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Midweek Madness! Share a story and win a Technocel Battery Boost

We’ve all been there. You’re traveling, driving around an odd city, desperately depending on your phone’s GPS when you notice the tiny battery icon in the status bar is blinking red. Or maybe you’ve been out all night with the crew, ended up in some friend-of-a-friend’s house, needing a ride home. You pull out your phone, press power… nothing.

Having a device die when you really need it is a crazy frustrating experience. To combat the problem, Technocel has introduced the Battery Boost, a USB-drive-shaped device that’s actually packing a tiny backup battery. The Battery Boost is capable of providing up to an hour of extra talk time, something that could come in mighty handy in a pinch.

Win a free Battery Boost!

We’ve got FOUR of these to give away, and to win you will need to leave a comment on this post. But not just any comment- we want to hear a story about your phone dying at the absolute worst time imaginable. Tell us about an experience when a little boost would have changed everything.

Four of you with the best battery story will win a free Technocel Battery Boost.

I was going to say that even if you don’t win you can score one of these on Amazon, but it looks like they are temporarily out of stock. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the Technocel Battery Boost page for updates.

Update: Okay, well it was truly very difficult to pick winners for this contest, as there were a lot of stories about some pretty extreme situations, and some that were devastating! So without further ado, congratulations to our winners: Anthony Mikic, Anthony Dunleavy, Alex Davenport, and Weazel. Winners, keep an eye on your inboxes. And thank you to everyone who participated!!

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  • http://Website Preston Feiler

    I could have used a Technocel Battery Boost when my son went into the hospital with a rare disorder called Kawasaki’s Syndrome. We were being rushed into the pediatric unit at the hospital and I was trying to get in touch with my family to let them know what was going on. It was a pretty dire situation at that moment and I hear the dreaded beeping letting me know that my phone is dying. In the mad scramble to get to the hospital I didn’t grab the charger, and within 30 min of being at the hospital my phone died. Family members are trying to get in touch, find us, and I had no way to communicate what was going on with them at that point in time. Having a battery boost on me at the time would have given me the juice needed to get through the situation until my charger got to me 3 hours later. He got better and my phone eventually got charged, but at the time it made a very stressful situation just that much more stressful by having my battery die.

  • http://Website Steffen

    Spent a weekend hanging out with my brother, who lives about 4 hours away from me. I woke up on a Sunday morning with the worst hangover of my life, and had a 4 hour drive ahead of me to get back home. About 30 minutes down the highway, I had a tire blowout. Looked to my phone to call triple A… it was dead. I had to sit in the hot Tucson, AZ sun for 20 minutes before a highway patrol officer stopped and called triple A for me, and then another 45 minutes before triple A arrived. All while having the worst headache ever. Needless to say, I could have used a Technocel Battery Boost. (PS. I didn’t change the tire by myself because I was on a 75 mph highway with only a crappy scissor jack. I have a very natural fear of scissor jacks and vehicles moving at high velocities.)

  • http://Website Ryan M

    I have needed a little extra boost more than a few times but if I had to pick one it would be the following. A couple of weeks ago I was in Vegas with a couple of my friends, doing nothing bad of course, when I realized it was about time to head to the airport. I could have sworn the flight was at 6:30, but my friend thought it was at 5:30. I went to check my droid but of course it was dead and I forgot to bring my charger. Vegas definitely doesn’t want you to be sitting in your room on the internet the entire time your there, so of course the only available internet was expensive. I had no choice but to sit there and prey on a passerby that looked like an iphone/droid user. I finally found someone who looked like they had an iphone, and sure enough they did. I used their phone to check my email, and it turned out the flight was at 5:30. If I didn’t double check, I would have been stuck in the horrible city for another day. Definitely could have used a boost in that moment.

  • http://Website Mike D.

    Well i need one of these bad boy’s because my car is always messing up on me and for some reason everytime i need to call someone to come get me my frecking phone is dead!!! There was one time i was taking a girl home i had just taken out on a date. Well the date didn’t go so well and she was in a hurry to get home. So after driving 45 minutes from my side of town to take her home my car breaks down in her little neck of the woods. well i walk her home to make sure she get there alright and as i was walking away from her house i went to pull my cell phone out and it was DEAD!!!! (grant to that the chick i took home did not have a phone at all). So long story short i ended up sleeping in my car overnight. The next morning i walked around town trying to use a phone and had no luck so i finally found the only pay phone in the town and had to call collect to my mother to get someone to come get me….THE END…..for now :p

  • http://Website Tony

    my wife wanted a verrrrry specific box of, uh hem, feminine products… and there i am in target.. many miles from our house… im walking around a canyon of shelves covered with 50 combinations of brands and styles and types… from wings to overnight to overnight wings and many more… i wrote down the name but left the paper on the kitchen counter…. what to do!?!? call the wife!! crap, my batt icon is flashing.. the call gets dialed, goes through, she answers… i say which box did you want? she says “oh it’s —” phone shuts off!!! ARRRRRGHHHHHH the cheapo ebay car adapter’s pins fell out so no car charger, dead phone, holding 3 different boxes of feminine hygiene products from the same brand!! i was beaten and slightly embarrased as seasoned pros reached around me to grab exactly what they wanted!! a charged technocel in the glove box or heck, my pocket would have prevented my red faced drive home with the wrong box….

