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Motorola Droid receives minor update to Android 2.2.1

It’s not quite Gingerbread, but Verizon started rolling out a new over the air update for the Motorola Droid this week. Additions include an updated Twitter app, improvements to Microsoft Exchange, and the new Gmail user interface. Some of you may have already received this update (build number FRG83D), but Verizon normally staggers the roll out so it might be another week before it hits your phone. Full changelog and system update instructions after the jump.


  • Updated Twitter® application with new authentication support.
  • Updated Amazon widget.
  • Updated News & Weather widget.
  • Improvements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync:
    • Handles server-side inactivity timeouts of 34 minutes or greater.
    • Continues to sync emails after a policy refresh.
    • Support for Exchange 2010 connections.
  • Added new Gmail® user interface.

Verizon Wireless will begin pushing an update for the DROID by Motorola today. Enhancements include an updated Twitter® application, improved Exchange Active Sync® functionality, updated Gmail user interface and more. For more information about this update customers can go to

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Jeremy

    Took them long enough. I’ve been running 2.2.1 on cyanogenmod for over a month now…

  • http://Website Christoph

    And my Milestone (in Germany) hasn’t even received Froyo!
    Come on Motorola!

    • http://Website marc

      Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you have to whine to your carrier! Really has nothing to do with Motorola. But they could offer certain updates, e.g., on their website for manual install or something.

  • taras

    Yeah my UK Milestone is still on 2.1. What a joke Motorola Europe are.

  • http://Website Zachary

    Still running 2.1 here in Singapore. Getting the feeling that Motorola only cares about the US market.

    • http://Website Matthew

      I suggest Rom Manager.

  • http://Website Jack

    Internet connectivity not working after update.

  • http://Website Jenny

    Yep, same here. Only able to connect to the internet through WiFi.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Not having the internet issues, but did not notice any differences to the supposed updates that were supposed to be included?!?!

    • http://androidandme Frank

      Few things the search widget has this little pencil thing that u press on it and it searches it faster, and I’m not sure if this was in 2:2 but when u go to the market and go to downloads and u scroll down the “games”,”apps”and”verizon” buttons stay with the screen while scrolling down the screen, but gmail dosent look any diffrent neither does twitter they both should have been market updates and not system updates.

  • http://Website Dave

    Even though its labeled a “minor update” it has really improved a lot of annoying bugs such as exiting programs, exiting car mode, overall animation, wifi connectivity, and overall stability seems to be improved. Feels good that Verizon is not going to leave the early adopters behind. Looking forward to the new maps app update later this week.

  • http://Website Brian

    It has made a huge difference for my droid. It used to have terrible home screen lag. It would take at least 30 seconds to get all icons back. After update, these problems are thing of past.

    • http://Website Rohan

      Are you sure the home screen lag is gone? That was so ANNOYING.. it took like 10-30 seconds for me whenever my phone changed from portrait to landscape or when I went to the homescreen. I got the update on my phone but I am scared to download it because I want to be able to root my phone. Won’t they have to find a new root and its usually harder to root phones with a new update? Should I not download the update and root? Or should I download the update?

      • http://Website brendan

        The lag is still there…and I haven’t noticed any change in apps

        • http://Website Rohan

          Really.. wow.. screw that then.. I am not going to update it.. cause then ill have to wait forever until someone finds a new root. The lag was never there until 2.2 came out.. Freken 2.2 pisses me off so much. Anyway.. Droid is still better then the Iphone.. Fuk the IPhone lol.

  • http://Website Juan

    I just got it today this morning!

  • http://Website Laura

    I have not let the update download yet and I’m wondering if I’m going to lose everything (text messages, private pics in my GP account) like I did the first time I got a system update?

    • http://Website Tyler

      No, you will not lose anything, I don’t even notice a difference at all. Waste of time if you ask me…

  • http://Website Porter

    I download and lost my root. The home screen lag is still there but not as often.

    How long before I’ll be able to root with FRG83D?

  • http://Website Scott Deagan

    On the Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.2.1 has worked miracles. See this for an example: (zero lag!!).

    Lag has always been a part of Android because of Android’s architecture – Android doesn’t fully utilize the GPU to render the UI. See (and vote) here:

    The Galaxy S with Android 2.2.1 is now faster and more responsive than the Nexus S running 2.3.1.

  • http://Website kitty

    Im having issues with my mytouch android phone for tmobile…. it wont let me text. it wont recognize me typing anything on the keyboard. Anybody else having this issue??? ive tried restarting, taking the battery out…. still nothing. swype is messed up and i dont know how to go back to just regular keyboard (maybe that will help)

  • Evangelina

    Hi Taylor i am EVA i live in México City i already buy a Motorolablur cause i need a phone with Android but i have a big problem and I need your help I am weak and need visual zoom in to see the large letters can you help me to know how to do it ?? I need to see everything with large letters. Thanks a lot Regards EVA