin Barletta

    I love metro pcs

  • aj

    boost mobile baby….