  • http://Website Eric

    I coach a group of young kids in an FLL tournament. For those that don’t know, it’s an attempt to get kids to learn about and get interested in engineering, and is the main reason I’m a 4th semester engineering student right now. I’ve been coaching these kids for years, and we finally won something at our tournament, 1st place in design that was entirely the kids own. They were so excited, since it might be their last year together. Unfortunately, I’d had a long day, since I was also part of the event staff and my day had already been going for 12 hours at this point. I pulled out my phone to record the moment when they get their trophies, and…dead battery. I was so disappointed. Some of the parents got some recording from the back of the gym the awards took place in, but I was right there on a very well lit stage, with a dead phone.

    • http://Website Joey

      As in F.I.R.S.T. Lego League?

      I am the head referee, for the SLC area.

  • http://Website Dave

    I was in the middle of a game of Angry Birds, about to beat the level I haven’t been able to beat and…wowza! My phone dies. Talk about traumatic. I mean, these are Angry Birds we’re dealing with. And you don’t want to piss them off any more. Have you seen what they do to those pigs! That game sucks the life out of my phone, hence the need for a boost.

  • http://Website Durango Jim

    My friend and I had to fly to South Carolina for our other friend’s father’s funeral from Detroit. We arrived at the airport at 3am and had never been to his mom’s house before which was 60 miles from the airport. I used my OG Droid’s GPS to get our route but unfortunately the phone died after about an hour. We eventually, after a bunch of stops at gas stations found our way, but would have been there about 2 hours earlier if I had had this device.

  • http://Website Micah

    I could have used extra juice from one of these battery boosters when my Econ teacher allowed students to use the econ book, a laptop, cell phone, or anything else on a test that she botched up by including material from another class on it. I only got about 20mins into the test before my nexus one shut off. Ended up having to do about 20 questions without the aid of my phone.

  • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

    Back in college, I had just started seeing this beautiful girl I met in my American Heritage History class…we had a date or two and things seemed to be going great. One night, I’m over at her apartment when her roommates walked in and said “We got dates to go to ‘Preference’ this weekend.”
    Now I grew up in the midwest. There, we called girl’s choice dances “Sadie Hawkins.” I had never heard it called Preference. I thought “Preference” was some night club in Park City because I had heard people on campus saying they were going to Preference in Park City.
    So this girl I was into turned to me and said, “Will you go to Preference with me this weekend?” Thinking it was a club (kinda far away) I said, “No…I’m not going this weekend.” TOTALLY dissed her in front of her friends-unintentionally! She just looked at me so I said it again…I’m not going. Well she acted funny after that so I told her I’d see her in class the next day and left to go to my buddies house.
    HIS roommate walks in and said, “I got my date for Preference!” I was mad and said “What is the big deal about this place?” They explained what Preference was and I realized I was a moron, so I went to call this girl, but GUESS WHO’S PHONE WAS DEAD? and that was back before the adapters were standardized USB mini/micro so no one had the same adapter…I just figured I’d see her in class the next day and went to sleep. The next day I go to class…she’s not there and I never saw her again! She must’ve dropped the class or found another lecture, but I was out of the picture forever.

  • http://Website Joe

    Three months ago my wife went into labor, but when I went to grab my phone, I noticed it was dead. I didn’t have any other cell phone to use, and so I drove my wife to the hospital without calling anyone.

    Although I was able to call someone at the hospital, none of them were able to get there before the baby was born.

  • http://Website Joey

    So, my lovely and slightly scary wife and I were having a conversation on the phone, while I was driving back from Idaho (that deserves it just for going into Idaho). I was being a smartass like usual to her, and messing around when the conversation turned serious, as I started to make a joke, in a very serious tone, my phone died, and the damn car charger would not work to save my life, and possibly marriage. I kept contimplating stopping at a store to get a charger, but as you can imagine, not many stores between Malad and Ogden. So, three hours later, and no contact, not to mention Pandora, I walk into the house waitng to see what gets thrown in my direction, and she throws my working car charger at me and says “not so funny asshole”….

  • http://Website kenwick

    Lost a million dollar acct because my battery died and i didn’t know it until i got back into the office and was told that my secretary has been trying to contact me for three hours. The potential customer couln’t get an updated bid from me in time and signed with the other company.

  • http://Website George

    There was this one time when I driving for work related project out in Texas with no roads and it was very dark and early in the morning. The night before I forgot to charge my phone and was going to be late for my flight so I took off without a charge then got totally lost and missed my flight. Since I use the google maps as my primary gps if I had that extra charge I would have not missed my flight. (I didn’t have a car charger).

  • http://Website Splendor

    Once upon a time, during an Idaho winter, I locked myself out of my house right as my roommates (the only other people with a key to our house) drove away for the weekend. I pulled out my phone to call them so they could turn around and let me in. I unlocked the phone, opened the dialer, and…”Powering Down”.

    I ran to the end of the street (in my socks) but was not able to catch them. I tried opening every window around the house but they were all locked. I then made the mile-long trek to my the house of my friend the ex-locksmith who helped me get back indoors.

    For Christmas, I got a keypad for my garage door and 6 spare keys.

  • http://Website james

    My dead battery story,
    I have an HTC Incredible and one day I returned home from Jacksonville Fl, and found that my family decided to go on vacation and there was a package on my door. I walked in the house just long enough to set down my bags when I turned around to get the package the door shut and locked with my keys on the other side. I pulled out my phone to call my sister when the light flashed and the phone shut down. I had to walk 2 miles to my sisters house to catch a ride so that I could go get my spare key. After my walk to her house, she was not Home… leaving me stranded with a dead phone waiting for someone to come home… grrr

  • http://Website protozeloz

    It was a day at class with my teacher… I had one of those days I sit and each video reviews on my phone, had class latter and my teacher (apple fanboy) was trying to prove my choose was wrong because it was not apple … Hess what my battery was almost freaking dead I was gonna loose to a fanboy because I was out of juice >_> but luckily won using one app he didn’t have… called his favorite pizza store with no number on my address book. Leaving him stunned as i took my leave to avoid further compassion….

    If I had a little more juice I would have cleaned the floor with his phone… in public!

  • http://Website Mike Locke

    My first son was born Dec 7th, 2010… which is 2 and a half months early as his due date was Feb 19th, 2011. I would have known about it if I had a charged battery.

  • http://Website Wally

    I don’t have a story, but whose to say I don’t need one. This thing is cool as hell!

  • http://Website marcquille johnson

    I could have used this when I was on amy way home and I had a sickle pain crsis while in the car and my cousins car spun out of control and we ended getting hit I was fine but he was unconsious and and my phone was dead and he left his at home .I would really enjoy using this battery booster

  • http://Website Rich

    It would have been nice to have some extra battery to get that e-mail saying my class was canceled due to snow. I ended up at my campus at 5:30am with no note on the door and the building locked for about 2 hrs.

    I need one of these bad boys.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    Worst possible time for a battery to die? On November the 15th of last year my wife gave birth to our first daughter. Elika, is her name. Born at 12:15PM in the afternoon. Well my wife and I went into the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio on November the 13th at 8:30pm for an induction. Well to say the least she had some medical problems with her baby making parts that the first house doctor didn’t know about. So we spent all of Friday night, and all day Saturday together as excited as could be because we we about to bring life into this world. Well i had brand new Motorola Cliq that i had purchased Friday morning. Well i charged the phone all day at work, but i forgot the charger for my cliq at the house, and she was using a Blackberry 8310 so we couldn’t interchange our charges. One using Micro USB one uses Mini USB. Well Sunday morning i call our families and tell them that they are going to do a c-section so they needed to get there. Well i go into the OR with my wife and EVERYTHING went perfectly except when i get out of the OR i go to call my extended family and let them everything went well except my phone’s battery died during the OR trip. I did manage to snap one Picture of my daughter with the phone… But still to a new life introduced into the world and not being able to share it via phone, text, Facebook or twitter really sucked. So i had to have a family member go around the corner to buy me a new charger so i could use my phone…..

  • http://Website sgb101

    I own a smart phone and could do with a handful of battery boosts.

    However now I don’t use my g1 full time I only need half as many ;)

  • http://Website gad

    I definitely need one

  • http://Website matt

    i dont have a story but just wanted to say that the music in that vid was EPIC.

  • akapro

    I was hooking up my friend with a girl that I know (Let’s call her Jane). We had a plan. First, I meet with her at a coffee place and have something to drink. My friend (Let’s call him John) was supposed to call me at a specific time and have a “conversation” with me. In this conversation, he tells me that he copied the files from my usb and that he is going to return it to me. I tell him that I am at a coffee place and ask him to pass by return it to me. When he comes, I will tell to stay and join us for a drink and from there, John meets the Jane. However, the night before all this happens, I spent the night at my girlfriends and could not charge my Nexus one (so ya….it died…). Since I already made plans with Jane, I went and met with her. We spent 20 min talking and all I could think about was that John must be thinking that I ditch him or something. To my surprise, I saw John walking in the coffee place, and came to say hi to me. I immediately said “Good thing I told you I will be here before my cell died (wink wink), you didn’t forget to bring my usb drive, did you?”. At the same time, my friend said “I was buying some things in the mall and I saw you so I came to say hi”. DOH! Apparently, my friend changed the whole plan since he couldn’t reach me by phone. He actually bought some CDs he didn’t need just to show proof that he bought something (it costed him like 20 bucks). I don’t know if Jane realized something was off but everything went well. But I am sure it would have went better if I had an extra hour of talk time thanks to Technocel Battery Boost. Happy Holidays to all!

  • http://Website zhect

    Lost in downtown LA
    At 2am on a Sunday.

  • http://Website Anthony Mikic

    Hello, I work for a wireless communication company I do alot of work on cell towers, Buildings, Water tanks , anywhere there is a cell site. I have many stories where the damm phone died, I was aligning a wireless link (these could take hours to align) always communicating with your co-worker who is always miles away (as many as 15 miles) on another tower aligning back to me. yes the phone went dead then you have to climb down the tower (lost time) charge up the phone (lost time) then climb back (lost time) up to finish the alignment .. I have 2 phones with me all the time, I am sometimes on the towers as long as 10 hours a day I always go up fully charged but usually after about 6 hours my phones are dead .This little device would be perfect I could clip it off on my climbing harness and not worry about any dead phones any more. Again This would be perfect ,one of the last things you want is a dead phone several hundred feet working on a cell tower.
    Walkie talkies are good for really short distances.

  • http://Website Ruth

    I could use one of these when my poor Evo runs out of juice and I don’t have anywhere I can charge it while out and about.

  • http://g1 Tim

    back when I had my G1 I was driving from SC to Ohio, the highway was closed due to a landslide and the Garmin GPS I was driving with kept trying to route me on the highway. I had my G1 but I was worried about the battery life, but more worried I wouldn’t make it home. Google maps had a route around the closed highway so I took it, but my G1 died midway down the detour, fortunately i wasn’t stuck or stranded and the Garmin figured it out enough to get me going again. I wish my G1 battery could have kept up though.

  • http://Website Alan

    I use my galaxy s a lot more than a pc and use it for custom modding so this would work a lot!
    I usually get 5 hrs and that is not enough and dies quickly. Once my friend had to be taken to the hospital and I needed to notify someone but my phone had died and he broke his phone in the incident. So I was lost and had to knock at a strangers home to use their landline.
    Luckily everything was okay! That quick charge could’ve speeded things up a bit you know!
    but yes the charge sounds like a great idea on the go!

  • http://Website Rich

    All us Android users love to heckle and throw barbs back and forth with our iPhone having friends. A friend of mine received his new iPhone 4 at work and couldn’t activate it, since it has to be activated online with iTunes or something, behind the proxy we have at work. So I asked him in the best heckling voice I have if he wanted me to turn on the Wifi Tethering on my Evo so he could activate his phone. He hung his head in shame and said “Yes, please.”

    I flipped on 4g (was my time to shine and I was going to go all out), turned on the Wifi Tethering and let him activate is, already outdated, iPhone 4. He was thrilled and said he hopes the iPhone can return the favor some day. I said I doubt it, but we will see.

    Several hours later we were out for a drink after work. This lovely bartender we both had always been a fan of, but never bothered because it is just rude to hit on a bartender at work, came over to chat with us (we were regulars). My friend was showing her his new “toy”, but thanks to the iPhone’s impeccable reception he had no way to show anything it could really do. He told her to wait a sec because my phone could share it’s connection to the internet with him. When she heard that it would take my Android phone to help out his iPhone she perked up and showed some great interest in me and my device. I pulled it out of my pocket just in time to notice that a battery warning was up and it was shutting itself down. As it did I realized I had left 4g on and it had been on for the last 10 hours or so. The bartender mad a sad “aww” face and said she had to get back to work.

    I could have used the battery boost right then and impressed her, perhaps enough to get her number. She stopped working there two days later (so the manager told me) and I’ll probably never see her again.

  • http://Website Joseph Williams

    It was a dark and stormy night… Really! Heading through the blue ridge mountains north of Asheville NC I got stuck in blizzard conditions. There I was driving a 05 ford mustang unable to climb a mountain due to black ice coating the road. I couldn’t go forward, and because it was a divided HWY I couldn’t turn around. I go to call my friend with a 4wd truck and my droid is dead! I slide (not drive, slide) onto the shoulder and am stranded. After about 2 hours a state trooper in an explorer checks on me and drops me off at a hotel 20 miles away. If I had the droid I could have called for help earlier and salvaged my night.

  • http://Website jesse jordan

    I could have used a boost when I left my house at 3am due to an emergency death in the family. I had a four hour drive and no car charger. I was on the phone trying to find out what happened when out goes my phone. Without my phone no gps and no way to know what’s going on had to stop at a store to buy an adapter to use my reg charger in the car.

  • http://Website luis maldonado

    My father never loved me!

    • http://Website brizzlepoop

      OMG! this comment made me laugh so hard!

  • djredroc

    dude seriously this has to be one of the most usefull items for all the stuff i do with my phone this would make it even more wicked gimme a chance to put this toy to the test and really put it to work

  • http://Website Michelle

    I tend to leave my phone alone while I’m at work, yet sometimes something goes awry in my phone and drains the battery without me knowing it. One day, I purposely did not touch my phone because I was awaiting a call from my mom. My aunt was having a double masectomy that day and I was waiting to hear from my mom to tell me that she had come out of surgery alright. By the end of the day, I still hadn’t heard anything and I was growing worried. I pulled out my phone….and it was dead!!! I flipped. I didn’t lnow how to get ahold of anyone and of course all my numbers are stored on my phone…and gmail is blocked at my work, so I couldn’t even look them up there. I had to wait until after 4:30 to fly home, plug in my phone, and call my mom. Thankfully, my aunt came out of surgery ok; but it would have been nice to have known that earlier and not stress the whole day.

  • http://Website Mike Shirling

    HTC Incredible – Driving to meeting – car starts sputtering in the rain – reach for car charger because my phone is dying only to discover my car charger IS THE WRONG ONE!!! I had my wife’s charger instead. Yeah, I could have really used a battery booster.

  • http://Website darcy

    my captivate always gets turned off during playing need for speed.
    i lost some of hard worked record/points
    i cant play for too long at work cuz i dont have a charger at work
    so i always play it at home during the weekend.
    give me one~ thx

  • http://Website Alex Davenport

    Wow, this would be amazing for one like me! I am a representative for a national ‘cable’ phone & internet provider as a Direct Sales Rep=lowest/best pricing without install fees. We basically, go door to door to find new customers who may have thought of switching to possibly, more affordable provider with faster internet speeds, more channels, etc. Yet haven’t taken the step to do do. I’m in my car a large part of the day with TWO Android phones just to endure battery life of both as I solely use Google Maps for my next destination purpose. These phones are soo mighty & I understand how they suck battery life, but Dang! I have a Tom Tom & a built in Pioneer touch screen Nav in my vehicle, but even in the isolated mountains of NC, Google Maps was the only one that maintained my detoured route through rural areas when the other 2 options checked out & lost signal. I do this everyday with 2 Androids because of Google’s reliability & ease of use.

  • Jeremiah

    wow. I was going to enter this contest, but then I read some of the other entries. Some of those stories are way worse than mine. Give it to one of them.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    I am in the middle of nowhere right now, and my phone is running out of battery. I need one of those!

  • Jon

    I would love for my friends who have iphones to quit making fun of me when my Evo dies… Its hard to communicate how I think my phone is superior to theirs when it shuts off at 5:45 at night. I think this could really do the trick. That and a swift kick in their pants.

  • http://Website NAS

    I have a mytouch 3g that should explain it all that batter booster is probably worth more then my phone … some one with a better phone will win anyway….

  • http://Website Daniel

    Sitting in the waiting room at my kids therapists office. Plowed through the magazine that I brought and turned to my phone for some fun. Get two minutes into Pirates and Traders and the low battery pops up. So, I got to sit for 30 minutes with jack to do all because I didn’t charge the phone.

  • http://Website spencer

    I just bought my girlfriend an expensive GPS because her phone kept dying on the road when using the GPS signal. If I had the battery boost I could have spent the money on a nice romantic dinner instead …

  • luiek20

    this one time i was using youporn mobile while at my boring family reunion and just when i was going to finish!…..the phone died!!!! i couldve really used a boost…never thought my phone could give me blue balls :( feels bad man.

    • http://Website anonymous


  • http://Website lulubelle

    Well, I was at a Crowded House show in Saratoga, CA. I was the meet and greet after the show. The bassist of the band asked if my friend and I could find our way back to my car and we said, “sure, no prob”. We got back to my car, the only car in the parking lot and my battery was *dead*. I went to use my cellphone to call AAA for a jump and my phone battery was also *dead*. My friend’s cell phone got no signal. I think it was about 12 am at this point on a work night. I ran to the big rig truck that had all the band’s equipment and the driver was nice enough to let me call AAA. I arranged for a tow truck to come meet us at the venue (at the top of a mountain, btw…and gated!). In the meantime, an employee of the venue came to try and jump my battery. I called AAA again to cancel the tow truck with the employee’s phone. Unfortunately, the employee’s attempts were in vain. My car still wouldn’t start. I had to call AAA again with my friend’s phone, which finally got a signal, to arrange for the tow truck to come after all. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, the tow truck was sitting at the bottom of the mountain at the gated entrance for nearly 30 minutes and almost left. That band equipment big rig driver once again saved our skins as he let the tow truck in the venue. So, finally, my battery got a jump start. I think we finally started to head for home at 2:30 am. And, then I could charge my phone battery again…when I didn’t need it anymore. :-(

  • http://Website Thomas Maida

    So I’m on Quibids which is a website that you buy bids and have the ability to bid on items and win them cheaply. There has been more then once when I’m bidding on items and my battery had died which cause me to waste my bids. If only I had that extra boost of battery life to help keep my phone from dying I could have won multiple items at low prices and help save money during these tough times. So please help me with this, and win more Quibids items.

  • http://Website RafTor

    I went down to New York City from upstate New York to visit a friend in the Bronx. I went by train and stayed at my friend’s house until around midnight. I went to the train station only to find out that I had missed the last train back to where I live. I had to wait until 7:30 in the morning to catch the next train and my phone died so I couldn’t call my parents. If I had a little extra battery, I could’ve called them and told them to pick me up instead of trying to sleep with a bunch of homeless people in the cold for 7 hours. =/

  • http://Website mikeymop

    I was at my friends house, having a reunion and my parents were out and left the house locked. I was suppossed to call them so they’d no to come home when I leave.. turns our i get horrible reception in my friends basement and my phone was at 10% in 4 short hours. I decided it was time to go and on my way out the phone died before I could get into a service area and make a call.

    I had gotten home and was inface locked out, I had written a friends number on my arm incase my phone did die and called him. I waited infront of my house for a good 2 hours and they saved me luckily. With that last bit of juice I could’be avoided that two hours in the cold :,( if it wasn’t for my friend I’d be stuck out for 4 hours O.o

    The extra juice on my keychain would be a lifesaver!

  • http://Website kimster

    a time when my girl and i where fighting , we decided to go our separate ways and i was stuck in a bad neighborhood with a big bag filled with laptops, chargers, hard drives, and ps3, i called my parents to pick me up since they lived a mile away from there, i was coming from the city and as soon as i told them where i was my phone died!!!!!! i ended up waiting for 3 hours waiting in front of a burned out project building with gangs in every corner, i had to go into rite aid and buy something with my card got back cash back in quarters having to call the only number i knew which was my cousins and having to tell them where exactly i was but where i was located at was similar to a place near by and my parents didnt know they only knew the other part and once they found it was noticed that i was been followed by a few people who where gonna rob me i couldve avoided this only if i had a few extra battery life ! my parents couldve picked me up in 15 mins or i couldve worked things out with my girl and have her pick me up ! i need extra battery life with me all the time come to think about it lol

  • http://Website Nathan

    This was about two and a half weeks ago. My roommates didn’t pay cable/internet bill. Had my myTouch 4G.. and an online final due. I was able to wi-fi hotspot for a while.. until my battery died. This was the day before (the same) roommates dog decided to chew through my micro usb cable… that was hanging out of my Xbox 360.. that I also use to charge my phone.. no lie. Had to drive to the library to finish.

    Definitely could have used a Technocel Battery Boost.

  • http://Website Viktor

    Really could have used a boost a few years ago while I was on vacation near a lake resort.

    One night we decided to go for a night swim, after loads of drinking, of course…I got in the water without realizing my wallet was in the back pocket (who puts pockets on swim shorts, seriously??), and while I was swimming it must have drifted off. I guess it was lucky I didn’t have mt phone in a pocket as well.

    Sadly the battery died about a half an hour later. And the night was still young. So we continued partying without even expecting what could happen next.

    As it turns out just after daybreak, someone noticed my wallet in the water, informed the police (had my ID and drivers licence in it), and they did some fine police work because around 4 a.m. they managed to contact my parents, wake them up and inform them what they’ve found and that they should get in touch with me fearing the worst had happened – I had drowned…

    And I was well, partying all night, and unreachable only because a dead battery. I can’t imagine the panic and horror they went trough.

    Also the imagine the surprize I got when I plugged in my phone the next day, all the missed calls and messages… I was horrified…

    Of course I got in touch with my parents asap, and managed to calm them down, but still thinking all this could have been avoided with a better battery really makes me sad.

    Or the moral of the story could be never leave home without a Technocel Battery Boost :)

  • http://Website Rajesh Bhayana

    My samsung galaxy S captivate has always given me problems with battery life. I got the phone a couple months ago and there have already been many situations where it has caused inconvenience. However, the one time that a boost would have been most helpful was when I was in LA. I went to lunch and saw KOBE BRYANT! He bought lunch for us, and I pulled out my camera to get a picture WITH him on my phone and upload it to facebook. I opened the camera app and was devastated when I discovered the battery was too low to take a video or picture. I looked up to the top right hand corner of my beautiful super amoled screen and saw red, and only 1 percent battery remained. Kobe Bryant is my idol, and a battery boost could have also given my facebook popularity a boost!

  • http://Website Chadwick

    I really could of used a battery boost last year November when my wife and I went on our honeymoon.

    We got married on November 28th 2009 and are honey was in Nice France. It was our first time travelling to Europe. Before the trip my wife brought french books to learn a few things. Me on the other hand had an iphone so i new I would be fine with all the translater apps etc. or at least I thought I would.

    I forgot to mention that we are from the Bahamas, so we had to travel from Nassau Bahamas to New York, then New York to Nice. It was a long day ahead of us.

    Also I forgot to mention that because of the time change and the long travel time we left immediately after the wedding, so everything was a bit rushy.

    Anyways to cut a long story short during the plane ride to New York I listened to my music on my iphone, thinking that when I got to New York I could recharge it again for the long trip to Nice.

    However, little did I know that I forgot to pack the wall adapter for the iphone. Not only was I screwed for not being able to listen to music for the long trip to Nice, but when we arrived in Nice, I had no translator for reading french signs and also greeting people and asking for directions in french.

    The worst part was when we had to catch a cab and the cab driver didn’t speak any english. We were point at maps etc. It was so funny. We ended up getting out of the cab and proceeded to catch another cab but only go in if the driver spoke some english.

    Furthermore, I forgot that the European outlets where different from the US standard in which we also have in the Bahamas. Therefore even if i brought the wall charger I still was screwed. So for about 4 days we were out of an iphone and laptop until we got an universal adapter for the wall.

    I felt so silly. I really could of used a battery boost so I could of looked like a superman on my honeymoon.

  • cloud36426

    I could have used a Technocel Battery Boost when my daughter was at her recital. I was wanting to take pics of her I opened the camera app to find that my phone was dead. I could not take any pics of her dancing.

  • http://Website Weazel

    I Had a really awkward experience with my dead battery, I work in a 40-story building, there are floors that are still under construction which are not allowed to enter. so one day I really had to go, I mean really had to go (number 2), and I was so ashamed that someone might enter or hear me, so what I did is search for bathrooms that has an open door since most of them are closed cause of the renovations, so I started at floor number 40, and went down each floor checking to see if luck is on my side, oh how was I wrong, at floor 34 I finally found a small opening from the bathroom door. now before I continue let me tell you, that the entrance to each bathroom on each floor is the same, one door to enter a very small hallway and then another door to the facility itself. so I saw a small opening, and i pushed to first door open, and vuwalla its open! pushed the second door and vuwalla its open aswell!!! I finally thought to myself “now i can go quietly” as the words going through my head, the first door shuts behind me and the second door following the first. and there I was standing in total Darkness that can only be described as a really scary horror movie, tried to open the second door, and it works, but the first one didn’t think I need to leave the bathroom yet, didn’t budge an inch. so now, stuck in a bathroom with one of the most charming smells for a bathroom! Started searching for the light switch on the wall, grossing myself out since i’m feeling the walls very carefully, and finally finding it only to realize that the retched thing won’t work! “COMMON!” I yelled ! “no way!” so the first thing that comes to my mind is, wait a second, MY ANDROID! Torch Lite ftw !!!! lighting the whole room very easly trying to find the head guard’s phone number, found it! so embrassing he was trying to figure why i was up there in the first place, and me with my lame excuse, but then I cut him to ask “when can you come to open the door for me??” and he says “well, I won’t be in the building for at least 30minutes.”

    Man oh man, was I in deep Sh#$ literally …

    So there I was praying in the 34th floor for my battery to hold on, seeing how the percentage are counting down from my initial 17%, didn’t take long for my phone to go dead, and there I was, stuck in that bathroom for the next 2 hours, banging the door yelling.

    Finally the door opens with the Head Guard standing there in total shock, telling me, Are you still here? I tried calling you and you didn’t answer, so I thought you already left here.

    As you can tell.. not one of my best moments at work, had to explain to everyone where I disppeared for 2 hours, coming up with the most idiotic unbelievable excuses, went home charged my Nexus, and swore I’d never tell this to anyone I know ! :D good thing I don’t have to worry about you guys eh ?


  • http://Website Abhishek

    Ah this would have been a relationship saver for me. This is an incident some 6 months back when i was having a row with my girlfriend. I was been beaten black and blue with the words on the phone as i have missed wishing her birthday as it was the weekend and i was busy parting hard with my friend. After having some hard drinks i passed out and woke up the next afternoon in my friend’s apartment and seeing that i have one message of her saying how can you do this. I called her up and she just started. I was trying to calm her down but my bad that my friend doesnt have the same charger as my phone’s neither the data cable and while in the meantime she was scolding me the phone died. And i was like what the **** happened. I couldn’t apologize too and worst enough i dont remember her number so that i could have dialed from my friend’s cell. I ran home charged the phone and immediately called her….the first words were Its Over. She didnt listen to anything and slammed the hone down saying how could i cut the phone when she was talking. She never heard my excuses and told that m no good for her. She then broke up with me. :(

    Wish the battery boost would have been out in market that time and i have it with me i would have at least been in a relationship today!! Right now looking for one!!

  • http://Website Jake Stothard

    My experience was particularly annoying as I had bought one of these from but it never turned up so I could have been saved if it wasn’t for their poor service!

    I had just bought a new phone, a HTC Desire, I absolutely loved everything but the battery life like most people! I bought it at that particular time as I thought it would be good to have at a festival I was going too, unfortunately no chargers, so I ordered one of these chargers you are advertising. And you know the rest of that story.

    As soon as I pull up to the entrance that annoying low battery sign pops up. No photos, No phonecalls when I lost my mates and no way to facebook and tweet every moment! It was devastating! So please get me one of these as technically have bought one it just never turned up!

  • http://Website Anthony Dunleavy

    I’m a mobile user who does Desktop Support for a fortune 500 company. I’m always on-call and always need my phone. Well it just so happens that 2 weeks ago, I was out shopping and using my phone to scan some bar codes and find better prices of items, using GPS to navigate and surf the web. While doing all this, I received a call from one of the major partners in my firm that was having computer issues. As I started working with the user for about 20 minutes, my phone started beeping and was going to die. I then had to explain to the user that I needed to get back to my car so I could charge my phone and call him back. This took me about 25 minutes as I had to get out of the mall and get to my car, then plug in my phone and wait a few minutes before I could turn it back on. Had I had this great little device, I could have continued to talk to the user and walk back to my car and plug it in to charge without him ever knowing anything was wrong. To say the least, this was brought to my bosses attention and the user was not happy about the phone dying. I would love to have something like this to help me in situations like this in the future.

  • Rob M

    I was on tour with my band in Europe and during a day off in Paris, me and a couple of the guys set off on an adventure to find the cafe in the Movie Amelie. I had my trusty unlocked N1 to guide us through tube stations, small winding streets and various bars along the way.

    Fast forward 3hrs and I forgot to shut off the GPS while we stopped at a bar for a few hours. The next thing I know is we make it to the station we need to get off at to go to the cafe. The red light is blinking, then poof, my N1 goes dead.

    We struggle for another hour near the Moulan Rouge to find a tourist or anyone that can help us find the cafe. After long walks up and down we cannot find the cafe.
    We see this group of people that seem like they know, so we ask Ans sire enough, they point us up the street and tell us it is only 2 blocks from Rouge…needless today we felt stupid all because I didn’t have a Technocel. We wasted almost 2hrs looking for something only 2 blocks from where we stood.

  • http://Website Scott W

    I could have used this lil device a couple of months ago while snowboarding in vail… One of my buddies decided he was going to do some trail riding (dummy skiers)lol… long story short, he missed a gap and fractured his shoulder… I pulled out my phone to call him after not seeing him come out the other side of the gaps and my phone was dead… I guess he tried calling me for about 20 minutes with no reply from me… he stayed where he was at for like an hour before someone found him…

  • http://Website Andrew T.

    Had a big evening planned this past summer was gonna take the g/f out for night out. Well as I’m driving from work (25-35 min. drive w/traffic) having a conversation with my g/f on my phone which is already on a low battery, when I get a text notification. I finish up my conversation, go to check my text messages and the message reads “hey babe, I’m stopping by I’m down the street”…as you probably guessed that was g/f #2. Now this normally would not have been a problem but g/f #1 had stayed over the previous night, because of the the plans we had the next day. So me thinking the a call to g/f#2 would be quicker than texting, I begin to make call…when phone just shuts off. Well to wrap it up g/f#2 had a key walked, which led to a confrontation. I walk in (naturally act like I don’t know what is going on) place phone on charger and wait for them to leave.

  • http://Website Lou Beach

    IT TOOK six grown men to carry him in, lay him out on the dining room table, the good lace. There was ice in his beard. As he thawed, steam rose from the wools and hair. He resembled nothing more than a holiday roast and I recalled occasions when he sat at the head of that table, carving knife tiny in his huge hand, asking for the gravy boat and “Pass the biscuits”. He just dripped water now. It pooled by his chair. We had to get him out of there, before the wedding, but the phone was dead. Oh, for a charger.

  • http://Website Steve Carson

    I was off enjoying a round of disc golf with my friends one afternoon. I had a hot date with my wife set up for that evening. Leaving the park with plenty of time to spare I end up stuck in traffic. I grabbed my phone to let my wife know I was going to be a few minutes late and realized that the battery was DEAD. I finally ended up getting out of my car and asking the lady in front of me in a convertible to call my wife and explain why I was late. Had I had a “Boost” I could have checked the traffic from my phone, avoided the traffic and/or called my wife myself to apologize if necessary.

  • David Washington

    My story isn’t all that great, but you know a phone is a portable communication device right? So, you’re supposed to be able to use it to communicate when you are out, not in any close vicinity of a house phone. So my phone died on me this 1 time when I was out with my other driving over my cousin’s house when I had nothing better to do & she was in the house talking to my cousin (mind you me & none of her kids get along). My phone has also died when I was taking me & my family out (dinner, laser quest, etc.) tryna figure out where McDonalds was. I end up driving like a mile pass the place due to my phone dying. My phone died when we were going to our annual family picnic @ Bel isle. I was supposed to be recording all of our precious family memories. I was recording my sisters & the rest of our family flying kites & laughing, having fun & what not (didn’t bring digital camera because I figured why bring a digital camera, & mp3 player & be all lugged up when I have a smartphone that can do it all), phone proved me wrong died within 6 hours & right after recording some of the events. Missed about 6 hours of footage :/ I use my phone very light & moderate & it’d be nice to be able to use it for emergencies, communication & a little fun when I’m out, that’s all.

  • http://Website Mark

    Are you f*cking kidding me?!?!?!? I visit this site almost twice a day but the ONE time I leave my laptop at home I miss a contest?!?!??!? Great….just great. >:(

  • http://Website buddha00man

    I want a Technocel Battery Boost so I don’t end up w/ one if those stories of my own!

  • http://Website Jason

    My G2 never dies on me but i could always just buy the battery booster instead of telling a story which i don’t have but i could always make one up like everybody else is lol. But i gotta say that battery booster looks very sexy. But maybe i should tell a story of how my phone almost died on me but i don’t think anybody would like to hear it and I’m to lazy to type the whole entire thing I’ll just stick to reading everybody Else’s story lets go NY Giants yeah i know that was mad random . And angry birds is a really addicting game i just wish Google makes a portable USB attachable mobile mini web cam.

  • http://Website JV

    I drive on every weekend about 4 hours and by the time I reach my home .. I end up with no battery charge to call my wife and inform her about my arrival …. :(

  • http://Website xaureliuz

    Backpack Trip to australia.
    After a 12 hour bus trip I ended up in Noosa.
    Tired and dirty I still had to find a place to sleep for the night

    With my Last energy I found a cheap and dirty hostel ( with my GPS maps N85 Nokia)

    The next day I would meet a friend somewhere near Noosa who came by car from Sydney (about 1100km drive )
    We would drive back to Sydney.

    Because my cloths did smell like a combination of rotten eggs and overdate Seafood
    It was time to wash them. LevisJeans style I did undress next to the washing machine
    and put all my clothes in it.

    5 Seconds after I turned the thing on. My mind kicked in …what about your phone?
    My phone had now an aquarium style display. A rescue operation with a hair dryer did not work out.
    So no phone. no contact data (no idea of the time) should I contact my friend?

    The next day I woke up at at 6 rushed into Noosa and found a pawnbroker by accident.
    I had to wait for 3 hours before It did open, but I bought a new used phone.
    Luckily mY sim card and micro sd card did still work. YEAH!!!
    I did walk out the shop and found my way to the beach. I thought everything was under control now and
    had a well deserved breakie.
    Around 11: I wanted to contact my friend that we could meet at a specific place.
    I tried to dial his number And a warning battery signal came.
    Battery charger..came to mind in a instant. I searched my backpack no charger.
    ANd I had no Idea where that pawnbroker was. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote My
    friends number down….battery DEAD. I ended up using a payphone, guiding him to the place where I was standing.
    250 AUS dollars poorer (220 phone 30 pay phone) we finally had CONTACT and could start our journey back home.

    After a year of loyal service, my replacement Nokia is getting updated to a LG optimus Android next week. OOps I see now the contest is already over:)

  • http://Website rahan

    happy new year !

  • http://Website p0upoune

    Being a girl, a geek, using android and running linux seems to be to me a quite good legit reason to get one. I’m someone rare in this world !

  • thechad

    i should still go buy one of these